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Level 2
20 min

Wake Up & Step Up

Vinyasa Flow | By Amy Ippoliti on Jun 24 2012
A well rounded continuous flow to get your day started on the right foot. When you're short on time, a little bit of yoga goes a long way.


A well rounded continuous flow to get your day started on the right foot. When you're short on time, a little bit of yoga goes a long way.


  • Angela Gentry     Nov 19th, 2014
    My favorite workout for busy days!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Nov 23rd, 2014
  • Zach Mckinney     Nov 8th, 2014
    This was perfect! I'm a bartender and my 'day' doesn't start until 9pm, but this was perfect to wake me up after a long nap. Thanks :D
    • Amy Ippoliti     Nov 8th, 2014
      Love it! Great to hear, Zach, thanks!
  • Miriam Kisters     Nov 5th, 2014
    I really love it! I keep coming back to it in the mornings for about 2 years now and it always works! Thank you Amy :)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Nov 8th, 2014
      WOW! I love that the class has staying power for you - wonderful! So glad. :)
  • Beth Foster     Aug 31st, 2014
    This wasn't my best practice but after a long day of travel, being in a hotel room & another day to get home, I'm glad I made time for it. Namaste amy. :)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Aug 31st, 2014
      Fantastic, Beth!! So glad to hear it. :)
  • Katrine Hald     Aug 10th, 2014
    I love the grounded teaching you do in this class. So calm, simple, respectful and strong. I often move on to do my stuff pretty quick after class. This one guided me in to meditation, which is really helpful for me. Just want to thank you for all that ;-) love to you
    • Amy Ippoliti     Aug 11th, 2014
      THank you so much for your thoughtful feedback, Katrine! So happy it's working for you. Big love back :)
  • nancy bernstein     Jun 29th, 2014
    Thank you Amy! What a great little practice...I DO feel grounded and energized. And even though my balance was off this morning, I got into chapasana for the first time ever--on both sides!--which felt pretty cool even though I fell out of it on the first side. Thanks as always.... Namaste.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 30th, 2014
      Congratulations!! So happy this was helpful! :)
  • Adriana Solignac     Jun 9th, 2014
    Thanks Amy for this wonderful practice. Done in the garden, on a sunny summer morning, it is a real bless!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 16th, 2014
      How idyllic!! Glad u enjoyed!
  • Jeong Eun Na     Apr 19th, 2014
    It was really nice yoga for start morning and I am a fan of Amy! Thank you for again.
    Love from Seoul.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Apr 20th, 2014
      Thank you so much - I am so happy that you can practice with me all the way in Seoul (one of my favorite cities)! Keep practicing. Much love!
  • luvspitbulls inthedirtyjerzee!     Apr 17th, 2014
    Love you, love your classes!!! I always find myself smiling at the end of one of your classes. Your positivity and beauty shines through every time. Much gratitude! :))
    • Amy Ippoliti     Apr 20th, 2014
      Thank you so much, Cindi! Much love back!!!
  • Christy Coughlin     Apr 16th, 2014
    This has become my go to morning routine. Love it. Thanks.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Apr 20th, 2014
      Yay, I love it!
  • Holly Astle     Apr 2nd, 2014
    Just what I needed today! Thank you Amy! I've been slacking on my yoga practice the past couple of months, and this is just what I needed to get me back and focused.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Apr 7th, 2014
      So good to hear, Holly. Thank YOU!
  • alix price     Mar 24th, 2014
    Thank you Amy! I have done this practice on yogaglo more than any other... it really shows how just 20 mins on the mat can make all the difference... you are a wonderful teacher and I hope to practice with you in person one day! xoxo
    • Amy Ippoliti     Mar 29th, 2014
      Wow! That's fantastic to hear, Alix - so glad this one is working for you so much! Hope to meet you too. :)
  • Deb Young     Mar 23rd, 2014
    Date with Amy! Woo hoo. Needed those quad stretches this morning - thanks!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Mar 23rd, 2014
      LOL! You are the best, Deb. Glad you got to "see me" again so soon after Australia - but I want to see you - no fair! ;)
  • Rachel Hagan     Mar 2nd, 2014
    <3 <3 <3
    • Amy Ippoliti     Mar 11th, 2014
      Love back!
  • Allison Chamberlin     Feb 20th, 2014
    Beautiful morning practice! Just what I need in a short amount of time to wake up and feel my body. Thank you Amy!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Feb 22nd, 2014
      Yay! So glad!
  • Carol Day Young     Feb 5th, 2014
    I love this practice! Keep coming back to it to start my day. Thank you Amy!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Feb 22nd, 2014
      Yay! So good to hear!
  • Carol Day Young     Feb 5th, 2014
    I love this practice! Keep coming back to it to start my day. Thank you Amy!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Feb 8th, 2014
      Thank you, Carol! So happy to help start your day well. :)
  • Lindsey Thaler     Dec 12th, 2013
    Thank you Amy! This was a perfect energizing flow for an afternoon pick me up!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Dec 17th, 2013
      Sweet! Glad to hear it!!
  • Emma Sykes     Dec 5th, 2013
    Thanks Amy! This was a great warm up to do before my run this morning. A lovely, gentle flow.
    • Roki E     Mar 16th, 2014
      Me too! Feeling nice and limber now, ready for a run along the beach :) Blessings
      • Amy Ippoliti     Mar 23rd, 2014
    • Amy Ippoliti     Dec 8th, 2013
      Good for you for getting in ample stretching before your run! So glad it worked for you!
  • Micole Linehan     Oct 30th, 2013
    Thanks Amy. This was so great on a morning when it took all my willpower to get out of bed :) Perfect! Namaste.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Nov 4th, 2013
      That is awesome, Micole!!
  • Sarah Tricomi     Oct 14th, 2013
    Thanks Amy - this was awesome
    • Amy Ippoliti     Oct 19th, 2013
      Thank YOU! :)
  • Leona D'vaz     Sep 14th, 2013
    Great morning flow Amy, just the right amount of dynamism. You're slowly helping me get back to longer yoga flows, much appreciated.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 17th, 2013
      Terrific to hear, Leona! So happy to help. :)
  • Lynette Vann     Sep 2nd, 2013
    Really nice way quick start to the day - appreciated the minimal dialogue. Perfect for mornings where I'm not quite conversational yet. Thank you!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 9th, 2013
      Thank you, Lynette - great feedback and so happy it was helpful for your day. I am with you on the morning quiet!
  • Sue Shaw     Aug 19th, 2013
    Perfect practice if you need a quickie....and who doesn't occasionally! LOL!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Aug 21st, 2013
      LOL! Hahaha! For realz.... :)
  • Angela Gentry     Aug 5th, 2013
    Great practice for days when I don't have lots of time! Thank you!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Aug 9th, 2013
      Awesome, glad to hear it Angela!
  • Courtney K     Aug 3rd, 2013
    Great start to the morning. Thank you, Amy!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Aug 9th, 2013
      :) Yay!
  • Emily Schurr     Jul 30th, 2013
    Beautiful all-round morning practice, and love how easy it is to slot this into my day - thank you so much, Amy!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Aug 2nd, 2013
      You are so welcome, Emily - glad you enjoyed!
  • alexandra luna     Jul 11th, 2013
    Amy, I love this practice and wish it were longer! Is there a longer version? If not, please consider a 45 or 60 minute one!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 11th, 2013
      Thanks so much, Alexandra! I do have a number of 45 and 60 minute practices that might fit the bill. You might also enjoy "Morning Refresher - Shift Your State", "Juicy Flow", and"Thaw Out Your Shoulders & Hips". And I'll definitely be filming more so will keep this kind of flow/length in mind!
  • Heidi Cousino     Jul 7th, 2013
    Just enough rigor to get me going before a long day. I love your sunny attitude. Happy Sunday, Amy! (0:
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 7th, 2013
      Happy Sunday to you, Heidi - thanks so much for the love and glad you enjoyed! :)
  • lena dolter     Jun 27th, 2013
    awesome! thank you!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2013
  • Jennifer Jacobs     Jun 16th, 2013
    great practice to start my day! thanks!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 21st, 2013
      Thanks for practicing in the morning! :)
  • Anja Bohinc Rupret     Jun 9th, 2013
    One pf my favourite morning practices <3
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 15th, 2013
      Yay. :)
  • Lindsay Lake     Jun 8th, 2013
    Excellent way to start the day! Thank you, Amy! :-)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 15th, 2013
      Thanks for practicing first thing, Lindsay! xox
  • Tara Przybylski     Jun 3rd, 2013
    I've done this morning sequence so many times, just to get going even though I'm limited on time. Thanks Amy, one of my favorites!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 7th, 2013
      You are committed, Tara! Glad to hear it. Thanks for glo'ing!
  • jane fryer     May 22nd, 2013
    nice amy....!!
    • Amy Ippoliti     May 24th, 2013
      Thought you'd like that one, LOL! Love you. xoxoxoxox
  • Andreia Torres     May 4th, 2013
    I'm always stiff in the morning so I tend to postpone my yoga time, but I'm glad I took that short one. Although I find it difficult to practice early I feel great now. Thanks
    • Amy Ippoliti     May 10th, 2013
      So glad to hear your day got off to great start, Andreia! Amazing what a small amount of focused practice can do.
  • Melanie Faught     Mar 27th, 2013
    Great little sequence before work... thank you Amy! :)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Apr 3rd, 2013
      Great!! Thank YOU!
  • Lori Fannin     Mar 14th, 2013
    just perfect to start the day with.
    thank you!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Apr 3rd, 2013
  • Rachel Henderson     Mar 5th, 2013
    Perfect for early morning before work!! Just what I needed
    • Amy Ippoliti     Mar 13th, 2013
      Cool! So glad to hear it. :)
  • michele leavitt     Mar 4th, 2013
    Love, love, love.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Mar 13th, 2013
  • Amy Ippoliti     Feb 22nd, 2013
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your lovely words. Keep waking up and stepping up! xoxoxox
  • Valerie Bowers     Feb 22nd, 2013
    This is a great well rounded class to start the day with-it's perfect for keeping me in practice when my 2 little ones might otherwise prevent that!
  • Erin Buttermore     Feb 19th, 2013
    Beautiful start to the day!
  • Nora Keenan     Feb 19th, 2013
    Absolutely one of my favorites! Thank you for a great class!
  • Sara Arscott     Feb 12th, 2013
    Love this morning sequence - just what I'm needing in my life right now. Great for my hips and low back!
  • Michelle Levy     Feb 10th, 2013
    This video unfortunately won't play for me this morning :-(
    • YogaGlo     Feb 10th, 2013
      Hi Michelle, we have emailed you some tips that we hope will help with streaming the video.
  • Amy Ippoliti     Feb 7th, 2013
    Hey everyone, so glad your days are starting out so fabulously! Thanks for the comments!
  • Janet Davies     Feb 6th, 2013
    Perfect way to start the day! Thank you, Amy.
  • Yulia Nemtsev     Jan 26th, 2013
    Perfect every time!
  • Heidi Cousino     Jan 17th, 2013
    Great way to start my day. This was my first class with you, Amy, and I look forward to taking more. Namaste! (0:
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jan 20th, 2013
      Thanks, Heidi! So delighted you enjoyed it. Keep Glo'ing!
  • Heidi Cousino     Jan 17th, 2013
    Great way to start my day. This was my first class with you, Amy, and I look forward to taking more. Namaste! (0:
  • Marjie Goodman     Jan 8th, 2013
    Love your teaching style. This is the third class I've tried of yours. All were fantastic, especially for 20 min.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jan 11th, 2013
      Aww, thanks so much, Marjie. Really happy to hear you are enjoying my classes. Thanks for trying them! xoxox
  • Marjie Goodman     Jan 8th, 2013
    Love your teaching style. This is the third class I've tried of yours. All were fantastic, especially for 20 min.
  • Marjie Goodman     Jan 8th, 2013
    Love your teaching style. This is the third class I've tried of yours. All were fantastic, especially for 20 min.
  • Jany Crespo     Jan 1st, 2013
    Great class! I started the new year with an awesome 20mins...thank you Amy & Happy New Year!!!!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jan 2nd, 2013
      Wooohooo! Happy New Year to you! Totally honored to help kick it off with you, Jany. :)
  • Eliza Randall     Dec 23rd, 2012
    Awesome! Thanks Amy.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jan 2nd, 2013
  • Amy Ippoliti     Dec 22nd, 2012
    Awww - thanks so much Eileen and Elizabeth - thrilled that you got energized, grounded, relaxed and all - YAY. xox A
  • Elizabeth McGowan Phillips     Dec 21st, 2012
    Thank you Amy. I always love your classes. Was feeling slow, sluggish, and filled with Holiday stress when I got up. But now feel grounded, renewed, and ready to take on the day. Thank you for your beautiful gift of teaching.
  • Eileen Brill     Dec 18th, 2012
    Just what I needed! I feel both energized and relaxed! -Eileen
  • Amy Ippoliti     Nov 23rd, 2012
    Glad you enjoyed, Maeve and Jennifer! xoxox
  • Maeve Gallagher     Nov 23rd, 2012
    Thanks Amy! That was awesome- perfect pre-work yoga.
  • Jennifer Hartzog     Nov 19th, 2012
    Loved it! Thanks!
  • Amy Ippoliti     Nov 18th, 2012
    You all are amazing - thank you so much for getting in your 20-minute yoga! It does make such a difference - thank goodness for YogaGlo. Big smiles!
  • Yulia Nemtsev     Nov 18th, 2012
    Wow, nice all-around tune-up in just 20 minutes. Thank you.
  • Aline Gauchet-Foong     Nov 11th, 2012
    Wow! I exactly have 20 minutes in the morning to practice, this is what I really needed to take a break from my usual 15 sun salutations :) Thanks Amy! Amazing how 20 minutes can make a whole lot of difference in your day!
  • Shona Andrew     Nov 6th, 2012
    This is a great morning class, perfect rhythm and you feel like you've done an hour.
  • Anita Olanick     Nov 4th, 2012
    Great little yoga shot.
  • Amy Ippoliti     Oct 13th, 2012
    Wow - thank you all so much for these comments - I am going to work on creating more of these kinds of practices. Stay tuned! Thanks for Glo'ing!!
  • Nadia Rqm     Oct 9th, 2012
    This is a nice gentle way to wake up the body. I love the half moon pose in the middle; the pinnacle of this workout. Thanks Amy!
  • Andra Wochesen     Oct 3rd, 2012
    Great mini class. Loved it!
  • Brenna Eckerson     Sep 27th, 2012
    Amy, thank you so much for what I know will be a great day! That was the perfect way to wake up.
  • Elisabeth Ogle     Sep 9th, 2012
    I met Amy two years ago at the Telluride Yoga Festival. What struck me most about her was how effortlessly she expressed herself and how that positive energy seamlessly translated into her teaching. It's all here in this short class. An excellent stretch and start to the day. Thanks, Amy,
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 20th, 2012
      What a sweet thing to say, Elisabeth, thank you. So glad you enjoyed the practice. Thank you again. :)
  • Ashley Rieflin     Aug 21st, 2012
    Practiced this class for the last two mornings and felt amazing the rest of the day. Thank you@
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 20th, 2012
      How awesome is that, Ashley? So glad to help. xox
  • Maurey Lancaster     Aug 18th, 2012
    I did this one combined with the "oil for tin men/women"- a lovely combo. Thank you!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 20th, 2012
      Oooh - how fun! I should try that! Thanks for the comment. :)
  • SJ Jensen     Aug 10th, 2012
    This class was exactly what I was looking for this morning. Short nice flow and accessible poses. Thank you!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 20th, 2012
      You are welcome, thank you SJ!
  • Victor Caceres     Jul 31st, 2012
    A very good morning opener !
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 31st, 2012
      Way to go, Victor! Glad you are practicing at the golden hour...
  • Mary-Kathryn Stevens-Toffin     Jul 28th, 2012
    I finished a RYT 200 in 2008 but I`m just getting back to my yoga practice after an almost 3 year break. This is my second class I`ve done with you on YogaGlo and they have both been wonderful!! This was a really perfect, well rounded practice for when I`m short on time. Love your voice and encouraging manner! Thanks!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 31st, 2012
      Mary, congrats on your TT accomplishment and return to yoga! So glad you enjoyed the classes and this little quicky. Thanks so much for the positive feedback and for practicing on the Glo! :)
  • Garnet Reardon     Jul 18th, 2012
    This was seriously good! thx
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 31st, 2012
      Seriously good - awesome!!! So glad. Thanks, Garnet. :)
  • David Chang     Jul 17th, 2012
    Thanks Amy! Thanks for your morning practice videos! The duration is great for getting one in before work. Your voice is so calm and soothing. You have such a positive vibes, I love starting the morning with your practice. Keep them coming! =)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 31st, 2012
      This is great, David, thanks for the kind feedback! As I say a lot - even just 20 minutes first thing makes such a difference, so I am glad you are getting it in before work! There are more 20 minute durations on the way...
  • Farrel Levy     Jul 16th, 2012
    This class was a great way for me to start my day when I had only twenty minutes to fit in for practice. Thank you Amy. Your description is perfect.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 31st, 2012
      Yay, Farrel, so happy to hear this! My day always go better when I do this first thing. :)
  • Melanie Zerr     Jul 13th, 2012
    Great start to the morning--thanks!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 31st, 2012
      Thank you for practicing first thing - it is the best way to start the day for sure!
  • Deb Kushion     Jul 13th, 2012
    Love the 20 minute version to do while my baby is napping!!! Thanks! I needed that today!!!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 31st, 2012
      Perfect, Deb! We have more 20 minute practices on the way for baby naps. :) Thanks for practicing with me.
  • Monique Baron     Jul 12th, 2012
    Love it!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
  • Kassandra Morrison     Jul 11th, 2012
    Thanks Amy! The perfect morning wake up class :)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      So glad, you are welcome. :)
  • Clare Polencheck     Jul 11th, 2012
    thank you amy
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
  • B W     Jul 11th, 2012
    Thanks! I'd love to see more of this duration classes. I cannot wait to meet you at city yoga in November.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      Noted!! See you in SC! :)
  • Cecilia Lunardini     Jul 10th, 2012
    I like this practice because it has just the right pace, starting slow and picking up as it goes. It feels a lot longer than 20 minutes because it leaves you feeling the way you would feel after a 1 hour class and covers many basics. It is a very good daily practice for me.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      Great feedback - thank you Cecilia! So glad you enjoyed. :)
  • Julie Schenk     Jul 10th, 2012
    Colorado Ally M was right! I do like your teaching. Perfect get-all-the-basic-good-stuff-in 20 minutes! I see this being often repeated. Thanks
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      Love CO Ally! Thanks, Julie! :)
  • Meghan Morton     Jul 8th, 2012
    Short and sweet. Perfect way to begin my day :)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      Excellent! Thanks, Meghan. :)
  • Rochelle Rochelle     Jul 4th, 2012
    I just finished this (even though it is actually 10pm here in the UK) and I finished the practice and said out loud, without thinking: "What a nice person". I thought I should share it with you : ) You genuinely seem like a lovely person. Thank you for the class. I haven't done one of your classes before, so I will now click on your name and see what other classes you have taught. Thank you again.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      Awww, thank you Rochelle! What a sweet thing to say. Thanks so much for practicing. Hope to meet you in the UK someday and that the practice was helpful at night too. :)
  • Jeanette Darbyshire     Jul 4th, 2012
    Perfect way to start the day!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      YAY! Thank you.
  • Sydney Davidson     Jul 3rd, 2012
    Such a beautiful morning practice! Especially with the lasting thought of "change the world!" Thank you
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      Sweet! So glad to help.
  • Beverley Paris     Jul 3rd, 2012
    Third time I've done this class since you shared it with us. It really is a great start to my day. Thank you.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      Yay!! That is great! You are welcome.
  • Craig Holliday     Jul 2nd, 2012
    thanks amy, beautiful!
  • Sonya Maldeney-Cull     Jul 2nd, 2012
    Amy! This power-practice was a perfect transition to get me out of my head from my work day and back into my body before I teach tonight !! Thanks
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 14th, 2012
      Awesome, Sonya, so glad!
  • Katie Stewart     Jul 1st, 2012
    Thank you for this beautiful practice, Amy! I have never practiced with you before, and this was wonderful. I like using the 20 minute practices when I'm short on time, but I'm always a little wary of them (If it's going to be a short practice, I want it to be a good one!). I feel completely refreshed now after practicing. Thank you again for a wonderful practice!P.S. You have such a soothing, gentle voice. :)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 2nd, 2012
      Wow, thank you so much, Katie! I'm really glad that you had such a positive experience. Yay!
  • Candice Ho     Jun 29th, 2012
    That's was the fastest 20 minutes evert (aka time flies!) felt great event at night. Wonderful sequence and a perfect amount of sun salutatations in between. Thanks!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 2nd, 2012
      Awesome, Candice - so glad you flew through it and nice to hear that it worked well at night too. Thanks for the comment. :)
  • Janel DuRoss     Jun 29th, 2012
    Hi Amy,I had early morning HIIT workout commitment, otherwise I would've tested AC technique sooner. It worked well, (on standing leg) I fired up my hamstrings and isometrically dragged my heel back. I noticed to points: I felt more connected to the earth and my toes started to grip a little. Good info! Going forward to will proceed my practice this way- thanks so much for your insight. Greatly appreciated. Namaste, Janel
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jul 2nd, 2012
      Great, Janel - sounds like you are doing well!
  • Lana Russo     Jun 28th, 2012
    New to your classes and am a RYT 500; really enjoyed! Twisting pigeon; why did I never think of this?! loved that!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Thanks so much, Lana! It's great that teachers like you are getting to practice with YogaGlo - what an amazing resource. So glad you enjoyed. :)
  • leah fox     Jun 28th, 2012
    Hi Amy, this was my first class with you and I really enjoyed it and your presence! Looking forward to taking another one with you soon. Thank you!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Thank you, Leah! I am so happy you enjoyed the class. :)
  • Kirsten Sabin     Jun 27th, 2012
    Just what I needed this morning! Thank you Amy.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Yay. :)
  • Amy Sedgwick     Jun 26th, 2012
    My first class with you, Amy. Really enjoyed it. Very nice sequencing. I feel great. Will seek more of your classes!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Awesome, Amy - thrilled you enjoyed it and the sequence grooved with you. Thanks for practicing with me on the Glo. :)
  • DanaJude Olsen     Jun 26th, 2012
    Great short practice! Thank you. Will certainly seek out your other classes!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Yay - thanks, DanaJude!!
  • Daisy Solano     Jun 26th, 2012
    Thank you! Great morning class.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
  • Lisa Lahet     Jun 26th, 2012
    Great morning practice Amy!! Includes all the basic poses that make me feel as if I have practiced for an hour. Thanks.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      How awesome, Lisa! That is fantastic. Thank you so much for the great feedback. Thanks for practicing.
  • Donna Seed     Jun 26th, 2012
    Love the class.....great morning have a warm style that conects to students. Would love to study with you some day!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Awwwww, thanks, Donna. I look forward to meeting you some day in person too!
  • Rebecca Killick     Jun 25th, 2012
    Great class Amy, Im going to seek out your other classes now.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      So happy to hear it, Rebecca, thank you for the comment. :)
  • Deirdre Hughes     Jun 25th, 2012
    i loved this class :) really enjoyed the sequence and flow.. felt lovely after :) am enjoying your classes on yogaglo Amy Dx
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Wonderful, Deirdre! So happy you felt great afterwards and you're enjoying the classes. :)
  • Janel DuRoss     Jun 25th, 2012
    Amy, I always make a point to seek out your classes - thanks so much.Did you do additional warm up before this sequence?I felt there was not enough warm up before getting into Ardha Chandrasana (one of my favorite poses). Upon getting into the pose I felt a really strong pull on the attachments of my Semitendinosus
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 25th, 2012
      Thanks for practicing with my classes, Janel! There are several key warm up elements I use in this practice to get ready for Ardha Chandrasana which include 1. Downward Dog Split (big hamstring warm up), 2. Surya Namaskar (general heat builder), 3. Warrior 2/Parsvakonasana (to heat the legs) and 4. Triangle pose (to stretch the hamstrings) just before Ardha Chandrasana). Everyone is different in terms of warm up needs, however a hamstring attachment pull while stretching typically indicates a laxity in the muscle. I would make sure you are engaging your hamstrings by isometrically dragging your standing heel backward in space to fire the hamstrings. I would use a block under your hand to decrease the stretch (ie. lower the stakes) while you are getting better at firing the hamstring. Please let me know how that goes!
      • Janel DuRoss     Jun 26th, 2012
        Amy, (I hope you were able to read my whole message, as here it looks cut off)Thanks so much for this excellent tip !! I will definitely try your suggestion and get back to you, plus take this AM class again. I told Derik how happy I was that you added to Yogaglo teacher roster. Also, in the very near future I plan to take your 90 Minutes to Change the World! : )
        • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
          Yes I only was able to see what is posted here...but I certainly look forward to hearing how it goes for you with the hamstring and ardha chandrasana. Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm, Janel - you rock! So psyched you can join us for so much online goodness these days. :)
  • CAROL FELLOWES     Jun 25th, 2012
    Thanks, Amy, for a great start to my day. The perfect little morning tonic :)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Wonderful, Carol - thank YOU!
  • Brianne Grogan     Jun 24th, 2012
    Thank you for a great, quick practice! I love the twisted pigeon pose toward the end. Amy, I have a materialistic question for you: I adore your top! Where did you find it?
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 24th, 2012
      Thanks so much, Brianne! Really glad you enjoyed the practice, and the top...Lulu Lemon! Not sure if it will still be available, but something like it will I'm sure. :)