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Level 2
45 min

De-stress, Unburden & Fortify

Vinyasa Flow | By Stephanie Snyder on May 26 2012
Tired? Run down? Stressed? This is the class for you, my friend. We will move through a sooooothing sequence to de-stress, unburden and fortify the mind and nervous system. It is a flow class that includes warrior sequences, lunges, light backbending (anjaneyasana), hip openers (pigeon) and twists (bharadvajasana). Be well.


Tired? Run down? Stressed? This is the class for you, my friend. We will move through a sooooothing sequence to de-stress, unburden and fortify the mind and nervous system. It is a flow class that includes warrior sequences, lunges, light backbending (anjaneyasana), hip openers (pigeon) and twists (bharadvajasana). Be well.


  • Teresa Trueba Embree     Sep 30th, 2014
    Exactly what I needed today! Thank you for this lovely calming practice. Added to my "yummy" series.
  • Britta Schuele     Sep 4th, 2014
    Thank you! Great practice after a prolonged abstinence from Vinyasa and great to calm down!
  • V L     Aug 23rd, 2014
    So good. Just what I needed to start to help cure the blues today. Thank you, Stephanie!
  • claudine grondin     Jul 28th, 2014
    My to go practice when I feel like doing nothing! magical!! I love your teaching Stephanie!
  • claudine grondin     Jul 28th, 2014
    My to go practice when I feel like doing nothing! magical!! I love your teaching Stephanie!
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 29th, 2014
      Thanks Claudine- I feel ya! XO.
  • Faustine Cressot     Jun 4th, 2014
    Just loved this class !! An amazing practice to help you cool down after a stressful day and be ready for a real healing sleep. Exactly what I was searching for here ! Thank you & Namaste !! :)
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 28th, 2014
      Hey Faustine
      I'm glad you found the right fit! The beauty is that there is class here for every possible scenario, what a blessing :)
      lots of love to you. XO.
  • Jessica Richards     Apr 28th, 2014
    Such an amazing class! I have never commented on any classes before but this was just so worth it! Had a very big 2 weeks of work and was starting to feel run down and this class was just the perfect time out and catch up with my body. Thank you so much, will definitely be doing some more of your classes! Namaste! xx
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 28th, 2014
      Thank for taking the time to comment! Your words are received and appreciated. I love that we get to come together virtually and experience real change and connection. Pretty cool!
  • Sophie Masson     Mar 31st, 2014
    Thank you so much, I was feeling very low and stressed after a tough day at work. The forward bends were so calming and soothing! Just perfect, feeling calm and ready for sleep now.
    • stephanie snyder     Apr 5th, 2014
      Perfect I hope you had a great night!
  • Kelli Remo     Jan 17th, 2014
    Thank you so much, Stephanie. That was a great class. I'm all stretched out and feeling more grounded than I've felt all day. And I love the blessing at the end. Om shantih.
    • stephanie snyder     Apr 5th, 2014
      Grounded is great :) Shanti.
  • Jennifer Bonnell     Jan 6th, 2014
    Definitely an instant favourite! Was feeling achey and tired, and this practice was just perfect!
    • stephanie snyder     Apr 5th, 2014
      Glad to hear it!
  • Samantha Simons     Jan 4th, 2014
    Lovely! Perfect practice post-run. The arm arcing twists at the end were mesmerizing. Question: Do you have any suggestions on ways to move into swiveling the hand that catches the back foot in quad stretches (ie: the pigeon variation)? I can easily grasp the foot, but my shoulder girdle is limiting my ability to turn the fingers forward to draw the foot in deeper.
    • stephanie snyder     Apr 5th, 2014
      Hey Samantha- Its best to wait until the shoulder opens more, give it some time. And definitely never force it. It will come!
  • Alejandra Viaduc     Dec 17th, 2013
    I thought I was going to implode about an hour ago. This ismy first YogaGlo Class and it was absolutely refreshing and perfect. It does everything that the description says it will. Thank you, Namaste :-)
    • stephanie snyder     Jan 19th, 2014
      Nothing better! Thanks for taking time to say so :)
  • Fuji      Nov 13th, 2013
    Absolutely incredible, haven't done yoga in quite a while due to work stress. Feel like a whole new person now; centred myself and reminded me why I love yoga so much! Thank you!
    • stephanie snyder     Jan 19th, 2014
  • dar carman     Oct 14th, 2013
    feeling a cold coming on so this was just enough! thank you so much! Namaste, Dar
  • Melissa Hudson Wallace     Sep 27th, 2013
    everything I needed after this stressful week without forcing myself. Thank you!
    • stephanie snyder     Sep 27th, 2013
      So glad!
  • Elizabeth Sampson     Sep 13th, 2013
    It's been one of those weeks and I felt completely run down when I woke up this morning.this practice helped me to feel more energized and less stressed all at the same time! Thank you! Thank you!
    • stephanie snyder     Sep 27th, 2013
      Wonderful, amazing what a little yoga can do!
  • Theoni Panagopoulos     Aug 31st, 2013
    Exactly what I needed to come back home to myself. Thank you for this beautiful class and the reminder to be good to myself.
  • nancy bernstein     Aug 28th, 2013
    yummy, wonderful, thank you--meant to leave this the other night and did not, so thanks.
    • stephanie snyder     Sep 27th, 2013
      Oh Thank you Nanacy
  • Susan Cappellini     Aug 12th, 2013
    This class has become my nightly bedtime routine - helps me sleep so much deeper. Thank you! :)
  • Courtney K     Aug 6th, 2013
    Fantastic, de-stressing class. Great cues, thank you!
  • Tammi O'Flynn     Aug 3rd, 2013
    Thanks for a great class, just what I needed!
  • Bonnie McClung     Aug 2nd, 2013
    Good for a more vigorous practice when you're feeling bad.
  • Yulia Nemtsev     Jul 24th, 2013
  • Maryrose Roque     Jul 14th, 2013
    Thank you! I've been pretty run down as I was emotionally and physically beaten at my workplace a week ago. And, this is a good start to my recovery. Thank you so much.
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 15th, 2013
      Sending you LOVE.
  • Britta Schuele     Jun 30th, 2013
    Lovely class! Just missed the second Janu Sirsanana : ) Or was I so relaxed I didn't register the right side?
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 15th, 2013
      Oops :)
  • Susan Cappellini     Jun 2nd, 2013
    Love this class!
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 15th, 2013
      Thanks for your comment Susan!
  • Emily Schurr     May 1st, 2013
    Beautiful parting message - one I'll be coming back to! xo
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 15th, 2013
      Thank you Emily. OM
  • Jackie Ashton     Feb 8th, 2013
    45 minutes to bliss :) This was the perfect tired Friday afternoon, kids are watching TV practice. I'm bookmarking this one. Thank you, thank you! xxx
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 4th, 2013
  • Hannah Williams     Feb 8th, 2013
    Bliss. Thank you.
    • stephanie snyder     Feb 8th, 2013
      Bliss, lovely :)
  • Navina Crow     Jan 29th, 2013
    First class back to my yogaglo after a cold and this was perfect. Thanks :)
  • Allison Crawford     Jan 17th, 2013
    Thank you, I loved this class. I used to take your classes at YogaTree a lifetime ago when I lived in SF. Now I'm in Oakland and have a 2 year-old. It's so great to be able to practice at home while he's napping, and with a teacher whom I love. It's a real treat, thanks again.
    • stephanie snyder     Jan 18th, 2013
      Allison, I love this comment! Its so nice to be able to reconnect virtually :)
  • Rachel Rachel     Jan 5th, 2013
    Absolutely LOVED that flow! It felt perfectly balanced and my body is loving it! Thank you so much! A perfect way to wind down from an exhausting day :)
    • stephanie snyder     Jan 18th, 2013
      Hey thanks RR!
  • nancy bernstein     Dec 27th, 2012
    Thank you, Stephanie--this one is really lovely. Becoming a giant Stephanie Snyder fan.
    • stephanie snyder     Dec 27th, 2012
      Appreciate it, thanks Nancy!
  • Stephanie St. Thomas     Dec 11th, 2012
    This was so heavenly! I am fighting off a cold and the holiday stresses, and this made me feel human again. A perfectly rounded class, and I am so grateful for yogaglo and for you, Stephanie!
    • stephanie snyder     Dec 11th, 2012
      Stephanie, happy holidays and feel better soon! Xo.
  • Cynthia Boechler     Dec 11th, 2012
  • Anne Razvi     Nov 22nd, 2012
    Thank you Stephanie and yoga glo - a really beautiful 45 minutes. I am truly grateful for yoga glo and my friend who brought me to you a year ago, such wonderful teachers, and Stephanie always manages tomgetmit just right x
    • stephanie snyder     Nov 23rd, 2012
      Hi Anne-
      Im happy to hear you are enjoying the yoga, yogaglo is a wonderful resource and its a blast to be part of this community.
      Lots of Love- S
  • Anne Razvi     Nov 22nd, 2012
    Thank you Stephanie and yoga glo - a really beautiful 45 minutes. I am truly grateful for yoga glo and my friend who brought me to you a year ago, such wonderful teachers, and Stephanie always manages tomgetmit just right x
  • Rebecca Austin     Nov 18th, 2012
    I do this class often, even when I'm not stressed. It is so soothing...a perfect combination of effort and ease! I love how during half moon you had us touch our heart and "coax" it up towards the sky! It helped me twist further toward the sky and I had an amazing opening. Thank you so much!
    • stephanie snyder     Nov 21st, 2012
      Love to hear this Rebecca, thank you.
  • sara dick     Nov 8th, 2012
    love this class and keep returning in moments of stress/high anxiety. very soothing. thanks stephanie!
    • stephanie snyder     Nov 12th, 2012
      May you have less stress and more soothing moments in you day. Sending love.
  • Christina Rauska     Oct 26th, 2012
    Beautiful! Thank u x
    • stephanie snyder     Nov 12th, 2012
  • Patti Vanston     Oct 18th, 2012
    Great clss!!
  • Mary Lockwood     Oct 14th, 2012
    Loved this sequence! Thank you.
    • stephanie snyder     Oct 14th, 2012
      Thanks Mary, glad it helped.
  • Maria Martin-Calero     Sep 21st, 2012
    Very nice, I loved it! Thanks!!!
  • Maria Martin-Calero     Sep 21st, 2012
    Very nice, I loved it! Thanks!!!
  • Kristyn Shayon Miller     Aug 26th, 2012
    Such an awesome class! my favorite for a sunday morning practice. Thank you!
  • Lori Seaman     Aug 24th, 2012
    thank you just what i needed
  • Meghan Morton     Aug 23rd, 2012
    I feel incredible after this flow! I have been so run down and stressed lately, and I feel wonderful now! Thank you so much!
  • Kate Tanner     Aug 19th, 2012
    Thank you!
  • Amy Houston     Aug 17th, 2012
    Thank you.
  • Kendra Staley     Aug 2nd, 2012
    That was a beautiful practice! I'm so enjoying your classes on yogaglo!
  • Gayle Kahn Friedman     Jul 28th, 2012
    Thank you so much! the class was so healing. i had no energy before the class!
  • susan barber     Jul 13th, 2012
    Im calling this my mother in law class....perfect for when she comes to visit and I need to be gentle with myself!
  • Jeremy Pope     Jul 9th, 2012
    Lovely class, Stephanie. I just took it and feel great.

    One thing: I believe you skipped janushirasana on the right side. I caught it and did it anyway.

    Just a heads up :-)
    • nancy bernstein     Dec 27th, 2012
      yup...just made a note for myself for next time!
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 9th, 2012
      OOPS! You are right, glad you caught that and plugged it in, thank you :)
  • jill provencal     Jul 2nd, 2012
    This was good 45 minute practice. Should do again. Done julY 2 2012
  • Katharine Louw     Jun 27th, 2012
    Thanks Stephanie - been manic the last few weeks. Have a long flight from London to Toronto tomorrow so need to chill a little. Namaste x
  • Jill      Jun 26th, 2012
    Thanks Stephanie - this was exactly what I needed after a hectic weekend! And a lovely quote at the end.
  • Shona Andrew     Jun 15th, 2012
    Lovely class, but I can't grab my foot in the thigh stretches, can you give a modification? Thank you
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 17th, 2012
      Hi Shona-You can either just stay in low lunge which over time will open your quads and hip flexors enough to allow the foot grab or you can put both hands down inside the front foot then reach back with one hand to grab the back foot- this would be the modification. But really just the low lunge itself will do the work you probably need right now :)
  • Inga Velikanova     Jun 15th, 2012
    Used this practice in morning to face chalenges of the day!great class,thank you!
  • Laurie Crassweller     Jun 13th, 2012
    That was beautiful and very helpful. Namaste
  • Kaity Kaity     Jun 11th, 2012
    Stephanie you're my favorite teacher on this site. Your classes are so clear, and your class presence is so grounded and practical. Nothing extra and it's just fantastic.I wonder about the poses where the knee supports the body, and one foot gets raised? They are so painful, even with blankets under the knee. Is that pain an indication of tender knees? Any ideas on how to care for and gradually strengthen tender knees? Thanks Stephanie! Kaity, Brooklyn, NY
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 9th, 2012
      Hi Kaity! Which pose hurts? Lets take care of those knees- If its pigeon grabbing back foot, I would rock the body forward more so the weight rests on the thigh muscles more so than on the knee. Let me know and thank you for your lovely feedback.
  • Candice Ho     Jun 10th, 2012
    Loved this class. Great for my tight hi
    • Candice Ho     Jun 10th, 2012
      Oops- ....tight hips, from stress, lack of sleep, also a great post run class. (especially a difficult one around Twin Peaks! This class still incorporates strength and also able to go to bed right after. Thanks Steph! Talk about yin and yang.
  • Laura Binder     Jun 5th, 2012
    Just what I needed. Thank you!
  • Erin Hefner     Jun 3rd, 2012
    Wonderful sequence. Loved it! Thank-you!
  • Thalia Goldstein     May 31st, 2012
    That was a wonderful class, thank you so much. I took all of your prenatal classes, and now 12 weeks postpartum this was a perfect find. Namaste.
    • stephanie snyder     Jun 6th, 2012
      Thalia thats so exciting! Congrats on your new baby and good for you for getting back into a gentle practice. Ill have more post-natal classes post soon as well.
  • karen meir     May 31st, 2012
    this was an amazing class. one of my favorites on yoga-glo. especially special was the twist with the eyes gazing at the end and your lovely words at the end. thanks to the poster below, monica, for typing the quote. am going to the save that to return to again and again.
  • Rachel Ridley     May 31st, 2012
    A beautiful practice. Thank you. Marked my 150th consecutive day of yoga....all thanks to discovering yogaglo and such incredible teachers. Namaste.
  • Monica Carota     May 31st, 2012
    “Turn your gaze in towards your heart and honour this place inside you in which the entire universe dwells. It is a place of peace, of love, of joy and of truth. And when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one. ”Just in case anyone wanted to share this beautiful quote.Thank you, Stephanie.
    • stephanie snyder     Jul 9th, 2012
      Thank you for posting this- it is actually adapted from a famous Thich Nhat Hanh translation of 'namaste'. I have been closing my classes with it for the past ten years!
    • Deborah Moulton     Jun 4th, 2012
      Thanks for this Monica and thank you Stephanie - felt unwound at the end and loved the watching the thumb with the side twists - really peaceful
  • Katharine Louw     May 31st, 2012
    Thank you Stephanie! Perfect way to start my day - been suffering with SI issues for a while and this felt great. Not to heavy but detoxing! Loved the twist at the end. x
  • Emily Wine     May 30th, 2012
    Loved this! And I especially loved the twist at the end. Plan on using that often!Thank you for this practice.
  • Anita Olanick     May 30th, 2012
    Your basic Goldilocks session. Not too strong, not too lite. Just right. Good 1.
  • Tammy O'Rourke     May 29th, 2012
    Loved it, and what you said in closing was one of the most beautiful things I have heard. Thank you.
  • Carol Bradley     May 29th, 2012
    This was a perfect early morning practice for a tired Mum in NZ. Much love, compassion and gratitude, Stephanie. Carol x
  • Nancy Gill     May 29th, 2012
    Thank You Stephanie!! That truly was a relaxing, yet intense practice. Just what I needed!! This will go into my favorites box!!Nancy,Victoria, BC
  • Nyn Grey     May 28th, 2012
    That was really lovely. Thank you Mama!
  • maggie kaplan     May 28th, 2012
    Lovely late afternoon practice!
  • maggie kaplan     May 28th, 2012
    Lovely late afternoon practice!
  • stephanie snyder     May 28th, 2012
    Glad this is helpful to you, thanks everyone for the feedback!
  • Stephanie Barton     May 28th, 2012
    Wonderful sequence,loved the ease and peace you bring into the practice. Can't wait to share,with my students,the final twist with the drishti! Loved that so much and had never done it before:) Thank you so much, I feel amazing. Namaste.
    • stephanie snyder     May 28th, 2012
      Hey Stephanie-
      Glad you liked the twist, its one of my favorites!
  • Mary Adams-Challenger     May 28th, 2012
    Nice, thank you Stephanie.
  • yogagal      May 27th, 2012
    lovely practice, hope baby is letting get a few winks::)
    • stephanie snyder     May 28th, 2012
      Yogagal! Ha, you are on to something there, I was definitely still in the very sleep deprived stage when we filmed this :) Working on it, thanks for the words.
  • Caroline Jordan     May 27th, 2012
    This was one of my FAVORITE classes of yours on yoga glo stephanie. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all online - LOVE and GRATITUDE to YOU!
  • Lynda Smith     May 27th, 2012
    great class was relaxing yet energizing. so nice to do in the morning or evening! I enjoyed your sequence and spoken cues! thank you!
  • suzanne      May 27th, 2012
    Thank you Stephanie, that was perfect. I love your classes.
  • Tristesse Seeliger     May 27th, 2012
    Great class!!!
  • Mike Philp     May 26th, 2012
    Amazing practice and the most peaceful shivasana I've had in a long time. Thank you.
  • Helen Micklewright     May 26th, 2012
    Loved this practice and I feel so much better for it. Thank you Stephanie.
  • Lisa Koester     May 26th, 2012
    Namaste, lovely woman!
  • Kerry Bunkers     May 26th, 2012
    Great Practice, thank you Stephanie!
  • Amy Plevin     May 26th, 2012
    This was a lovely practice to do when traveling -- short, sweet and energizing.
  • Catherine farquharson     May 26th, 2012
    Bravo! Wonderful!
  • Autumn Cuellar     May 26th, 2012
    Much enjoyed, and I do feel energized now. Thank you.
  • Mary Ann van Beuren     May 26th, 2012
    I am in the process of moving - and my daughter is getting married in less than a month. I have not had time or energy to practice - this was exactly what I needed on many levels. Thank you Stephanie! Namaste.
    • stephanie snyder     May 28th, 2012
      Wow Mary Ann- You do have a lot going on! I hope you can return to this class as often as needed to get some refuge. Blessings in your new home and congrats on your daughters wedding, enjoy it.
      • Mary Ann van Beuren     Dec 12th, 2012
        Wow, just seeing this - Thank you Stephanie!