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Level 1
60 min


Anusara | By Noah Mazé on Feb 17 2009
An introduction to yoga and the Anusara principles of alignment, followed by a gentle sequence of postures.  The wall is used towards the end of the practice to introduce handstand preparation.


An introduction to yoga and the Anusara principles of alignment, followed by a gentle sequence of postures. The wall is used towards the end of the practice to introduce handstand preparation.


  • Rafael Kr     Mar 11th, 2013
    Beautifull, as always. Thank you.
    • Noah Maze     Mar 11th, 2013
      Thanks for taking class Rafael. Pass it forward and have a great day :)
      • Rafael Kr     Mar 11th, 2013
        Yes! When would you came to Brazil???
        • Rafael Kr     Mar 11th, 2013
          I will come in contact with some studios here. Recently, Desiree Rumbaugh came, and I know that you will make a great class here. I am your fan.
        • Noah Maze     Mar 11th, 2013
          I WOULD LOVE TO COME TO BRAZIL! Sorry for shouting, just a little excited...
  • Evelina Pereira     Dec 1st, 2012
    Thank you for this class Noah
    • Noah Maze     Feb 9th, 2013
      You are so very welcome, Evelina. Thanks for coming to class!
  • Karen Karen     Jul 25th, 2012
    Thank you so much Noah, this class really challenged my preconceptions of what I am capable of.
    • Noah Maze     Feb 9th, 2013
      Karen, the body and human nature provide far more possibilities than the mind allows us to fathom. Perhaps there's a bilogical reason for that-- but I'm always so glad to hear when students step outside their own comfort zone and defy limitation. Keep up the good work!
  • Vannia Phillips     Jun 16th, 2011
    Hi Noah,

    I really enjoy how you weave your themes. They flow so well. I am looking forward to working with you when you come to Chicago next month!
    • Noah Maze     Feb 9th, 2013
      Vannia! I'm a little late on this. How was I in Chicago?! Thanks for the appreciation. I appreciate it.
      • Vannia Phillips     Mar 7th, 2013
        Awesome in 2011 and 2012 (on my birthday-great present to myself)! Hope to catch you in person in 2013.
  • angela kukhahn     Apr 24th, 2011
    Thank You Noah, I loved this class! I really loved all the alignment cues!
    • Noah Maze     Feb 9th, 2013
      Thanks Angela! Always trying not to suck! :)
  • Noah Maze     Oct 22nd, 2010
    Hi Jaime, Noah here. It really depends on the 17 and 19 year olds; their level of attention, focus, interest, athleticism. We have classes of all lengths, levels and focuses. I started yoga when I was 15, but already had a background of meditation and philosophy, so it was the physical integration with those other aspects that really appealed to me.
  • jaime williams     Oct 22nd, 2010
    Does anyone have any recommendations of a class for first time teenage boys(ages 17 and 19) here on yogaglo? They see me do my daily yoga practice at home as they walk through and have tried a few poses, so they at least are a little familiar. I've been browsing through and I think Noah would appeal to my teenage boys;inspiring. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!! Couldn't find a general discussion board on the site, so I'm just posting here.

  • Rebeca Woodbridge     Oct 15th, 2010
    it did work! thank you!
  • YogaGlo     Oct 12th, 2010
    Rebecca - You may want to select the "normal quality" option so the video streams more smoothly for you. Let us know if that works. Thanks!
  • Rebeca Woodbridge     Oct 11th, 2010
    hi. im also having trouble with the video.. stops at minute 6. i already tried what you suggested and downloaded the flash player, but it keeps getting stuck.
  • YogaGlo     Aug 6th, 2010
    Cat - Sounds like it could be a Flash Player issue. To upgrade your Flash player, you can go to:
    Once you've upgraded, let us know if you still have trouble viewing this video. Thanks!
  • cat chepenik     Aug 5th, 2010
    video stops 15 or so minutes in. :(
  • B. Juliánna Nagy     Jul 27th, 2010
    Excellent teaching, Noah. Thank you for practice. Namaste.
    • Noah Maze     Feb 9th, 2013
      Julianna, I really appreciate you saying that. Thank you for practicing with me.
  • Julie Brooks     Aug 27th, 2009
    Make that "collapsing", in case anyone reads this.
  • Julie Brooks     Aug 27th, 2009
    Noah strikes again! What a nice, evenly paced challenging class. The focusing of the hand placement was an eye opener for me, even after 9 years of Anusara. My wrists kept callapsing in the hand stand poses. I managed to keep the space at base of my palms during downward facing dog, but my forearms were burning!! More stuff to think about.

    It was very fun to see Derik.
    • Noah Maze     Feb 9th, 2013
      Hey Julie,

      Thanks for always being my biggest fan. I send you so much love, and I'm so happy we've been able to stay connected this way all these years.