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Evening Yoga Routine Jason Crandell

Hatha | By Jason Crandell on Dec 04 2010
Unwind your hips, hamstrings and lower-back after a long-day. This evening sequence starts with reclined postures that will allow you to relax your mind and stretch your legs. It transitions to several long, slow, deep hip-openers, twists and forward bends. Expect to let go of stress and prepare for a quiet night.


Unwind your hips, hamstrings and lower-back after a long-day. This evening sequence starts with reclined postures that will allow you to relax your mind and stretch your legs. It transitions to several long, slow, deep hip-openers, twists and forward bends. Expect to let go of stress and prepare for a quiet night.


  • Deena Marcelic     Nov 14th, 2014
    best ever! thank u!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 21st, 2014
      You're welcome, Deena!
  • Ellen Brown     Nov 12th, 2014
    Jason, you are a master. And I am so very grateful to be learning so much through your teachings. Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 13th, 2014
      You're welcome, Ellen!
  • Marjorie Connolly     Oct 21st, 2014
    Delicious at the end of the day Jason. Thank you..
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 13th, 2014
      Glad you liked it, Marjorie!
  • nancy bernstein     Sep 27th, 2014
    Thank you. Such an old favorite.... Feels so good. :)
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 29th, 2014
      Thnx Nancy!
  • Britta Schuele     Sep 8th, 2014
    Thank you, Jason. Say, would you have advice for a horse rider with verrrrrry tight inner legs? I know, foreword bends and foreword bends etc, but is there a method for stretching those inner thighs while saving the knees from stretching? Or to stretch those knees more gently?
    Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 8th, 2014
      Britta - I have a class that focuses on stretching and strengthening the inner-legs. I can't remember the exact title, but "inner-legs" and/or "adductors" are in the title. It's within the last year if you look at all my classes. Also, any hip-opening classes of min should help!
      • Britta Schuele     Sep 9th, 2014
        Thanks, Jason - what would help for searching would be the difficulty level of the class, i.e. 1, 2, whatever :-) Thanks for replying, will look out for that class!
  • Mariana Mc Loughlin     Aug 18th, 2014
    Thank you, Jason. This has become my go-to practice for days when I am experiencing pre-mestrual pain and want to take it easy, yet open my hips and "work out the kinks in my body" (as you so well put it).
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 20th, 2014
      You're welcome!
  • Shelley Clark     Aug 10th, 2014
    Love your classes Jason - this one is a new fave! :) Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 14th, 2014
      Thanks Shelley!
  • Maggie Reimer     Aug 9th, 2014
    I couldn't have asked for a more perfect practice this evening. Thank you, Jason.
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 14th, 2014
      Sure thing Maggie ;)
  • Melanie Levy     Jul 29th, 2014
    Oh my gosh, this was such a beautiful practice. I'm not new to yoga but have only been doing a focused practice for about two months now. It's quite amazing how the body responds. And Jason, you have become a favorite teacher. Your words, direction, patience, authenticity in tone and timing - you do a really beautiful job. Thank you for sharing yourself and creating such practices. And after daily (for the most part) practices, and a week of access to yogaglo, and this evening head floated to the floor in the seated cross-legged forward bend. And all I could think of in my head was, 'surrender to peace.' Thank you.
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 2nd, 2014
      Melanie, thanks for sharing about your practice. I appreciate your feedback immensely. Thank you!
  • nancy bernstein     Jul 22nd, 2014
    Love this one, and hadn't done it for quite a while--seem more often to go for your 60-minute one that's similar.... So it was really nice to come back to this one and remember why I like it so much. Thanks, Jason, as always.
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 22nd, 2014
      Thanks Nancy!
  • Parisa Muller     Jul 20th, 2014
    This is my go-to routine when I want to relax for sleep. Perfect balance between active and restful poses... a very sensible routine ;-) Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 20th, 2014
  • Meredith Armstrong     Jul 14th, 2014
    Love this class, Jason. It's one of my favorites. However, I'm always confused when you say to slide my thumb between my pinky toe and big toe in happy baby pose. How does one do that simultaneously? Really I'd like to know what you mean- because for the past few months I've had problems with joints in my feet. If you could clarify, I'd appreciate it! Thanks for all that you do!
  • Sharon Gollman     Jun 15th, 2014
    Awesome practice! This took all the soreness out from a day of yard work!
    • Jason Crandell     Jun 16th, 2014
  • dara jones     Jun 13th, 2014
    Thank you Jason. I have been following you for at least a year on yogaglo and you are always my go to teacher when my hips and esp. my IT band are cranky. I found this to be a great morning practice when Im not feeling so energetic. Namaste
    • Jason Crandell     Jun 16th, 2014
      My pleasure Dara, thanks!
  • Luana Streltzer     May 28th, 2014
    absolutely wonderful class Jason, I feel relaxed and connected. Mahalo, Lulu
    • Jason Crandell     May 29th, 2014
      My pleasure Luana.
  • Claire Woodcock     May 22nd, 2014
    This was perfect after a 12 hour day sat at work! Thank you Jason
    • Jason Crandell     May 22nd, 2014
  • Aprille Walker     May 9th, 2014
    That was an amazing release of all my pent up stress, tight muscles, and whirling mind! Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     May 10th, 2014
      Glad to hear it Aprille! Thanks.
  • Liliana Jaramillo      Mar 31st, 2014
    Oh dear Yoga glo, can you please help? This nice class is hanging after minute 3... :(
    • YogaGlo     Mar 31st, 2014
      Hi Liliana. We've sent you an email with some suggestions to help with your video streaming :-)
  • mara melloni     Mar 28th, 2014
    Wonderful class!!! Bellissima !
    Thanks Jason
    • Jason Crandell     Mar 30th, 2014
      Glad you enjoyed it Mara, thanks.
  • Marjorie Connolly     Feb 4th, 2014
    Jason, I just love love love this class. As you so rightly say it removes the kinks that have accumulated in the body during the day. Mega for the hips! Thank you. Marjorie.
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 4th, 2014
      Glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks Marjorie.
  • Stephanie Berto     Jan 26th, 2014
    I would love to do this with my evening class but many of my male students are super tight in their back line. Propping them up on a bolster still doesn't help their rounded back and tense hamstrings. Perhaps rolled yoga mat under knees. I do not have chairs or wall space. Sometimes I find forward folds the most difficult for newer students.
  • nancy bernstein     Jan 14th, 2014
    Yum. Haven't visited this one in a while--lovely end-of-day unravel. Thank you....
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 14th, 2014
      :) Thanks Nancy.
  • Andi Miller     Jan 13th, 2014
    Wow I really liked this one! I feel ready to have a good night's sleep now!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 13th, 2014
      Glad you liked it. Thanks Andi.
  • Chase Jackson     Dec 9th, 2013
    I love this class. It really is such a nice way to let go of the day and create a more restful state. Thank you.
    • Chase Jackson     Dec 9th, 2013
      I do have a question for you. I teach and have a regular practice but I tore my hamstring a week ago. I am now just starting to allow for mild stretching. I so wish there was a yoga glow class for hamstring tears :) but since there is not if you have any advice on how to heal safely and what kind of practice I should be doing, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
      • Jason Crandell     Dec 10th, 2013
        Chase - I'll put a "yoga for hamstring healing" on my "to teach" list. In the meantime, you've done the right thing by waiting at least a week before stretching it. Most practitioners make the mistake of stretching it too much, too early. Hamstring injuries can really nag and they usually take quite a bit of time to heal--in short, the region has a lot of demand and does not receive great circulation. You may find that mild, strength building postures for the hamstrings are best. Please try my "strengthen your hamstrings, strengthen your quads" class. Be sure to take it easy, but this should be helpful.
        • Chase Jackson     Dec 10th, 2013
          Thank you so much for your response! I will keep an eye out for the Yoga for Hamstring Healing class and will try your Strengthen your Hamstrings class tonight.
  • Kivrin Engle     Dec 8th, 2013
    Loved this practice! So nice for those days when I'm not able to fit in an earlier practice. I do have a question about the wide-legged seated section, though. I have severely restricted hamstrings, so I'm not able to keep my back and legs straight, even sitting on a block or blanket; I would have to sit in a chair! Should I do that (sit in a chair), or is there another sequence that I could substitute? (Tonight I just put my legs in bound angle and did some side bends.) Anyway, thanks again for such a lovely practice.
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 9th, 2013
      My pleasure Kivrin.
    • Jason Crandell     Dec 8th, 2013
      Thanks, Kivrin - I feel your hamstring limitations--I've been there. First, I want to tell you that I have a practice specifically targeted for students with really tight hamstrings. If you search on my "teacher" page you'll find it. It was posted this year. Second, you can certainly do what you did--bound angle or x-legs and so some side bends. Or, you can do some reclined hamstring/adductor opening on your back (supta padangusthasana series like we started).
      • Kivrin Engle     Dec 8th, 2013
        Thanks so much for the reply and suggestions--I really appreciate it! And your hamstring-focused class is already in my favorites list; I will definitely come back to it again and again, just looking for modifications I can make when I feel like mixing up the classes a bit. :) Thanks again!
  • Shelley Clark     Nov 3rd, 2013
    Thank you for what you've offered here Jason, it's a beautiful practice that I will come to time and time again. Namaste
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 4th, 2013
      Thanks Shelley!
  • Inna Ivanchenko     Oct 28th, 2013
    Namaste.. Beautiful practice.
    • Jason Crandell     Oct 28th, 2013
      Thanks Inna.
  • kristina woolf     Oct 20th, 2013
    Nice..I never feel guilty about how tight I am when you teach..Thank You for the class!
    • Jason Crandell     Oct 20th, 2013
      That's great! Glad to hear it Kristina.
  • Andrew Bauer     Sep 19th, 2013
    Namaste. Thank you Jason. I have been addicted to your classes for months now... Doing them every morning before work and have been feeling great. Thanks again.
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 19th, 2013
      Andrew- that's great! Thanks for practicing with me & glad you're enjoying it.
  • Kiz Malin     Sep 18th, 2013
    Hi Jason! Thank you for a wonderful class! Great pace and instruction. Only suggestion would be dropping "that arm" for "the arm" or "your arm".
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 23rd, 2013
      I totally here you, Kiz. "That" comes up in 2 situations. First--and most often--in a scenario where I've already cued a specific action on a specific body part and am giving a follow-up cue for the same body part. And, second, when I fall into an old verbal pattern. It's been something that I've been trying to undo for quite awhile.
  • cindy fried     Sep 4th, 2013
    Beautiful and relaxing. Thank you.
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 4th, 2013
      Glad you enjoyed it, thank you Cindy.
  • Elena Cholovsky     Sep 1st, 2013
    awesome practice, Jason! thank you so much! feel amazing and ready for bed.

    From Russia with Love!
    • Jason Crandell     Sep 1st, 2013
      Thanks Elena!
  • Susan Stewart     Aug 27th, 2013
    What a fantastic evening class. Thank you, Jason!
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 27th, 2013
      Glad you enjoyed it Susan. Thanks!
  • nancy bernstein     Aug 13th, 2013
    Perfect! Wonderful sequence--I feel amazing. Thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Aug 13th, 2013
      Thanks Nancy!
  • Shelley Clark     Apr 7th, 2013
    My favourite evening class. Thank you Jason!
  • Ellen Paynton     Feb 26th, 2013
    Namaste...lovely way to end my day!
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 27th, 2013
      Namaste Ellen.
  • Stephanie Stephanie     Feb 19th, 2013
    Namaste - what a lovely sequence for a rainy winter evening <3
  • ZEynep A     Feb 13th, 2013
    Jason, thank you once more for a calmer night , i feel more sane and grounded:)) ı have a question that is causing me a lot of pain. I am a regular student to yogaglo and practice almost everyday as i need to be connected to my body and self after being a psychotherapist all day 8+ hours but my neck and my back resist to relax and let go :( any particular advice? Thank you very very much.
    • Jason Crandell     Feb 14th, 2013
      Zeynep - Glad you had a calmer night. Unfortunately, I can't answer general questions about pain in this forum. The issues that create pain are far too complex for me to provide feedback from afar. My only recommendation is to avoid postures in which you have pain. Best wishes.
  • Ginnie Schirmer     Jan 9th, 2013
    This is one of my favorite practices to do in the evening after hours stuck behind a computer. Thank you for developing this sequence.
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 11th, 2013
      Thanks Ginnie!
  • Tori Goodloe     Dec 31st, 2012
    Awesome class and a perfect way to enter a New Year! Thanks and cheers!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 1st, 2013
      Thanks and happy new year Tori.
  • Krista Hinks     Nov 1st, 2012
    I feel totally relaxed, I enjoyed your class- very clear instruction and easy to follow.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 2nd, 2012
      Thank you Krista. Glad you enjoyed it and found the instructions clear.
  • Jason Crandell     Oct 16th, 2012
    Ali - thanks!
  • Ali Burrell     Oct 16th, 2012
    Perfection! This is just what I needed tonight. Great as always Jason, Thank you.
  • Jason Crandell     Oct 11th, 2012
    Lorraine - happy this helped undo the compute hunch! thanks
  • Lorraine Parkin     Oct 10th, 2012
    This was great Jason, thank you. I really paid attention to my shoulders tonight, and an hour after practising they feel so much better after being hunched over the computer all day!
  • Jason Crandell     Aug 21st, 2012
    Jack/Kenny - thank you!
  • Jack Workman     Aug 19th, 2012
    This was a beautiful, opening yet calming class. Thanks!

  • Jason Crandell     Jul 4th, 2012
    John- hopefully this prepped you for some quality sleep!
  • John Raiss     Jul 4th, 2012
    Wonderful class for middle of the night insomnia!
  • Marci Alegant     Jun 13th, 2012
    Aack. One of my favorite classes seems to be offline. Temporary I hope...
    • YogaGlo     Jun 13th, 2012
      Marci - we just emailed you some tips to help troubleshoot.
  • Jason Crandell     Jun 5th, 2012
    Mary- glad you enjoyed! Hope you rested well
  • Mary Lockwood     Jun 4th, 2012
    Amazing - thank you. Have never stretched my sides so well. Looking forward to a peaceful sleep. Namaste, Jason
  • Mary Lockwood     Jun 4th, 2012
    Amazing - thank you. Have never stretched my sides so well. Looking forward to a peaceful sleep. Namaste, Jason
  • Sarah Duncan     May 21st, 2012
    This is a wonderful end of the day practice after an early morning run and sitting at work all day. My tight hips and low back thank you! As do I. :D
  • Jason Crandell     May 21st, 2012
    Jessie Jessie - You've done a great job of identifying some the discomfort that you're feeling and the potential source of the discomfort. First, let me tell you that it is very difficult from afar to give much advice in this situation because I can't see your alignment, flexibility, strength, etc. Also, you should understand that my bias is to be conservative. SO, I'm inclined to tell you to minimize or avoid the actions that create the pain (in this case FB's) and do more of what doesn't create pain. Don't worry about whether or not FB's will work for you someday--work with this day and how you're feeling in it. I know this is easier advice to give than receive. That said, if reclined hamstring stretch and simple fb's like child's pose feel good they should bridge this gap. Otherwise, go with what is working well for now--and do not underestimate the importance of good, smooth, consistent breath when you practice! It has a very beneficial effect on the spine.
  • Jason Crandell     Apr 14th, 2012
    Lynette - happy you found it too! thanks for your kind feedback
  • Jason Crandell     Mar 6th, 2012
    Ginnie - it's my pleasure!!
  • Ginnie Schirmer     Mar 5th, 2012
    Thank you for permitting those of us who have physical restrictions to know that it's not always easy to work each pose to perfection. Injuries over the years can prevent the graceful bounding of muscle to expected posture.
  • Tammy O'Rourke     Oct 19th, 2011
    The side-opening stretches were awesome. Your teaching is so calming and peaceful.
  • Kimberly Stewart     Sep 27th, 2011
    So thankful to have found Yogaglo and especially Jason Crandell....LOVE his teaching style. This specific practice was very good to me. :-)
  • Anna Baca-Barnhart     Sep 17th, 2011
    Absolutely PERFECT, Jason. Much gratitude....
  • Osher Gunsberg     Jul 10th, 2011
    Jason, as a guy with one tricky hip it's nice to see an instructor facing similar issues.. Thanks for the superb practice. Goodnight...
  • Jennifer O'Neill     Jul 6th, 2011
    Perfect for after showing 7 horses all day thanks
  • susan rubin     Jun 18th, 2011
    perfect for my tight back and legs. Thanks you. Jason, are you planning on doing more sequences to help with low back pain/tightness?
  • Stephanie Barton     Jun 10th, 2011
    A perfect way to end a hectic day...thank you Jason. Namaste.
  • dar carman     Jun 9th, 2011
    thank you for sharing great teaching namaste, dar
  • Kellie Holloway     May 29th, 2011
    Love this one! My low back was giving me nerve problems, and thanks to this routine I am feeling much better. Thanks, Jason.
  • Clarice Marchman-Jones     May 5th, 2011
    This is my favorite evening routine .... so far. So accessible and relaxing, yet I can feel some serious opening of my hips, hamstrings and lower back going on.
  • G.C. Aloha     Apr 18th, 2011
    Nice, gentle, relaxing practice. I really like your very grounded affect.
  • Erica Struble     Apr 16th, 2011
    I could tell today that my hips were out, so I was wanting a more relaxing and hip opening practice. Thank you for both! Om shanti.
  • Angela Gorden     Feb 19th, 2011
    Wonderful sequence. Love this evening practice. Thanks Jason.
  • Janet Chittock     Jan 22nd, 2011
    Gorgeous class. Think I might press pause in the postures next time for more a yin practice. Excellent, as usual. Thank you Jason.
  • Margaret Clark     Jan 20th, 2011
    Love this evening practice. So glad you have joined Yogaglo!

  • Katie Serbus     Dec 21st, 2010
    Awesome relaxing practice - my desk back & butt say thank you! Namaste!
  • Ulrike Lipow     Dec 14th, 2010
    Having just done this for the first time I found it quite complex, but I know I will love it after a few repetitions and getting more into the "flow" of it. Thanks!
  • Melanie Faught     Dec 8th, 2010
    Really loved this evening practice. Beginning with Supta Padangusthasana was a great way to stretch the legs after a long day of sitting, and I really noticed how open my hamstrings were when I went into the first Downward Dog. Thanks Jason.
  • Julie Driscoll     Dec 6th, 2010
    My new favorite evening practice! Thanks very much.
  • Kate Boyden     Dec 6th, 2010
    This was the perfect post-weight room/post-run (for those longer runs) stretch! thx
  • yogagal      Dec 4th, 2010
    So happy to have an evening practice that un-winds all the "kinks" that accumulate during the day.
    Love the direction of your sequences lately. Thank you, You are the BEST!
  • Cathy Benthagen     Dec 4th, 2010
    Loved this calming and quiet practice for the evening...Thank you Jason
    Very relaxing!