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Level 2/3
90 min

Yogi's Staff

Hatha | By Noah Mazé on Jun 16 2012
This strong class begins in standing poses to prepare you for deep forward bends, twists and hip openers, culminating in the beautiful and powerful Yogi's Staff (Yogadandasana).


This strong class begins in standing poses to prepare you for deep forward bends, twists and hip openers, culminating in the beautiful and powerful Yogi's Staff (Yogadandasana).


  • Alandi Stec     Apr 12th, 2014
    I got deeper into this posture then I've ever been able to before ...soooo close to getting the full asana, which is exciting. Thinking of you and the YogaMaze workshop this weekend with Douglas Brooks; and looking forward to seeing you in May in SF!

    • Noah Maze     Apr 18th, 2014
      That's wonderful Alandi! It was so good to see you last weekend. See you in SF soon! - :)
  • Alandi Stec     Oct 3rd, 2013
    yogadandasana is such an amazing deep hip opener! not to mention the hip work leading into it. loving the freshness, opening and length this class creates throughout my body every time i take it :D
    • Noah Maze     Apr 18th, 2014
      Yogadandasana is definitely a deep hip opener! Glad this class is working so well for you Alandi. Thanks for taking class! - :)
  • Gabriel Martinez     Jul 28th, 2013
    shanti, shanti, shantihi. thanks a lot noah
    • Noah Maze     Aug 3rd, 2013
      You are very welcome Gabriel! shanti-3X :)
  • Sheena Archer     Jun 15th, 2013
    That was SO GOOD. Thank you!
    • Noah Maze     Aug 3rd, 2013
      Thank you Sheena!
  • Jennifer Haddock     Jun 12th, 2013
    I am so glad I stumbled upon this class! As a Gosh lineage devotee, I loved the pose repetition, long holds, limited vinyasas, and clear instructions. Encore!! :)
    • Noah Maze     Aug 3rd, 2013
      Jennifer, thank you for taking class and for your comment, it means a lot to me.
  • Kassandra Morrison     Nov 4th, 2012
    Just did this class again and it was just as good the second time around. I have a question though: moderate heels, what do you mean by this Noah? You say it when we are in Down Dog and the heels are at the wall. You said it a couple times and I wasn't sure what you meant. Thanks for all your amazing teachings :)
  • Katherine Wilder     Oct 15th, 2012
    Thanks for the juicy class Noah :) I feel great!
  • andrea naranjo     Aug 8th, 2012
    Amazing! Thanks
  • Mindy Menard     Jul 27th, 2012
    Great great great class, thanks Noah!
  • Mónica Pablos     Jun 28th, 2012
    Every class with you is a step up to completion....Thank you so much!
  • henry pursner     Jun 23rd, 2012
    So many lessons in this class as far as the gifts of yoga are not necessarily the attainment of a particular pose or goal but the appreciation of the collateral gifts- the feeling of the shoulders in that last bridge, the way the hips are seated back in tadasana and of course, grappling with a pose that may or may not ever happen, but to practice it anyway because you know that their are gifts elsewhere to discover through the practice. Rock on.
  • simone weit     Jun 21st, 2012
    A meticulous progression towards a demanding pose.... I have never attempted yogadandasana before (as nobody ever teaches it!) and while I have much progress to make my 4 year old son appears to be gifted with a formidable practice of deep hip openers. :)
  • Erica Erica     Jun 21st, 2012
    this class was amazing. i love, love, love the active holds, how deep each pose is, and being constantly pushed, especially in familiar poses. i'll be doing this one often.
  • Tasja Fox     Jun 19th, 2012
    Wow you've got really open hips there Noah. Ive never been taught yogadandasana before. Thanks for such a great class and sharing knowledge of how to get into poses with more ease. Got as far as the tricep didn't look half as nice as yours. :)
  • Nickki Head     Jun 19th, 2012
    You are amazing Noah and I hope you can make it out to Kansas to spread your yoga love!!!
  • Patti MacPherson     Jun 16th, 2012
    wow i thought my hips were kinda open...guess make the pose look so easy! thank you.
  • Huda Mussa     Jun 16th, 2012
    That was the farthest I could get in yogadandasana ( middle triceps) considering the limitations of my superlong torso and short extremities. The sequencing of the class was so superb that I had so much ease in performing the padmasana variations.
  • Brenda Sweeney     Jun 16th, 2012
    Amazing class - no way on this earth was I anywhere near the final pose but so enjoyed the journey. Om Shanti.
  • Chris Wain     Jun 16th, 2012
    Thanks so much Noah for this wonderfull class! I love your cool and methodical approach to the asana while also injecting a little slice of fun to keep things interesting. The final pose had me totally humbled as I could get no where near. This is good though as it keeps my ego check!! Blessings x