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Level 1
45 min

Steady Practice for Beginners

Hatha | By Darren Rhodes on Sep 09 2012
A flow that you can do again and again. This steady practice offers many variations and modifications for persons seeking a level 1 practice. A great way for you to learn modifications to use in other classes.


A flow that you can do again and again. This steady practice offers many variations and modifications for persons seeking a level 1 practice. A great way for you to learn modifications to use in other classes.


  • guillermo j     Sep 16th, 2014
    I enjoy this class. It has been part of my practice for more than six months. Thank you. Guillermo
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 18th, 2014
      6 months! Holy Hatha Cow. Thank you so much for letting me know that; meaningful to me.
  • Virginia Rangitsch     Sep 16th, 2014
    First time I taken a class with you, this was great I realized I need to work on my balance this I will come back to. Namaste
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 18th, 2014
      Thank you for taking this class. Thank you for practicing. I too need to work on balance!!! (mainly in the mental and emotional realm which is what keeps me coming back to the mat over and over).
  • Sarah Cutting     Jul 11th, 2014
    I've taken a couple of your classes at YO and am so excited that I now can do them in home with you and build my yoga practice! Great sequence!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 13th, 2014
      You've been to YO! Next time you come to class please let me know that this Sarah is the Surya-Sarah that also takes classes on YogaGlo. Yes, what gift that YogaGlo bring the Hatha Home-om!
  • Patricia Becker     Dec 11th, 2013
    Very good to have some level ones from you.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 13th, 2014
      More level ones coming to the one and only YogaGlo to you soon! And, speaking of soon, I'll respond wow and way more quickly in the future. I just saw this comment now.
  • Fiorella Ikeue     Sep 22nd, 2013
    I enjoyed this class very much!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 13th, 2014
      So-Surya-Superlatively-Sorry for not responding to your comment. I just saw it today! Thanks for taking this class way back in 2013. I hope you are still taking classes with me:)
  • irene carbo     Mar 19th, 2013
    wonderful class as always thanks Darren
    • Darren Rhodes     Mar 20th, 2013
      Thank you for your supportive comments. They mean a lot to me.
  • Amy Relnick     Dec 6th, 2012
    Can you explain why we should keep our back heel vertical in a lunge versus dropping the heel down to stretch the calf? Does it have to do with the knee? All your classes have been fantastic, I have really enjoyed them all. Thank you so much for teaching online for us country bumpkins that don't have as many options.
    : )
    • Darren Rhodes     Mar 20th, 2013
      Country bumpkin, I like the sound of that. Is that the Country Music version of the band Smashing Pumpkins?

      If you keep your front shin vertical and move your back heel forward into a vertical position it will lift the femur up and make overly stretching the hip flexors and psoas less likely. Many practitioners hip flexors/psoas are tight. That stretch gets all the more pronounced when moving into warrior 1 from lunge. Warrior 1 stretches the hip flexors/psoas much more than the calf. That's why I often teach lunge that way. That said, yes indeed, you can extend your heel back in a lunge to stretch the calf. The key is to also keep the action of the thigh back (the movement of the femur can be forward, the action of the femur needs to be back). The variables and variations in asana are endless.

      Thought provoking question. Thank you for that.
  • Susan Campbell     Nov 27th, 2012
    Thank you so very much for this practice! Lovely and unexpected sequence with helpful alignment cues. All smiles : D
    • Darren Rhodes     Dec 5th, 2012
      Yes, the unexpected can in-dharma-deed be roar and refreshing. Thanks for practicing.
  • Jessica LaGarde     Nov 20th, 2012
    I'm easing back into yoga after an injury, and have struggled to find classes that feel safe for my low back and shoulder, but still feel like a challenge and also feel FUN. This flow was perfect! Thank you, Darren---seconding the request for more Level 1 classes!
    • Darren Rhodes     Nov 20th, 2012
      Yes, challenge and fun are key practice ingredients. My aim is to offer both doable and difficult classes in the context of fun. So, I'm glad this class worked for you. Okay, when I'm back at Yogaglo I will make Level 1 classes a primary focus. I do indeed need to offer more of them. Thanks for practicing!
  • pam swing     Nov 18th, 2012
    Im coming back from an injury to my low back-this is a great class-you are a wonderfully clear teacher.Thank you.
    • Darren Rhodes     Nov 18th, 2012
      I'm glad this practice helped your low back and that you are back to practicing. I find that the belly down backbends such as shalabhasana prep and makrasana are great for strengthening the low back.
  • John John     Oct 16th, 2012
    That was excellent with nice transitions and the developing of a strong foundation.
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 25th, 2012
      Thanks for practicing John. I'm glad you liked the transitions. And for sure, foundation is the key!
  • Dina Barraza     Oct 8th, 2012
    P.S. Good to finally meet you! Enjoyed ur class.
  • Dina Barraza     Oct 8th, 2012
    Hi Darren. I started Intro to Yoga almost 1 1/2 years ago in Downtown Tucson w/Lori's Sunday class. I recently moved to SD and miss Yoga Oasis and my Sunday morning class. I'm doing things I couldn't do a year ago. Wish they had afordable Anusara in SD. Need a YO here. . I suggested Lori record her class. Thx
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 11th, 2012
      Hello Dina!
      I am so glad that Lori decided to teach intro2yoga at yo-downtown. Knowing that's where you started and that you are continuing to practice means much to me. Lori is a great teacher for sure. Thanks for taking this class. More soon.
  • Cheryl Fisher     Oct 8th, 2012
    Excellent workout for us beginners! Thank you for this class. I truly enjoyed it.
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 11th, 2012
      Thanks Cheryl! More coming soon.
  • Amy Touchette     Oct 8th, 2012
    I hope you do more level I classes. I loved the challenge but was really pushing myself,as a beginner. I have done it 2x's. great!
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 11th, 2012
      Yoga Yes to you doing this class twice! Okay, I will do more level 1 classes.
  • Aryelle Attridge-Weeks     Sep 28th, 2012
    Ditto on the wrists comment, Katerina Nadezhdin posted!!
  • Katerina Nadezhdin     Sep 26th, 2012
    Hey Darren, thanks for the class. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how i can strengthen my wrists. I found I couldn't go into certain poses, because they were hurting too much.
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 11th, 2012
      okay, I give up. I've tried 3 times to reply. I think my reply must be too long. Feel free to email me at Sorry it didn't go through!
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 29th, 2012
      I've replied to this twice. doesn't seem to be working. alas!
  • Judy Paul     Sep 23rd, 2012
    Very good class to learn that I can do more than I think I can. Wonderfull encouragement. Thank you.
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 29th, 2012
      I'm am glad and grateful to know that the 't were erased from can't.
      As I said in one of these classes, "Practice, practice, practice makes potential palpable." Thanks for practicing.
  • Catherine Halion     Sep 18th, 2012
    Really enjoyed that class. Thank you
  • Allison D'Anna     Sep 13th, 2012
    GREAT class! Good instruction! Thanks!
  • Madeleine Santiago     Sep 12th, 2012
    Thank you! I loved the different balancing poses, and how you made them accessible to different levels. A lot of fun to try!
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 12th, 2012
      Thanks for this comment. Accessibility is my aim!
  • irene carbo     Sep 12th, 2012
    I loved this class. I thought it would be a piece of cake, because it was level 1, but I really worked every muscle. Thank Darren for this wonderful practice.....Namaste
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 12th, 2012
      I hope it was as yoga yummy as a piece of cake:)
  • evelyn jauvart     Sep 11th, 2012
    Nice practice! Namaste!
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 12th, 2012
      Thanks for practicing Evelyn
  • Jennifer Pittam     Sep 10th, 2012
    Very useful, especially all the specifics such as the one about back pain being preventable by practice of Locust etc. Thank you.
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 12th, 2012
      My wife Bronwin and I have been told that our Son Dagda should do as much belly down time as possible (we don't enforce if of course). That that will support his development a great deal. I feel the same way about belly down backbends. I think they offer all that our low backs need. So yes indeed, for many of us the remedy for back pain is belly down backbends!
  • Sarah Higgins     Sep 9th, 2012
    We loved it! I especially enjoyed the tree sequencing. What a sweet way for Mom and Dad to get their yoga groove on for family time. Thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 12th, 2012
      Sarah so Surya,
      That's maha meaningful to me to know you and your husband/partner practiced this together. The tree sequencing for the family tree!
  • Lorna Booker     Sep 9th, 2012
    Brilliant, loved it! Thanks, Darren.
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 12th, 2012
      Thanks for your supportive comment and for practicing.