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Level 2
60 min

Formidable Focus Flow

Vinyasa Flow | By Darren Rhodes on Jul 15 2012
This class serves as a review of many of the poses in Darren's previous YogaGlo classes. It therefore offers a lot of postures with very little alignment instruction. It is geared towards students of vinyasa.


This class serves as a review of many of the poses in Darren's previous YogaGlo classes. It therefore offers a lot of postures with very little alignment instruction. It is geared towards students of vinyasa.


  • Paola Cicogni     Oct 7th, 2014
    No, really this was a level 2 class?! I am afraid I have to practise a lot with you in yogaglo before passing this review! ;-) thanks, difficult but beautiful class!
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 7th, 2014
      Thanks for taking on the difficult, finding the the beautiful, and for practicing!
  • Ida Nissen     Oct 12th, 2013
    Incredible flow, loved your one-word instructions, meditative and vigorous! More of that! Got so much aware of my alignment than I would usually do with lots of alignments talk. I felt really self-responsible to set up right and get the most of the pose. Fix of the day, thanks a lot !
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 13th, 2013
      My goal as a teacher: power to the pithy! I'm so grateful to know you got more out of me saying less!
  • Anita Olanick     Oct 11th, 2013
    Probably the best teacher walking the planet today.
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 11th, 2013
      You must be the most kind and generous student walking the planet today in my world anyway:)
  • Anita Olanick     Oct 11th, 2013
    Probably the best teacher walking the planet today.
  • l fletcher     Oct 11th, 2013
    Fun! Offering phases allows a home student to ebb and flow with the flow. Yummy hip openers.
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 11th, 2013
      I Fletcher,
      I dharma dig the saying "ebb and flow." One reason: ebb is such a unique word and yet when "and flow" follows it's as natural as chocolate and peanut butter. I don't think I've ever heard the word "ebb" used in any other context. And, when it comes to practice, well practice just does indeed ebb and flow. I'm glad this practice promoted both for yoga you!
  • Annie Svobodova     Oct 11th, 2013
    Darren, this was the first class i have done in a long time and it was just perfect. i really loved the 15s holds and variety of poses.
    love from Prague.
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 11th, 2013
      I'm so grateful to know that your first class dharma-delivered! Keep on keeping on Annie Practitioner from Prague!
  • ZEynep A     Sep 18th, 2013
    And here is a yogi who is thankşng you from Istanbul;))
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 26th, 2013
      Istanbul, one of the most significant cities in history, is one of my favorite words actually. I just love the sound and feel of it. It translates to me: Strong as Bull. Thanks for the surya-shout-out!
  • Charity Adams     Jun 10th, 2013
    Lovely practice which I find myself coming back to time and again. Lots of gratitude from Dubai!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 11th, 2013
      Dubai! Wow, that's amazing. I'm so lucky to be able, via YogaGlo, to connect to yogins all over the world. I'm grateful to know you are returning to this practice again and again. One of my sequencing mantras: if it's repeatable it's unbeatable.
  • julio cesar gomes     Apr 12th, 2013
    love your classes brother.
    • Darren Rhodes     Apr 25th, 2013
      Thanks for this you just uplifted me comment!
  • Raquel Nagamine     Feb 11th, 2013
    Thank you, Darren. I love the way you conduct your classes, making them challenging and so rewarding. :)
    • Darren Rhodes     Feb 11th, 2013
      Thank you for this comment. A definite aim for me is to offer classes that offer reward via challenge. I'm glad you got both in this class!
  • Jana Laughlin     Nov 11th, 2012
    I think this is a fabulous class for alignment junkies... which I definitely am. I am so used to all that instruction and need practice allowing all my alignment knowledge be expressed fluidly through my poses. Moving out of the brain and into the body more and more. Thank you for this class!
    • Darren Rhodes     Nov 13th, 2012
      Jai Jai Jai to the alignment junkies! Christina Sell and I teach a workshop called The alchemy of Flow and Form. I love the form and all the alignment that informs the form. And, I love to flow from one form to another. So, I'm glad that you found the flow useful to the function of your form. Thank you for this comment which really inspired me.
  • Rachel Rachel     Sep 25th, 2012
    In the best way possible, this is like drill sergeant yoga. Great flow for experienced yogis. Thanks!
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 29th, 2012
      Drill sergeant yoga. I like that concept. Glad the flow worked for you.
  • Wendy Loughlan     Sep 25th, 2012
    Darren, seriously, thank you so much for the class you taught here, it was absolutely brilliant! So great to just trust all of the alignment in my body to support me as we flowed in and out of many asana. Yoga truly is a fantastic companion and likewise, yourSelf, an inspiring teacher. Om Namah Shivaya! Wendy. xx

  • Wendy Loughlan     Sep 25th, 2012
    Darren, seriously, thank you so much! Really, I can't express in words how grateful I am for that class you just gave! It was fabulous! SO good to just trust all of the alignment in my body to support me as we flowed in and out of asana, 'to be in the pose' and let it work it's magic! Yoga truly is a fabulous companion and you likewise, a fabulous teacher. Om Namah Shivaya. Wendy xx
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 29th, 2012
      Hello Wendy,
      Thanks for embracing this practice. Indeed, the practice speaks for itself best.
  • Ellen Bluett     Sep 19th, 2012
    Just what I needed. great all around practice.
  • natalie deweese     Sep 9th, 2012
    Really worked up a sweat with this one just what I needed, great class Darren!
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 12th, 2012
      Work, sweat, what you needed.
      That makes me hatha happy to know.
      Thanks for practicing.
  • Barbara Pautler     Aug 16th, 2012
    What a great practice! Love the simplicity but power behind just using the names. Can't wait to do this over and over again.
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 16th, 2012
      I'm honored to know you plan to practice this asana again and again!
  • B. Juliánna Nagy     Aug 1st, 2012
    Love love lovelovelove. Not too much flow, just perfect. Precise, down to the point. Great sense of humour. When the effort becomes effortless. Thank you for practice, Darren! Namaste.
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 16th, 2012
      "When the effort becomes effortless" is an apt definition of yoga itself.
      I am hatha happy that this practice worked for you.
  • Mindy Menard     Jul 31st, 2012
    Just awesome!!!! Thanks Darren
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 16th, 2012
      Mindy so Maha,
      Thank you!
  • Becca Roodhuyzen     Jul 23rd, 2012

    Your classes are some of my favorite! And your student is one of my favorite teachers: Rachelle Robins here in Colorado Springs. Thank you for all you offer. I especially appreciate your straightforwardness and sense of humor. Trying to come study with you and Christina in September for my bday (9/23).

    Becca Roo
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 16th, 2012
      So glad to know you are taking Rachelle Robin's Colorado Springs classes. She is such a skilled teacher. I hope you can make it out to Austin for your Birthday! Thank you for your supportive comments.
  • Raymond Mohrman     Jul 21st, 2012
    Thanks for another gem Darren. Succinct, clear, inspiring. Any tips for getting back foot flat to floor in vasistasana? I don't seem to have enough foot flexibility. Thanks again. Aloha
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 22nd, 2012
      If moving your hips up and back as you tilt the bottom arm back doesn't do the trick, I recommend you not give it a second thought. Vasistasana can be done start to finish with the outer edge of the foot on the floor. If that makes balance too difficult, place the outer edge of the bottom foot on the floor and the inner edge of the foot against a wall. Thanks for your supportive words and thanks for practicing.
  • Madhavi Guemoes     Jul 21st, 2012
    Great class, thank you!!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 22nd, 2012
      Thanks Madhavi so sri sri shri!
  • Andrea Fotopoulos     Jul 20th, 2012
    I've been practicing this class for a week straight, picking it apart, adding a few things and coming back to it. Like a good recipe, this just keeps getting better. Your stripped down, pragmatic, succinct and to the damn point instruction make for a straight arrow shot from the outside in.
    Thanks! Now keep em coming.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 21st, 2012
      I like the way you write! You've articulated my very aim: "stripped down, pragmatic, succinct." And my dharma also: "to the damn point." Thank you for your commentary and guidance!
  • Mojie B     Jul 19th, 2012
    Thank you so much for the great class Darren
    I loved it, Less talk and more action
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 19th, 2012
      Yes, this class was definitely geared towards the "less is more" approach. I'm glad it worked for you.
  • Kelly Bursey     Jul 19th, 2012
    I loved it!, loved it! loved it! I like the shot gun approach. Bang, bang, get it done . Hurry up but take your time. The entire body gets a full spectrum wringing out. Keep them coming. I also love your shakti go to practice when I'm stuck for time.
    Thank you Darren, you are a gem...thankful to have you at yogaglo!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 19th, 2012
      Yo Kelly,
      Next time I'm at yogaglo I'll have to do a class called shakti shot gun! Thanks for the idea. Yes, "hurry up but take your time" is exactly it.
  • Kathryn Leonard Friedman     Jul 18th, 2012
    This guy is good and FUNNY, too! Great workout and entertainment.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      You know I had the insight the other day that entertainment can be part of the practice. After all, entertainment can capture our attention and intention! So, I like that you put workout and entertainment together.
  • Mary-Kate Murray     Jul 18th, 2012
    awesome practice. so sane. and the what the hath a hell comment inspired a deep belly laugh! thank you Darren.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      Ah, a belly laugh. That's better than the best practice! Sadhana is sanity!
  • Mahala Helf     Jul 17th, 2012
    The variations on fierce pose were so helpful. Building the quad strength & knee stability is a challenge in life/practice for me. Easing into the pose with arms down etc. I could really do the full angle & know what it feels like. Similar with bow on the side--for the first time more arch in my upper back. To my astonishment, several formerly formidable poses from "Practice is a Gift" and "Tame Tenacious Tendencies" were suddenly possible!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      Suddenly possible is the best feeling. Isn't progress in sadhana so subtle, slow, and then suddenly! As they say in the 12 step world, "Don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle."
      Thanks Mahala.
  • Huda Mussa     Jul 17th, 2012
    That was an ideal feel good class for somebody who knows the alignment principles with no acrobatics. My body felt great afterwards. I am glad you are introducung some of the classic forms of asanas as per Light on Yoga. I have not done supta padagustasana IV and Ardhrs matsyasana I in a long time. Very few teachers teach them nowadays.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      Yes, a challenging class without the asana-acrobatics is one of my aims as a hatha yoga instructor. Asana accessibility is what I'm about. And, I am recently studying Light On Yoga like never before. So, I'm bringing the "classic forms" back into my classes more and more. Like, have you done Bharadvajasana one with a straight arm recently? It's fantastic!
  • Susan Rock     Jul 16th, 2012
    Thank you Darren for taking me out of my alignment brain and into my feeling body. Glad you are back.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      Yes, that was the main mission! Thank you for that feedback.
  • Soozie Kinstler     Jul 16th, 2012
    I am always amazed I do not miss jumping/floating in your classes and the juice that is saved from that can be given to everything else. Love everything about it. Look forward to more hour classes with you. Namaste
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      That's a very interesting and helpful insight for me. Yes, lack has its place and purpose.
  • Julie Brooks     Jul 16th, 2012
    That was just what the description said it would be. Although, I, too, am an alignment junkie and love lots of cues, it's nice to mix it up a bit--keeping it real ;)--and necessary cues were definitely given. That Tibetan Warrior business would be easy on the teacher if no cues had to be given but that was my first exposure to the pose and I was desperate for some guidance. And for a yoga teacher, this class seems very challenging to teach. But you made it look easy.

    It's going in my favorites. And thank you very much for a fun hour of yoga!! xoxo
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      I really enjoyed your commentary. Going into your favorites! Wow, I'm hatha-honored.
  • Cathy Benthagen     Jul 15th, 2012
    Yeah finally you are back!!! Since practicing your previous classes this was the icing and a fun class. Thank you Darren...your alignment cues have been inspiring in my home practice...looking forward to more classes Soon!!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      It means a lot to me to know your home practice has been inspired by the alignment cues in these classes. I had so much fun during this class myself.
  • yogagal      Jul 15th, 2012
    Ah, the good ole day's, when poses were just called out, and a student could take all of the endless cues they have learned and apply what they need for the pose. Nice change to be able to do that many postures in 60 minutes. Personally think could have left out all instruction, except for some of those supine floor poses.
    Just stand there like BKS with a stick, say the pose, and then prod + poke them like cattle when they need alignment instruction, yes the good ole days.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      I love it! Okay, I will aspire to teach one class at yogaglo where I just call out the posture names. Though, instead of an "stick" I'll stick with my stop watch. You capture the "good ole day's" in your above description very well.
  • Lisa Hagen     Jul 15th, 2012
    Hi Darren, love the sequence, pace and always, love ur classes!!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      Thanks for practicing and thanks too for your sadhana supportive words.
  • Maurey Lancaster     Jul 15th, 2012
    Loved the poses and there was some helpful commentary. I thought the triangle/half moon section was too fast and the seated floor instructions, especially at the end - were confusing and hard to follow easily. Time flew by and I loved the energy of this practice! X
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      Yes, I think other of practitioners will feel sections of this class are too fast and confusing as well. I hope that if you choose to practice it again, "fast" will become flow and "confusion" will become, you guessed it, clarity. Thanks for practicing. Good energy was what I was going for in this class so I'm glad you felt that.
  • Wilhelmina Taal-Pflaum     Jul 15th, 2012
    Darren, why do you teach at this speed ? Even without specific alignment instructions I would love to have some time to reflect about.... routines in life.... Namaste,Williste
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 18th, 2012
      This class is called Formidable Focus Flow. Speed goes with a class title like that. And, if you practice it several times, that fast becomes flow. I teach other classes that are indeed slower. Though in general I do teach a pretty fast paced class. I do that to fit in a full spectrum class in just 60 minutes. I hope that answers your question.