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Level 2
60 min

Core Strengthening Practice

Hatha | By Jason Crandell on Feb 10 2011
You will awaken, strengthen and integrate your core in this practice. You won't do 10,000 sit-ups or crunches. Instead, you'll examine how your feet, legs and abdominals work together to create greater strength, integration and depth in all of your poses. You can expect plenty of abdominal work woven into sun salutations, standing poses, forward bends and twists.


You will awaken, strengthen and integrate your core in this practice. You won't do 10,000 sit-ups or crunches. Instead, you'll examine how your feet, legs and abdominals work together to create greater strength, integration and depth in all of your poses. You can expect plenty of abdominal work woven into sun salutations, standing poses, forward bends and twists.


  • Jen Nelson-Goerling     Apr 25th, 2014
    Absolutely loved this session Thank you your knowledge, wonderful simple instruction and transformation sequencing is truly addictive Love your classes - Namaste !
    • Jason Crandell     Apr 29th, 2014
      Thanks Jen!
  • Sylla Cousineau     Feb 8th, 2014
    Thank you Jason for an amazing class. The precision, compassion and awareness you bring to the teaching makes one feel supported and uplifted throughout this short hour. Rarely have I heard such clear language used.
  • Anne Shubert     Nov 26th, 2013
    Thank you for your generosity; what a blessing it is to take your classes. Your instruction is so precise, I rarely need to look at the screen. Namaste.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 27th, 2013
      Thanks Anne.
  • Aprille Walker     Nov 26th, 2013
    First time taking a hatha/vinyasa class with you and I love it! Been using your tutorials, pranayama, shorter classes to bring more definition to my practice and was definitely ready to go here. Thank you for your humor, your teaching talent and for your incredible insights into our core! Namaste.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 26th, 2013
      Thanks for exploring the range of classes I have available! Glad you enjoyed this practice.
  • Alejandra Garcia     Nov 26th, 2013
    Can't hear the class and the video bloops, I'm using the same iphone as always
    • YogaGlo     Nov 26th, 2013
      Hi Alejandra, we've sent you an email with some tips to help with your streaming.
  • Jenn Richter     Nov 25th, 2013
    Jason, this was my first class of yours and I LOVED it! You have such a way of articulating how to ease into the pose and it make such sense to me. Your dry humour is just my style! Thank you! I am a big time fan now! :-)
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 26th, 2013
      Thanks Jenn!
  • Ann Frederick     Nov 25th, 2013
    Can't get it on my Kindle, although all the other classes come up
    • YogaGlo     Nov 25th, 2013
      Hi Ann, we're sending you an email with some troubleshooting tips.
  • Fuji      Nov 25th, 2013
    The best core class ever! So enjoyed this. :)
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 25th, 2013
      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed this practice.
  • Taylor Lancaster     Sep 9th, 2013
    DUDE! That was avery inspiring and engaging class. Thanks for the humor too. The practice of the core work is helping me to have a different awareness. One question: Are you saying that any vigorous activity of the core is counter-intuitive? Please elaborate on that. Cheers mate
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 23rd, 2013
      Taylor - So, so sorry for the delay. I definitely don't mean to suggest that vigorous activity of the core is counter-productive. If I said as much, I may have overstated the case. I think the take-away that I'd like to provide is that we need to be precise when we do core-work and I don't think we need to be crazy about the degree of intensity. There's a certain amount of diminishing returns at some point--but, yeah, you're more than welcome to crank away from time-to-time!
      • Taylor Lancaster     Oct 18th, 2013
        Thanks for the clarification sir. I hope to take your class in person some day. This class in particular has been really helpful for the last couple of months. Cheers
        • Jason Crandell     Oct 19th, 2013
          I hope so too Taylor.
  • Cassia Mendes     Jul 20th, 2013
    I love all your classes Jason. Your view of the body and your words help me create more awareness and take my practice to the next level. Thank you so much!
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 21st, 2013
      Glad to hear it Cassia, thanks
  • Stephanie Kyriacou     Jul 20th, 2013
    Simple but strong, thanx Jason. Your visualizations were of great benefit and allowed the muscle and area of the body to move into position with more ease and correctness! Greetings from Cyprus, Namaste
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 20th, 2013
      Thanks Stephanie.
  • Julie Zemel     Jul 6th, 2013
    Again this is first core/abs oriented series I have ever been able to do without hurting my lower back. I feel stronger and deeper experiences of the basic poses just great!
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 6th, 2013
      that is great to hear Julie. Glad you enjoyed this minus the back pain.
  • Julie Zemel     Jun 12th, 2013
    Excellent just what was needed, I am also a fan of your no nonsense style.
    • Jason Crandell     Jun 12th, 2013
      awesome. thanks Julie!
  • Deborah Freeman     May 17th, 2013
    wow Excellent!! your imagery is the Best for learning to Hug In & Up that I've ever heard. and I love All of Your Classes!!!
    • Jason Crandell     May 17th, 2013
      Thank you Deborah.
  • katie heath     Apr 19th, 2013
    Absolutely amazing. You are the most inspiring person. Everything was so helpful and in particular the pelvic floor dial - how good is that! How have I never heard of that before. Brilliant.
    Deep thanks to you Jason.
    • Jason Crandell     Apr 20th, 2013
      Thanks a lot Katie!
  • T-Town Yoga     Mar 23rd, 2013
    You Rock good sir!
    • Jason Crandell     Mar 24th, 2013
      Glad you liked it T, thanks.
  • Mona Ramlawi     Mar 7th, 2013
    Jason, you have a wonderful gift. Thank you for continuing to inspire my practice.
    • Jason Crandell     Mar 7th, 2013
      Thanks very much Mona!
  • Sarah-John Smith     Feb 17th, 2013
    Warrior I breakthrough. Whoop whoop. I still hate it, though.
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 17th, 2013
      Awesome Sarah! Glad you had a breakthrough, but I understand your feelings toward the pose- its a tough one.
  • Mariana Mc Loughlin     Feb 17th, 2013
    Great class! New favorite!
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 17th, 2013
      Thanks Mariana!
  • Devarati Cote     Feb 7th, 2013
    Wonderful, balanced, practice! Thank you for sharing. I particularly resonated with the "constellation of stars" metaphor, what a beautiful thing to focus on. This is definitely a practice I will come back to again and again, along with your "contrarian core" practice when I'm short on time. It really feels like a great way to challenge and build my core, but without the feeling of unbalance, gripping, and discouragement other exercises sometimes create.
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 7th, 2013
      Thanks a lot Devarati! I appreciate your practicing with me.
  • Jeanne Ann Whittington     Jan 26th, 2013
    Thank you so much for this. I've been avoiding teaching abdominal strengthening because I didn't want to encourage simply gripping the belly, but didn't really know how to offer something else. This is very helpful for me personally and for my teaching!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 26th, 2013
      Glad this was helpful Jeanne
  • Janie Sartain     Jan 25th, 2013
    Nice job. This is a highly instructional practice and very beneficial to a teacher as well as student. This is my favorite class with you thus far.
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 26th, 2013
      Glad to hear it, thanks Janie.
  • debbi murphy     Jan 25th, 2013
    Beautiful orchestration of cues, movements...loved the idea of introducing us to characters. Brilliant class!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 25th, 2013
      Thanks a lot Debbie
  • Gayle Jann     Jan 25th, 2013
    Jason, great class. Really nice work with the pelvic floor.
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 25th, 2013
      Thanks Gayle
  • Karen Johns     Jan 25th, 2013
    Right on, Jason. This was wonderful... I also have been teaching for a while... (ahem) 9+ years now, and I LOVE the supine bakasana and parsva bakasana. Beautiful, articulate instruction... THANK YOU for your teaching gift. It's inspiring indeed. :)
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 26th, 2013
      Thanks Karen! Glad you liked the arm balancing on the back.
  • Amy Lilly     Jan 25th, 2013
    Love love love loved it. Thanks you
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 25th, 2013
      Thanks Amy
  • Ayurveda Marisol     Jan 25th, 2013
    Jason, thank you so much for your integrated style, as expressed in this class: strength and flow without overheating. Plus spot-on cues, explanations of anatomy and select use of props. Back in the 90s, when there were all of two studios in the SF East Bay, this type of class was the norm. I've missed it. Will definitely look forward to more from you!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 25th, 2013
      Yes, Piedmont Yoga Studio and The Yoga Room! I, too, miss those days. Thanks for the reminder!
  • Christina Opolko     Jan 25th, 2013
    A great balance of body perception and instruction, with natural flow! You are allowing students to be challenged while being inspired. Loved it. Thanks so much.
  • Trine Bietz     Jan 21st, 2013
    Jason! Incredible... Truly you are communicating and sharing a language that is so imperative to yoga AND to the matrix of my own body. SUCH incredible CHANGE in a 60 minute cycle. Alignments, circuits, and new neural patterns have been switched on... Subtle energetic sustainability! This is what we are starving for. THANK YOU for sharing your craft!
  • Julie Skinner     Jan 3rd, 2013
    A MA ZING!! Thank you for a thought provoking & inspirational class. Some nice cues...made me smile!!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 3rd, 2013
      Glad this helped you smile and feel inspired. Thanks Julie.
  • Jason Crandell     Jun 14th, 2012
    Dierdre- thank you! I agree, gym class style core can inspire a disconnection for students in the yoga environment. Happy this has inspired you to seek a creative way to approach core! I'm flattered by your comment, thank you. I'm certain you have a unique teaching perspective of your own ;)
  • Deirdre Graham     Jun 13th, 2012
    Hi Jason, loved this class a LOT! I teach also and often find when I do a core themed class it can turn into a gym style class so I loved you approach and poses and feel it is a much more fine tuned class which student are less likely to get bored in. Your attention to detail and clarity is fantastic. I aspire to teach to your standard some day! Namaste from Dublin, Ireland
  • Jason Crandell     Jun 2nd, 2012
    Jessie - wow, I don't think your compliment lightly, thank you!
  • Jessie Diaz-Perez     Jun 2nd, 2012
    jason, i've been a teacher for eight years and that was hands down one of the best classes i've ever taken. the four bones, "dialing" the pelvic floor,the "animal"in the low belly....fantastic!!! thank you. thank you. respectfully, jessie
  • Jason Crandell     May 20th, 2012
    Kate- thank you for practicing with me.
  • Kate Tanner     May 19th, 2012
    Thank you, Jason!
  • Jason Crandell     May 16th, 2012
    Phyllis- agreed! Thank goodness it's more than just abdominals. Best
  • Jason Crandell     May 16th, 2012
    Danagh - thank you!
  • Phyllis Logue     May 15th, 2012
    Loved this class, and your great explanation of what the core really is,it is much more than abdominals, thank goodness
    Best Phyllis
  • Danagh Mcdonell     May 15th, 2012
    Amazing!....again. Really liked how your highlighted and made light of our contemporary thoughts and how the may or may not blend with more traditional yoga philosophy.
  • Jason Crandell     May 6th, 2012
    Alexandra - agreed! glad you enjoyed this. best, J
  • Alexandra May     May 6th, 2012
    Lovely class! This was so much better than a boot camp style core class. I love your style and way of teaching, thank you!
  • Jason Crandell     Mar 1st, 2012
    Thank you Heather!
  • Heather Fraunberger     Feb 29th, 2012
    Thank You Jason. Great class.
  • Jason Crandell     Feb 29th, 2012
    Thanks Hope!
  • Hope Ngo     Feb 28th, 2012
    Super, super! Thank you!!
  • Harriet Yoffee     Jan 14th, 2012
    I had many technical difficulties with this class.
    The video kept stopping.
    really annoying.
  • Anna Stasyshyn     Dec 5th, 2011
    This class really hit the spot for me – I was beginning to think my abdominal had ceased to exist. Will definitely do this session again. As always Jason leaves the others way behind!
  • Michelle Bentley     Oct 18th, 2011
    Deepest thanks, I learned so much. Taking a break from vinyasa due to a shoulder injury and what a great experience your class was!
  • Arna Desser     Sep 4th, 2011
    By chance, a Sunday morning. Fantastic class. Thanks so much.
  • carolyn acuna     Aug 6th, 2011
    Thank you so much. That was a fantastic class. I now have a greater understanding of how to completely use the whole body when coming into these poses. You made everything easy to follow and understand. It was great. As it turned out I watched this on Sunday morning in Oz.
  • Elisa Mallinder     May 15th, 2011
    Excellent session! Thanks!
  • Lisa Zheng-Niven     Mar 29th, 2011
    i enjoyed it so much! thank you! Lisa
  • Mark Weiss     Mar 27th, 2011
    Great cuing and teaching. Thx Mark
  • Alison Colyer     Mar 27th, 2011

    Thank you so much. In over 25 years of yoga practice I have never had things explained so clearly and effectively. A wonderful start to my Sunday morning here in the UK.

    With many, many thanks.

  • Carly Rogers     Feb 22nd, 2011
    Love love love it! You explain the subtle nuances of the poses so well. I am a fairly new teacher & have gotten such awesome cueing ideas from you. Namaste!!
  • Christine Tipping     Feb 22nd, 2011
    Wonderfully integrated sequence of poses. I love the connection of arches, thighs,groin and lower belly carried through a variety of poses. Are we actually accessing mula bandha this way? The work with the block between the thighs in particular seems to be heading in that direction. Please keep doing these Yoga Glo classes. I so look forward to them and do each one several times.
  • Kit Spahr     Feb 18th, 2011
    What a great practice! Ready for the day now. Thanks!
  • Kristina Duffy     Feb 17th, 2011
    Oh my goodness, Jason, you are wonderful! I had a terrible day at work, and all I could think about all day was, "I can't wait to get home and meet up with my buddy, Jason, and zone out for an hour!"
  • Pablo Silber     Feb 15th, 2011
  • Chloe Druce     Feb 13th, 2011
    Just the thing for a Sunday morning... Thanks Jason!
  • Brenna Gorbatova     Feb 12th, 2011
    Really enjoyable. I enjoyed how challenged I was to "feel."
  • Julie Driscoll     Feb 12th, 2011
    Thanks for sharing a new way to connect the dots! Great class!
  • Cathy Benthagen     Feb 12th, 2011
    Awesome practice...your teaching techniques always open old doors in new ways with lots of exploration and fun..thank you
  • Jason Crandell     Feb 11th, 2011
    Hey, Aimee -- Sorry about the technical difficulties. I'm hopeful that you'll try it again soon!
    Ronni - You're welcome. I'm glad that the arch involvement made sense to you.
  • Ronni Hendel     Feb 11th, 2011
    Thank you Jason. Really appreciated your instruction--integrating arches to core. I feel both strengthened and relaxed--and ready for the day.
  • Aimee Morrison     Feb 10th, 2011
    So sorry, but I would have enjoyed this a lot moire if it hadn't crashed three separate times, once taking my whole browser down with it ... But I enjoyed this ten minutes at a time that I did get to do ...