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Level 2/3
60 min

Precision, Gentleness & The Ability to Let Go

Hatha | By Marc Holzman on Oct 13 2013
Strong flow initially to emphasize grounding in the feet, a smattering of standing poses, and concluding with a few backbends as we walk our hands up the wall like Spiderman!   

Props: Two Blocks and wall space.


Strong flow initially to emphasize grounding in the feet, a smattering of standing poses, and concluding with a few backbends as we walk our hands up the wall like Spiderman!

Props: Two Blocks and wall space.


  • Lorie Walther     Oct 17th, 2014
    There used to be a class by Alana Kivayala here on YogaGlo about that part of the Gita. It was so powerful, if you have the opportunity I really think you'd enjoy it.
  • Lorie Walther     Oct 17th, 2014
    Marc practicing with you is magical! Thank you for sharing your gift! God bless you always.
  • Desiree Cassell     Sep 10th, 2014
    I loved this practice. Thank you so much for breathing spirituality into every one of your classes.
  • Brendan Harold     Jul 2nd, 2014
    Such a nice practice!! Thanks Marc!
  • theron cooper     Jan 3rd, 2014
  • Greta Hill     Dec 12th, 2013
    So lovely Marc! Thank you
  • Melanie Henderson     Nov 12th, 2013
    Beautiful class. I was in need of this and also appreciate the statement that we are responsible for our own actions, but not the results. Thank you for sharing the quote and being open. You are a beautiful person. God bless!
  • Tania Marie Jenson     Nov 11th, 2013
    Maintenant ca va, ca va tres bien. Merci!
  • Fan L     Nov 6th, 2013
    Just completed the class. Thank you Marc. Thank you so much.
  • Ikhsan Himawan     Nov 5th, 2013
    Nice gentle structured class Marc. Looking forward for more!!
  • Nicole Hendieh     Nov 2nd, 2013
    Awesome class Mark! Loved all the heart opening and backbends. Felt amazing after. Thank you
  • irene carbo     Oct 20th, 2013
    Mark this class was extremely good..Really work my whole body and sweat a lot. Thank you for your guidance a gentle instructions which are so well delivered...namaste
  • Rachel Heffron     Oct 20th, 2013
    Absolutely beautiful, thoughtful and challenging class, Marc. Loved it! Where can I find that inspiring quote from the nun? I want to post it in my office, to remind me that yoga is sustains us throughout the day, whether we are on our mat or not.
  • Fan L     Oct 18th, 2013
    Yay! A new class. Looking forward to doing it tonight! Thank you Marc.
  • Monica Henderson     Oct 18th, 2013
    This class was amazing!! I loved it.... Love Pema too!
  • Bettina Noack     Oct 18th, 2013
    always a gift to practice with you, thank you!
    looking forward to see you soon in Munich and practice some more gentlesness:)
    beso, bettina
  • Annabel Chown     Oct 16th, 2013
    Beautiful class Marc. Loved it all - the pace, the sequence, the wisdom, the clear instructions. Thank you!
  • aimee hughes     Oct 15th, 2013
    Thank you, Marc. Wonderful, as always.
  • Claire Feltham     Oct 14th, 2013
    Hi Marc, after that lovely class with you in Paris, it was a delight to be with you again at Yogaglo, thank you Marc and Yogaglo for existing. Beautiful class, love to you, Claire, Alsace, France
  • Lara Dupont     Oct 13th, 2013
    Hi Mark -

    Really love your style -

    I have bad knees and have been told to keep away from Dhanurasana - what do you say?
    • Marc Holzman     Oct 13th, 2013
      hi lara. the potential knee-danger in dhanurasana is that students have a tendency to do three things:
      1. lift up with the knees far apart and feet close together
      2. yanking their feet inward in a sickled position which puts enormous pressure on the knee.
      3. they are not engaging the legs with enough muscle strength.

      to maintain the health of your knees, dhanurasana can still be in your repetoire!

      1. align the knees AND the feet about sit bone distance apart evenly. your knees and feet should be on the same trajectory.
      2. flex your toes a lot (not pointing) so there is muscle engagement in the legs (especially drawing the outer edge of your feet back to the wall behind you
      3. if available, take your grip closer to your ankles or on the ankles themselves so that there is no danger of torquing your feet inwards
      4. go up for very slowly so that you can feel every moment and calibrate mindfully.

      hope that helps :-) thanks for watching!