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30 min

Marc's Personal "I Only Have 30 Minutes" Practice

Hatha | By Marc Holzman on Aug 05 2012
Having limited time brings focus and crispness to your practice. In 30 minutes we go through one pose from each major class of poses. The pace is fast and efficient without sacrificing depth.


Having limited time brings focus and crispness to your practice. In 30 minutes we go through one pose from each major class of poses. The pace is fast and efficient without sacrificing depth.


  • Myriam Ambrosius     Oct 11th, 2014
    30 lovely, well-rounded minutes put me back in check. Thank you so much!!
  • Deborah Teske     Jul 18th, 2014
    Wonderful 30 minutes. Wish I had more time today but that really got me ready to face the day. Thank you :)
  • Beth Foster     Jun 22nd, 2014
    That was a nifty little 30 minutes- so compact & thorough. Thank you so much for sharing! Namaste
  • Ida Nissen     May 16th, 2014
    The 4minute headstand is the best morning meditation! One of my favorite to-go flows, I keep coming back! Thanks a lot, Mark!
  • Katie Catlin     Mar 14th, 2014
  • Fan L     Mar 4th, 2014
    This feels like an one hour practice, in a good way!! Thanks Marc!
  • Margarita Gutova     Oct 3rd, 2013
    What an amaizing 30 min are they? I like waking up with your practice. Doing your 30 min already for 1 month. Enjoying every second of practice with you! Margarita
  • Evi Van Meirhaeghe     Sep 21st, 2013
    Such an amazing class...To me it embodies everything that I like so much about yoga. Thank you for your lovely energy, because of it your classes are very special.
  • Christine Harrelson     Apr 23rd, 2013
    Thank you - your short workouts are always very "meaningful". I took a cup of tea with me to the boat/half boats without spilling a drop (multi-tasking, right)?
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 23rd, 2013
      skillful multi-tasking is the awesome christine :-)
  • jeremy brosius     Mar 26th, 2013
    i was fine the entire time, wasn't even sweating really, and then you ask us to hold headstand for four minutes?!? Wow - that destroyed me (in the good way).
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 24th, 2013
      hi jeremy ... ah i have a soft spot for headstands. the benefits really kick at the 4-minute mark. if you come out early, stay in some pose where the head is below the heart for the rest of the time. supported D-Dog with head on block, child's pose, supported uttanasana with head on block.
      • Devarati Cote     Aug 20th, 2014
        Thanks for that Marc; those are all great adaptations for that time of the month!
  • Charlotte Saint Jean     Mar 5th, 2013
    Always a pleasure to share with you marc love and light
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 24th, 2013
      thank you ms. charlotte! xoxo
  • Lori Fannin     Mar 2nd, 2013
    perfect. thank you!
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 24th, 2013
      thank YOU lori.
  • Helene Kangisser     Jan 23rd, 2013
    Hi Marc! I am a yoga teacher in Johannesburg SA and have just discovered your classes on yogaglo. I am loving them and they help me fit in my own yoga into a busy schedule. Thank you for your lovely classes and for the beautiful,inspiring things you say.
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 24th, 2013
      thank you helene! i appreciate these kind words.
  • Jessica Webber     Dec 25th, 2012
    Hi Marc, I used to take your Sunday Guerrilla Yoga class in LA! Now I'm in New York and I still get take your awesome classes! Thank you so much for this short and sweet class. Just what I needed on a busy Christmas Day!
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 24th, 2013
      come on out and take the GY class in paris now! :-) thanks jessica.
  • Laura Mickelson     Dec 24th, 2012
    Once again, I loved this class. Short and super sweet!
  • Annie Di Natale     Dec 14th, 2012
    Love this. Thank you Marc
  • karen averitt     Dec 12th, 2012
    wow - awesome 30 minute practice - thanks so much for sharing!!
  • lauren buwalda     Oct 30th, 2012
    Never realized headstand produced so much heat in the body!! Wow. Awesome. Gracias de Chile.
  • jamie danek     Oct 24th, 2012
    outstanding 30 minute practice! gets it all done with just enough instruction. nice job marc and thank you!!!
  • Brigida Sanchez     Oct 5th, 2012
    Mark, you are fabulous when will you do a workshop? I have learned so much from you via the Internet. So many blessings and thanks to you.

  • Maurey Lancaster     Sep 15th, 2012
    This is a great sequence-- can we have your 45 minute version too? X
  • Amy Truex     Sep 5th, 2012
    how'd you know??? That was just what I needed after a long stressful day. Thanks Marc
  • Carolyn Touchet     Sep 2nd, 2012
    That was great I can't think of the last time I did a headstand or handstand! I never did Hatha style yoga, but there is a first time for everything! Loved your Class Thx Carolyn from Ohio :-)
  • Daniela Marichal     Aug 31st, 2012
    Thank you marc for this practice , short but intense!!!
  • Ximena Bruzzano     Aug 28th, 2012
    Just What i needed today! Many thanks!
  • David Galpern     Aug 28th, 2012
    Thank you Marc! Baby born a week ago, and just managed to sneak in my first practice - with the baby asleep beside me, while mom got a break. Saved to favourites!
  • Maya Politis     Aug 27th, 2012
    such a perfect 30 min class ... would love more all-around sequences like this one!
  • Jennifer Buley     Aug 25th, 2012
    Such a great short practice. Thank you, Marc. It's so fun and good practicing with you.
  • Xanthe Strudwick     Aug 18th, 2012
  • B. Juliánna Nagy     Aug 14th, 2012
    Marc, divine practice. Floating right now. Thank you for this gift. Namaste.
  • Jeanette Darbyshire     Aug 14th, 2012
    Excellent. Very funny to listen to the sound effects as you responded to the joy of opening the body - added to the beautiful authenticity that you bring to your teaching.
  • Anita Olanick     Aug 12th, 2012
    OMG I feel so much better.
  • Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert     Aug 11th, 2012
    Thank you for a solid 30 minutes class. Nice way to start my Saturday! Namaste.
  • mel Campbell     Aug 9th, 2012
    Thank-you so much Marc - fab all rounded short practice...def one of my favourites:-)
  • Victor Caceres     Aug 8th, 2012
    If not so short on time ,I'd repeat the entire class it's worth it.
  • Lacy Wolff     Aug 7th, 2012
    Thank you Marc! I needed this class today:)
  • Amy Sedgwick     Aug 6th, 2012
    Thank you so very much, Marc. My first practice with you. I look forward to more. Best, Amy
  • Jade Storey     Aug 6th, 2012
    Thanks Marc! You are a wonderful and very gifted teacher, and this class was awesome!
  • Patti MacPherson     Aug 6th, 2012
    delicious short pratice, thank you!
  • Laurie Crassweller     Aug 6th, 2012
    Thank you for a great class. My day will be fabulous. Namaste
  • Trix Marinusse     Aug 6th, 2012
    As always Marc; delicious! xx
  • Autumn Jordan     Aug 5th, 2012
    The inversions were perfect. Even though it took me a few times to kick up into handstand. Thank you so much Marc, defiantly saving to my favorites :)
  • Lisa Hagen     Aug 5th, 2012
    Hi Marc. Fully enjoyed it! Thx for adding the timed inversions--handstand & headstand completed this sweet short practice. To my Faves...

  • Body-Balanced Body-Balanced     Aug 5th, 2012
    Love the balance of your calm instruction whilst opening and strengthening the body - wonderful! Thank you Marc.