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Level 2
45 min

Balance Your Systems to Support Your Immunity

Anusara | By Elena Brower on Mar 30 2011
Informed by Lori Batcheller's April 2009 article in FitYoga, this sequence clears the pathways to and from your organs to balance your systems and support your immunity. In each pose, you'll learn the benefits and intentions that will optimize your wellness.


Informed by Lori Batcheller's April 2009 article in FitYoga, this sequence clears the pathways to and from your organs to balance your systems and support your immunity. In each pose, you'll learn the benefits and intentions that will optimize your wellness.


  • dar carman     Dec 5th, 2014
    Thank you loved it and feel great! namaste, Dar
  • cassi galt     Dec 2nd, 2014
    I do this practice often. If I'm starting to feel sick, more often than not my symptoms disappear. If I'm exhausted, I feel renewed. It is greater than the sum of its parts. Highly recommended.
  • Adriana Dos Santos     Nov 13th, 2014
    Amazing! Bless you, Elena.
  • Adriana Dos Santos     Nov 13th, 2014
    Amazing! Bless you, Elena.
  • Geri Toresdahl     Sep 25th, 2014
    What an amazing class. Just what I needed. Thank you!!
  • Tina Stec     Jul 18th, 2014
    Lovely class that I will do often. Thank you!
  • Tina Stec     Jul 18th, 2014
    Lovely class that I will do often. Thank you!
  • Tamar Bobys     May 16th, 2014
    Thank you for this wonderful class, what seems so simple is so challenging and it slowly melts away.
  • Terren Burson     Apr 19th, 2014
    Amazing Amazing. Like a big warm hug when I am feeling run down. You are such a light Elena, thank you!!
  • Anna Brown     Apr 4th, 2014
    So lovely. I'm recovering from a cold which kept me off my matt and this was a perfect reintroduction. I feel better now than I have for days!
  • lynn kramer     Apr 2nd, 2014
    holy cleansing/opening/balancing practice! thank you elena, for a beautiful class...
  • Kelli Remo     Mar 7th, 2014
    So beautiful, Elena! Thank you
  • Claudia Vargas     Feb 11th, 2014
    Elena wherever you are thank you. This was so whole and deep.
  • Claudia Vargas     Feb 11th, 2014
    Elena wherever you are thank you. This was so whole and deep.
  • Claudia Vargas     Feb 11th, 2014
    Elena wherever you are thank you. This was so whole and deep.
  • shana macdonald     Jan 29th, 2014
    That was exactly what I needed. Really beautiful and enlightening. Thank you Elena I really enjoy all of your classes.
  • Ian T     Dec 12th, 2013
    Such a wonderful practice - thank you, Elena!
  • anne grandjean     Dec 2nd, 2013
    Thank you very much Elena for this beautiful practice! Your words always bring me home especially in this time of my life where I happen to travel a lot... Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Love, Anne
  • Whitney deLisser     Nov 19th, 2013
    It was as if you were speaking directly to me. Thank you for always knowing the right words to go with your practices. Love
  • Gwendolyn Bartek     Nov 5th, 2013
    This is the one that explians what you are doing to all your organs, meridians
  • Leslie St.John     Nov 1st, 2013
    The poem is by Mary Oliver
  • Leslie St.John     Nov 1st, 2013
    I've returned to this class again and again when I'm feeling under the weather--it's quite shifting! Who is the author of the poem? Name? Thanks.
  • Paris Marron     Sep 2nd, 2013
    Such a nourishing and revitalizing class, Elena. Thank you so much!
  • Carter Seibels     Aug 19th, 2013
    Oh, Elena. Each of your classes is so very special, but I think this one might be the most beautiful one I've experienced yet. I am feeling physically run-down today, so I turned to this. Your words and these movements were JUST what I needed. I feel renewed, in so many ways.

    What is the poem that you read at the end? I would love to read it again myself. Thank you kindly for being the light that you are. namaste~
  • Bryony Sullivan     Jul 27th, 2013
    Dear Elena, I am so grateful for this class! A deeply cleansing and relaxing practice and an absolute joy to follow. Thank you so much!!
  • katie bertacchi     Jul 21st, 2013
    so beautiful i will come to this class often.
    aloha and mahalo
  • Mars Anderson     Jun 24th, 2013
    yummy:) create more like this one Elena xxx
  • Jenny Murray     Jun 13th, 2013
    I come back to this one again and again, it is a very special practice. Thank you!
  • Shelley Clark     Jun 2nd, 2013
    Such a beautiful practice Elana, Thank You so much! I am reminded of what yoga really 'is' when I do this one. Much love.
  • Allison Chamberlin     May 20th, 2013
    Thank you Elena, this class was exactly what I needed. I had a moment of such clarity in this class today that I've never experienced before. Thank you so much for helping to deliver that to me! xx
    • Elena Brower     May 31st, 2013
      yay! terrific news Allison, thank you
  • Stephanie Kyriacou     May 10th, 2013
    Thankyou Elena, it wouldnt be the same without your mindful and inspiring words..
    Do you have any for the glands and/or lymph nodes on releasing toxicity? Namaste
    • Elena Brower     May 31st, 2013
      Stephanie, explore Kia Miller on this site for her work with Kundalini yoga, and i will be creating another class on this soon. Thank you!
  • Ellen Paynton     May 7th, 2013
    Sweet Elena...I think this is my favourite practice.....could you make this a 60 or 75 class? Namaste!
    • Elena Brower     May 31st, 2013
      YES! creating it very soon...
  • dar carman     Apr 18th, 2013
    Lovely,really enjoyed the information about each pose, look forward to making this weekly . Peace, Dar
    • Elena Brower     May 31st, 2013
      nice! thank you Dar...
  • Brooke Nelson     Apr 7th, 2013
    After a busy and unbalanced, ungrounded feeling week. This was of course, just right. Thank you Elena. **Love**

    • Elena Brower     May 31st, 2013
      great, Brooke... thank you!
  • Melanie Zerr     Mar 29th, 2013
    This class has been my go to class lately to help build my immune system after having let myself get run down. Thank you for a wonderful class, Elena! The information you share with us during this class about the meridians and how we know if we are in balance or not is so helpful. It really is a great class to do on a regular basis to make sure that we keep these areas balanced! Namaste
    • Elena Brower     Mar 30th, 2013
      thank you Mel!
  • Laura Hersh     Mar 27th, 2013
    This was one of the best classes I have taken so far. I loved the way you shared with us the benefit of each pose, the meridians, and how to notice balance and imbalance.
    • Elena Brower     Mar 30th, 2013
      amazing! thank you Laura!
  • Georgene Mitsanas     Feb 27th, 2013
    Beautiful & balanced...thank you Elena :)
  • Nicole Pasternak     Dec 20th, 2012
    Thank you Elena for a lovely, soothing practice. It's quite timely I came across your class. According to the allergist/immunologist (for some unknown medical reason) I have a very weak immune system that (may) benefit from monthly transfusions, which I'm not quite ready to submit to. I'm hoping that this yoga practice as often as possible (especially this particular class) will strengthen my immune system so I won't need the recommended medical treatment. I'm already feeling better as my digestive system was out of whack all day today...and I had a fever all week. My tummy is definitely in a happier place right now! :) Namaste!
  • Beyza Unal     Dec 11th, 2012
    My immune system was dropping down today, and felt that I was getting sick as winter arrives; this practice turned me to feel better. Thank you very much.
  • Michelle Duffy     Dec 11th, 2012
    Thank you Elena, ending quote amazing,... Much I loved that needs now to be let go. Thank you for helping me find a way to do that.
  • Anja Bohinc Rupret     Nov 29th, 2012
    Elena, I hope you'll see this post. I must admit this practise with you will always stay in my special heart drower therefore I sould only say thank you and thank G** 4 YogaGlo. Loved it so much <3
  • Emily Schurr     Nov 23rd, 2012
    Simply beautiful, as always, Elena! Thank you so much :) An absolutely magical journey through the organs that I'll be returning to many times! xo
  • Megan Thiele     Nov 12th, 2012
    Great practice. I, like Jennifer, searched for the article.
  • Devarati Cote     Nov 7th, 2012
    Thank you so much for this wonderful practice! My son brought back sniffles from the daycare and this practice is what took me out of bed this morning. I knew this is what my body needed. I now feel energized, balanced and clean!
  • Amanda Bruner     Oct 21st, 2012
    Amazing practice. The balancing of body and wonderful poem at the end. I was brought to tears in savasana because it so related to what I am going through in my life right now. Love, Live and Let Go.
  • Kerri Feazell     Oct 15th, 2012
    Thank you Elena! And thank you for the poem (which I searched for if anyone else is curious: "In Blackwater Woods" by Mary Oliver). Beautiful.
  • Melanie Zerr     Oct 10th, 2012
    Love all the great information that you share in this class, Elena! Thank you!
  • shawn milligan     Sep 24th, 2012
    Wow! Felt like I was coming down with something, now my organs are charged to defend. Thank you, thank you!
  • Miriam Kisters     Aug 4th, 2012
    Thank you so much! Been feeling ill and low. What a release. I'm so grateful for this healing. Thank you!
  • Kim Welch     Jul 16th, 2012
    This was perfect. My digestive system was feeling off this morning, but this made it feel so much better. Thank you!
  • Melanie Zerr     Jul 14th, 2012
    Thanks for a great class Elena! Really enjoyed all the info that you shared. Adding this to my favorites. Thanks!
  • Jennifer Foudy     May 24th, 2012
    Elena, Thank you for such a powerful practice. I've been searching for a copy of Lori's article. Can you please point me in a direction to find it? Thanks! Jennifer
  • Mary Najmy     May 6th, 2012
    soothing anusara ! feeling the balance already ,thank you, Elena!
  • Sarah Hon     Mar 17th, 2012
    So so nourishing. Thank you.
  • amanda varona     Feb 22nd, 2012
    Really enjoyed this! Thanks.

    Question for you: are there real benefits to using my inversion table. It's right there and I never get on it... Should I and for how long? Thanks <3
  • Deb Marweg     Jan 30th, 2012
    Elana, I enjoy every practice with you. I was so fortunate to take a class from you a SF Yoga Journal and you are as amazing in person as you are on screen. Thank you!
  • jane fryer     Jan 26th, 2012
    every time i do this practice more is revealed... till soon,
    xom j
  • liz wright     Jan 11th, 2012
    Elena, that was an incredible class, thank you so much for sharing! This reminds me that for the first time in my yoga practice I am allowing myself to let go, and it feels blissful! xxx
  • Isabella Allard     Jan 10th, 2012
    Thank YOU, THANK YOU Elena for such a soothing, beautiful and informative practice* Simply delicious! I loved learning about every pose and each one felt sublime* I feel sooooo goood :) ABSOLUTELY deserves a top spot on my favorite list ;) Thank you! I bow to you ;) Namaste! XOXO
  • Jana Kuhn     Jan 5th, 2012
    This was so informational! My organs feel awesome. Thanks for helping us heal and gain understanding through the practice.
  • sadie sherchan     Dec 28th, 2011
    Thank you, Elana, for a practice and experience that is so simply beautifully healing and empowering.

  • Catie Hutchings     Dec 27th, 2011
    Such a wonderful healing practice. Thank you.
  • Ali Burrell     Dec 20th, 2011
    Thanks Elena for sharing this powerful practice with us. Very moving. I would love to read Lori's FitYoga article but can't find it online. Can you possibly direct me to the right place? I would really appreciate it. Thank you. Have a wonderful day!
  • Melanie Harth     Dec 14th, 2011
    Beautiful practice, indeed. Thank you, Elena.
  • Vera Travlou     Dec 6th, 2011
    This practice helped me so much, thank you!
  • Erica Struble     Nov 30th, 2011
    Simply lovely. I was feeling a little out of my body and now I feel more connected. Loved the explanations and felt my body opening up. Om shanti.
  • Sara Gorevan     Nov 18th, 2011
    Thank you for this practice. What a blessing!
  • Elizabeth H.     Nov 8th, 2011
    Elaine talks about a book - I would love to know what book it is... Anyone know? I appreciate the help very much.
  • Claire Dunivan     Oct 26th, 2011
    You identified the exact problems I was having. Now I feel so much more grounded and know where to work! Thank you so much for this video.
  • Sybille Pouzet     Oct 21st, 2011
    So beautifull...Thank you Elena.
  • Dave Chow     Oct 20th, 2011
    Lovely class. I felt ill today morning, now I'm complete focused and centered again. Namste
  • jane fryer     Oct 17th, 2011
    hola bella - this sequence/practice is absolutely brilliant- still trying to get the article from lori ( rita does not have it)- feeling so close - xom jane
    • Tamika Schilbe     Oct 20th, 2012
      Jane-Goddess! One of my favorite Elena practices, but I hadn't thought to look at the comments and here you are my CR sister! We are all so connected. Love to you both, Jane & Elena xo
  • Leilani Jefferies     Oct 15th, 2011
    Let it go, let it go. the poem brought tears to my eyes. Thank you! I am loving your classes! And not a surprise the poet is Mary Oliver. Somehow, her poetry has always felt very connected to my yoga practice.
  • Caren Harple     Sep 28th, 2011
    excellent, quiet but grounding
  • Amber Davis     Sep 16th, 2011
    This practice certainly clears and enlivens! My body feels more cohesive. Thank you.
  • Noam Cohen     Aug 31st, 2011
    thank you very much! loved it!!!
  • Kate Crawford     Aug 23rd, 2011
    Sending so much gratitude your way Elena :)
    This class brought the sweetest release
    The tears kept flowing in savasana
    And the emotional blockages lifted
    Thank you, thank you, thank you
  • Sharon Henderson     Jul 13th, 2011
    Elena...LOVED this class...It was just what I needed today...thank you for your practice!! Sharon
  • Naomi Tarszisz     Jul 4th, 2011
    That was AMAZING! just recovering from a cold, while breastfeeding, needing balance on this cold winters day in Sydney, many thanks and blessings Elena for this offering.
  • Ann Marie McQueen     Jun 20th, 2011
    Just did this on a boiling hot night in Abu Dhabi as I am battling a sore throat, bought on I am sure by near-constant but necessary exposure to air conditioning. Lovely lovely. Thank you.
  • Vicki Smart     Jun 12th, 2011
    amazing practice, pertinent as my immune system has been shot down by Sydney's cold winter day. amazing poem also. thanks Elena!
  • Noa Rotem     May 20th, 2011
    Thank you. What a beautiful beautiful practice. We are so lucky to be able to have access to these practices in our own homes!
  • Jenny Goldner     May 16th, 2011
    That was such a delicious practice, I can feel a change in my belly. Thank you. The closing poem was beautiful.
  • doria ragland     May 16th, 2011
    lovely class...

    thanx, Elena

  • Elena Brower     May 10th, 2011
    @Mindy and everyone, so glad this felt good... thank you... @Angela, "In Blackwater Woods" by Mary Oliver can be read here in its entirety..

  • Natalie moog     May 9th, 2011
    thank you thank you that was just what my body needed
  • denise bertrand     May 4th, 2011
    that was delicious better than the hagandaz I ate last night - ha - perfect way to move the meridians...i feel connected again........loved that poem too at the end.....thank you!
  • Angela Dean     Apr 30th, 2011
    Thank you. I loved the ending prayer. Can you share the source of it?
  • Mindy Willis     Apr 28th, 2011
    So sweet and educational! Many blessings Elena!
  • Julie Clifford     Apr 28th, 2011
    Absolutely beautiful. You moved me to tears. Just the inspiration I needed in a time of high anxiety to nourish myself and let things go that prove toxic. Thank you.
  • Brenna Gorbatova     Apr 27th, 2011
    So beautiful. I feel clean and renewed. I especially love the poem and would like to know where to find it. I wish I lived near you to come to one of your classes in person. You should come to Santa Cruz and lead a workshop.
  • Victoria Stainsby     Apr 27th, 2011
    Thank you Elena I love your calm poetic style. I feel a renewed sense of peace. Victoria
  • Lisa Blakeborough     Apr 26th, 2011
    Thank you Elena. I feel so at home and happy in my body after this practice. I love the clarity and beauty that you bring to your teaching.
  • Dario Unfolding     Apr 21st, 2011
    I was brought to tears. Thank you. just what my spirit was asking me for.
  • arlyn boltax     Apr 21st, 2011
    elena-do you have any other book recommendations, specifically regarding the meridians, their connection with asana, etc? thanks thanks thanks. this practice has been serving me so, so well.
  • Elena Brower     Apr 20th, 2011
    Hilarious. As usual I've begun with Eastern Body, Western Mind, and am now backtracking to the workbook and to Wheels of Life. Thanks SO much for your time and thoughtfulness, Diana.
  • Elena Brower     Apr 20th, 2011
    I'm just beginning to study the Chakras in earnest this year. I've been studying Anodea Judith's books and using her mapwork as part of my meditations, which has been helpful in ways I'd never imagined. I think in about a year or two, once I really understand the connections and functions of each Chakra, I could speak on this a bit more educatedly...

    Until then, thank you for sharing what you know. Much love.
  • doria ragland     Apr 19th, 2011
    great purifying sequnce.

    Love it~
  • Elena Brower     Apr 16th, 2011
    So glad this one is resonating...
  • M L     Apr 15th, 2011
    This class is one of the best ones I've ever taken. Thank you so, so much. Namaste.
  • Olynda Smith     Apr 14th, 2011
    Elena, your teachings are always profound. This class in particular is life changing, powerful & beautiful. I am excited to do it again... and again.
    Mahalo :)
  • Gayle Kahn Friedman     Apr 13th, 2011
    What a beautiful class! I loved it! Thank you.
  • Laura Castor     Apr 11th, 2011
    What gifts this practice and the beautiful Mary Oliver poem are! I'm looking forward to use inspiration from this class with my own students. Thank you, Elena!
  • Jayne Van Cauwelaert     Apr 5th, 2011
    Very beautiful, thoughful practice! Thank you.
  • avital oehler     Apr 5th, 2011
    Beautiful practice, indeed! The InSight series was my first introduction to Yin Yoga, and I so appreciate seeing more of that being used here. Thank you!
  • Patti MacPherson     Apr 4th, 2011
    lovely, grounding, healing practice...perfect at the end of a busy Monday thank you, namaste
  • Jo Gander     Apr 4th, 2011
    wonderful <3 nameste
  • Sonja Gundersen Durand     Apr 4th, 2011
    It is the second time I do this class in a few days, because the first time it made me so calm, so grounded and I felt so in harmony. The second time was no disappointment, thank you so much!
  • Jo Leigh Schier     Apr 3rd, 2011
    Thank you for all you do; GREAT stuff! and for that BEAUTIFUL poem!!
  • Natalie moog     Apr 2nd, 2011
    thank you thank you thank you! perfect
  • patricia Gandit     Apr 2nd, 2011
    Huge thanks for this practice, Elena. A godsent/blessing after a tough day in a gloomy Paris.
  • Emily Phillips-Geeza     Apr 1st, 2011
    Thank you, Elena. That was just what I needed!
  • Anna Baca-Barnhart     Apr 1st, 2011
    Elena, You took me to a place that felt so enriching that it was hard to come back. Namaste...
  • arlyn boltax     Apr 1st, 2011
    elena-book recommendations to go along with this theme? thanks!
  • Jeffrey Young     Mar 31st, 2011
    If speechless could be described without using a word, that quietness, would be the feeling opened through this class. Namaste
  • Karen Anne     Mar 31st, 2011
    aaaahhhhh Thank you, I feel better now :)
  • Adriane Dellorco     Mar 31st, 2011
    Thank you for another great class. Your classes are always so nourishing and uplifting.
  • Lena Kurganska     Mar 31st, 2011
    What a beautiful practice. Thank you, Elena.
  • laurie greenberg     Mar 31st, 2011
    I love Mary Oliver! I always tear at her beautiful insights and always the tears cleanse. Thank you for this beautiful class !

  • Lia Menaker     Mar 30th, 2011
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such insights I had in this practice. So many more healing aspects that I feel I can connect with now. Thank you so, so much for the balance and grace.
  • ana Margarita nevarez     Mar 30th, 2011
    An amazing practice to feel your inner organs and self.... LOVEIT!!!!!
  • Tatiana P     Mar 30th, 2011
    This is so amazing, I just studied with Sarah Powers at Kripalu, and she was extraordinary. Thank you for bringing this to the table.
  • Jeanette Darbyshire     Mar 30th, 2011
    Beautiful practice Elena. I jumped online tonight specifically looking for a 45 min nurturing class that would fill me from the inside out...and it is! Lots of love from Australia xo