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Level 2/3
60 min

Slower Flow

Hatha | By Dice Iida-Klein on Apr 11 2012
This class is less flow based and has a slower pace than usual. Longer holds in postures allow our hamstrings and hips to find space and freedom from tension. We make our way through a few arm balances like handstand, eka pada koundinyasana II, as well as Astavakrasana (crooked pose). Enjoy my fellow yogis!


This class is less flow based and has a slower pace than usual. Longer holds in postures allow our hamstrings and hips to find space and freedom from tension. We make our way through a few arm balances like handstand, eka pada koundinyasana II, as well as Astavakrasana (crooked pose). Enjoy my fellow yogis!


  • ZEynep A     Dec 6th, 2014
    Another magıc. I have never felt this open in my hips and did both of the arm balances. Hurrrrayyy. Thank you Dıce from the botttom of my heart🙏🙏🙏
  • Miray Skeens     Sep 18th, 2014
    I agree with the previous comment!! You're classes are always the perfect combination for a perfect workout every time!! Thank you!!
  • Celine Herweijer     Sep 9th, 2014
    As always, THANK YOU Dice. Always guaranteed great work with you, always the right kind of challenge and sweat. I champion you. All best.
  • Christina Scovel     Sep 9th, 2014
    This was perfect. Perfect in every way. Thank you so much!!!
  • Steph Wilson     Dec 1st, 2013
    I really appreciate the slower flow. It allows me to breathe and catch up. Thank you for this class!!!
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Jan 7th, 2014
      You're welcome Steph!
  • Samantha Simons     Nov 20th, 2013
    Never though astavakrasana was in my reach...until tonight! Really enjoyed this slower, dynamic approach to hip opening.
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Jan 7th, 2014
      Nice Samantha! It was always in you...just dorment. Glad it came out with this practice :)
  • Tina Stec     Nov 17th, 2013
    Great class, longer holds were nice. Hips are feeling great!
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Jan 7th, 2014
      Glad to hear it Tina!
  • Mia Mironov     Nov 11th, 2013
    namaste :)
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Jan 7th, 2014
      Namaste Mia :)
  • Mox Schults     Sep 13th, 2013
    I couldn't believe it when I pulled off the transitions to astavakrasana then into eka pada koundinyasana ii. I had no idea that was even something you *could* do, and it surprised me so much when I realized I was doing it that I started laughing which made me collapse onto my mat which made me laugh harder--so there I was splayed face down laughing uncontrollably into the floor.

    I think I want to bring that feeling to my yoga practice every time.

    thanks dice.
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Sep 29th, 2013
      You're welcome Moxie. I'm glad I could help you with your breakthroughs :) Everything is truly takes much effort sometimes and sometimes none at all. Either way, always possible! Practice on my fellow yogi!
  • ASTRID JAIME     Sep 11th, 2013
    Did this class yesterday and oh boy I am feeling it today. Love the longer holds and me and my usually tight hips say "Thank you"!!!!
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Sep 29th, 2013
      Awesome Astrid. Soreness means you did something to create change! You're welcome from my tight hips to yours :)
  • Mark Jones     Aug 30th, 2013
    Wow... I've got this class in my favorites Dice but not done it for a while... I forgot what a brilliant class it is.. Your tips and pointers are incredible. Cheers have a great weekend. Namaste n all that... If you are ever in Spain teaching let me know :-)
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Sep 29th, 2013
      It's always nice to revisit and old practice, right?! Glad you enjoyed the practice again Mark. My wife and I are trying to get over to Spain. If you have any contacts we'd love to make our way to ya! We'll be in Amsterdam and Frankfurt mid October. Practice on my fellow yogi!
  • Katie Thralls     Aug 25th, 2013
    Thank you Dice! that was such a great. Your teaching empowered me to do much more than I thought was possible.
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Sep 29th, 2013
      You're quite welcome Katie! Glad I could push you just a little bit further :)
  • Kylie Phipps     Aug 24th, 2013
    Amazing Dice! Thank you for continually inspiring me!
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Sep 29th, 2013
      Glad you like the practice Kylie! Inspire on. Share on :)
  • Zhanna Prymolenna     Jun 13th, 2013
    just a great class for my tight hips :) namaste
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Jun 14th, 2013
      Namaste Zhanna! I'm glad I could be of service :) More hip classes to come!
  • Mia Mironov     May 27th, 2013
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Jun 4th, 2013
      Namaste Mia :)
  • Jenelle Carberry     May 22nd, 2013
    Wonderful sequence! My hips feel amazing. You have a very smooth, direct, and fun teaching style. I will be back.
  • Jenelle Carberry     May 22nd, 2013
    Wonderful sequence! My hips feel amazing. You have a very smooth, direct, and fun teaching style. I will be back.
    • Dice Iida-Klein     May 25th, 2013
      Glad I could be of service Jenelle. Come on back :)
  • Donna Williams     May 19th, 2013
    Yaaaaah awesome, freeing and energizing and helped me realize I rock it more than I thought I did - mucho gratitude!!!
    • Dice Iida-Klein     May 25th, 2013
      So awesome Donna! Much gratitude for sharing your experience and practice with me :) Practice on my fellow GLOyogi.
  • Shannon Pierson     May 15th, 2013
    i got crooked pose for the first time (for about 3 seconds, but i'm counting it)! awesome prep poses, loved it.
    • Dice Iida-Klein     May 15th, 2013
      NICE! Congrats on finding ashtavakrasana :) Glad you enjoyed the practice!
  • sarah sloane     Apr 7th, 2013
    I loved this class and it was so informative. You have a great way of explaining things. Thanks for the wisdom - Namaste!
    • Dice Iida-Klein     May 15th, 2013
      Namaste Sarah! Glad I could be of service :)
  • Mia Mironov     Apr 7th, 2013
    • Dice Iida-Klein     May 15th, 2013
      Namaste Mia :)
  • Ellen Horovitz      Mar 4th, 2013
    Your classes are, bar none, the best. I learn so much from all your classes. You are crystal clear and a wonderful teacher. Thank you and namaste.
    • Dice Iida-Klein     May 15th, 2013
      You're quite welcome Ellen! Thank you for practicing with me here on the Glo :)
  • Mara Dew     Jan 24th, 2013
    I keep coming back to this one. It is magic on my hips! Thank you!
    • Dice Iida-Klein     May 15th, 2013
      Awesome Mara!
  • Claire Litton     Jun 17th, 2012
    Man, every time I need to stare at the Yogaglo screen and say "What, I don't even understand how someone can look graceful while doing THAT," I go for a Dice class. I really like the slower pace, and your explanation of how to get into Crooked Pose is super. I never managed to get my ankles hooked before and I did doing this class!
  • Huda Mussa     Jun 8th, 2012
    Can't elaborate anymore how awesome this class is. You give a mean hatha class, and my squeaky body felt so good afterwards. Did the asanas with mindfulness and breathed easily in them. It was like a moving meditation. Keep teaching advanced hatha classes like this. I loved a good vinyasa sequence, but I can't do them every day.
  • Julia      May 25th, 2012
    Awesome class-- very smart sequencing and i liked your slower pace!
  • Mark Jones     May 20th, 2012
    Great class Dice.
    Thanks Mark (Spain)
  • Heather McNamara     May 14th, 2012
    Dice, you rock. Thank you so much!
  • Soozie Kinstler     May 3rd, 2012
    That was very delicious. That pace for me is perfection. Namaste <3
  • Mia Mironov     May 2nd, 2012
    magic class, namaste:)
  • Violetta Pioro     Apr 28th, 2012
    Awesome!! Feel great. Thank you!
  • Molly Molly     Apr 26th, 2012
    Thank you, Dice. I feel each posture is much sweeter and more harmonic when you teach Hatha style. It was an encouraging practise for me. Namaste.
  • evelyn jauvart     Apr 21st, 2012
    Thank you Dice! This class was so helpful, loved the pace and the preps for Astavakrasana. Put it into my favs!
  • Barbara Pautler     Apr 18th, 2012
    Great practice! My hips feel like dancing. Thank you!
  • Cathy Benthagen     Apr 18th, 2012
    To my favs...loved the practice..the alignment tips were right on...thank you Dice!!! Lots of fun also!
  • Lyn Gatz     Apr 16th, 2012
    Wonderful, deep hip practice. Thank you, Dice!
  • Lena Kurganska     Apr 16th, 2012
    Awesome practice, thank you Dcie :)
  • Sarah Hon     Apr 15th, 2012
    Nice one, thanks Dice!
  • Amy Villa     Apr 15th, 2012
    I really enjoyed this class. I wish I would have been able to do the last arm balance, close thought. Just where exactly are the shoulderheads? Is that the top part of the shoulder or is it a part of the shoulder blades?
  • Rachel Dane     Apr 15th, 2012
    Really enjoyed this class! Concise alignment instruction, clear cues, and good progression. Thanks, Dice!
  • Charlotte Erickson     Apr 12th, 2012
    This class was perfect! Thank you.
  • Joel G     Apr 12th, 2012
    Dice- your best yogaglo class yet! Your classes just keep getting better!
  • Huda Mussa     Apr 12th, 2012
    This class was with superb instruction and excellent alignment queues. I could perform the arm balance trinity (eka hasta bhujanasana, astavakrakrasana and eka pada koundiyasana II) in one sweep thanks to your excellent prep. My practice was mindful with a meditative quality to it, and my asanas were performed with intelligence where there was time to align prperly and relax into them at the same time.
  • Anna Launonen     Apr 12th, 2012
    Great for stretching out both the body and mind after a day at work. Thank you.
  • Bernadette Alvarez Tostado     Apr 11th, 2012
    Excelent! Thanks Dice
  • Cullen Curtiss     Apr 11th, 2012
    you are fantastic. thank you.
  • Nancy Riggins     Apr 11th, 2012
    Thank you Dice! Exactly what I needed this a.m.!!!!
  • Robyn Wilkinson     Apr 11th, 2012
    Such a nice and gentle class, thank you!