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5 min

Loosen Back Yoga

Hatha | By Felicia Tomasko on Nov 07 2010
Soften the hard armor of the mid-back using circular movements and dancing
freeform eagle for happy and loose shoulders and mid-back.


Soften the hard armor of the mid-back using circular movements and dancing
freeform eagle for happy and loose shoulders and mid-back.


  • Mariana Mc Loughlin     Dec 18th, 2014
    That free-fprm eagle has been a revelation... amazing! Thank you, Felicia!!!
  • Claire Morris     Apr 30th, 2014
    I did this 3 times through and I feel a release of matted down tissue and "space" in my back and back ribs that I haven't felt in years! Perfect for weightlifters to do every single day!
  • Vishali Gupta     Mar 22nd, 2014
    Namaste from India . Gratitude for the seva ( service) you do for us. Is there any sequence you have for people with knee replacement . I want to help out some poor needy women in India who need yoga.
  • Alexis Cuperus Manning     Oct 18th, 2013
    Woo nice one!
    • Felicia Tomasko     Oct 18th, 2013
      Dear Alexis, glad you like it! Namaste, Felicia
  • Sarah Sparkman     Oct 6th, 2013
    I did a lot of intense work yesterday with heavy lifting, and I feel SO much better after doing this, WOW! Thank you so much, Felicia.
    • Felicia Tomasko     Oct 6th, 2013
      Dear Sarah, I'm glad to hear that you found this to be a practice that helped you rebalance after the weekend of intense work. Hope the positive effects continue. Thanks for the note! Namaste, Felicia
  • Cc Clark     Aug 24th, 2013
    Spaciousness!!!!! In 5 minutes! That feels amazing, thank you!!
    • Felicia Tomasko     Sep 1st, 2013
      Dear Cc, it's amazing how sometimes 5 minutes can be an eternity and can reset our entire body and create space. I'm glad this short but sweet practice had that effect. Enjoy the after-effects. Namaste, Felicia
  • Jennifer LaFleur     Jul 15th, 2013
    woke up late with "no time for yoga" and thought, really? there's no such thing! this was perfect for my tight back. I find your circular movements so soothing! thanks, as always! namaste.
    • Felicia Tomasko     Jul 26th, 2013
      Dear Jennifer, it's true! There's no such thing as no time for yoga. We can always find some time, even if its just a few breaths. Glad to hear that you found the time to sneak in some practice. Enjoy! Namaste, Felicia
  • Jenny Mac     Jun 15th, 2013
    I too have back issues which started at I'm 31, with the advice from my physiotherapist to sign up for yogaglo I've been able to incorporate yoga into my daily life. While it's only been a few months I've noticed improvements in pretty much every aspect of my life!! (I even got my boyfriend who's a pretty intense athlete totally hooked on yoga!). Felicia, your classes are amazing!!! No matter how stressful of a day I've had, i ALWAYS feel better after one of your classes!!! THANK YOU!!!
    • Felicia Tomasko     Jul 26th, 2013
      Dear Jenny, I'm glad to hear that you and your boyfriend have both been enjoying the practices on Yogaglo. When we have back pain or other problems, finding the appropriate classes that meet our needs can have a powerful healing effect. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you're continuing to enjoy the practices and hope your back is feeling well. See you again online. Namaste, Felicia
  • Abby Algarin     Apr 23rd, 2013
    With back issues at only 23 years old, I find this very helpful! Something I can do when I first wake up, throughout work, etc. Thank you!!
    • Felicia Tomasko     Apr 24th, 2013
      Dear Abby, I'm sorry to hear about the back issues you're experiencing at 23! Although we all need to take care of ourselves, no matter our age. I'm glad to hear that this practice is helpful--in so many circumstances. Thank you for trying out this practice and I hope you can come back to it again and again. Many Blessings, Felicia
  • Lorraine Davis     Apr 20th, 2013
    Perfect for violin/viola players! Quick enough to slot into a rehearsal even!! I am a teacher, and occasionally have my string players do Eagle pose during our early class or during a long session. I am excited to see all of your variations on Eagle, since not all of them have been able to get their palms together. Thank you!
    • Felicia Tomasko     Apr 20th, 2013
      Dear Lorraine, Glad to hear that you found this to be good cross-training for being a musician and that it fit into a rehearsal. Awesome! How fun that you had the opportunity to try out some different Eagle pose variations for your students. I hope you and your students continue to find these practices helpful. Many blessings, Felicia
  • Sara Fisher     Mar 6th, 2013
    mmm thank you! perfect post - 90 minute practice :)
    • Felicia Tomasko     Apr 20th, 2013
      Dear Sara, Sometimes a practice to cross-train with another practice is a perfect way to work with the body, mind, heart,and spirit. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! Hope to see you again online. Namaste, Felicia
  • Jennifer Barth     Sep 29th, 2012
    i have been sitting for most of my week and had trouble rediscovering proper posture with shoulders rolled back, opening the heart. this did exactly that! wonderful short sequence, would love a longer one dedicated to the stress of wearing a backpack :)
    • Felicia Tomasko     Sep 29th, 2012
      Dear Jennifer, I know how it feels to end up spending way too much time sitting and have to then adjust posture. Glad this short sequence was useful. Check out some of the longer classes for heart-opening, shoulder-saver and back release sequences. And--we're always filming and adding new classes, so stay tuned! Felicia
      • Felicia Tomasko     Jan 29th, 2013
        Dear Jennifer, Just last week we filmed a 60-mimute practice for cross training for , backpack wearing, so stay tuned!!! Felicia
  • april contrivida     Sep 14th, 2012
    That was a big relief from muscle tension. It feels really good. I'm nee to yoga and i'm falling in love with it. Thank you felicia.=)
    • Felicia Tomasko     Jan 29th, 2013
      Dear April, I know what it is like to fall in love with yoga. I definitely experienced that sensation myself. Thank you for the note and thanks for being part of the Yogaglo community. Blessings, Felicia
  • Brad Buenen     Sep 3rd, 2012
    I love you!
    • Felicia Tomasko     Jan 29th, 2013
      Dear Brad, Thanks for the sweet note and keep loving your practice! Felicia
  • Felicia Tomasko     Jan 15th, 2012
    Dear Alison, the backdoor of the heart is a powerful and often blocked up area of the body. It needs our attention and TLC as we focus on nurturing ourselves daily. I'm delighted that you find my approach to the practice meaningful and thank you for your feedback. Much love to you and may you always nourish all the doors to your heart with your breath. Felicia
  • Alison Colyer     Jan 15th, 2012
    Felicia - another wonderful class. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your approach which is always so warm, clear and reaches into the heart of the matter. That space at the back of the chest which one of my teachers calls "the back door of the heart" is often so tight - thank you for helping me to open the windows and let in a bit of fresh air!
  • Felicia Tomasko     Dec 11th, 2011
    Dear Ali, sometimes the simple (and pretzel-y crazy) movements create powerful physical shifts. Glad you liked this practice & thanks for the note! Felicia
  • Ali Burrell     Dec 11th, 2011
    love love love! thank you Felicia!
  • Felicia Tomasko     Nov 11th, 2011
    Dear Emma, I love dancing freeform dancing eagle, its such a great way to work the upper back and shoulders. I have to thank my dear friend Denise Kaufman, who is a brilliant yoga teacher, musician, and surfer, and the inspiration for me including this in my personal practice and online. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you again on the mat, Felicia
  • Felicia Tomasko     Oct 24th, 2011
    Dear Tammy, I understand what it is to sit at the computer for a long time, which is why we filmed this practice. Thanks for your comments and I'm happy you found this helpful. Felicia
  • Felicia Tomasko     Oct 24th, 2011
    Thanks Tanya! we need movement that brings more flexibility into the middle back. Glad you found this helpful! Felicia
  • Tanya Sulikowski     Oct 23rd, 2011
    So lovely to have a movement target the middle back. Thank you Felicia
  • Tammy O'Rourke     May 10th, 2011
    This does feel good! I am on the computer all the time now so I really need these specific poses. Thank you.
  • Felicia Tomasko     Nov 12th, 2010
    thanks for your note! Glad you are enjoying the poses to cross-train for computer usage. Yes! We'll do a whole class of balancing computer body. (I can relate since I spend a lot of time at a computer, too!)
  • sarah fotheringham     Nov 12th, 2010
    Love the poses Felicia does in a few of her classes, including this one, that counter the computer posture!! keep it up!! Can I wish for a whole class on this??? Struggling with computer-related back pain and am turning to yoga for help!