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Level 2
60 min

Constant Flow

Vinyasa Flow | By Dice Iida-Klein on Mar 07 2012
A constant flow that stays at a steady level 2 pace. We open the front of the legs and the back of the legs, getting into the hamstrings and hip flexors. A few arm balances are sprinkled in with MINIMAL handstands. Light core work is given, followed by a backbend and some hip opening from the floor on our backs. Enjoy my fellow yogis!


A constant flow that stays at a steady level 2 pace. We open the front of the legs and the back of the legs, getting into the hamstrings and hip flexors. A few arm balances are sprinkled in with MINIMAL handstands. Light core work is given, followed by a backbend and some hip opening from the floor on our backs. Enjoy my fellow yogis!


  • Mariya Manahova     Nov 30th, 2014
  • Mariya Manahova     Nov 30th, 2014
    strong and stretching for legs, good flow, strong for abdominals too
  • Sophie Neary     Aug 18th, 2014
    Loved this, thank you - have been away from my mat for a week or so, this was a lovely ease back in. Namaste, Sophie
  • Megan Casper     Aug 12th, 2014
    Really great attention to alignment. You described things in ways that totally changed my perception of a bunch of different common poses. Thank you!
  • Ana Evans     Apr 5th, 2014
    Great class, thank you!!
  • Leah Kadamian     Dec 14th, 2013
    Wow! Love this practice. I'm just working up to level 2 poses and I can manage some poses but still have a long way to go on others! Dice has such a nice, light-hearted style that I am encouraged to try even when the pose is difficult.
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Jan 8th, 2014
      Glad you enjoyed the practice Leah ;) Keep on coming back for more!
  • Hannah Nicol     Oct 15th, 2013
    WOW incredible new variations on good ole stretches. Especially loved learning some new calf stretches as mine always seem tight.

    Thanks Dice! A new fave!

    (Although sadly my video stopped playing at 53 minutes in...not sure if it's my computer or the video as it hasn't ever happened before with yogaglo.)
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Oct 28th, 2013
      Glad you enjoyed the practice Hannah! I hope the GLO tech team's tips got you squared away :)
    • YogaGlo     Oct 15th, 2013
      Hi Hannah, we have sent you an email with some troubleshooting tips.
  • Mia Mironov     Oct 7th, 2013
    namaste :)
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Oct 28th, 2013
      Namaste Mia :)
  • Amy Sedgwick     Sep 21st, 2013
    Wow-what a great class, Dice. Your alignment cues were fantastic. I will come back to this one often. You are a great teacher!! Thank you. :)
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Sep 30th, 2013
      You;re welcome Amy. Glad I could be of service :)
  • Pamela Snowe     May 11th, 2013
    My first Dice class that I could finish! Your alignment cues are excellent and I feel hopeful I can try another challenging class and have patience with myself to do the best I can do at the place I am at. Thank you:)
    • Dice Iida-Klein     May 15th, 2013
      You said it perfectly Pamela. Doing everything in the class is never the point. I'm glad you listen to your body well and you gave yourself the space to take breaks if needed. Keep coming back and your already present inner strength will shine through outwardly!!!
  • Mia Mironov     Apr 24th, 2013
    • Dice Iida-Klein     Apr 24th, 2013
      Namaste Mia :)
  • Ania Nowicki     Nov 23rd, 2012
    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Thank you!
  • Garett McMahan     Oct 26th, 2012
    great class Dice, thank you. Don't know how I'd get my Yoga done without the Glo.
  • Henriette      Aug 26th, 2012
    I would have liked to get my body warmed up before starting this practice. It helps to be warmed up to get fullest stretch. This class didn't really start for me until the 15:55 mark
  • Leah      Jul 25th, 2012
    Great class---thank you very much !
    Was wondering what you were doing around the 13 min. mark when you placed your hands
    on someone's lower back (in Uttanasana) and the other hand was ___? ---pushing down? Or ? purpose?
    Your passion for teaching is apparent. Beautiful. Thank you again.
  • Yvonne Legge     Jun 3rd, 2012
    Very awesome, wonderful instruction on how to properly align in each pose, thank u Dice
  • Natalie Leach     May 27th, 2012
    Great class, though halfway through the video went wonky. I kept with it b/c the directions are so clear, I didn't need to see what was happening.
    • YogaGlo     May 27th, 2012
      Natalie - we just emailed you some tips to help with the streaming.
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Amy - So great to hear! May not be my instruction...I think you're better at following and listening more than you think :) Come on back and practice some more!
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Katie - Nice! Hips and hammys. Gotta love em'!
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Sarah - You're welcome :)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Mahala - Amazing! New variations are always fun to try. Stretches early can be troublesome...but I'm glad you did what was best for you and took a slower route for this one. Come on back! Practice on my fellow yogi :)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Flo - I'm so happy it was a great way to finish off your week. Come on back and practice!
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Mel - Glad you could join us at the Glo! More to come :)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Isabella - I made it to your favorites?! Lucky me :) Glad you enjoyed the class. Practice on my fellow yogi!
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Hillary - Awesome! You're quite welcome.
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Leigh Ann - The yoga practice is never-ending. That's the best part! Always in practice, on and off the mat :) Glad I could be of service!
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Lana - Awesome! Glad you enjoyed the practice :)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Yumi - Thank you!
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Caroline - New hamstrings are always a good thing :) I do have a twist class that addresses a lot of hip work. I think it's a few classes after this one? I hope you find it!
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Babara - Glad you enjoyed the practice! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Glo ;)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Laurie - LOL. I hope she practices with you :)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Lisa - Thanks! I seem to always add in a handstand and an arm balance or two. I can't help it :)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Amy - All you need to do is try! Glad that you could find some comic relief in the class. Gotta have fun when we practice and be focused too :)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Holly - Hello central NJ! Glad I could help kickstart your day :)
  • Dice Iida-Klein     Mar 31st, 2012
    @Miriam - Awesome. It's always nice to feel a little taller :) I'm glad the alignment cues are helping you. I promise to keep em' coming and to always evolve as we go along!
  • Katie Serbus     Mar 18th, 2012
    Super duper practice for runners! Loved it!
  • Sarah Hon     Mar 13th, 2012
    Awesome, as always! Thank you.
  • Mahala Helf     Mar 12th, 2012
    Brilliant new layers for so many poses! All I'd ever heard for Padagustasana was to try to get hands under wrists, so if you can, breathing was the focus. Adding the weight shift balance adds a whole new challenge to steadiness & ease(but not as much as your tip to engage mula bandha in Happy Baby! Starting with stretches cold was trepidatious for me--had to be really conscious of not mindlessly moving myself into where i'd be after many Sun Salutations/forward folds in a steamy studio. Glad for the slow thoughtful pace! Thanks Dice.
  • Flo Sheffield     Mar 11th, 2012
    Wonderful way for me to end my Sunday evening. Great for tight hips and hamstrings. I will definitely try your other classes!
  • mel Campbell     Mar 11th, 2012
    Fabulous class Dice - my first with you...thanks for your checkin cues. Intense yet delicious loved it. I'll be back for more. Thank-you.
  • Isabella Allard     Mar 11th, 2012
    EXCELLENT Dice!!! Wonderful flow and super instruction* Onto my favorites it goes.. yet another one of yours to add to my collection ;) Beautiful* Thank YOU!
  • Hillary Fredrickson     Mar 11th, 2012
    AMAZING class! Thank you...
  • Leigh Ann Ablah     Mar 10th, 2012
    wonderful cues, great class...every time I think I am deepening my practice - there is oh so much out there, quite humbling and never ending. All good, great cues thank you!!!!
  • Lana Russo     Mar 10th, 2012
    great, great flow with super clear cues...loved it.
  • Yumi Yumi     Mar 9th, 2012
    great teacher .
  • Caroline Jordan     Mar 8th, 2012
    holy cow I have NEW hamstrings! thank you Dice, you are amazing. Do you have a class where you stretch the glutes as much as we did hamstrings in this one? my running and cycling legs would LOVE one! thank you thank you!
  • Barbara Pautler     Mar 8th, 2012
    Wow what a great parctice! My first with you. Thank you!
  • Laurie Hogie     Mar 8th, 2012
    My 13 yr old daughter was watching this class while I was doing it. She says "he's cool."
  • Lisa Hagen     Mar 7th, 2012
    Good hamstring the vasisthasana to koundinyasana. I usually go into koundinyasana from down dog. Thanks for adding arm balances and handstands.
  • Amy Holler     Mar 7th, 2012
    At least I tried!!! LOL
  • Holly Haynes     Mar 7th, 2012
    A big thanks for this class from Central New Jersey, Dice! My day started out so well.
  • Miriam      Mar 7th, 2012
    Great class as usual the alignment details were very clear I feel like I grew an inch stretching my hamstrings, I liked the forward fold with the palms behind heels thanx! Miriam