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30 min

Get Grounded When Deeply Fatigued & Depleted

Hatha | By Jason Crandell on Jan 19 2011
Got stress? Got a cold? So stressed that you got a cold? Stressed that you have a cold (yes, I could go on...)? This practice will treat you well if you are struggling with either or both. Designed to be practiced when you are feeling depleted, this practice is mellow, grounding, and soothing. It will patiently open your body, encourage circulation in your upper-extremities and allow you to move deliberately even when you are deeply fatigued. Best of all, you'll feel a little better afterward.


Got stress? Got a cold? So stressed that you got a cold? Stressed that you have a cold (yes, I could go on...)? This practice will treat you well if you are struggling with either or both. Designed to be practiced when you are feeling depleted, this practice is mellow, grounding, and soothing. It will patiently open your body, encourage circulation in your upper-extremities and allow you to move deliberately even when you are deeply fatigued. Best of all, you'll feel a little better afterward.


  • Karen Plumley     Dec 14th, 2014
    Jason - thank you! This was exactly was I was looking for today. I appreciate the permission to feel yucky. Yoga certainly helps : ))).
  • Ben Velez     Dec 7th, 2014
    thank you so much. the real asana here for me was taking a break from being mad at myself for being unwell, crazy as that sounds. very helpful. namaste.
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 8th, 2014
      Ben - It's only a little crazy and I completely understand. I'm at least that crazy myself. Glad you gave yourself some time.
  • Stanley Curriers     Dec 1st, 2014
    Thanks so much - slightly sick at home and didn't want to skip practice for the day, but needed something short and mellow. Perfect!
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 8th, 2014
      I'm glad you took this time for this, Stanley. Thank you!
  • K Z     Nov 30th, 2014
    Thanks ! A lot more clear headed now and relaxed right in the middle of a cold.
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 8th, 2014
      Great. I'm glad you're feeling better, K Z.
  • Cathy Stovell     Nov 23rd, 2014
    Thanks for creating a practice for times when I'm congested or feeling weak. I feel okay right now but doing the practice recognise it will be perfect when I'm feeling under the weather.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 23rd, 2014
      Cathy, This is a nice way of working with this practice. Thanks for joining me.
  • Lindsay Surdell     Nov 23rd, 2014
    Loved your encouraging dialogue throughout the practice!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 23rd, 2014
      I'm glad it was helpful, Lindsay.
  • karis huster     Nov 23rd, 2014
    This was a perfect starter for getting back into my daily practice. Also very timely due to massive congestion and the related yuckiness. Jason is a wonderful instructor and I feel ready to start this day of worship with my body more energized! Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 23rd, 2014
      You're welcome, Karis. I'm glad this was helpful.
  • Birgit Schrader     Nov 23rd, 2014
    Just what I needed! I've a bad cold, and I felt really frustrated because I've a lot of things to do and get nothing done, it was very good to remember that this is normal and we have to accept it, not pushing to much and have compassion for our body.;
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 23rd, 2014
      I know exactly how you feel, Birgit. I'm glad this was helpful for you.
  • Eric Bascombe     Nov 18th, 2014
    Have a cold, am cranky, and very depleted...awesome video and verbiage by Jason Crandell :) It was wonderful to hear the "permission" to accept my body for what it can do while I'm sick instead of fighting against it :) Thank you!!!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 21st, 2014
      I'm glad this practice gave you permission to settle in and settle down, Eric. Colds are really, really annoying. I'm happy to know that this helped.
  • Sharon Jensen     Oct 30th, 2014
    Just what I needed!
  • Sarah Cohen     Oct 28th, 2014
    Is it cheesy to say "you had me at hello"? The description was me to a 't'. This was a great class. I was surprised how good it felt to go upside down but it really did the trick. Thank you.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 21st, 2014
      Even if it is cheesy, I don't mind. Thanks for practicing with me, Sarah!
  • Sara Ciotti     Sep 29th, 2014
    I've been feeling run down and wasn't going to practice today but I'm so glad I did! Gotta love a practice where you spend almost the entire time with your eyes closed! Thank you for another wonderful class :)
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 29th, 2014
      Thanks Sara.
  • Kathy DeKoven     Sep 29th, 2014
    so grateful for this practice. namaste :)
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 29th, 2014
      Thanks Kathy!
  • nancy bernstein     Aug 13th, 2014
    Thank you so much, as always.
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 14th, 2014
      My pleasure Nancy, thanks.
  • Madeleine Lipson     Aug 7th, 2014
    Hi Jason
    Thanks so much for this, it was actually really moving and made me feel a lot more compassion for my body! Have been pushing myself very hard hence now sick and stressed... this was a great reminder to be kind and gentle.
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 7th, 2014
      ;) my pleasure & I'm glad it was a valuable reminder.
  • Adele Tan     Jul 21st, 2014
    Thanks for sharing this even while u r still nursing a cold. :) i was feeling so frustrated with what i cant do these few days, but this practice offered me relief, as well as compassion towards myself, n my tired body. Thanks Jason!
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 21st, 2014
      Glad this offered you relief Adele! Thanks.
  • Susan L     Jul 15th, 2014
    Thank you, Jason. A horrible cough going around my family, and I've had it for over a week now. So exhausting, I can't do any regular practice or exercise, but this was perfect.
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 15th, 2014
      My family has the same. It's just lovely. Glad this helps.
  • Dionne Elizabeth     Jul 11th, 2014
    Jason, after a few days illness and some sad news i´ve been feeling locked up in grief, soreness and a lot of crankyness. i returned (somewhat reluctantly) to my mat and experienced many shifts of congestion physically (too much info?), mentally and emotionally. I´m so glad and grateful for this practice and your teachings. Thank you for your talents, skills and personality. We are so lucky. :)
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 11th, 2014
      Glad this was helpful Dionne!
  • Liz Woodruff     Jun 23rd, 2014
    Thank you! Some relief.
  • Liz Woodruff     Jun 23rd, 2014
    Thank you! Some relief.
  • Tiina Österholm     Jun 12th, 2014
    Thank you for this lovely practice. I was fatigued and felt like I was getting a cold but now I feel much better. Now I'm almost waiting to have a real cold so I could explore how this works then ;)
    • Jason Crandell     Jun 12th, 2014
      ;) thanks!
  • Sharon Jones     May 13th, 2014
    Felt awful when I woke up. After doing this beautiful practice feel half human again. Thank you :)
    • Jason Crandell     May 13th, 2014
  • Barbara Samuels     Apr 27th, 2014
    Just what I needed, thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Apr 29th, 2014
  • Jennifer Collins     Apr 2nd, 2014
    I totally did not want to do any yoga, and about two minutes into this, I was SO GLAD I WAS DOING YOGA!
    • Jason Crandell     Apr 2nd, 2014
      Yeah!!! Thanks Jennifer.
  • Sarah Weatherred     Mar 23rd, 2014
    Thanks for that class. Major stress + major cold for me = major depletion. The asanas but more so your words made me feel like its o.k. for me to slow down and take care of myself. Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Mar 23rd, 2014
  • Lisa Brooks Mills     Mar 2nd, 2014
    Have a cold and feeling some stress, so thank you so much for helping me take care of my body with this practice. I found your words to be comforting and the poses to be helpful. I'm actually breathing through my nose as I type this. :)
    • Jason Crandell     Mar 4th, 2014
      Happy this helped you feel better Lisa!
  • Christina Gondolfi     Mar 2nd, 2014
    My congestion feels so much better! My body feels lighter physically and energetically. Thanks Jason :)
    • Jason Crandell     Mar 2nd, 2014
      Glad this helped!
  • Sally Rud     Feb 25th, 2014
    Thank you so much for this lovely, informative practice. I'm pretty congested and coughing a ton and this helped tremendously.
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 25th, 2014
      Glad this helped!
  • Jessamyn Stanley     Jan 24th, 2014
    Jason, I wasn't even going to practice today because I feel so gross- thank you so much! This was PERFECT!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 24th, 2014
      ;) I have those days too. Thanks for practicing.
  • Jessamyn Stanley     Jan 24th, 2014
    Jason, I wasn't even going to practice today because I feel so gross- thank you so much! This was PERFECT!
  • Jessamyn Stanley     Jan 24th, 2014
    Jason, I wasn't even going to practice today because I feel so gross- thank you so much! This was PERFECT!
  • Lisa Brooks Mills     Jan 21st, 2014
    Thank you Jason. This practice was helpful for feeling a bit run down. Love child's pose with head rested on bolster. Could fall asleep there. :)
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 21st, 2014
      I hope you feel less run down soon. Nice to hear from you!
  • Christene Jennings     Jan 9th, 2014
    Jason, thank you for this wonderful class that allowed me a moment of relaxation during a miserable cold. I appreciated the gentle encouragement to think of all the hard work our bodies are doing toward healing. I never thought of it that way, and hope to keep those positive thoughts on my way back to wellness. Namaste
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 9th, 2014
      Glad you found this helpful Christene. Rest well.
  • Beate Laengle Fuertbauer     Jan 6th, 2014
    thank you dear jason for another great class. at the precices moment. and: your explanations are always straight to the point. greetings from switzerland, europe. bea
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 6th, 2014
      my pleasure Beate! thanks for practicing.
  • Heidi Burnette     Dec 14th, 2013
    Thank you so much, I've been struggling with congestion for days, and this made me feel more relaxed, quieter and less stressed about my cold. This was my first yogaglo class, and I can't wait to do more.
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 15th, 2013
      Happy you enjoyed it Heidi.
  • Claire Forman     Dec 8th, 2013
    Thank you so much Jason! I have been unwell for several months & have felt too exhausted to do any yoga (which I have beaten myself up & felt guilty about almost every day). This was just what I needed to start easing myself back to a regular practice.
    Thank you again!
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 8th, 2013
      Glad this can help ease you back.
  • Kathy DeKoven     Dec 5th, 2013
    Thanks Jason. I really enjoyed this practice. It was a relief for me when you spoke about your feelings of frustration and impatience when you are sick. It's nice to know I'm not alone :)
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 6th, 2013
      Glad you enjoyed it Kathy.
  • Alexis Cuperus Manning     Dec 4th, 2013
    loved this, a calming cool feeling entered my body
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 4th, 2013
      Glad you enjoyed it Alexis, thanks.
  • Julie Basile     Dec 3rd, 2013
    Jason, my first class with you - Need this just for mental stress and body stiffness from too many days on the computer and not enough yoga. LOVE your queuing and phrasing with regard to the anatomy and the art of letting go! Thank you!

    • Jason Crandell     Dec 4th, 2013
      Thanks Julie!
  • Marjie Goodman     Dec 3rd, 2013
    A nice change of pace. Saving for future reference for the next day I'm feeling super fatigued.
  • Maurey Lancaster     Dec 1st, 2013
    Another cold- still as useful and helpful as ever! Namaste x
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 1st, 2013
      Glad it was helpful Maurey, thanks.
  • Laurie Callan     Nov 22nd, 2013
    I really appreciate how clearly you explain things, Jason. You are a good model for me as a teacher! :-) Namaste.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 22nd, 2013
      Thanks Laurie!
  • Hannah Nicol     Nov 20th, 2013
    I do feel much better after this class-spirit, body & especially nasal passages :) Thank you Jason!!!

    More "yoga with a cold" classes pretty please!!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 20th, 2013
      Request noted :) Thanks Hannah.
  • Hannah Nicol     Nov 20th, 2013
    I do feel much better after this class-spirit & nasal passages! Thank you!!! More "yoga-with-a-cold" classes pretty please :)
  • Melani Schweder     Nov 19th, 2013
    Jason- thank you so much for this great practice! Your gentle asanas and self-awareness wisdom provide such a healing experience!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 19th, 2013
      My pleasure Melani. Glad you enjoyed it.
  • Vibeke Myrås     Nov 12th, 2013
    I felt no congestion before I started this, just a chill warning that a fever is on it's way. But wow, I did release some congestion in the head after all. Hoping that getting it out before rather than during the fever helps in passing through this quickly. Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 12th, 2013
      I hope so too! Thanks Vibeke.
  • Elizabeth Kerwin     Nov 4th, 2013
    I turn to this class every time I get a cold. And with a 15 month old baby that's fairly often. I just take so much comfort in the way that you speak to us fellow cold sufferers Jason. It's so good to be reminded to be gentle with ourselves and speak kindly to ourselves. I find that just as nurturing as the gentle and effective movements in this class. Thank you so very much.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 4th, 2013
      Thanks Elizabeth! I'm thrilled this is a resource for you.
  • Heather Davis     Oct 25th, 2013
    That was just what I needed as I am recovering from a cold. I tried a true vinyasa flow in my local studio two nights ago and was too weak to hold my normal basic poses. This enabled me to ease back into my practice as I am healing. Jason actually made me smile and laugh a few times. It was nice. I felt like a was returning to the land of the normal. Thanks!
    • Jason Crandell     Oct 25th, 2013
      Thanks Heather.
  • Maurey Lancaster     Sep 26th, 2013
    As always, the perfect practice for me xxx
  • Rachelle Rachelle     Sep 20th, 2013
    Felt really good. My son started kindergarten and our whole family is sick:) Germs are running rampant.....thanks for the practice. I laughed in Portland when you said you have a young baby.....welcome to the world of sickness all over again! Thanks Jason!
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 21st, 2013
      thanks Rachelle!
  • Renee Jefferies     Sep 4th, 2013
    Loved this practice! I have a terrible cold at the moment and the whole time I have been reminding myself that even though this is incredibly frustrating, it needed to happen to allow me to slow down and see that something about the way I was approaching life wasn't working for me...however, knowing that I need to have patience as opposed to actually having the patience at this time, are two different things.....this practice really allowed me to feel that patience and acceptance. Thank you:-)
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 4th, 2013
      Glad this helped you practice the patience you're seeking! Thanks Renee.
  • Emily Schurr     Aug 28th, 2013
    Just what I needed - I love the analogy of the snow globe, shaking everything up!! Will definitely be returning to this practice again and again - thank you so much Jason!
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 28th, 2013
      Glad you enjoyed this Emily, thanks.
  • Charissa McDonnell     Aug 5th, 2013
    Thanks for reminding me to be patient with myself when I'm not feeling 100%!
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 6th, 2013
      My pleasure Charissa. Thanks for practicing.
  • Jennifer Riley     Jul 20th, 2013
    Perfect for my awful cold in wintery New zealand. It always amazes me how yoga has solutions for whatever ails me, and how I can find them easily on Yogaglo. Thank you Jason and
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 21st, 2013
      Glad this felt like a remedy!! Thanks Jennifer.
  • Jennifer Downing     Jul 17th, 2013
    Just what I needed for my summer allergies! Thanks!
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 17th, 2013
      Glad it helped! Thanks Jennifer
  • Jennifer LaFleur     May 24th, 2013
    Jason, Your practices always have a loving approach. Thank you for the reminder that periods of illness are normal, and beautiful in their way. Namaste.
    • Jason Crandell     May 24th, 2013
      My pleasure Jennifer! Namaste
  • Ursula Fanning     May 21st, 2013
    Thank you Jason - really lovely practice (was stressed AND have a cold, so perfect). Ursula, Dublin
    • Jason Crandell     May 22nd, 2013
      Glad you enjoyed it Ursula
  • Rebecca Harris     May 9th, 2013
    Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     May 9th, 2013
      thanks for practicing Rebecca
  • Devarati Cote     Apr 30th, 2013
    Thank you for this wonderful practice; I am really amazed, this time, to see how much acceptance work you weave into this particular practice. If you do not know Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) already, I am sure you would be inspired by this approach. Many of the keywords you used in this practice are concepts I use with my clients as an ACT psychologist. Beautiful work!
    • Jason Crandell     Apr 30th, 2013
      Dev- thank you. I'll have to look more into ACT, but I'm glad you felt I weaved similar concepts in.
  • nancy bernstein     Apr 8th, 2013
    Thanks Jason. Remembered this one from a long-ago cold; this time recovering from THE worst cold I can ever remember, which took me out of commission for over two weeks and still has me feeling about as energetic as an anemic radish.... This was all I felt up to this morning, and it helped. A lot. I'm grateful.
  • Samantha Hogg     Mar 3rd, 2013
    This was my first yogaglo practice as the day I signed up I got a horrible cold! The 'snowglobe' effect cleared my sinuses better than anything else I've tried. Thank you for a great session Jason!
    • Jason Crandell     Mar 3rd, 2013
      Happy this helped you feel better Samantha, thanks.
  • Cathy Molohan     Mar 3rd, 2013
    Thank you so much, that did me the world of good! Just starting to recover from a very bad cold and this helped me to feel alive again.
    • Jason Crandell     Mar 3rd, 2013
      glad this helped you to feel better. thanks
  • Kim Winnick     Feb 26th, 2013
    After four days of lying in bed with a fever and upper respiratory bug, this was the perfect practice for my body. Thank you.
  • Emma Davis     Feb 23rd, 2013
    That was great. Been lying in bed feeling sorry for myself all day and that really helped
  • Lara Balick     Feb 14th, 2013
    Thank you for the amazing class Jason :)
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 14th, 2013
      Thanks Lara
  • Carmel Taylor     Feb 13th, 2013
    Beautiful class! Thank you, feel much calmer and nurtured!
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 13th, 2013
      great, thanks Carmel!
  • Margaret Brewer     Feb 7th, 2013
    Thank you, Jason. This was precisely what I was looking for; a soothing and satisfying practice that simultaneously reminded me to not beat myself up for slacking in my practice when I don't feel as up for anything physically. I feel markedly better! Namaste.
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 8th, 2013
      Hi Margaret, glad this helped soothe you!
  • Amy Affelt     Feb 4th, 2013
    Such a gift! I hadn’t been sick in years and suddenly I found myself ensnared by the human condition as you put it. This really helped with my annoyance and frustration. Perfect for when we are not in optimal health but still want to practice.
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 5th, 2013
      thanks Amy. Happy this helped you feel better, even while under the weather.
  • Patricia Maccaro     Jan 31st, 2013
    Jason's kind & gentle words are a therapy session encouraging self love, acceptance and tolerance with one's own body, this is so much more than a mere practice. Jason
    your gift heals, thank you for the loving advice.
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 31st, 2013
      Thanks Patricia.
  • Devarati Cote     Jan 28th, 2013
    This practice is such a blessing, most welcome as I am in the middle of a flu. Your comments and choice of asanas really help me settle in a helpful mindset for this experience. Thank you for sharing this with us; I'll keep doing it for the duration of the flu. Namasté!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 28th, 2013
      Thanks Devarati. Feel better soon.
  • Emily Martin     Jan 9th, 2013
    Thanks Jason, I feel much better - wonderful!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 9th, 2013
      Glad it helped you feel better! Thanks Emily
  • Anne Shubert     Jan 8th, 2013
    Thank you Jason. Just what I needed after a very stressful New Year cold. My mind keeps saying "I don't have time for this!" and my body insists that indeed I do. A loving compromise has been reached and I am a human snow globe. Namaste
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 9th, 2013
      Namaste Anne
  • Lara Dalch     Dec 3rd, 2012
    Thanks, Jason. I so needed that...especially the lesson of not getting frustrated with my body when it has the audacity to "allow" a cold. ;)
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 3rd, 2012
      My pleasure Lara. Thanks for practicing.
  • Britta Schuele     Nov 15th, 2012
    Thank you! That was a great journey from feeling grotty and fatigued to feeling spacious and relaxed! Say, and could you give me some advice on how to gently stretch the inner side of my knees? They're horribly tight and just cry out to be released!
    Thanks as always, you are a great teacher! Namaste!
  • kristin vestrheim     Nov 13th, 2012
    I've got a cold, my 3 children have a cold, and we are travelling in 3 days. This practice was perfect and just what I needed. Thank you so much for the bliss.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 14th, 2012
      Kristin, glad this could help soothe you through the colds and future travel!
  • R Sharp     Nov 8th, 2012
    I always return to this class when I have a cold, and it always is just what I need. I love the reminder to appreciate the intelligence and hard work of the body and immune system. Rest is definitely in order at this time. Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 8th, 2012
      Thanks for practicing and for the feedback! Hope you're resting well
  • Becca Hammer     Nov 3rd, 2012
    Thank you for this practice. I needed the reminder to let go and take care of myself, and to practice patience. I can move forward today with more acceptance and less aggravation over being sick.
  • Jason Crandell     Oct 14th, 2012
    Eleni- thanks!
  • Jason Crandell     Oct 14th, 2012
    Eleni- thanks!
  • Eleni Ramphos     Oct 12th, 2012
    Sick AND in midterms? I found this at the perfect time! Thank you so much! Only thing is I couldn't get into a handstand at all. My ego was screaming at me through that whole practice. All in all wonderful though, thank you! :)
  • Elizabeth McGowan Phillips     Oct 8th, 2012
  • Jason Crandell     Sep 28th, 2012
    Alexis - glad this was the prescription you needed! thanks for the comment
  • Alexis Mascitti     Sep 27th, 2012
    om my goodness, thank you again and again Jason for this class. i've been stressed the last few days, so of course today i start to develop "THE SIGNS": scratchy throat, cough, achy all over... this was JUST what the doctor ordered. so glad you come without a prescription!
  • Jason Crandell     Aug 21st, 2012
    Brett - glad the analogy worked well for you! Being sick is hardly fun, but glad you enjoyed this practice.
  • Brett Larkin     Aug 20th, 2012
    Thank you, Jason! I'm sick and this helped me so much. I love the snow globe analogy and how you talked about being patient -- so hard to do when you're sick but you gave the best reminders!
  • Jason Crandell     Aug 16th, 2012
    Courtney - I can relate; being sick is never fun. Glad you liked this.
  • Courtney Marie     Aug 16th, 2012
    This was wonderful! I get so frustrated when I get sick, but this class really helped me to relax into the healing process. Thank you so much.
  • Jason Crandell     Jul 25th, 2012
    Sarah - thanks for your feedback! glad you liked the ardha halasana. best, J
  • Sarah Hon     Jul 25th, 2012
    Thanks Jason - so nice to have a go-to practice for when I have a cold! I added ardha halasana with the chair as a restorative inversion before savasana, which felt good too.
  • Jason Crandell     Jul 23rd, 2012
    Tatiana - Glad that the head supported forward bend is working better for you. It sounds like you modified the sequence correctly to meet your needs. NIce job. Thanks for practicing with me!
  • Tatiana Karakasheva     Jul 21st, 2012
    Jason, thank you so much for this class! It really helped to build some much-needed energy.
    Since I can't do the handstand (or any variation of it), but really felt like doing an inversion, I tried headstand, but it didn't feel right. So next time I did shoulder stand, and it felt really good. And instead of a child's pose between the two shoulder stands, I dropped into plow. So maybe this can be a reasonable substitute for people who can't do handstand...
    I also found it very useful that you recommend resting the hair on the hairline in supported forward bends. Before, I always tried to rest the top of the head and it just felt weird, but now I can really relax in these poses! Thank you!
  • Jason Crandell     Jul 17th, 2012
    Elisa - that's great! glad this made you feel better.
  • Elisa Sabedra     Jul 16th, 2012
    Sooooo good. I didn't even remember today I was sick yesterday. Thank you! : )
  • Jason Crandell     Jul 3rd, 2012
    Rhonda - happy to hear this was effective for you. Also glad you made adjustments (like skipping headstand) to make this work the best for yourself in the moment.
  • Rhonda Richey     Jul 2nd, 2012
    I used this a a de-stressing session before bed. Very effective. The handstand seemed a bit much for my energy. So I put my heels at the wall, went into downward facing dog facing away from the wall and walked my feet up the wall so that the backs of my legs were parallel to the floor. For savasana, I used a bolster under my knees for supported savasana. Ahhh...
  • Jason Crandell     Jun 29th, 2012
    Cassandra - I'm glad to hear this got your bug moving around and out!
  • Cassandra Hafen     Jun 28th, 2012
    This definitely opened up my chest and moved the congestion-Thanks!
  • Jason Crandell     Jun 2nd, 2012
    Angela - happy this got you grounded and feeling better, even with a cold.
  • Angela grace Herbst     Jun 1st, 2012
    I have a tough mudder race coming up and always look to Yogaglo for crosstraining and grounding myself. Today I am one week away and suffering from a nasty cold. I can't thank you enough for this
  • Jason Crandell     May 1st, 2012
    Dar- hope it helped!
  • dar carman     May 1st, 2012
    getting over a cold and remembered this great practice, thank you dar
  • Jason Crandell     Apr 20th, 2012
    Kate- thank you!
  • kate larson     Apr 19th, 2012
    excellent! thank you!
  • Jason Crandell     Apr 19th, 2012
    leah - you made me blush.... and that doesn't happen very easily. Glad the PRACTICE made you feel good.... :)
  • Leah Bissonnette     Apr 17th, 2012
    Oh Jason, you know how to make a girl feel good.
  • Jason Crandell     Apr 7th, 2012
    Helen - great! not great, you have a cold, but great you found this uplifting :)
  • Helen Micklewright     Apr 6th, 2012
    I have a nasty little cold, but found that very uplifting.
    Enjoy the day.
  • Jason Crandell     Mar 15th, 2012
    Angela- happy this was a good option for you!!
  • Angela Slagle     Mar 15th, 2012
    this practice really made a difference - even if it is only temporary (maybe I need to do this 3 times today). At the beginning of a mild cold, and needed something (other than meds) to start to day off right. thank you!
  • Jason Crandell     Mar 12th, 2012
    Daisy - looking forward to meeting you and hope you'll be cold-less!
  • Jason Crandell     Mar 12th, 2012
    Sophie- Happy to hear that thanks!
  • Daisy Alsemgeest     Mar 12th, 2012
    Nice one! looking forward to meet you (without a cold hopefully) in Amsterdam@shava soon, thanks
  • sophie oktaviani     Mar 10th, 2012
    really helped. thank you .. thank you ...
  • Jason Crandell     Feb 22nd, 2012
    Nancy- glad it got u feeling a little better!!
  • nancy bernstein     Feb 22nd, 2012
    Thanks Jason. Still feel crummy (front end of a cold, not back), but less stiff & a little better overall.
  • Julie Driscoll     Jan 18th, 2012
    This was a blessing. Thank you.
  • Julie Brooks     Dec 24th, 2011
    Nothing short of perfectly fantastic!
  • Tanya Dickson     Dec 9th, 2011
    A helpful healing practice. Thank you, thank you,
  • Britney Mellen     Nov 7th, 2011
    Just what I needed. Thank you, Jason!
  • Lisa Martinez     Oct 30th, 2011 great to hear that even though we do a lot of yoga, it's normal to experience sickness. As a teacher, I'm sometimes embarrassed when I get a cold because I might be disparaging yoga by being sick. So great to be aware of how the body is healing itself and what you may feel.
  • dar carman     Oct 3rd, 2011
    perfect, day 3 of a cold and this couldnt have been better.thank you
  • Paula Wafer     Aug 2nd, 2011
    thank you Jason; after 3 days of toothached my body now feels nourished and open; i love the supported standing forward bend- so simple; so releasing!!
  • Lisa Blakeborough     Jul 14th, 2011
    Thank you so much for this healing practice. I am in the middle of a summer cold and I really appreciated everything you said about acceptance and nourishment.
  • Melissa Dal Pra     May 15th, 2011
    This was a really great practice for me, it was exactly the amount of physical exertion I was able to give, yet it was so calming.
    Thank you.
  • Lena Kurganska     Mar 25th, 2011
    Thank you, Jason. It was a helpful practice. I wish everyone to feel well.
  • Helene shafer     Feb 25th, 2011
    thank you jason! just what I needed today.
  • Christie Gregg     Jan 24th, 2011
    I feel the flu coming on (not yet here) so this really helped to gently release the toxins.
  • Deborah Allnutt     Jan 22nd, 2011
    I am getting over a really nasty upper respiratory infection. Halfway through the practice my head cleared considerably and allowed me to clear my sinuses of really nasty "stuff". So helpful!!!....Thank you very much!
    Feel better Jason.
  • Deborah Allnutt     Jan 22nd, 2011
    I am getting over a really nasty upper respiratory infection. Halfway through the practice my head cleared considerably and allowed me to clear my sinuses of really nasty "stuff". So helpful!!!....Thank you very much!
    Feel better Jason.
  • Katherine Glover     Jan 21st, 2011
    This was great on a Friday night after a stressful week and having to skip my regular practice this morning. Thank you so much!
  • Jessica Barker     Jan 20th, 2011
    Thanks so much for this class! It was a godsend in the middle of the stress-induced cough/cold that I am going through right now.
  • therese plair     Jan 20th, 2011
  • Donna Spencer     Jan 19th, 2011
    Brilliant. I couldn't go to morning class today as I woke with a scratchy throat, and couldn't go tonight as I now feel completely gross. This was just what I needed - I'm going to do it every day until this cold goes away.
  • Karine Labelle     Jan 19th, 2011
    I have been dealing with a lot of stress at work lately, this practice was *just* what I needed. Your timing is excellent, Jason! Thank you for this practice. :)