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Level 1
30 min

Continuous Hamstring Flow

Vinyasa Flow | By Amy Ippoliti on May 23 2012
Less talking, more bending, this practice is designed to get a sweat going with no poses too deep or strenuous. The flow is modified specifically for tight hamstrings using 2 blocks. Peaks at hanumanasana (with blocks of course). A blanket is helpful to place under your knees if needed.


Less talking, more bending, this practice is designed to get a sweat going with no poses too deep or strenuous. The flow is modified specifically for tight hamstrings using 2 blocks. Peaks at hanumanasana (with blocks of course). A blanket is helpful to place under your knees if needed.


  • Andrea Pokrefke     Oct 17th, 2014
    Great flow for beginners! I felt great the whole time!!
    • Andrea Pokrefke     Oct 17th, 2014
      AAAAAANNNNDDDDD my headache is gone 😀
      • Amy Ippoliti     Oct 20th, 2014
        Oh yeah! On both fronts! Woop! :)
  • Heather Lowe     May 14th, 2014
    Amy!! You told me on Instagram that I would like this class when you first released it. You were wrong; I LOVE THIS CLASS! Purely amazing. I have very tight hamstrings and stuck SI joints after having lower lumbar surgery. I didn't think I could get anywhere near hanumanasana but you showed me that I'm actually not too far off!! Thank you for teaching me that my body can do anything that I put my mind to! This one is now stored in my favourites. THANK YOU XOXO
    • Amy Ippoliti     May 17th, 2014
      LOL, Heather - that is awesome! Thanks so much for your thoughtful note and I'm thrilled you got these results! You are so welcome. Big love!
  • Beth Bloom     Feb 15th, 2014
    I love this series but it gets hung up at 15:58 into the flow. I'm using an iPad. Suggestions?
    • Amy Ippoliti     Feb 16th, 2014
      Thanks, Beth. Hope you got the tech piece smoother. :)
    • YogaGlo     Feb 15th, 2014
      Hi Beth. We've sent you an email with some troubleshooting tips to help with your video streaming!
  • Social C     Dec 19th, 2013
    Wow Amy, you never disappoint. Easy on the joints yet muscles feel worked and stretched out. Thank you!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Dec 24th, 2013
      Awww - thanks, Social C! Love hearing this, :)
  • Janet Gruenwald     Oct 31st, 2013
    Thank you! So needed the hanumansana!!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Nov 4th, 2013
      Right on!
  • morgan bennett     Oct 22nd, 2013
    great class. thanks
    • Amy Ippoliti     Oct 27th, 2013
      :) Thanks, Morgan!
  • Yazzmen Lloyd     Sep 20th, 2013
    I've had yoga glo for over a month and this is my first time really getting into a routine.

    My biggest concern is that when I do downward dog my feet are not planted on the floor, instead I am almost on my tippy toes, is that an issue?
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 21st, 2013
      Hi Yazzmen - glad to hear you are back into a pattern for practice. :) I would definitely not be concerned about your feet not being planted all the way in Down Dog. That is an eventual goal but actually some people's feet (including mine) just don't stretch in such a way that the heels can ground, without compromising the alignment of the lower back which should be curved/arched. So it's not an issue. If you're interested in how to line up, try my Downward Facing Dog Tutorial and see if that helps you first get lined up, and then see from there how far the heels can descend. Good form in the pelvis is primary to the feet. :)
  • Njambi Bernard      Sep 20th, 2013
    That was exactly what my mind (fighting a migraine), body & spirit needed. Not vigorous but just enough to get my internal heat going. Thank you Amy.
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    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 21st, 2013
      Glad to hear it, Njambi! Thank you for Glo'ing. :)
  • Kharananda Mayi     Sep 19th, 2013
    Amy, yours was the first class I have done through Yogaglo and I loved it! Thanks for the workout and my nice warm hamstrings.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 21st, 2013
      Wonderful news! And welcome to YogaGlo!! So happy you're with us. :)
  • Samantha Harris     Sep 16th, 2013
    Amy, this is the first class of your's that I have done. Absolutely incredible! Worked up a good sweat; circulation felt wonderful. This was dreamy for my hamstrings; going in my favourites! Thank you so much! Namaste!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Sep 17th, 2013
      YAY! So happy to hear this, Samantha! Love it. :)
  • Stacey Hunter     Mar 19th, 2013
    This is so effective with the tights hammies, hips and low back. Thanks Amy!
    • Amy Ippoliti     Apr 12th, 2013
      Thanks, Stacey - I was hoping that was the case! ;) Glad to hear it. :)
  • Charlotte Kuey     Feb 25th, 2013
    For someone who is tight all over this sequence was partically helpful. Thanks again Amy.
    • Amy Ippoliti     Apr 12th, 2013
      So good to hear, Charlotte! Mission accomplished. ;)
  • Victor Caceres     Feb 15th, 2013
    • Amy Ippoliti     Feb 22nd, 2013
  • Amy Ippoliti     Dec 16th, 2012
    Thanks for the great comments you all! Glad to hear this is making your hammies feel awesome. :) Amy
  • wendy messel     Dec 13th, 2012
    This was so great, I have really tight hamstrings, and this made them feel awesome afterwards. Gonna do this two-tree times a week from now :D
  • jacquelyn o'brien     Oct 9th, 2012
    Great practice. Thank you!
  • Jason del Pino     Jun 26th, 2012
    Loved this practice :)
    • Amy Ippoliti     Jun 28th, 2012
      Yay. Thank you!
  • Heidi Schwartz     Jun 15th, 2012
    Thank you Amy. Nice warm up for 2AM. I miss doing Hanumanasa with your class from years ago. Love the hips moving side to side. No one I study with these days teaches that but you it seems. I'm always pulling a hamstring. It used to be my right which was so tight I thought I'd never get Hanumansana on that side. Now my left got pulled for the first time a year ago and can't do much on the left side. My right leg is now almost like superman. It's weird how things switch. Actually, there was a time when I couldn't get near Hanumanasana at all ever, like 8 years ago. Feel happy I got to practice this class. And greatful my right leg can do it. I hope I'm not missing the point but really my entire body feels warm.
  • Susan Shaw     Jun 14th, 2012
    Loved this sequence, extremely effective in stretching my hamstrings, loved the lead up to the peak pose!
  • Rebecca Rebecca     Jun 11th, 2012
    loved this practice!!!Thank you from my hamstrings:)x
  • Candice Mitchell     Jun 6th, 2012
    I am saying this lovingly and I mean it constructively: I was very distracted by the teacher's frequent comment "good". There weren't any students in the room, so I don't know who she was saying "good" to. Namaste.
  • Donna Kuebler     Jun 4th, 2012
    Excellent! I loved the Chair Pose Explosion!
  • Michele DeMarco     May 28th, 2012
    This is exactly what my hamstrings wanted and needed! Lovely practice Amy!
  • Maurey Lancaster     May 27th, 2012
    A good practice- I usually do Level 2 practices but this made me sweat and stretch my tight tight hamstrings! Love from London x
  • Nick Heng     May 27th, 2012
    HI Amy! Love this seqeunce :) thank you for joining YG!
  • Sarah Higgins     May 25th, 2012
    Love the "side explosion" from chair pose-my hammies got so warmed up I went deeper than usual in my hanumanasana! Thanks, Amy!
  • Amy Ippoliti     May 25th, 2012
    Thanks for the love - so glad the practice was helpful and supportive to you!
  • Julie Wolman     May 24th, 2012
    Thank you Amy . That is such a fun practice & so helpful for teaching ! I am so happy that you are on Yogaglo now !!!!!

  • Charlotte Kuey     May 24th, 2012
    Love you. Thanks, I am so tight all over, but boy what a treat.
    • Maria Pickles     May 28th, 2012
      Great stretch thankyou