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30 min

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Vinyasa Flow | By Kathryn Budig on Jan 08 2011
Muscular low back tightness can sometimes be helped through alternate strategies.  By focusing lower in the kinetic chain (hips and hamstrings) we make more space for the low back to relax.  This gentle class focuses on easygoing hip and hamstring opening that leads up to standing Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana. Props needed: Strap and 2 blocks.


Muscular low back tightness can sometimes be helped through alternate strategies. By focusing lower in the kinetic chain (hips and hamstrings) we make more space for the low back to relax. This gentle class focuses on easygoing hip and hamstring opening that leads up to standing Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana. Props needed: Strap and 2 blocks.


  • Steph Webb     Dec 7th, 2014
    I've been sick with a fever for the last few days which always leaves me sore and achey in my hips and back. This is just what I needed. I'm sure I'll sleep well and comfortabley tonight. Thank you so much Kathryn.
  • Melanie Zerr     Nov 30th, 2014
    Can't hear this video yet can hear others... Help!!
    • YogaGlo     Nov 30th, 2014
      Hi Melanie. We've sent you an email with some troubleshooting tips.
      • Melanie Zerr     Nov 30th, 2014
        Thanks Allison, it worked for me when I tried later in the day. Using an iPad mini--not sure why it wouldn't load when I tried earlier. Thanks for your quick reply!

        Thanks Kathryn for wonderful release in my low back--my husband even joined me!
  • Lisa Westreich     Nov 22nd, 2014
    the video went blank�what should I do?!!
    • YogaGlo     Nov 22nd, 2014
      Hi Lisa. We�ve sent you an email with some troubleshooting tips.
  • Shalon Clarke     Nov 19th, 2014
    This helped so much, I often have lower back pain and this is a perfect daily prevention practice for me. Thank you
  • Mo Horton     Nov 12th, 2014
    This really helped me understand every muscle literally and hit areas of tension where I don't "let go" figuratively that have been plaguing me with chronic lower back for years. Paparazzi light bulbs going off like crazy!! Thanks so much Kathryn 💜 have a great day! ✌️😉. Ciao, -Mo
  • michelle timmins     Nov 6th, 2014
    Really enjoyed that hip opening sequence.
    Great modifications.
  • Linda Stewart     Nov 6th, 2014
    I enjoyed. My back was feeling a bit off and this felt grear.
  • Lisa Westreich     Nov 6th, 2014
    I loved this class. A question: I love the pose where we stacked our legs (crossed) bowed our heads onto a block. 2 things: when I bowed my head, I felt my hip lift and I could not figure out how to get to that block! My knee was in the way - any suggestions?
    • Kathryn Budig     Nov 6th, 2014
      add a second block so you don't need to lean forward as much:) otherwise just sit upright. . . it will still help!
  • Meaghan Gardner     Nov 6th, 2014
    My first class, just what my hippy hips required. Thank You Kathryn x
  • Susan Dolan     Nov 3rd, 2014
    My hips and low back feel open and relaxed. Really liked the wall variations. Thank you Kathryn.
  • Devarati Cote     Aug 7th, 2014
    Awesome practice in the first half, really made a difference in my lower back that just jammed very painfully yesterday after a workout. But like Lea wrote, the postures with the foot against the wall partly destroyed that because the strap trapped between the ball of my foot and the wall made it slippery, and sent lots of sudden jerking shocks to my lower back, and the muscles tightened again. Nevertheless, these are awesome variations will be awesome to try again and again once my back is healed.
  • Beth Foster     Jul 19th, 2014
    Oh my that was perfect! Thank you so much! Namaste
  • Sarah Bierman     Jul 7th, 2014
    So great. Especially loved the wall variations. So grateful for this practice on a day when my mind wanted vigorous but my back needed attention.
  • Sarah Torri     Jun 24th, 2014
    what a fitting practice for post-gardening back and hamstring tightness going on right now. i can see from the comments below that another student likes it as a post-shoveling class, so i can see it is a year-round practice!! I especially love the foot-on-the-wall portion of the class.
    thanks, kathryn. :-)
  • Wera Sinkkonen     May 31st, 2014
    Helps immediately! Thank You!
  • Lea Lønsted     May 10th, 2014
    Nice practice, especially enjoyed the first part stretching the piriformis area. However, i didn't quite get into the wall pose as it was difficult to see the pose (and my feet kept on sliding off the wall). Would be even better with a side view or an alternative pose without using the wall as this might be easier to do.
    • Jaime Splatt     Nov 13th, 2014
      Agreed, the wall pose was definitely tricky! Would like to see that from side on as I just couldn't quite get there this time, will keep trying though!
  • Natalie Rowe     Feb 26th, 2014
    Very helpful for my lower back pain today, and it made me realize how terribly tight my hips have gotten. I like your relaxed attitude/speaking style too. :)
  • Claudia Garcia     Feb 2nd, 2014
    Thank you!!
  • Marilee Kenny     Jan 10th, 2014
    Thanks!!! Lower back feels better already!
  • Haley Duke     Jan 7th, 2014
    Thank you Kathryn. This was just what I needed. My hips and back feel wonderful now. I especially loved that IT stretch.
  • Eloïse Roy     Nov 30th, 2013
    This was just perfect! It feels so good I almost cried! Thank you so much ;)
  • Susan Bambury     Nov 5th, 2013
    My back says "Thanks", this was a wonderful practice! Will do it again:)
  • Kat Williams     Aug 30th, 2013
    Great practice. I would have to agree with Mary Christianson. It would be nice to see the side view.
  • amy shiner     Aug 5th, 2013
    great for relief from back pain thank you
  • Mary Christianson     Jul 21st, 2013
    Woke up with back spasms, and went through this class carefully and found it really helpful. The only issue I had was that I could not see what was going on when you were facing the wall with your back to the camera: like how far you were from the wall, and how high your leg was, etc.
  • yogagal      Jun 20th, 2013
    Would LOVE another back care class from you, I'm sure you have plenty more helpful "tools" in your arsenal, maybe some supine/prone back strengtheners?? This is still 1 of my all time favorites. Thanks K.B.
  • Jaime Gilliam     Jun 12th, 2013
    Didn't care for it- actually hurt my lower back. And the standing at the wall pose was too difficult for me with no modifications given.
    • Kathryn Budig     Jun 12th, 2013
      perhaps try placing your foot onto a lower chair instead of the wall and keep the top leg slightly bent with the strap. keep your lower belly engaged to elongate your lower back. For the ground/wall work make sure you keep your hips further way from the wall so that your lower back can rest on the ground instead of being elevated or you can always place a blanket under your lower back. hope that helps!
    • Kathryn Budig     Jun 12th, 2013
      So sorry to hear that, Jaime. Let me know what hurt and I'd be happy to offer you variations.
  • Spencer Warren     Jun 3rd, 2013
    This practice is AMAZING!!! I've never felt so much relief before! I did it twice today! :) Thank you so much!
    • Kathryn Budig     Jun 12th, 2013
  • Andi Lynn Harris     Apr 14th, 2013
    Thanks so much for this great class Kathryn. It doesn't take crazy complicated poses for my husband and I to get A LOT of opening and release. Thank you for the simple, but powerful class. Our son tried it alongside us :-)
    • Kathryn Budig     Jun 12th, 2013
      love that your son joined in!
  • Julie Lunn     Feb 24th, 2013
    I didn't have any issues with streaming. This class was awesome after too much shoveling made my back really tight. I also have super tight hips, so I'll be returning to some of the poses here as I work on that. Thanks!
  • Julie Zemel     Feb 23rd, 2013
    Great for tight morning back thanks!
  • Samia van Hattum     Dec 28th, 2012
    Excellent lower back class.... this class is amazing until the video stops working 21 minutes in. Please fix this one.
    • YogaGlo     Dec 28th, 2012
      Samia - we just emailed you some tips to help with the streaming.
  • Melody Venable     Dec 6th, 2012
    THis video is messed up at about 3/4 of the way through. Still enjoyed the audio.
  • Elaine Vazquez     Dec 1st, 2012
    THANK YOU for this practice. I did it together with my husband and he was finally able to begin to feel some improvement in his lower back pain. Life saver!! So thankful.
  • Carole Woodall     Oct 1st, 2012
    Thank you!
  • Shelley Clark     Sep 11th, 2012
    Thank you Kathryn, just what my back needed! :) Namaste
  • naomi hosted     Sep 5th, 2012
    total back fixer for me- my back loves it! Guess it depends what kind of back issues you have but this one was perfect for me- thanks kathryn
  • julia peterson conrad     Jul 4th, 2012
    would NOT advise people with back pain to do this.. not enough stretching and she is a fast talker!!! relax!
  • M'Le Leach     Apr 5th, 2012
    This class was so relaxing and nice. I did your and Tiffany's backbend workshop yesterday, so I wanted to take it a little easy today, and this was PERFECT! Thank you so much! Much love. xoxo
  • Sarah Gaede     Mar 30th, 2012
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My lower back has been giving me fits. This was so helpful. I will be rolling out of the bed onto the floor for this in the foreseeable future.
  • Lindsay Green     Mar 5th, 2012
    thank you Kathryn. I must remember to do this every day like you suggested. I let too
    much time go between classes and am pretty stiff.
  • Laurence Henry     Jan 25th, 2012
    Realy cool class. Hard but feels great afterwards. Thanks!
  • Nathan Romano     Jan 7th, 2012
    That is a good class for hip opening biut if you are currently in lower back pain as I am There are other classes listed here I would recommend first. Otherwise a great class, as always.
  • Sarah Gaede     Dec 16th, 2011
    Great class!
  • Friederike Muttray     Sep 12th, 2011
    That was great - I am excited and hopeful!
  • Lauren Johanson     Aug 18th, 2011
    This was exactly what I needed. I woke up with low back and sciatic pain and so wanted to do a light yoga to help release the tension, not doing anything that would further aggravate it. This was it! I almost didn't do the class because it was labeled as a vinyasa flow and I though it would be too quick-moving. Am I misunderstanding what vinyasa flow generally means?
  • Anne Jones     Jul 2nd, 2011
    I keep coming back to this practice again & again when my low back is aching or my hamstrings & this class is always exactly what I needed. Thank you.
  • spin gypsy      Apr 23rd, 2011
    This was an amazing way to start off the day. Thank you, Kathryn. Peace.
  • li lian lee     Apr 2nd, 2011
    hi kathryn
    i have very bad lower pain recently...while i was doing standing forward band it feels so painful...should i avoid doing this pose or i should continue doing it till i get better ?
  • serene n     Mar 15th, 2011
    just what i needed, thank you.
  • Laura Krueger     Feb 22nd, 2011
    Wow. All that tension. Feel much better now. Great practice.
  • B. Juliánna Nagy     Feb 2nd, 2011
    feeling rather 'tamasic' today (what with the tons of snow we got the past two days), and this was the purrrrrrfect end to my day (happy hips and hamstrings always mean a happy mind in my books), so thank you, Kathryn. love and pranams.
  • katya kupor     Jan 24th, 2011
    thank you, my lower back feels so much better! great practice...
  • Kathryn Budig     Jan 20th, 2011
    @andrea, YES!! :) enjoy you guys, much love
  • Rebekah Ford     Jan 17th, 2011
    This felt so good after all day at a desk. *happy sigh*
  • Anne Jones     Jan 15th, 2011
    Ahh Kathryn I had a long day of teaching yoga myself and this was the perfect way to rock me to sleep. Thank you!
  • Katie Serbus     Jan 14th, 2011
    Lovely opening for my runner's hips. My cat seemed to think my forehead needed grooming during the reclined big to series though! Thank You, Kathryn.