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30 min

Activate Your Core, Warm Your Body

Kundalini | By Kia Miller on Aug 04 2012
This is a short practice to activate your core and warm your body, followed by a beautiful 11 minute meditation to bring you to a calm -heart centered place.


This is a short practice to activate your core and warm your body, followed by a beautiful 11 minute meditation to bring you to a calm -heart centered place.


  • Micah Russell     Sep 23rd, 2014
    Absolutely wonderful....Thank you....
  • Deborah Teske     May 27th, 2014
    Wonderful start to my day. Thank you ;)
  • Tina Stec     Mar 27th, 2014
    This is a lovely practice for morning or night. I will do this one often. Thank you!
  • Nathalie Valley     Nov 1st, 2013
    Kia: This is a great morning routine. It gets the limbs moving gently. The meditation at the end is refreshing and brings peace. Thank you.
    • Kia Miller     Nov 1st, 2013
      Thanks Nathalie!
  • Lorie Maring     Oct 12th, 2013
    Love Kia's classes! I always feel so amazing and centered after. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to explore Kundalini yoga!!
  • dar carman     Aug 15th, 2013
    just perfect ..thank you Dar
  • Lizanne Blair     May 20th, 2013
    Love this meditation!
  • Lizanne Blair     May 9th, 2013
    Kia, I'm wondering how it might affect the kriyas if I wanted to hold a different mudra?
    For example, if you call for gyan (jupiter) mudra but I feel like I need to hold a saturn mudra impact the practice? Also, could you again briefly go over the other mudra and their effects?
    • Kia Miller     May 9th, 2013
      Hi Lizanne, If you are sitting between poses and want to take a specific mudra then do however if the poses dictate a specific mudra do not change that as it will alter the subtle flow of prana! Email me through my website to get a full list of mudras. Also I will do a tutorial soon - that will be helpful!
  • Lorie Mackey     Dec 26th, 2012
    Thanks Kia! This is a great little kria !
  • Cezar Santana     Nov 24th, 2012
    Kinda new to yogaglo...a big fan of anusara but loving your short kundalini lessons. Great warm up, thanks!!
    Greetings from miami : )
  • Amanda Newman     Nov 14th, 2012
    simple effective cues enjoy your radiate smile thank you namaste!
  • Laura Laura     Oct 14th, 2012
    Ohh that was just what I needed, a short but intensive yet loving practice to get my day started right!x
  • Anthony Melillo     Aug 20th, 2012
    Long Monday...tired, stiff & unmotivated. Completed this pratice and I'm mentally clear, physically energized and spiritually open. Thanks....
  • Carly Howard     Aug 15th, 2012
    Thanks, Kia. I feel ready for a challenging work day now!
  • Lorna Booker     Aug 12th, 2012
    Just what I needed, thank you.
  • Stephanie Barton     Aug 11th, 2012
    Hi Kia, so this time during the meditation it was my right side that was shaking. I'm able to stay connected to my breath and focus however I'm totally aware that my lower body is stimulated quite a lot! Again after the final breath and relaxing the shaking ceased...I feel alert and calm and ready for the day. Thanks for your input. Namste:)
    • Kia Miller     Aug 11th, 2012
      Dear Stephanie,

      Thanks for sharing with me. I am so happy that this is moving energy for you and am curious where it will go if you practice it for 40 days! Blessings, Kia
  • Maurey Lancaster     Aug 10th, 2012
    A wonderful practice. I feel calm and ready for anything! X
  • Stephanie Barton     Aug 8th, 2012
    Nice practice! During the meditation my hips and legs were constantly quivering, especially on the left side, until we took the final breath and relaxed. Could this be my first chakra opening and the energy getting stimulated? Any insights you may have would be great. Thanks Kia, namaste.
    • Kia Miller     Aug 10th, 2012
      I would say energy moving! Let me know how it goes if you practice it again...
  • Sayaka Kubo     Aug 6th, 2012
    Yay, a new video! What a blessing!
  • Samantha Briggs     Aug 4th, 2012
    Great session, the poses you chose are perfect before a meditation. I was having trouble with holding my core and pelvic floor on the exhale hold, however. I was not able to hold the breath or let myself relax because every time I tried to flex those muscles I felt the urge to take a breath in order to do so. Am I doing something wrong or is this a common problem that just needs practice? How important is it to hold your core and pelvic floor during the meditation? Or is the breath more important? I would love some insight on this so I can improve my practice.
    • Kia Miller     Aug 10th, 2012
      Hi Samantha, the breath is the most important. I suggest you just pause/suspend the breath out without pulling mulbandh. When working with the breath, gentle is best. Smooth deep breaths, gentle pause at the top, gentle pause at the bottom and only suspending for as long as you comfortably can. Hope this helps!
      Blessings, Kia