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Level 2/3
30 min

Engergizing Flow with Kathryn Budig

Vinyasa Flow | By Kathryn Budig on Mar 17 2011
Get a move-on! This non-stop half-hour flow is meant to kick up the heart rate and get some sweat flowing! Sun salutations are kicked into 5th gear, warriors go to a dance party, and twists twist into each other. Don't forget a towel.


Get a move-on! This non-stop half-hour flow is meant to kick up the heart rate and get some sweat flowing! Sun salutations are kicked into 5th gear, warriors go to a dance party, and twists twist into each other. Don't forget a towel.


  • isabel sheridan     Nov 28th, 2014
    this class is beautiful, soooo rich and well thought out!! You are amazing many thanks xxxxx
  • susannah kirsch     Aug 9th, 2014
    After years on yogaglo and trying numerous teachers / classes, this remains one of my all-time favorite "go to" quick fix practices. You create so much fire and then settle it down so quickly, it feels fantastic. Any chance you could re-create the intensity and persistence of this class in another offering? I know you've posted a number of ~30 minute 2/3 classes, but none of them quite matches this one. My arms were shaking -- even in the beginning! Hope you don't mind my requesting this again (I posted something similar 2 years ago!) Thank you thank you thank you.
    • Kristyn Maresca     Oct 25th, 2014
      i agree. this class is the best <3
    • Kathryn Budig     Aug 11th, 2014
      lot's of new ones coming up:)
      • susannah kirsch     Aug 24th, 2014
        Hooray! Thank you!!
  • Beth Foster     Jul 4th, 2014
    Loved this! Loved the surya namaskar on crack- Lol! Thank you so much! Namaste
  • Maricelle Campbell     Jul 3rd, 2014
    AMAZING! Thank you :)
  • Deborah Teske     Jun 19th, 2014
    That was awesome. So invigorating!! You are my favorite teacher. Will add this to my 'Kathryn' series. Thank you for a wonderful start to my day. ;)
  • Emily Allen     Mar 30th, 2014
    sweaty! woke me right up
  • Jascha Hoffman     Mar 18th, 2014
    Too fast for me!
  • Seal Rossignol     Mar 12th, 2014
    love the challenge you present here!
  • Allison MacDonald     Feb 14th, 2014
    haven't done this practice in a while - forgot how much I like it :) Thank you!
  • Erin W     Feb 4th, 2014
  • Elena Tamova      Jan 26th, 2014
    can't keep up!
  • Carly Harris     Sep 28th, 2013
    Thank you! This is a fantastic class!
  • Hannah Steiman     Sep 18th, 2013
    Great class - it's a good workout and I love that it ends in seated meditation.
  • Leanna DeFere     Sep 17th, 2013
    I love the intensity of this class! It is a favorite of my morning. I wish it was longer, do you have any other classes with this heat and pace that are longer?

  • Brian Turner     Sep 5th, 2013
    So far my favorite class...great job!!! Kathryn is awesome I love her classes. Great Instructor!
  • Hannah Steiman     Aug 26th, 2013
    I loved this class - I got a great workout even though I was skipping the chatarangas because my wrist has been bothering me (I did some forearm pushups and other variations instead).
  • Alicia McGuire     May 16th, 2013
    good stufff! xo
  • Sophia Ott     Apr 2nd, 2013
    Do fun to do this again and see the growth!
  • beth lemek     Mar 17th, 2013
    This is absolutely my favorite 30 min class! Gets you up and going in the morning with a great sweat! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :))
  • susannah kirsch     Mar 16th, 2013
    Kathryn, this remains one of my all-time favorite classes of yours -- and I'm a big fan! I just keep appreciating this class for its fast pace, holds and challenging poses more and more and want you to know. THANK YOU!
  • Emily Lemieux     Feb 2nd, 2013
    Awesome 30 minute kick butt workout
    Thank you for this sweaty flow!!
  • christy smith     Jan 24th, 2013
    This is my favorite class yet! Thank you KB!!!!!!!!!
  • Christina Truss     Dec 10th, 2012
    Fast and fun. Thank you Kathryn. Thsnk you Yogaglo.
  • Allison MacDonald     Nov 6th, 2012
    That might have just become my "go to" class!
  • Corinna Ricard-Farzan     Sep 20th, 2012
  • Corinna Ricard-Farzan     Sep 20th, 2012
    You're classes are the best.
  • Mojie B     Sep 17th, 2012
    Thank you so much Kathryn, You are a great yoga instructor. Love taking your classes.
    I am so thankful that I have found Yogaglo
    Thank you again
  • effeepee      Jul 12th, 2012
  • Cullen Curtiss     Jun 2nd, 2012
  • betsy seligman     May 3rd, 2012
    That was kick ass. Thanks Kathryn
  • Dawn Gazell     Apr 19th, 2012
    Hi Kathryn, I just completed this flow and followed your recommendations... Huge difference! Thank you so much. :)
  • Kathryn Budig     Apr 13th, 2012
    try engaging your standing quad and pressing down under all four corners of your standing foot. . .also, it's cool to slow that part down and ease yourself in and out:)
  • Dawn Gazell     Apr 13th, 2012
    Kathryn, thank you for such a great class. I found that the flowing half moon sequence to be painful for the arch of my standing foot. Is there anything that you can suggest to help with this? Thank you again. :)
  • Stephanie A.     Apr 5th, 2012
    Probably my fave one yet!
  • Henriette      Apr 1st, 2012
    Short class, but big on heat!
  • naomi hosted     Mar 27th, 2012
    Love that pivot switchy bit to cross to the other side - it felt great! Thank you for coming up with these great sequences.
  • sarah simmons     Mar 27th, 2012
    Okay what just happened!!!??? OMG you're a rockstar Kathryn!!! i love every single practice and this one was perfectly intense flowing and just enough for a quickie.
  • YogaGlo     Feb 22nd, 2012
    Rachel - the class is still there. We'll send you an email now to help troubleshoot.
  • Rachel Ridley     Feb 22nd, 2012
    I love this class and return to it often but it seems to have disappeared? Any ideas yogalgo?
  • susannah kirsch     Jan 27th, 2012
    This is my "go to" practice - love it. Any chance you would consider creating another 30 minute hard-core feel great sequence for those of us seeking a fantastic workout in a few minutes? I've tried some of your other short courses (20 minute and 45), but this is by far the most satisfying on all fronts. THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
    • Dawn Kang     May 10th, 2012
      I agree! This is also my "go to" when I need to get my mind, body, and spirit back in gear. Perfect class, give us more, please!!
  • natalia martin     Jan 26th, 2012
    you were inspired! thanks!
  • Sonja Tiemann     Dec 31st, 2011
    Thank you - what a great way to end this year!
  • Sophia Ott     Dec 24th, 2011
    great 30 minute butt kicker!
  • Candace Pierce     Dec 1st, 2011
    I agree w/Katherine....please post more of these! LOVE!
  • Tze-Wen Chao     Nov 19th, 2011
    What an incredible flow packed into only 30 minutes? I still prefer longer classes, but shorter flows come in mighty handy when time is short. Thank you for the Sun A on crack ;)
  • Katherine      Nov 1st, 2011
    Please post more of these, this was a perfect 30-minute workout!
  • Gloria      Oct 11th, 2011
    Love love loved this class Kathryn. fun, original, and really hard. :) Thank you & Namaste!
  • lauren boldt     Oct 4th, 2011
    Awesome class Kathryn!! Thank you :)
  • Norawan Wonglertwit     Sep 21st, 2011
    Greetings from Thailand Kathryn. I love your class:)
  • Kayla MacLennan     Aug 16th, 2011
    Toughest vinyasa flow I've ever done! Will definitely be added to favorites... Thanks Kathryn!
  • Lara Swinarton     Aug 12th, 2011
    This was AWESOME!!!!!! Sweaty and pushed me and a perfect wind down, I love this! Thanks!
  • Carley Ewing     Jul 25th, 2011
    Very Good thank you... nice n sweaty :)
  • Jacqueline Saxby     Jul 7th, 2011
    at one point I was like "Kathryn, you are KILLIN ME!" but felt so amazing after! Thanks lady!
  • Elizabeth Wentz     Jun 24th, 2011
    So fun...Yoga on crack! Totally perfect for today. Thank you.
  • Meredith Melder     Jun 10th, 2011
    Thank you. This is my favorite TGIF class, so much fun :)
  • Kristyn Maresca     May 30th, 2011
    LOOOOOVE this class, thank you Kathryn!!
  • YogaGlo     May 16th, 2011
    Sally - we just emailed you some tips to help with the streaming on your end.
  • Sally Buckingham     May 16th, 2011
    Would have been a riot except the video froze 7 min in. Couldn't follow the instruction without it. Frustrating! I'll try again another time
  • Patricia Mendizabal     May 7th, 2011
  • Britney Mellen     May 5th, 2011
    What a great class! Thank you, Kathryn!
  • Judith Mintz     Apr 26th, 2011
    thanks for clarifying that Kathryn!
  • Kathryn Budig     Apr 26th, 2011
    @julie, scissor the thighs means draw the front leg thighbone in and the rear leg hip forward. . .it makes the inner thighs almost rub, like scissor blades passing each other. it elongates the lower back and square the hips. does that make sense?

    @ elena, i love you!
  • Judith Mintz     Apr 26th, 2011
    So much fun Kathryn! Great teaching and I might add, virtuosity! @ Elena, I did one of your practices yesterday after a hiatus from asana while I healed a hamstring attachment injury. I am happy to say that with the principles of alignment, I was able to do Kathryn's class today pain-free and full of joy! @ Julie: could I suggest that when Kathryn says scissor the thighs, she means to draw them towards each other to create a strong foundation? Thank you Kathryn, and thanks, YogaGlo for being "there"!
  • Elena Brower     Apr 24th, 2011
    i love this practice and i love you, KB
  • Julie Schoen     Apr 18th, 2011
    What do you mean when you say "Scissor the Thighs"... Love this class! Thanks for your instruction
  • kim jovanov     Apr 7th, 2011 30 minutes ever! You are the reason I joined yogaglo and although I enjoy the practice now several instructors...your practices are still simply amazing and inspiring! Thank you:))
  • Julie Schoen     Apr 4th, 2011
    Great Flow! Loved the wild thing combos :)
  • Kathryn Francis     Apr 2nd, 2011
    I practiced this early morning after a week of stress and no practices --- it was perfect to get me reenergized.
  • Betsy Braun     Mar 27th, 2011
    A great way to get the feel of a full practice if you have limited time.
  • Stephanie Dufort     Mar 26th, 2011
    Really terrific class :)
  • Annelize Ferreira     Mar 25th, 2011
    loved the creative flow!!
  • Rebecca Powell     Mar 24th, 2011
    Primo, Kathryn!!! Thanks so much!
  • Keely Eileen     Mar 24th, 2011
    Great way to wake up! Thank you!
  • Keely Eileen     Mar 24th, 2011
    Great way to wake up! Thank you!
  • Allison Waddell     Mar 24th, 2011
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this class!! Perfect for those morning when there just doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day. THX
  • audrey flojo     Mar 23rd, 2011
    Fun, fun, fun! Thank you, it was much needed. I combined this with Dice's Yin, Maybe you two could do a combo class!
  • Helene shafer     Mar 22nd, 2011
    awesome!!! loved it!
  • Caroline Mastreani     Mar 22nd, 2011
    Woohoo! What a class! You're a superstar sequencer Kathryn! Loved it! Thank you thank you!
  • Alyson Friedlander     Mar 22nd, 2011
    Totes using these sequences in my classes today...freakin awesome! How do you come up with these flows? I seem to get stuck in a rut!
  • Michael Paulsmeyer     Mar 21st, 2011
    Sweet practice! Good morning! I am certainly up now.

  • T P     Mar 21st, 2011
    Thanks for kicking my butt out of a funk!
  • Leigh Ann Ablah     Mar 20th, 2011
    Amazingly fun & fast! Wonderful zip to a crazy day! Thank you!
  • betsy seligman     Mar 20th, 2011
    F****ing amazing.
  • Christine Blackwell     Mar 19th, 2011
    omg, surya namakra on crack--cracks me up
  • John Nield     Mar 18th, 2011
    Awesome flow. Some terrific sequencing (plough to crow rolls, and the standing transitions). Very cool (in a hot sweaty way) class.
  • rosalba diaz     Mar 18th, 2011
    love this 30 min power flow!!!! thanks, nice and juicy!
  • Alisa Reasor     Mar 18th, 2011
    The perfect powerful punch to begin my busy day! Saved to my favorites :)
  • Lena Kurganska     Mar 18th, 2011
    Thank you, Kathryn.
  • Teri Roy     Mar 18th, 2011
    YEAH!!!! This was just sooo much fun and exactly what I needed before work today! This little gem is just so freakin' YUMMMY! Straight into "Favourites" it goes!! Thank you, Kathryn! :)
  • Patti MacPherson     Mar 17th, 2011
    yowza! vinyasa on steroids! such imaginative sequencing, very fun, very aerobic, thank you!
  • Brittany Mott     Mar 17th, 2011
    Wow! I was tempted to say "Sir! Yes SIR!" Thank you Sergeant Kathryn. :)
  • Kim Pratt     Mar 17th, 2011
    WOW! Energizing is right! Amazing class, Kathryn. Will do this one many times. Namaste!
  • Lisa Martinez     Mar 17th, 2011
    Are you going to trademark your sequence? Budig Yoga? :) That was fun and hard and calm at the end. Thanks friend!
  • Danielle Ayer     Mar 17th, 2011
    Love this class - you incorporated all of my favorite flows of yours into one class! I feel great and energized afterwards - Thank you!
  • tiffany sanborn     Mar 17th, 2011
  • Valeria Gontero     Mar 17th, 2011
    Beautiful energizing class Kathryn, grazie!
  • Emily Okie Lynn     Mar 17th, 2011
    :) This is exactly what I need today- Namaste and thank you.