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90 min

Trust in the Krama of Your Unfolding Life

Hatha | By Marc Holzman on Sep 02 2012
Props needed: 2 blocks. Trust in the Krama (sequence) of Your Unfolding Life. This is my sage advice as I turn 50. The Maha Shakti has it under control if you align with her. Let's play. Strong flow warm-up, opening shoulders, standing poses, handstands on blocks (scary fun!), urdhva dhanurasana on blocks.


Props needed: 2 blocks. Trust in the Krama (sequence) of Your Unfolding Life. This is my sage advice as I turn 50. The Maha Shakti has it under control if you align with her. Let's play. Strong flow warm-up, opening shoulders, standing poses, handstands on blocks (scary fun!), urdhva dhanurasana on blocks.


  • Amanda Clegg     Sep 7th, 2014
    Awesome makes me again solidify how looking back at each moment in life is perfect, when at the time it may not seem so. Trust in the unfolding process of life!
  • Tania Marie Jenson     Aug 26th, 2013
    Je me dirige aujourd'hui doucement, tranquillement avec la sagesse de tes paroles. Merci pour le yoga aussi. Bisous de Beautiful British Columbia
  • Silvie Hibdon     Apr 6th, 2013
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 14th, 2013
      merci silvie
  • JUN LEE     Jan 27th, 2013
    Your class gave to me many inspiration. Are you 50!! I try step by step... I am just 40!! Thank you all.
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 14th, 2013
      actually since i filmed that, i am now 51 ! :-)
  • Maurey Lancaster     Dec 22nd, 2012
    Just the class I needed today! So happy to have had more time for it too x
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 14th, 2013
      thanks maurey!
  • Aimee Hughes     Dec 20th, 2012
    Merci, Cher Marc! Namaste :)
    Interesting that your name is the french spelling and you wound up in Paris!
    Happy belated Birthday!
    • Marc Holzman     Apr 14th, 2013
      was meant to be ... destiny :-) merci
  • Lena Kurganska     Dec 15th, 2012
    Thank you, Marc. All your classes are so beautiful, deep and inspiring. So are you. What a huge surprise was to find out you are 50 - great job/krama/karma :)
  • Petra Martin     Oct 29th, 2012
    A beautiful, elegant, inspiring class. Thank you for sharing your love of yoga and life so fully, generously and with a lot of humor. I like the calmer pacing of the classes, that still allows for detailed and deep work. A wonderful practice when I can´t get to class.
  • Jacqueline Glass     Oct 23rd, 2012
    Wonderful class Mark! It is great to know that I can do yoga at home with some of my favorite teachers from my yoga days in LA.
  • Mindy Menard     Oct 15th, 2012
    So very very great, thank you Marc!!!
  • Andris Lagsdin     Sep 27th, 2012
    Mark, long time yoga glo and recently started taking your classes. Amazing! Thank you for all that you do!
  • Sylvie Lafrenaye     Sep 26th, 2012
    If it can make you feel good, I just done a recent class with another Yoga Glo teacher that was actually celebrating his 50th birthday during the class! Actually, what is quite funny and strange is that I turned 50 on September 21 and I keep having all kinds of encounters with the number 50! And your class fits right in! Anyway, that class did not feel as flowing as usual, but as you mentionned, it always unfold in a perfect way! And it did! Merci beaucoup.
  • Dee Elnajjar     Sep 26th, 2012
    Dear Marc, this is my first lesson online. I usually practise at my yoga centre in London. I woke up this morning feeling a little stuck. Not knowing where the wind is taking me and I tried to remember that courage is not just about being brave, but about remembering to let myself fall apart sometimes. I am not sure how, but the universe has sent your class to me. Every word you said resonated with me, every posture you worked on felt just right...You are my Tuesday morning gift! thank you - Dee x
  • Amanda Newman     Sep 25th, 2012
    thanks to you Marc, love your metaphors love your age too! look forward to more Krama yoga practice
    Namaste! x Amanda
  • patricia veltri     Sep 18th, 2012
    Dear Marc, this class was exactaly what a needed today. I'm one of those that are passing trough a difficult moment and definitely one of the dots took me here. Your words brought a lot of confort to me today. Thank you very very much.
  • Leslie St.John     Sep 8th, 2012
    After having a fourth eye surgery, living in a construction zone at home, and going through a heartbreaking breakup, I have carried so much sadness/frustration/lostness... this practice--the words, the sequencing--the new wind chimes out my window--, the gentle reminders of grace notes throughout my life--gave me a sense of inner peace and big-picture visioning I've rarely had access to the past four months. Thank you. I feel hopeful in the unfolding. Quite simply, thank you.
  • Marc Holzman     Sep 6th, 2012
    many thanks to each of you for these beautiful comments!
    big love and a big namaste to you all. it's an honor to have you watch these classes!
  • Andrea Taylor     Sep 6th, 2012
    my password to yoga glo has the number 49 in it, as it represents the age I am now. I am at the gateway to the second half of light, and I am lining up my intentions for the next decades in front of me. One of those intentions is to practice everyday, meditaton, yoga, or aikido. The other, is to love more fully, without resistance and judgement or foolishness. Keep going, old man. You represent the light, no matter what age you are.
    • Marc Holzman     Sep 6th, 2012
      thank you andrea! happy soon-to-be 50!
  • Adriana godard     Sep 6th, 2012
    what an amazing class!!!! thank you very, very much!!!!!
  • Lina Zapata     Sep 5th, 2012
    Marc! first of all, happy b-day!... I thought you were 40.
    What a beautiful class and theme, thanks for sharing. It took me over a year since we meet in Geneva in 2011 and talked about yogaglo, but I'm finally here and I'm loving being able to take your classes. Abrazos! Lina
    • Marc Holzman     Sep 6th, 2012
      merci lina <3
  • Emily Carpenter     Sep 4th, 2012
    Great to have you back on YogaGlo, Marc! This was a nice class - I loved the theme and the stories about your Morocco travels were great - thanks for bringing the world into the yoga classroom.
  • Dana Melvin     Sep 3rd, 2012
    Cool way to celebrate your spin around the sun! I too have had a "Fez" of a journey but have landed in my 50's (albeit shocked at the numeral!) feeling grounded and strong. Let's reimagine yoga for this decade. Thank you for this sweet practice. And the BIG hair flashback!
  • Autumn Jordan     Sep 3rd, 2012
    Marc, happy birthday! You do not look a day over 20! Haha, thank you so much for this practice and what a great reminder to go with the flow. :)
  • Jeanette Darbyshire     Sep 3rd, 2012
    Wonderful. Thank you and a big happy 50th from Australia.
  • Liliana Jaramillo      Sep 3rd, 2012
    Dear Marc! beautiful way to start the week, monday morning inspired by your class to trust in the unfolding full of surprises life! Merci! :) I'm trying to send you an email but your mail id seems to be deactivated? and your website too? We'd love to come to Bhakti Yoga Summer in Germany, we met in Airyoga Munich and I told you about it. Please connect to: whenever you can ;)
    And-never too late- would like to wish you a full of blessings and love new year in your yogi life!!! and yes! as everyone says: no way! you're not 50! :D c'est la vie! Love! Liliana
  • lissi andersen     Sep 3rd, 2012
    Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring and lovely paced class. Love your precisely detailed cues. About the breath about the toes etc. Really makes sense. And it is always a pleasure being in your class even here at home on my floor in Copenhagen Denmark. Really hope to be able to join one of your classes in Paris once. Hope you will stay in Europe for long. And have a nice birthday.You deserve it. love lissi
  • susana faria ponte     Sep 2nd, 2012
    The class was perfect...the message, the instruction and the was exactly what I needed. thank you.
  • melanie jorden     Sep 2nd, 2012
    Happy Birthday Marc! I knew there was a reason your teachings resonated with me so deeply. I too will soon turn 50 and it's strange to comprehend. I like to think yoga has helped me find my true essence, which is ageless.
    This was a wonderful class to which I will return again. Thanks for connecting on the Glo.
  • Brigida Sanchez     Sep 2nd, 2012
    No Way... You are not 50! :) Thank you always being an inspiration, every time you share your life with all world and with little ol' me it illuminates hearts (My heart)with courage. So many blessings to you for showing us our own Temple that we can go to admist the chaos.

    • Marc Holzman     Sep 6th, 2012
      thanks BB! :-)