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Post-Partum Practice

Pre/Post Natal | By Stephanie Snyder on Jun 17 2012
Congrats! You did it and you deserve a medal! This sequence is designed for your first practice after giving birth (at least 6-8 weeks post partum). I just had my second child and this is the practice that helped ease me back into the world. We very simply address the tight low back, stiff shoulders, cranky psoas and even sense of overwhelm that come with all the goodness of early motherhood.


Congrats! You did it and you deserve a medal! This sequence is designed for your first practice after giving birth (at least 6-8 weeks post partum). I just had my second child and this is the practice that helped ease me back into the world. We very simply address the tight low back, stiff shoulders, cranky psoas and even sense of overwhelm that come with all the goodness of early motherhood.


  • Janneke Bahamon     Nov 12th, 2014
    Thank you so much. That was exactly what I needed. I feel so much better after this practice.
  • Eileen Vincett     Nov 8th, 2014
    Huge thank you from London. The first few weeks if motherhood have been completely overwhelming and this practice was just what I needed. I took your classes all thru my pregnancy and I knew your postnatal instruction would be just as good. Thank you for the encouragement....nice to know it will slow down and I'm not alone :).
  • faye Mcneil     Oct 16th, 2014
    my second son is now 8 months old (my first is 2 and 1/2 years) and this is still the class i come back to time and time again. What i love about it is not just the movement but what you are saying. When it's been a loooooooooong day it gives me comfort to know other people have long days too. but it's also very affirming. THANK YOU x
  • Wendi Pickering     Sep 13th, 2014
    Thank you ☺
    I loved all the pre natel yoga I did and am really appreciating the time I manage to do any yoga now. Really grateful for these online classes.
  • Damiana Thompson     Sep 8th, 2014
    Thank you for posting this class! It felt incredibly luscious to be doing yoga again. I'm eight weeks postpartum and thankful to be on the mat again. I'm looking forward to any other classes that you could post similar to this one!!
    • stephanie snyder     Sep 8th, 2014
      Good for you! Stick with it :) and congrats! XO.
  • Jenn O'Connell     Aug 31st, 2014
    Six weeks out from the birth of my first, and this class was AMAZING. I cannot believe how much I have missed yoga in the last six weeks. I needed this! Thank you so much for all your amazing pre- and post-natal classes. I'm looking forward to doing more. And soon!
    • stephanie snyder     Sep 8th, 2014
      Wonderful - way to go!
  • Marisa Narog     Aug 21st, 2014
    First class after having baby number 3 and I cannot thank you enough. I feel restored and ready to take on the day. :)
    • stephanie snyder     Aug 21st, 2014
      Good for you! Baby 3 is more like baby 13 I hear :) Hang in there and take it easy!
  • Beth Taylor     Aug 8th, 2014
    First practice back after having my second child and I feel so grateful for your classes and your kind words. What you said in savasana about giving yourself permission to feel overwhelmed brought tears to my eyes and a great feeling of calm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    • stephanie snyder     Aug 9th, 2014
      Hey Beth-
      Thank you for your heartfelt words, they land with great appreciation! Have you heard the saying one baby is 1 and 2 is 10? So true :) Hang in there!
  • Candice Handrick     Jul 26th, 2014
    Thank you so much Stephanie for all your pre-natal classes. I just had my fourth baby and still feel strong. Just did first post-natal and loved it, your classes are keeping me sane in the mist of a new baby and 3 lovely children all at home on holiday.
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 27th, 2014
      O my, 4! Bless you, I bow to you :) And I couldn't be happier to help.
  • Amy Stitely     Jul 21st, 2014
    My VERY first yoga class 8 weeks since c-section. Perfect words of encouragement and nice gentle pacing. Thank you so much!
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 27th, 2014
      Good for you Amy. Im glad to hear you are back to your practice!
  • Margaret Zimmermann     Jul 13th, 2014
    This is my first week back doing some yoga, loved the class! My chest and upper back say thank you!
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 27th, 2014
  • Blythe Duffield     Jun 16th, 2014
    Stephanie, you are a god send! Thank you so much for creating these amazing classes. It's actually enabling me to get a little peace and yoga time in the midst of newborn and toddler madness.
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 27th, 2014
      I know, the first few months are intense! Hang in there and stay close to your practice :)
  • Lia Pinelli     May 6th, 2014
    I LOVE this class. Stephanie's words of affirmation and encouragement at the end were exactly what I needed to hear... I feel restored. Thank you, Stephanie.
  • Rachel Dane     May 2nd, 2014
    Dear Stephanie,
    Your classes totally buoy me during these hectic first months--thank you!

    With gratitude,
  • Sarah O'Brien     Jan 16th, 2014
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    • stephanie snyder     Jan 16th, 2014
      Happy to help!
  • Sara Gilson     Jan 11th, 2014
    First yoga class after baby! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement ;)
    • stephanie snyder     Jan 11th, 2014
  • nicola t     Dec 24th, 2013
    hi stephanie,
    thankyou for your prenatal classes...loved it.
    do you have any classes suitable for earlier post partum? like one week after!!?...very gentle stretches??
    i have a coccyx injury and cannot sit or lay on my also have sore hips from side lying...
    • stephanie snyder     Jan 11th, 2014
      Hi Nicola- The best thing for the first couple of weeks is rest whenever you can! Your body has been stretched to the max and really is trying to come back together. I hope you are feeling better by now! Sending love-XO
  • kate motley     Oct 12th, 2013
    Stephanie, like so many others here, I am so grateful for having done this class. I've been longing to get back into my practice and this is such a restorative, honoring, healing, encouraging class--I've shared on facebook for all of my friends how helpful yogaglo is! Thank you for dedicating your energy to classes for us mamas--God bless you and your sweet ones!
    • stephanie snyder     Oct 13th, 2013
      Kate thank you for your heartfelt words! I love connecting with other mothers - especially through yoga. Bless you too :)
  • Genevieve Braun     Sep 16th, 2013
    I am loving this! 6 weeks post partum with 3rd baby. I have clearance from doctor to resume exercise but it's always intimidating to know where to begin again and I'm a pretty cautious person so it puts my mind at ease to know that I am not overdoing it. Love this gentle but still challenging welcome back. And it helps sooo much to receive the training from someone who is familiar with what your body needs based on your current life circumstance. What I would like to know is if you could suggest an order to the post-natal routines. When to move on past this one, and which would be best to move to next etc.
    • stephanie snyder     Oct 13th, 2013
      Hey G
      You can do this class as long as it feels good! The other postnatal classes can be taken in any order you like.
  • Sally Werner     Aug 27th, 2013
    Hi Stephanie - I am almost 8 weeks post c-section Birth and am dying to restart the daily practice I started with you prenatal via Yogaglo. I was just wondering if there are any modifications/precautions/extra support I should be considering around my incision scar/abdomen etc......Thank you so much for all that you do :)
    • stephanie snyder     Sep 12th, 2013
      Hi Sally. You should definitely consult your OB for answers to those questions. Congrats to you!
  • Tracie Snyder     Aug 15th, 2013
    Hi Stephanie- I'm an LA native living in Berlin...your prenatal classes got me through my pregnancy and I was so happy to start with the post natal today. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful classes and for the genuine words of support and encouragement. I have to admit, you've made me teary eyed a few times (blame it on the hormones!). All the best xx
    • stephanie snyder     Aug 15th, 2013
      Yes those hormones! Thank you for your kind words, its an honor to help in anyway. XO.
  • Jo Braid     Jun 17th, 2013
    Wonderful class Stephanie. Many thanks. My second son is 6 weeks today and I've been hankering to get back on the mat. He joined me for the second half and we both loved it! 30 mins of recharge. I know I'll be coming back to this practice again. Loved your prenatal classes too and had another great birth. Namaste
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 17th, 2013
      Hey Jo- Congrats and welcome back to your practice! Remember to take it slowly at first. Im loving that your son joined you for the second half!
      Lots of Love-
  • Claire Pennline     Jun 11th, 2013
    Stephanie I just completed my first Yoga session post partum and I am so extremely grateful for how good I feel and how supportive you are throughout. I highly recommend this to any new Mum who can sneak away for 30 minutes.
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 11th, 2013
      Wonderful Claire- Im so glad you got 30 minutes to yourself!
  • Leigh Marsden     May 29th, 2013
    Dear Stephanie, My comments are very similar to those below - I did your prenatal sessions every day all the way up to the day of my second daughter's birth 7 weeks ago. The pregnancy and birth were so different to my first in a very positive way, thanks to your classes. And wow, it is SO good to be back! Thank you so much :)
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 2nd, 2013
      Welcome back! That is great news and congrats. 7 weeks, that is so wonderful. Take your time getting back into the swing :) Lots of Love-Steph
  • Anona Taylor     Apr 25th, 2013
    Thank you Stephanie! I did your prenatal classes every day right up to the day before my baby girl was born 6.5 weeks ago and they kept me in excellent shape - both physically and mentally. I am sure my level of fitness helped me get through the birth - 24 hours without pain relief! I had no idea how long the recovery process would take but have been so looking forward to feeling well enough to get back into my yoga. Started yesterday with this class and it was amazing! Just challenging enough without being exhausting and also stretched out all of my sore spots from feeding and carrying my little angel around :) I absolutely love your classes and recommend them to all of my friends. Thank you for getting me through my pregnancy and for helping me ease back into the world post birth! Xx
    • stephanie snyder     Apr 30th, 2013
      Wow, CONGRATS Anona!!!! 24 hours and no drugs, you are amazing, I bow to you! Great job. So happy to hear that the prenatal classes were so helpful, that makes my day. Im also so happy to hear that this class has relieved some of your post natal discomfort. Sending love to you and your family.
  • Claire Despine     Apr 17th, 2013
    Goooood, I feel good... I should have started with this practice instead of more challenging ones (I don't know why, I did not see it) that were making me feel more overwhelmed. Yes, I am tired, I feel overwhelmed and emotional and this gentle practice is helping, thank you!
    • stephanie snyder     Apr 17th, 2013
      Hey Claire-
      Yes it is all of the above! Not easy, but great (mostly)- :)
      Hang in there, it gets easier and know that you are doing a GREAT job.
      Sending Love and Fortitude-
  • Mary Mehl     Apr 11th, 2013
    Thank You Stephanie! I'm four months post partum and although I have moved on to more rigorous practices, this was so uplifting and supportive and encouraging. It was so nice to hear her mention breastfeeding more than once and to show much love and support to the new mamas. This was just awesome and I plan to do this one over and over as a light wake up practice.
    • stephanie snyder     Apr 17th, 2013
      Lovely, thanks Mary!
  • Kristin Baker     Dec 31st, 2012
    Stephanie your encouraging words and restorative techniques are so appreciated. I got frustrated with yoga during pregnancy and quit doing it for the most part but this really set the tone for me getting back to the mat and made me realize how much I miss it! Thank you!
    • stephanie snyder     Dec 31st, 2012
      Hey Kristin- Love to hear that you are back to yoga. Its good for us Moms and our families :) The practice takes care of us so that we can take care of our babies.
  • Sally Upton     Sep 10th, 2012
    well that was an interesting practice. My almost 3 year old 'helped' me do my yoga. That included crawling under, climbing over and a bit of pulling on arms and legs. Despite the additional 'help', I still really benefitted... namaste :)
    • stephanie snyder     Sep 10th, 2012
      HA! Ive had that same practice :) lots of love.
  • Laura Miller     Sep 4th, 2012
    Thank you for this wonderful video! It was my first proper exercise after being cleared by my OB for light exercise earlier today. I am very glad that this was the session I chose. After having a C section it was the right way to stretch things out. Namaste.
    • stephanie snyder     Oct 12th, 2012
      Namaste Laura and congrats! Enjoy these days so much!
  • Cheryl Parsons     Aug 26th, 2012
    Thank you Stephanie! As a first time mum to a 4.9kg girl, I didn't realise what the birth etc would take out of my body and how important it is to give yourself time to get back into things slowly. I am a yoga teacher myself, and it has taken a lot of acceptance of my body, that maybe things aren't as strong or open as they were before in my practice, but that slowly I will get back to form. Your words really hit the spot for me today xxx
    • stephanie snyder     Sep 10th, 2012
      Hey Cheryl- It all comes back with time, enjoy these moments :) Thanks for your comments, good for all of us.
  • lotus yoga     Aug 25th, 2012
    I love you Stephanie! There is so much compassion in your teaching, I always feel completely safe and supported. No matter what is going on in my life i can always come to you and get exactly what I need. Namaste!
    • stephanie snyder     Oct 12th, 2012
      Lotus Yoga, thank you for your comment, its a total pleasure and big treat to get to reach out in cyberspace and connect. Nama!
  • Lucy Leslie     Aug 15th, 2012
    My first practice since having twins: 30 mins ended up being 50 because of screen freezing - so frustrating!
    Otherwise, nice to be back on the mat. Thanks SS. x
    • stephanie snyder     Aug 15th, 2012
      Hey Lucy- Congrats! Wow, twins- good job. Im glad you were able to resolve streaming issues, I know how precious time is :) Lots of Love to you...
    • YogaGlo     Aug 15th, 2012
      Lucy - we just emailed you some tips to help with the streaming.
      • Lucy Leslie     Aug 15th, 2012
        Thank you very much Derik, I had a feeling there was probably something I could do to make it better but didn't know what.
        Have had a lovely day because of this practice all the same - thank you YogaGlo. xx
  • Sally Upton     Aug 4th, 2012
    First time back on the mat since mid pregnancy and after a very hard birth and many additional health issues in the past 6 weeks this class has just given me wings again. Thankyou Namaste.
    • stephanie snyder     Aug 4th, 2012
      Enjoy the wings- sending love and the knowing mama nod :)
  • Claire Claire     Jul 3rd, 2012
    First time back on the mat at 10 weeks postpartum and this was just perfect. Thank you as always Stephanie - you have such great insight for what a momma's body needs :)
  • Tom Tom     Jun 29th, 2012
    I'm 10 weeks postpartum and this was my first class since giving birth. It was perfect. I'd love to have you post more postpartum classes!
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 29th, 2012
      more coming, thanks TomTom!
  • Ulrika Sundin     Jun 25th, 2012
    Great class as always Stephanie. :) I would love if you would give your view on how best to help close the gap between the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) that most women get after pregnancy. I know crunch-like exercises should be left out until the gap is no bigger than the width of two fingers but it would be interesting to see what your suggestions would be. I'd also like to encourage all breastfeeding moms out there to try breastfeeding lying down on your side with your baby next to you. It can be a bit tricky the first few weeks if the baby is on the smaller side but as the baby grows I find it works better and better and it is so restful compared with sitting up holding the baby. My children have both seemed to prefer doing it this way too. :)
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 29th, 2012
      Hi Ulrika- always good hearing from you. safest abs for diastasis would be plank variations that work more on stabilization. You are right crunches are not rec. And YES to side lying breast feeding, SO good. My first wasn't into it but my second is and its a great break for the shoulders and upper back.
  • Jessie Laflamme     Jun 18th, 2012
    Great class Stephanie! Thank you :) This is exactly what I needed today after a long night with my fussy babe :)
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 29th, 2012
      bless the fussy babe and bless you! It gets easier :)
  • Lorie Walther     Jun 18th, 2012
    Are you going to do any classes as Mommy and baby? I would really love that and think it would be great. Really hard to find.
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 18th, 2012
      Hey Lorie-You can try this practice with your baby next to you on a play mat. You can also have your baby under your face when on all fours for about the first 7 minutes. Will keep in mind your request too!
      • Kristin Baker     Dec 31st, 2012
        I think a momma and baby class would be awesome!