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Invigorating Start to Your Day

Hatha | By Darren Rhodes on Jun 17 2012
Rise and shine without the sun salutation. Start your day with some invigorating standing poses, such as warrior 1 and 2, tree pose, plank, and power posture. A great way to start and stay steady throughout your day.


Rise and shine without the sun salutation. Start your day with some invigorating standing poses, such as warrior 1 and 2, tree pose, plank, and power posture. A great way to start and stay steady throughout your day.


  • Emily Barrow     Sep 16th, 2014
    Did this with my 11 year old daughter today. We loved it! Thanks and Namaste,
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 18th, 2014
      Knowing that you and your daughter practiced this together is mother-meaningful to me. I started going to my moms classes at our high school when I was 16. I didn't know it at the time but I know it now: my moms practice is one of the greatest gifts of my life! Thanks for your comment and thanks for practicing!
  • Ela Steinke     Aug 11th, 2014
    Awesome mood lifting class, I'm happy to start my day and will definitely come back to this class of yours.
    Namaste from New Zealand,
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 14th, 2014
      Ela from New Zealand,
      Wow, amazing that yogaglo so global connects so many of us via practice please practice:)
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 14th, 2014
      Ela from New Zealand!
  • Rebecca Sherer     Feb 18th, 2014
    Wonderful way to wake-up. Thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Feb 21st, 2014
      Right back at you! Wonderful to wake-up to your comment!
  • Lindsay Ries Windsor     Feb 4th, 2014
    what a great way to start the day! even with 10 month old climbing on me and dog licking my face, this practice creates a wonderful foundation to a great day. darren, your instruction is wonderful. as a newbie to yoga, i finish my practices challenged, but very confident. thanks!
    • Darren Rhodes     Feb 21st, 2014
      Wow, you are quite the practitioner! That sounds like a fun yet challenging practice environment (my nearly 2 year old son Dagda often does poses ON my mat while I'm cute). Knowing you finished practice feeling "challenged" yet "confident" means much to me.
  • Jennifer Kollmar     Jan 25th, 2014
    Loved the quickie wake up practice, I'm energized and ready to go!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jan 29th, 2014
      Glad this practice did the energize trick for you! Thanks for your comment.
  • Kim Catcheside     Jan 5th, 2014
    A great start to my day and I plan to do this regularly to help me achieve my new year resolution of improving balance.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jan 14th, 2014
      Improving balance: what a great resolution that applies so well on and off the mat. Glad to know this class will support your resolution!
  • Olivia Watkins     Sep 26th, 2013
    Such a great, quick class. I was dragging this morning. Thank you, so much. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed now. :)
    • Darren Rhodes     Jan 14th, 2014
      Yoga yes to you going from "dragging" to "bright-eyed and busy-tailed"! Sept 26th (when you wrote this comment) I was in Sydney Australia. Sorry I somehow didn't see your comment until now!
  • Leona D'vaz     Sep 21st, 2013
    I've just stumbled on your classes Darren and they are great. I love the instructions to help me correct my poses. Totally energised to conquer everything on my 'to do' list. Namaste!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jan 14th, 2014
      Sorry for the response delay on this! Somehow I just found it. I hope you continued to take my yogaglo classes:) And I hope you continue to go from "to do" to done! Namaste,
  • Claudine Garber     Sep 14th, 2013
    Great way to start the day, thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 20th, 2013
      Right back at you: your comment is a great way to end my day. Thank you!
  • Jay Wehmeier     Aug 20th, 2013
    Good morning from the banks of the Wapahani. She is very still, and lazy green, as the sun rises and the reflections double the pontoon boats, houses and her banks. Thank you, now I feel ready to roll into this late summer day.
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 27th, 2013
      I googled Wapahani. I figured it was somewhere in Hawaii. But all I could find was an obscure high school in some small town. So, I'm starting to suspect Wapahani might be other wordly:). Glad to know this practice was part of your surya-summer day.
  • louise androlia     Jul 8th, 2013
    Thank you Darren, I love this!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 12th, 2013
      Thank you Louise for this positively positive comment!
  • Seika Lee     Jul 7th, 2013
    Not being a morning person and with a strong dislike for Garuda. This is my favourite wakeup call! You change my practice. Thank you, Darren!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jul 12th, 2013
      Seika Lee,
      Favorite wake up call! Dharma damn, that's great. I went from Garuda dislike to like via: head above hips; spine straight up and down; elbows/abdomen down, back. Asanas I dislike make me furious then curious. I liked your comment. Thanks.
  • Terri Johnson     Jun 4th, 2013
    Excellent class! Thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 5th, 2013
      Thanks for practicing Terri!
  • Phil Hurd     May 31st, 2013
    I actually did this practice a little while ago; just getting around to commenting. I enjoyed this practice quite a bit and I got my 10 year old daughter to do it with me, and she enjoyed it too. I will definitely repeat this one.
    • Darren Rhodes     May 31st, 2013
      That is so sweet that you and your 10 year old daughter practiced this sequence together. Thanks for letting me know. My son Dagda (1 year old) smiles a lot when I practice yoga. Maybe one day he'll practice with me too:)
  • Phil Hurd     May 31st, 2013
    I actually did this practice a little while ago; just getting around to commenting. I enjoyed this practice quite a bit and I got my 10 year old daughter to do it with me, and she enjoyed it too. I will definitely repeat this one.
  • Astrid Rodriguez     May 19th, 2013
    Darren, m first class of yours. I love the arm movements to gain energy. It stretched out and woke up my arms and shoulders. I have hyper mobile shoulders, but this practice was perfect for them. Thank you.
    • Darren Rhodes     May 21st, 2013
      I'm glad to know this sequence woke up your shoulders and arms without taxing your shoulder mobility. Thanks for giving one of my classes a go.
  • Heidi Schwartz     May 15th, 2013
    thank you. my knees have been a problem so this was great, simple and I tried to take care of myself doing it. Never studied with you before. Short sequence was effective and to the point.
    • Darren Rhodes     May 21st, 2013
      Effective and to the point. I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for trying out one of my classes.
  • Colleen Jordan     Apr 26th, 2013
    Thank you again this morning my kittie Cleo joined me for eagle in th tree with kittie below! Have a blessed day!
    • Darren Rhodes     Apr 26th, 2013
      The eagle-in-the-tree-cat-on-the-ground-pose:)
      Thanks for practicing!
  • Lori Fannin     Mar 4th, 2013
    great start to my day!
    thank you
    • Darren Rhodes     Mar 6th, 2013

      Perfect balance: your comment makes a great end to my day!

  • Colleen Jordan     Feb 11th, 2013
    This is one of my favorite classes perfect for a busy Monday!
    Mostly though I love the sequence. So many classes don't have tree poses-love them
    More please in the 15-20 minute frame
    Bless you and yours
    • Darren Rhodes     Feb 11th, 2013
      Well, what can I surya say–yours is one of my favorite comments:). Yes, I will be sure to do more 15-20 minute practices. They really are optimal for a busy life. Thanks for practicing!
  • Dominique Fugere     Feb 1st, 2013
    Love it! Thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Feb 1st, 2013
      Thanks for your power positive comment. Thanks for practicing!
  • Shona Andrew     Jan 28th, 2013
    This was a great start to the morning, I wish you had done mirroring for the balancing sequence, as I got confused with arms and legs, although don't think it mattered!
    • Darren Rhodes     Feb 1st, 2013
      Nothing like a great start to the morning. Sorry about the mirroring mishap. May your arm/leg confusion become clarity.
  • Michelle Kohler     Jan 24th, 2013
    Darren, you're a rock star! I've been on Yogaglo since the New Year and just started a mentoring webinar with Christina Sell. Her resources lead me to you. Your Handstand tutorial was my intro to the wild side. Totally dig your directness, clarity, (and humor). :)
    • Darren Rhodes     Feb 1st, 2013
      Handstand can indeed be a surya-segway into the "wild side" of asana. I'm glad you dig my directions. I dharma dig your comment!
  • Ruth King     Jan 8th, 2013
    This was my very first Yogaglo class and I managed to fit it in between one child leaving the house to catch her morning train and getting the other two ready for their school run,so it was perfect - thank you.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jan 10th, 2013
      Wow, I am hatha honored that you chose this class for your first yogaglo practice. Yogaglo just gets better and better, that I can assure you. Now that my dharma is dad, it makes me all the happier when I get comments from parents who manage to get a practice in between this and that. Please stay on yogaglo; please keep practicing!
  • Janel DuRoss     Dec 23rd, 2012
    Darren, thank you that was a great quick practice as I only had 15min. Also, I fully enjoy your Yoga Resource book as well, I refer to it daily.
    • Darren Rhodes     Dec 23rd, 2012
      Wow, that you refer to Yoga Resource daily means much to me. A little goes a long way in the realm of Hatha. Glad those 15 minutes did the trick.
      Happy Holidays,
  • Chelsea Pirtle     Nov 13th, 2012
    great class! Perfect when I have a bazillion things to do!
    • Darren Rhodes     Nov 13th, 2012
      As Mark Twain or was it Blaise Pascal that said, "If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter." On the days that I too have a 'bazillion' things to do there is often nothing like a surya namaskar based sequence. Full gamut and succinct. Glad this practice did the trick for you.
  • Marianne Zarzana     Nov 11th, 2012
    Thank you for an exhilarating start to my day! I'm marking this as one of my favorites. Congratulations on being a new dad! Enjoy every moment with your little boy! Namaste
  • Julie Brooks     Oct 28th, 2012
    Wonderful class. I love that the yogaglo teachers appreciate the fact that sometimes, truly, you only have 15 minutes. And it's not easy to create a balanced 15 minute class but, Darren, you did such a worthy job!! I especially enjoyed the side stretches. Thanks!
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 28th, 2012
      Jai Julie,
      Yes, I get that 15 minutes can be all you got considering my dharma is now dad! Instead of coming up with what might work in 15 minutes I'm just offering what works for me when that's all the time I hatha have. Your comment is meaningful to me. Thank you and thanks for practicing.
  • Becca Hammer     Oct 24th, 2012
    This was my first class on YG. I feel really awake and energized for only 15 minuutes of practice and no coffee...yet.
    Thank you[
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 25th, 2012
      I'm honored to know you chose this practice for your first yogaglo class. Yes, 15 minutes of Hatha goes a long way. Add a little coffe into the mix...even better:)
  • Kate Mitchell     Oct 22nd, 2012
    Loved this, perfect quick start before baby woke ;)
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 23rd, 2012
      Now that I have a son I know how valuable those quick practices can be. I'm glad you got to practice!
  • Nadia Rqm     Oct 11th, 2012
    thank you for this quick and sweet class. The side stretches were a bit painful (I hardly side stretch!) but I needed those I guess. I also love the eagle and tree combo, perfect for my shoulders and thighs. A lovely 15 minutes session to go to when I absolutely need to do something.
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 23rd, 2012
      Yes, 15 minutes is just enough time to download the lasting benefits of yoga!
      Thanks for practicing.
  • Stacey Castro     Oct 1st, 2012
    Greatly needed side stretching!
  • Georgie Bassford     Sep 17th, 2012
    Perfect. Thanks so much. Just right on this beautiful autumnal morning
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 1st, 2012
      Glad to know your practice and day were a good match. Thanks for practicing.
  • Angela Jackson     Sep 16th, 2012
    Loved it, thanks. A good side stretch in the morning helps open my ribs and I can breathe easier. Thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Oct 1st, 2012
      I never made the connection between side stretching and being able to breathe more easily. Thanks for that insight.
  • Nikki Schnupp     Sep 8th, 2012
    I really like the class--it's nicely well rounded for being only 15 mins. But it's really more of a straight-up "1"--not a "1 or 2." For what that's worth.
    • Darren Rhodes     Sep 12th, 2012
      It's worth a lot. To get a sense of what "1" and "2" actually mean is helpful. I'm glad you liked this class.
  • Catherine Farrell     Aug 29th, 2012
    Happy to see that balance was an element of this one.
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 30th, 2012

      Hatha happy to know you felt this sequence was balanced.

  • Trish Cramer     Aug 9th, 2012
    I really enjoyed this class, the tree poses were exactly what was needed this morning, thanks!
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 10th, 2012
      Trish lover of Tree pose!
      Tree pose day in and day out becomes a giant Oak without a dharma doubt!
  • Colleen Jordan     Jul 16th, 2012
    Wonderful wake up and stretch sequence to start a blessed day!
    Love tree pose -any other class recommendations with standing and tree poses
    Thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 10th, 2012
      Yoga yes, there is nothing like the simple poses–they offer such subtle and significant benefits immediately! And, they are repeatable. The repeatable is unbeatable!
  • Maggie Taylor     Jul 11th, 2012
    Just what I need this morning. Thanks, Darren!
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 10th, 2012
      Your comment makes me hatha happy!
  • Amy Dixon     Jul 10th, 2012
    I woke up today just not feeling that I wanted to do my traditional sun salutes. This was such a refreshing, exhilirating way to find some energy and calm. Thanks so much. I love your classes. Wish you were out there more.
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 10th, 2012
      I have become really into weaving a variety of poses into the traditional sun salutes. And then there are those days where the tradition needs no addition. Thanks for practicing,
  • Heather Malcolm     Jul 8th, 2012
    A great way to re-energize mid-day, too! Thanks, Darren. _/|\_
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 10th, 2012
      Heather so Hatha,
      Glad to know this practice gave you a mid-day boost.
  • Patricia Becker     Jul 7th, 2012
    Thanks Darren,
    I am practicing!
    Patricia Becker, Palo Alto
    • Darren Rhodes     Aug 10th, 2012
      Glad to know you are practicing.
      A little each day goes a long way as you wow and well know!
  • cynthia joyce     Jun 24th, 2012
    wow! I'm still in my free trial period and just tried this class. It was great. Thank you Darren for a great class that can fit into my busy life. I think I will continue with Yogaglo.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 25th, 2012
      Cynthia!That this class could be part of your decision to continue with yogaglo makes my dharma-day! Yogaglo is Yogagreat! Smiles, Darren
  • Tori Bradford     Jun 22nd, 2012
    First class I took with YogaGlo and it did not disappoint! Thank you for such a creative and energizing practice, I loved it!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 24th, 2012
      Dear Tori!I'm hatha-honored that you chose this class as your first yogaglo class! I'm glad it didn't disappoint and I'm confident that yogaglo as a whole will be one positive practice experience after another. There is nothing else like it out there! Thanks,D
  • Colleen Jordan     Jun 21st, 2012
    Awesome!Thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 21st, 2012
  • Leigh Ann Kittell     Jun 18th, 2012
    Darren - Amazing blast of energy - I especially enjoyed all the arm movement as I am about to sit at a computer all day. Great job! Thanks!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 21st, 2012
      Leigh!Glad to know this sequence helped your all day computerasana!Love, D
  • Nick Florino     Jun 18th, 2012
    solid :)
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 21st, 2012
      namaste :)
  • Audrey Reyes     Jun 18th, 2012
    I am brand new to yoga and this program. What a great way to wake up! Thank you!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 18th, 2012
      Audrey!Brand new to yoga and yogaglo! So excellent that you found yogaglo, among the best yoga resources out there, at the beginning. Yoga just gets better and better and so does yogaglo! D
  • B W     Jun 18th, 2012
    Thanks Darren! I appreciate your clarity in instructions. I'm excited about your ebook too!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 18th, 2012
      Hatha Hello Bobbie,"Clarity of instructions." That's exactly what I'm seeking to offer in eBook. Thanks for the encouragement. Smiles, D
  • yogagal      Jun 17th, 2012
    Wow, you packed a punch into 15 min. MORE of these little blips of energy. You rock!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 18th, 2012
      Yogagal! What a perfect name for a yogaglo practitioner. Okay, next time I'm at yogaglo I'll be sure to offer another energy blip.
  • Mahala Helf     Jun 17th, 2012
    Outstanding reconnection to the "Vivacious Circle" of "Practice is A Gift"( which i enjoyed again yesterday!)! Surprised me with what came easy early--attention, focus, and surprisingly, balance. Aspiring to try this every morning before email. Thanks!
  • Jenny Tumas     Jun 17th, 2012
    This is a fabulous short but full practice, fresh and innovative!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 18th, 2012
      Jenny,Yes, short and full is what I'm all about. To get more practice in less time is something myriad many practitioners need. That's one of the greatest assets of yogaglo–so many 15 and 20 minute options. D
  • Lisa Brooks Mills     Jun 17th, 2012
    Great invigorating way to start the day! Thanks Darren!
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 18th, 2012
      Lisa!I'm glad this practice invigorated the surya-start of your day!D
  • Paul Mikkelson     Jun 17th, 2012
    Fun little warm up for the start of my day in Vegas, nice timing on putting this out this am
  • Sarah Higgins     Jun 17th, 2012
    thanks for a great Father's Day practice. Our family loved it.
    • Darren Rhodes     Jun 18th, 2012
      Sarah so Surya,Yesterday was my first ever Father's Day as a dad! So, that you did this as a Father's Day practice makes me happy. Wow, you practice as a family–so sweet. Love, D
  • Mia Mironov     Jun 17th, 2012