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Level 2/3
60 min

Funky Side Crow Flow

Vinyasa Flow | By Kathryn Budig on Mar 24 2012
Get ready to work! Plenty of core and upper body strength is addressed in this class getting us ready for funky side crow and headstand!


Get ready to work! Plenty of core and upper body strength is addressed in this class getting us ready for funky side crow and headstand!


  • Cameron Brown     Mar 31st, 2014
    That was amazing! I just learned how to do a headstand in the past couple of months so I thought there was no way I could do the funky headstand but I did! Weee!
  • Taylor Lancaster     Sep 4th, 2013
    Thank you so much for being inspiring as a teacher and adding humor to your class. I love the analogy about the dog after the walk. It really helped me drop into practice. I'll try and make it down to LALA land to take your class one of these days. Cheers
  • isabel sheridan     May 31st, 2013
    beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!I love your teachings, you have such a gift!! Gonna do that funky crow all the time now yay Xxxxx
  • Sara Evans     Dec 3rd, 2012
    Wow! Kathryn that is my new favourite practice, challenging yet playful and FUN! When are you going to make your way to Perth? We have a playground in paradise which will rock your world! Namaste!
  • Rebecca Rebecca     Nov 28th, 2012
    That was so awesome!!Thank you so much:)
  • Dani Fuchs     Sep 6th, 2012
    Loved this class! I had so much fun doing funky side crow...perhaps my new signature move!
  • Amanda Stanec     Aug 21st, 2012
    Lol auto correct! Blissed
  • Amanda Stanec     Aug 21st, 2012
    *blessed out
  • Amanda Stanec     Aug 21st, 2012
    The tired blessed out dog analogy made me crack uo, and it is sooooo true. That was an awesome class. Thank you so much. Another day to mention yoga glo in my grateful journal... :)
  • andrea naranjo     Aug 21st, 2012
    GREAT Class! Thank you
  • Crystal Gray     Aug 18th, 2012
    Thank you!
  • Amy Velasquez     Jul 29th, 2012
    great practice! loved your dog at the end of a walk reference, could not stop laughing :) thanks for always making this practice so fun, inviting and exciting Kathryn!
  • Chelsea Chelsea     Jul 23rd, 2012
    LOVED IT! Had me laughing and truly enjoying the practice the whole time. Will be looking forward to trying more classes from you <3!
  • Missy Rosol     Jul 16th, 2012
    Thank for a wonderful practice. I really appreciate your humor and I think my body will eventually appreciate the disco! Namaste.
  • Natasha Rainger     Jul 16th, 2012
    thanks all the way from nz, loved the funky chicken
    i have one question, i find the tri headstand really difficult, as i have had previous whiplashes is this really condraindicated?
  • Deanna Skow     Jun 30th, 2012
    Kathryn, you are the best. I am so grateful for the bright light inside you that shines so brightly to all of us yogis and the incredible humor you bring to class. This is one of my favorite classes and I will be doing it again and again. Thank you so much. Namaste xo
  • Aisha Al-Khaldi     May 7th, 2012
    I had so much fun and time passed by so fast. Dynamic!
  • Rebecca Powell     Apr 16th, 2012
    So. Much. Fun!!
  • Lina Fong     Apr 9th, 2012
    Love it!!!! Love it!!!!
  • Naomi Gottlieb-Miller     Apr 5th, 2012
    this might be one of my favorite classes you've ever taught on yogaglo! thanks for the side crow and headstand funkiness. so much to play with on my own, too, now!
  • Lana Russo     Mar 31st, 2012
    LOVE! What would I do without your practices?!
  • Julia Hyde     Mar 30th, 2012
    so creative! thanks kathryn, i love this class...
  • Henriette      Mar 28th, 2012
    You are so right Kathryn. explaining precisely why I am addicted to vinyasa flow practice-
    "The ability to show up and work amazingly hard at something. This is an incredibly stimulating thing to do with your body. It's one thing to hit the gym and work up a sweat, but when you come into yoga, you're physically taking your body to the same level but you have all this stuff to think about and projects and challenges and play time. It's like one long recess."- Kathryn Budig
    I just love that!
  • CAROL FELLOWES     Mar 28th, 2012
    CAW CAW!
  • Erin Hansbrough     Mar 26th, 2012
  • alysa hoffman     Mar 26th, 2012
    Absolutely loved this. Even tried my first head stand! Thank you so much for a wonderful class!
  • Patti MacPherson     Mar 25th, 2012
    sweaty & fun and light-hearted, thank you!
  • cristi adams     Mar 25th, 2012
    funky side crow is my new mission!
    might have to repeat this class in a couple of days- my abs will love you:))
    thank you for always making it fun and interesting
  • benjamin thomas     Mar 25th, 2012
    excellent class!
  • Marta ipb     Mar 25th, 2012
    so much fun, so much energy, so much strenght, so many surprises, thaaaaaaaaank you!
  • nadia kovalenko     Mar 24th, 2012
    Thought that crossed my mind during plank-dolphin plank-plank sequence.., "Lady! You are gonna kill me!!". Looove it!!! :)
  • Alexis Mascitti     Mar 24th, 2012
    The description should say get ready to play! Really fun way to change up some old standards. Namaste