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Level 2/3
45 min

Hanumanasana Sequence

Vinyasa Flow | By Jason Crandell on May 16 2011
Whether you love it, hate it, or have achieved some sort of equinamous relationship with it, you should dive into this hanumanasana sequence. Why? 1) It will open your hips and hamstrings; 2) It will coach you through subtle nuances of the pose; 3) You'll explore a bigger, broader picture of the splits by learning to spread your attention evenly into all poses; 4) You'll probably like it even when you're not liking it; 5) It's only 45 minutes.


Whether you love it, hate it, or have achieved some sort of equinamous relationship with it, you should dive into this hanumanasana sequence. Why? 1) It will open your hips and hamstrings; 2) It will coach you through subtle nuances of the pose; 3) You'll explore a bigger, broader picture of "the splits" by learning to spread your attention evenly into all poses; 4) You'll probably like it even when you're not liking it; 5) It's only 45 minutes.


  • Liliana Jaramillo      Nov 17th, 2014
    Beautiful! Thanks Jason! Which other postures would you include after hanuman asana in a longer class? And would you use a blanket or cushion instead of the block if not available for the final hanuman asana ?
    Infinite grateful for all your teachings!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 21st, 2014
      Great questions, Liliana. Hanumanasana is a great preparation for forward bends AND backbends. And, truthfully, twists and sidebands work very nicely after this pose. So, you have countless options--more, in fact--than after most postures. My suggestion is to feel how your energy is after this pose and decide if you want to mellow out with seated forward bends or go big with backbends. Both are appropriate. You can use a blanket or cushion if you don't have a block as long as they can support your weight completely!
  • Patty Dansereau     Oct 5th, 2014
    I enjoyed your teaching style a lot; professional, seemingly well-intentioned, in language that a mid-level yogi can follow, and it added a lot that you were using another person as a model rather than yourself. I also enjoyed the pace and level of the class. It pushed the edge of my comfort range a little further. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and I'll be practicing more with you! -Patty
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 21st, 2014
      Patty, Thanks for your clear, thorough comments. I'm happy that this practice and approach resonates with you!
  • Alesha Welch     Jan 28th, 2014
    Every time I take one of your classes, I have a break through. Tonight I was stable in splits with a block. This has not happened for me before. Thank you. Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 29th, 2014
      :) Fantastic! Thanks Alesha.
  • Russ Nehrig     Nov 30th, 2013
    The first time I did this class was the first time I got into the full expression of Hanumanasana--AND felt good doing it. I like your straightforward approach to preparation, coming into the pose, and alignment. (Only thing I struggled with is Ardha Supta Virasana on a block).

    I have used your model twice in teaching Hanumanasana classes. I especially appreciate the bigger, broader picture of "the splits," which places the awareness where it should be (whole body) and seems to diffuse some of the "Oh my God, what am I doing?" fearfulness. I love the way you carried that through the preparatory poses. I did the same and felt that my students were well prepared when we got to the peak pose.

    Thanks for the clarity of your teaching, Jason.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 30th, 2013
      Russ, I really appreciate you sharing your experience--and, I'm glad that this practice works so well for you. Regarding, ardha supta virasana, feel free to get rid of the block. Thanks again!
  • Sasha Yole-Merasty     Nov 18th, 2013
    Love this class. The "yoga component of the splits is the even distribution of attention throughout the body...balance of the energetic layers. Up, down, left, right, front, back." Thank you for this teaching. Love, Sasha.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 21st, 2014
      You're welcome, Sasha. I'm happy that this statement resonated with you. Take care.
  • Adriana Flores     Sep 26th, 2013
    Beautiful words to accompany a very opening practice. Your perspective is very appreciated. Thank you Jason.
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 27th, 2013
      Thanks Adriana.
  • Margo Karda     Jul 27th, 2013
    Excellent class. I like having 45min option.
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 28th, 2013
      Thanks Margo.
  • Carrie Shepard     Jul 27th, 2013
    Thank you Jason, that was awesome!
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 28th, 2013
      thanks Carrie. glad you enjoyed this practice.
  • Svetlana Lauritzen     Jul 27th, 2013
    Thank you! I liked the class :)
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 28th, 2013
      Thanks Svetlana. Glad you enjoyed it.
  • Charlotte Anderson Sumner     Jul 7th, 2013
    I just missed my IRL yoga class to watch Andy Murray win Wimbledon (wahey!) so I needed a little Sunday night yoga treat...And what a great class to find! Perfect vinyasa krama for splits. Thank you.
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 7th, 2013
      Thanks Charlotte!
  • jessica horn     Nov 19th, 2011
    Love this class, must be the fifth time! I agree with the others and would love a longer version please! Thank you
  • Kayla MacLennan     Oct 23rd, 2011
    Jason, this might be the *best* description ever! I've been battling the splits for months now and this is the most enjoyable hanamunasana experience I've ever had.

    Please, a side splits/straddle sequence! I agree with Elena and Dylan!

    Thank you for your expertise and your patience. I love learning from you.
  • Dylan Robertson     Oct 21st, 2011
    Hi Jason, we're all missing you in Japan already. Request: would you be able to make a class like this for side splits? Would really appreciate it.
  • Elena Lowenthal     Sep 24th, 2011
    Jason, I really love this sequence. Could you please do the sequence also for samakonasana. I'm really tight in those areas and have even no idea how to improve in that.

    Again thank you

  • Jason Crandell     Aug 14th, 2011
    @Dylan: I'd be happy to make this a 90 minute-r. And, yes, your idea to down the same thing and give each pose more time would be great. I checked out and it looks great. I'm currently in Fukuoka, Japan getting ready to teach a 200-hr program. I'll be heading to Hiroshima, Kobe and Tokyo afterward (Tokyo is 9/9-11). I'd love to do the interview. Please feel free to contact me at And, hey, I think I'm just remembering which Dylan you are! Great to hear from you!
  • Dylan Robertson     Aug 12th, 2011
    Brilliant class. Would love to see a 90 minute version of the exact same sequence, but just slowing down and spending even more time in each pose.

    Let me know when you're in Tokyo next because I'd like to interview you for
  • Kristine Weber     Jun 23rd, 2011
    Thanks so much Jason, i really appreciate the presence you create in the poses and steadiness. I am in recovery now, but glad for the experience ;-)
  • Sheila Gill     Jun 3rd, 2011
    Jason,this is a tough pose for me but I loved how your calm, steady even presence and instructions brought me to a calmer (and less goal-oriented) practice of Hanumanasana. "Yoga is not range of motion." Beautiful. thank you so much!
  • B. Juliánna Nagy     Jun 2nd, 2011
    "yoga is evenness of mind" (The Bhagavad Gita) indeed. awesome practice, Jason. thank you. namaste.
  • Britney Mellen     May 27th, 2011
    Thanks, Jason! I find myself coming back to your classes again and again. Great class.
  • Mandy Rauch     May 24th, 2011
    Oooo that felt good! Thanks Jason.
  • Julie Driscoll     May 18th, 2011
    One of my least favorite poses. So I was sold on this class because of #5 - it was only 45 minutes. But it was well worth it! Thank you.
  • yogarai      May 18th, 2011
    thank you Jason, i had been waiting for this one!
    i tend to pitch forward in the pose and it was a different experience using the block and being upright splitting the energy. it felt more like i was actually "doing" the pose instead of "trying to do" the pose, if that makes sense. anyway, thanks.
  • Amber Phillips     May 17th, 2011
    Perfect! Thanks Jason! This one's definitely filed under favourites (and I highly recommend it for runners!)
  • Patti MacPherson     May 16th, 2011
    thank you Jason, I liked the concept of splitting the energy evenly...I've never thought of it that way before, definitely made the practice more mindful,namaste
  • Helene shafer     May 16th, 2011
    ha,ha Emily, that's funny! Jason, thank you for the practice! awesome! everyone at Yogaglo is so great. I learn soooo much from all of you!
  • Jacqui S     May 16th, 2011
    Love it! Jason, you rock :)
  • Daniela Grayeb     May 16th, 2011
    Awesome Jason! You take me to places where I never thought I could get in a safe and controlled
    manner. You're a wonderful instructor. Thanks so much!
  • Emily Okie Lynn     May 16th, 2011
    You had me at 'Hello'...
    But those other reasons are great, too.