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Level 2
30 min

Welcome the Silence

Vinyasa Flow | By Elena Brower on Mar 27 2012
Welcome the silence into your experience of your practice and  your life with this sweet 30-minute flow for your hamstrings and shoulders. Invite quiet and opening into your muscles, between your thoughts and be the example of that quiet for everyone near you.


Welcome the silence into your experience of your practice and your life with this sweet 30-minute flow for your hamstrings and shoulders. Invite quiet and opening into your muscles, between your thoughts and be the example of that quiet for everyone near you.


  • Jane Voigt     Aug 10th, 2014
    Wonderful, thank you x
  • Autumn Jordan     Aug 10th, 2014
    A beautiful before bed class, thank you so much Elena. Namaste :) <3
  • Deborah Teske     Apr 8th, 2014
    Perfect. Short and sweet. Feel amazing. Ready to face the rainy day here in Maine. Thank you.
  • Jan Clark     Dec 13th, 2013
    A very difficult lesson for me at the moment but so important. Thank you for letting me give myself at least 30 minutes of silence today x
  • Ellen Hesse     Dec 3rd, 2013
    that made me cry.... thanks to that, Elena, what flows through you and keeps inspiring you! it is the same in me. <3
  • Kendra Staley     Nov 26th, 2013
    Thank you for the calm and peaceful classes. You're my go-to-lady whenever I need to feel either - or both!
    • Elena Brower     Nov 27th, 2013
      Kendra, THANK YOU!
  • Shoshana Moskowitz     Nov 21st, 2013
    Thank you! with you in Devon, UK.
    • Elena Brower     Nov 27th, 2013
      Thank you Shoshana...
  • lucy powell     Aug 8th, 2013
    Remarkable, thank you very much indeed!
    • Elena Brower     Nov 27th, 2013
      Thank you Lucy. Thank you.
  • Andrea Kroneberg     Apr 16th, 2013
    GREAT CLASS...NAMASTE from Costa Rica
    • Elena Brower     Nov 27th, 2013
      Namaste Andrea!
  • Latife Baudet     Jan 15th, 2013
    Thank you Elena for this wonderful session. Love from Paris.
    • Elena Brower     Nov 27th, 2013
      Merci Latife!
  • Jennifer Casolo     Oct 9th, 2012
    finally coming back to yoga..perfect new beginning
  • Mary Geibel     Sep 17th, 2012
    Thank you Elena for revealing the silence <3
  • Brett Larkin     Sep 17th, 2012
    loved this, thank you
  • Lindsey Jarrett     Sep 4th, 2012
    beautiful sequence, lovely elena :) that second last shoulder opener dug into all the right places for me. thank you!
  • Anthony Melillo     Aug 15th, 2012
    Elena, peaceful voice. Difficult getting my tight hammys to relax, but at the end, I felt almost like gumby. Peace.
  • Gabriella Mishev     Aug 14th, 2012
    Lovely practice. Thank you.
  • Mary Horne     Jul 30th, 2012
    beautiful. thank you.
  • Elena Brower     Jul 21st, 2012
    loving all the comments on this one, and so grateful for your presence. thank you.
  • Freya Hanly     Jul 20th, 2012
    Beautiful Elena, thank you so much. I am so grateful to have you in my daily life to constantly remind me of the peace that is always accessible, but so easily forgotten. Now I experience it every morning in your classes. Namaste.
  • Nuala McDermott     Jun 26th, 2012
    sat cross legged at the end without my right inner thigh screaming for the first time in ages... the space is spreading!!!!! Namaste.
  • Brendan Markey     Jun 8th, 2012
    Thank you Elena!
  • Rebekah Ford     Jun 4th, 2012
    This was a wonderful way to open up and dissolve tension I didn't know I had accumulated over the course of my day. Thank you. :)
  • Norah Oulahen     Jun 4th, 2012
    With great thanks from Canada for enegy and words. I an closer to my own silence.
  • Gabe Manjarrez     May 17th, 2012
    Love it,
  • Jennifer Moran     May 9th, 2012
    I keep coming back to this subtly deep practice...thank you!
  • Juliana Crespo     May 6th, 2012
    So beautiful and elegant and sweet. Thank you, thank you.
  • Sibylle Dallmann     May 1st, 2012
  • Maurey Lancaster     Apr 29th, 2012
    And practicing here on a rainy afternoon from London. Namaste x
  • Maurey Lancaster     Apr 29th, 2012
    Fantastic practice targeting my most challenging areas. But why no savasana at the end? X
  • elinor Abbott     Apr 20th, 2012
    i liked the sentiment of this class but i since i feel like practicing as a "2" is pretty wide ranging, i would have appreciated more modifications.
  • kate larson     Apr 18th, 2012
    thank you! beautiful practice for nice respite at the end of a long day.
  • Monique Baron     Apr 13th, 2012
    Heart you, Elena. Just the visit practice with you that I needed this morning. xoxo
  • jo rees     Apr 6th, 2012
    Dearest Elena,

    Ive had a 22 year yoga practice, but the trials of the past year have taken me away. I got lucky at yoga crib in ojai and walked into your class, now I get to start me day with your beautiful class, satsang yoga.. i love it.. my body says "thank you!" Basking in this magnificent silence that holds everything now.. Looking forward to seeing you in Santa Monica in a few weeks.. Tadasana

  • Joanne Myrup     Mar 29th, 2012
    As always, lovies to Elena. And to all of the rest of us, practicing together all over the place! How cool is that?!
  • Cathy Benthagen     Mar 28th, 2012
    What a perfect 30 minute practice with a wonderful theme!! thank you again Elena
  • Melissa Stein     Mar 28th, 2012
    Thank you for this sweet practice! I have a three year old son and six month old twin girls, so I am short on both time and silence! Much gratitude for this offering:)
  • Jeanette Darbyshire     Mar 28th, 2012
    Beautiful and gorgeous as always. I was specifically looking for a 30min hamstring based class tonight and "boom" there it was on top of the list! Much love from Australia xox
  • M. Neilson     Mar 28th, 2012
    Thank you from New Zealand :)
  • Diane Pereira     Mar 27th, 2012
    The flow here is a little too fast for my old body to be able to safely transition, but sure got my heart going, and that felt good.
  • Leah      Mar 27th, 2012
    Cherry blossom petals gracefully falling of a class. T h a n k y o u dear Elena
  • judith mintz     Mar 27th, 2012
    Dear Elena, you never cease to inspire me with your truly heartfelt teaching. It is as if we are indeed together, sharing a practice, even though I am 3,000 miles away in Toronto, Canada. Your teaching is darshan, and I thank you. It's as if you "see" what it is that we need to learn. From my own experience as a yoga instructor that I teach what I need to learn, so I suppose it's a mutual seeing here. I love how you show how the body is the vehicle for this learning. I feel it. Thank you again.
  • Kimberly Werner     Mar 27th, 2012
    Beautiful morning practice to remind me to live from a state of observance first and not reaction.
  • Mary Mieure     Mar 27th, 2012
    Lovely practice. Thank you for the silence. My heart, hamstrings and my head loved it. :)!