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Level 2
90 min

Ground and Open: Part One

Anusara | By Noah Mazé on Apr 01 2011
Ground & Open, Part 1: This class focuses on deeper work in forward bends, hip openers and twists.  It will open your legs, pelvis and spine, leaving you feeling deeply grounded and calm.  These poses are highly effective for detoxification, centering and relaxation.  This class is part I of 2 in a sequence to the seated forward bend called paschimottanasana.


Ground & Open, Part 1: This class focuses on deeper work in forward bends, hip openers and twists. It will open your legs, pelvis and spine, leaving you feeling deeply grounded and calm. These poses are highly effective for detoxification, centering and relaxation. This class is part I of 2 in a sequence to the seated forward bend called "paschimottanasana."


  • Catherine O'Haire     Sep 13th, 2014
    Sweet Noah, we in the Antipodes enjoy sunrise in the east, sunset in the west, and the north and south poles exert their electromagnetic influence as they always do. I dont concur that there is a distinction in our symbolic alignment to the light between our hemispheres. But alignment to the light surely gets interesting as one becomes more proximal to the poles.
    P.S. My second time doing this wonderful class, and I feel beautifully aligned. Thanks for your skillful teaching : )
    • Noah Maze     Sep 15th, 2014
      Hi Catherine! I'm so glad that the class helped you to feel aligned. Thanks for your comment and thanks for practicing. :)
  • Rafael Kr     Jan 18th, 2014
    A master class. Thanks
    • Noah Maze     Sep 15th, 2014
      Thanks for taking class Rafael! Namaste~
  • Amy Spencer     Feb 19th, 2013
  • Heidi Schwarz     Nov 17th, 2011
    Wonderful class - thank you very very much. But what a pity: I can't save it to my favorites.
  • YogaGlo     Aug 22nd, 2011
    Martha - we just sent you an email to help you troubleshoot.
  • Martha Rosas     Aug 22nd, 2011
    Somehow I can't save it to favorites!
  • Rebecca Austin     Jul 11th, 2011
    I have to say, I really struggled with this class. Usually a level 2 class of Noah's is perfect for me. I would love more tips on modifications. I couldn't get my heels on the side of my body. I appreciate the class! Maybe I just need to do more stretches such as these!!!
  • Michelle Bentley     Jul 3rd, 2011
    Thank you! Fantastic hip openers. Subtle and deep.
  • Yogui Roots     Jun 8th, 2011
    best ever!!!!...its my favorite...thanks for your amazing dedication..namaste!!
  • Noah Maze     Jun 2nd, 2011
    Sarah, you are welcome.

    Bridget, part 2 is up, so keep going!! I love the feeling of progress in those tight areas and challenging poses.
  • Bridget Young     May 23rd, 2011
    Looking forward to part 2!!! Feeling very open through my Hip-flexors, as well as sporting some far more lengthened hamstrings... Thanks Noah, that is is the most comfortable I have ever been within Lotus legs (even though is was supine). Really really Loving you're classes, I am seriously connecting to the way you teach :) Cheers!
  • sarah spence     May 20th, 2011
    Thank you!
  • Noah Maze     Apr 30th, 2011
    Thanks ya'll. Happy forward bending! Part 2 is coming soon... Enjoy, stay grounded, turn to the light. Namaste, Noah
  • Alanna Smith     Apr 26th, 2011
    I love this practice.. I've done it 3 times :) Will there be a part 2??
  • michelle ibbetson     Apr 13th, 2011
    love, love, love you work - thank you for spreading your dedication and passion to the far reaches of the planet.
  • Stephanie Dufort     Apr 11th, 2011
    Just did this class again after a fever for a couple days. Great way to ease back into the practice after a couple of achy days.
  • Amy Hilton     Apr 8th, 2011
    Noah, thank you for the great class. I am far from my Anusara teachers so I really appreciate the precise instruction which helps my practice and my teaching. Amy from Ocracoke Island, NC
  • YogaGlo     Apr 6th, 2011
    Janette - can you please email us at with a screenshot showing the Save to My Favorites link missing and also your operating system and which browser you are using? Thank you.
  • JANETTE WISEMAN     Apr 6th, 2011
    Noah, Loved the practice. I was not able to do all,but the teaching was excellent. Additionally, I was not able to save it on my system. No tab noted--
  • Kerri Marchionni     Apr 5th, 2011
    Noah, I completed this practice yesterday afternoon, and I have to say, this morning my hips and low back feel great! You have such a talent for explaining the anatomy of the postures. Your cueing for Janusirsasana made the form more accessible for my somewhat stubborn left hip. Thank you!!!
  • Leigh Ann Kittell     Apr 4th, 2011
    Hi from Frankfurt - Loved this class!
  • Jennifer Weiss     Apr 3rd, 2011
    thank you, noah! paschimo never felt so sweet.
  • Mary-Kate Murray     Apr 3rd, 2011
    perfect practice after a long hike. Thank you noah. Namaste
  • Rosana      Apr 3rd, 2011
    Hi Yogaglo, nor the save option or the other icons (send to friends, etc) appear for this class. The class can not be saved, forward, etc. Best, Rosana
  • jessica horn     Apr 3rd, 2011
    Thank you Noah, a great class feel really grounded, spacious and peaceful now x
  • leny carr     Apr 3rd, 2011
    Yoga glo - I regularly save classes to my favourites but the save option is not available for this class.
  • Ariela Summit     Apr 2nd, 2011
    my hips and lower back feel as spacious as an 18th century ballroom!
    Thanks Noah, for this great class - it's one I will come back to.
  • Craig Holliday     Apr 2nd, 2011
    Thanks Noah, Beautiful! The darkness contains "infinite potential," I love it!
  • YogaGlo     Apr 2nd, 2011
    Rosana and Denise - after signing in, does the small heart icon next to Save to Favorites not appear for you to the right of Send to a Friend?
  • Denise Lynn     Apr 2nd, 2011
    The tab to save this class is is a great class and I would love to save it to favorites also!
  • Rosana      Apr 2nd, 2011
    Hallo from Germany! Leny is right, we can not save this class for some reason. I do save classes regullarly but this one in particular can not be saved. The option to save that normally appears underneath the video is not available for this class. Thanks! Rosana
  • YogaGlo     Apr 2nd, 2011
    Leny - After you sign in and click on a thumbnail to play a class, you will see underneath the video player a link that says Save to Favorites. Click Save. Then the video thumbnail will appear in your Favorites tab. You can see your Favorites tab by clicking on My Account in the upper right corner and about 1/3 of the way from the top of the page you will see the Favorites tab.
  • leny carr     Apr 2nd, 2011
    I love this class and would love to save it to my favouries, but cannot......
  • Stephanie Dufort     Apr 1st, 2011
    Terrific class! Got into full lotus for the first time thanks to your hip and leg openers! Thank you. I am eagerly waiting for part 2.
  • Patti MacPherson     Apr 1st, 2011
    thank you for this exploration of the "dark side", namaste