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20 min

Daily Pranayama Practice

Kundalini | By Kia Miller on Jun 23 2012
Energize yourself with this simple but effective practice of pranayama. This is a wonderful daily practice.


Energize yourself with this simple but effective practice of pranayama. This is a wonderful daily practice.


  • Vindhya Veerula     Mar 9th, 2014
    Simply brilliant & energizing Kia!!!! Please add more ! :)
  • Rachel King     Mar 1st, 2014
    Hi Kia! I did this practice for the first time today and really enjoyed it. I found breath of fire very challenging - any tips? I could only last a handful of breathes before feeling fatigued.
    Also, I am curious- the middle breathing exercise (where we expand he belly on the inhale and pull in and lift the stomach et he exhale) - is this how we should aim to be breathing on a regular basis (outside of our brief practice)?
    Thank you:-)
  • Michon D'Artell     Sep 6th, 2013
    Thank you, Kia.

    What a generous guidance into the depth of the breath!
    I literally felt the 'letting go of the small' - making room for the expansive me - the true self.
    Thank you for bringing my awareness to my own unique 'hum' [felt the buzz - made me smile].

    I love your presence and calm, eloquent voice.

    Appreciating you,
    - MD
    • Kia Miller     Sep 7th, 2013
      Thank you Michon. I am in awe daily of the power of these teachings especially done on a regular basis - it is like polishing a diamond... Blessings Kia
  • Barbara Antonino     Jul 26th, 2013
    Never done the breath of fire for 7 minutes before!! It seems like impossible at first but then it becomes so natural and gives so much clarity and expansion I will certainly add this to my daily vinyasa practice, Thank you xx
    • Kia Miller     Jul 26th, 2013
      This is a wonderful addition to your daily practice! Enjoy and keep a log of how it keeps expanding your consciousness!
  • Alison Hine     Jul 12th, 2013
    Hi Kia. I began yoga a few years ago to slow down osteopenia. And that has happened. And yoga has become much more than that. The question I have is will kundalini yoga stress my bones enough or does it make sense to mix up my daily practice with vinyasa. I do your daily pranayam in addition to a period of meditation before moving into more active yoga. Thanks
    • Kia Miller     Jul 15th, 2013
      Dear Alison, It will depend on which kriya you choose. Generally I would recommend that you do both. The benefit of most vinyasa classes is that they are well rounded in the number and type of poses that you do, so you will stress all the major bones. Kundalini yoga by nature is more focused on just a certain number of poses - using the physical body to access the subtle body. I would think of your Kundalini classes as an addition to the vinyasa. Hope this helps. Many blessings, Kia
      • Alison Hine     Jul 16th, 2013
        Thank you. This was my intuition. Mix it up between vinyasa and kundalini yoga. The kundalini yogai seems to support my spiritual unfolding and vinyasa seems to help with strengthening and flexibility, all good as I age!!!
        • Kia Miller     Jul 16th, 2013
          You are right on it! Blessings, Kia
  • Andrea Huehnerhoff     Jul 10th, 2013
    Thanks for the class, Kia! This was my first pranayama/Kundalini practice.
    • Kia Miller     Jul 10th, 2013
      Great - stay tuned to how you feel through the day!
  • Alison Hine     Jul 8th, 2013
    Hello Kia. I wanted to thank you for your classes. I have been a student of vinyasa and Astana for a number of yours. I have daily practice. I have begun to study kundalini yoga with you . I practice Pranayama daily and kundalini yoga quite regularly. I am hungry for a weekly sequence of kundalini yoga much like your beginners series but at the 1/2 level. If you feel moved in this direction know that I would find them greatly beneficial. In the meantime thank you for your light hearted clarity. Alison.
    • Kia Miller     Jul 8th, 2013
      Thank you so much Alison. A great idea to create another series. Stay tuned for that! Many blessings, Kia
  • Carolina Bocos     May 5th, 2013
    can I do this practise while pregnant in my second term?
    • Kia Miller     May 6th, 2013
      Thanks for the question Carolina - no breath of fire in your second term, so long deep breaths instead. No hold on the end of the exhale when you are present. Otherwise all good!
      Many blessings, Kia
  • fliss austin     Apr 22nd, 2013
    fantastic breath work
  • Gwen Siciliano     Mar 13th, 2013
    Simply awesome, thanx to this wondrous start to the day....
  • Amy Russell     Mar 1st, 2013
    Lovely. Thank you
  • Julia Duffy     Jan 24th, 2013
    Thank you so much for this Kia. Newness and freshness are already stirring from this breath :)
  • Andrea Taylor     Oct 19th, 2012
    Kia, I am becoming a real fan, practicing with your limited set of classes here at Yogaglo. I have not quite memorized all your instructions and comments in this one, but almost, though each time I hear them, something new is pointed out, or I am reminded again of something. They still work for me in other words. I have been consistently practicing fire breathing, and I am having some amazing shifts in my mental/emotional body with Kundalini, and with your supportive friendly manner. You are very healing.
    Have a namaste!
    • Kia Miller     Oct 20th, 2012
      Andrea I am so happy you are having success with this practice and are feeling the transformational power of this kind of breath work. Sending many blessings, Kia
  • Joannah Underhill     Oct 18th, 2012
    Loved it! Thank you Kia. A beautiful practice and very well led.
  • Andra Wochesen     Oct 8th, 2012
    This was really nice - I've never done it before but feel more more centred and grounded than when I started. Thank you.
  • Chelsea Cunningham     Sep 21st, 2012
    Thank you Kia! I needed that. I feel alert, calm and at peace. Kundalini is what made me first fall in love with yoga. Now, I am an interdiscplinary yoga instructor, and it's always nice to come back to my Kundalini roots. :) Namaste.
  • Cynthia McCabe     Sep 12th, 2012
    loved this! great way to start my day. Is there a name for the pursed lips breath? Loved it!
    • Kia Miller     Sep 12th, 2012
      Hi Cynthia, no other specific name for the pursed lips breath!
  • Ann Brumby     Sep 11th, 2012
    Thank you that was excellent! I know breathing properly changed my life. I was doing the opposite all my life (deep breath into the chest, collapsing my diaphragm) and I had been doing yoga for a couple of years. I thought I was doing it correctly and when it was finally caught by a teacher, and I was shown, everything changed. I thought I was going to pass out for the first couple of days it was so different than I was used to. If I might suggest for a future class you breakdown how to breath properly as once I found this out about myself I found that most of my friends and relations where not breathing correctly either. Also, how to do breath of fire correctly. I think that can be difficult to grasp too and wow when done properly it will make you soar.
    Thank you! Satnam!
    • Kia Miller     Sep 11th, 2012
      Sat Nam Ann! Glad you like it! Yes, I will do a new breath series encouraging all to breathe properly! Blessings, Kia
  • Andrea Taylor     Sep 4th, 2012
    Dear Kia,
    I have been doing this practice via yoga glo with your leadership (and without when the internet here is down) nearly every day for three weeks now. Can this pranayama breath build up too much energy?
    • Kia Miller     Sep 4th, 2012
      HI Andrea, if you are doing this pranayama in the morning and then going about your day, it should be energizing you in a good way. If you are feeling too activated by it, then cut the breath of fire part down to just 3 minutes and see how that goes! Many blessings, Kia
  • Natasha Singh     Aug 14th, 2012
    Thank you so much. I feel completely energised...ahhh needed that x
  • stephanie haid     Aug 1st, 2012
    hi kia, i love this; thank it ok to breathe in and out through the mouth?
    • Kia Miller     Aug 6th, 2012
      HI Stephanie,
      Thanks for your question..
      Do you have a medical reason why you cannot breathe through the mouth? In this particular pranayama sequence you are supposed to breath through your nose. It has a different energetic effect if you breathe through your mouth. Blessings, Kia
  • Courtney Marie     Jul 25th, 2012
    Definitely energizing! I did it first thing in the morning, and I feel not only awake but so very much alive and centered. Thank you.
  • Leilani Smiler     Jul 12th, 2012
    Day3/40 did this while the bath, supporting me while experiencingT.O.M breath of fire was my 1 to your 3, felt steady rhythm after the 5min. I found the long breath in through the pierced lips and out through the nose presented more an awareness of co-ordinating with body andmy exhale is so much shorter, although i try to slow it down without needing to take a big gulp of air after! The last 2min BOF I felt the fire within
    my solar plexus down through to my bicep. 20mins went quickly ;) thank you for this teaching ;)
  • Shona Andrew     Jun 30th, 2012
    I was suspicious... I tried Kundalini practice on Yogaglo before and found it pretentious. This was different, amazing to feel so different with just breath!
  • Kelly Gilmore     Jun 27th, 2012
    Thank you Kia. I am new to Kundalini. love the focus on breath but feel like this is a level 2/3 not 1/2. Will keep practicing it.
    • Kia Miller     Jun 27th, 2012
      Thanks Kelly. The breath techniques do require some level of mastery to do for a long time. Good idea to build yourself up doing a couple of mins of breath of fire, then resting with normal breath for a minute, then another couple of mins of breath of fire etc. Once you get in the swing of it you will feel the power of the breath beginning to move stuck energy. Blessings, Kia
  • Linda      Jun 26th, 2012
    this is a great way to start my morning. but, i am confused between breath of fire and kalabati (?spelling) from what i have been reading there is a distinction but im not clear a tutorial would be great.
    • Kia Miller     Jun 27th, 2012
      Dear Linda. Thanks for the question. I will be offering a tutorial on this. Kapalabati - or skull shining breath is actually slower and a little more forceful (or stronger may be a better word). Breath of Fire tends to be faster (building up to about 3 pulses of the belly/ second) and more shallow. Think of Breath of Fire as a light pulsing in your belly with equal inhale and exhale. Kapalabati is stronger and slower. Hope that helps as a basic distinction for you. Blessings, Kia
      • lydia sasse     Aug 4th, 2013
        I have often looked for an answer to that question, thanks. You also just answered another question i had which is 'how much force should i use when practicing breath of fire'? No need to answer again, that's clear now. I'm on Day 6 now bring on the 40, great way to start the day. x
  • Andressa Nóbrega     Jun 25th, 2012
  • Keri Sheerin     Jun 24th, 2012
    Kia,Thank you so much! Love from TahoeKeri