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Level 2
20 min

Make Space

Vinyasa Flow | By Elena Brower on Feb 21 2012
A short private class to generate heat, open your hips and make space in your body to connect supportively to yourself.


A short private class to generate heat, open your hips and make space in your body to connect supportively to yourself.


  • Jennifer K     Oct 7th, 2014
    Thank you for this class, Elena. I can't get enough of your classes. They speak so much to our inner experience on such a subtle level. I feel so connected to what's going on with me internally in a way I have never experienced in yoga! (which often has more of a focus on the body and getting through it) Your classes are done in such a manner of self care and kindness! Thank you so much. I feel so connected to myself and peaceful in just this 20 minutes. They facilitate such a connected and soulful inner experience. It's like a spa treatment! Such a pleasure.
    • Elena Brower     Oct 8th, 2014
      Jennifer, thanks for taking this time to write such a thoughtful comment. Thank you!
  • Rebecca Morton     Sep 26th, 2014
    Perfect for my Friday morning! Thank you!
    • Elena Brower     Oct 8th, 2014
      Thank YOU Rebecca...
  • Caitlin Simmons     Sep 4th, 2014
    Loved this class! Thank you, Elena for sharing your beautiful practice! This one was short but oh so sweet. Just what I needed this morning to start the day. :)
    • Elena Brower     Oct 8th, 2014
      Thank you Caitlin!
  • Jayne Van Cauwelaert     Jul 29th, 2014
    Perfect 20 minute class! Saving this one to my favourites! :)
  • lia walton     Jul 24th, 2014
    intense, incredible and instructive as ever!
  • Josefin Haraldsson     Jul 5th, 2014
    What a lovely 20 min :)
    I love that you talk so much about gratefulness and the respect of onw self, soo important and a good combo :)
    Jo in Sweden
  • sasha kershaw     Mar 6th, 2014
    Thank you so much elena your words always reach me deeply.
  • megan tomkins     Feb 19th, 2014
    this class was my "aha!" moment with sequencing. thanks, elena!
  • Jocelyn Perrin     Oct 6th, 2013
    so amazing Elena. thank you for creating this practice. I surprised myself and found these poses giving me just what I needed this morning. I feel soo open and loving now! :)
  • Matt Cooke     Aug 16th, 2013
    incredible practice. feeling spacious! Thanks mom :)
    • Elena Brower     Aug 16th, 2013
      my BOY! thanks brother so much
  • Emma Koch     Aug 5th, 2013
    Fabulous session. Thank you Elena!
    • Elena Brower     Aug 16th, 2013
      thank YOU, Emma.
  • Mischa Hudecová     Jul 9th, 2013
    perfect spacious and nourishing start of the day *
    • Elena Brower     Aug 16th, 2013
      thank you MISA... xoxox
  • Rachel Keller     May 2nd, 2013
    Fun! Nice re-set for mid-day, baby is napping, class. I feel amazing : )
    • Elena Brower     Aug 16th, 2013
      best feeling ever... perfect! YogaGlo is a treasure for mamas... thanks Rachel.
  • Karina Eimon     Jan 1st, 2013
    Thank you :)
  • Zoe Poulson     Dec 27th, 2012
    Thank you Elena. Such a meaningful class.
  • Dimpy Kong     Nov 27th, 2012
    A gem! Thank you Elena for this and so many classes that have been helpful, instructional, wise, generous and more! With love x
  • Sandra Wind-Carson     Oct 30th, 2012
    XXX, such beautiful lessons cannot be taught enough <3
  • Emma Hamilton     Oct 19th, 2012
    Thank you Elena, my first class with yogaglo and just what I needed today, especially with the reminder to 'smile'.
  • Ariela Summit     Sep 12th, 2012
    Thank you Elena. Exactly what i needed to hear. Please do a longer class on this theme!
  • Jenny Wood     Aug 30th, 2012
    This is was an amazing class Elena. It helped me to realize that I need to be kinder and more supportive of myself on a daily basis. I will take this class every time I need to tune into that. Beautiful practice. Thank you.
  • Claire Claire     Aug 13th, 2012
    thank you elena!
  • Natalia Perez     Aug 5th, 2012
    This was a great short practice. Beautiful message, this was my first class with Elena.... I must try more of her classes.
    Thank you!! Om Shanti
  • Ali Burrell     Jul 1st, 2012
    A poignant and important message, beautifully shared. Thank you Elena. Blessings to you x
  • Trisha Hunter     Jun 16th, 2012
    This is my first experience with you and I must post what a pleasure it was. I enjoyed your teaching style, immensely. Especially when you followed some posture instructions with, "please".This one has been added to my list of favorites.Thank you
  • Elena Brower     Jun 11th, 2012
    welcome, Christine!
  • Christine Décary     Jun 11th, 2012
    Wow. What an inspirational class. It is my first YogaGlo class and I'm hooked. Thank you!
  • Heather Cull     May 5th, 2012
    Thank you Elena! This class literally brought tears to my eyes, beautiful.
  • Katherine Polce     May 4th, 2012
    Thank you very much. Needed the physical practice AND the message so much :) namaste
  • karen averitt     May 1st, 2012
    great practice - thanks so much
  • Kendra Hilty     Apr 18th, 2012
    Thank you so much Elena. I was feeling erratic and unsteady, and this practice was PERFECT!!!

    I hope that you come to Tucson sometime soon to play :]. Many many blessings.
  • Leah      Apr 16th, 2012
    "And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anais Nin
    Beautiful Elena. Thank you. Also can you please explain a little more about big toe to inner heel and pinky toe
    to outer heel . . . exactly how to create that, is it more in the mind which then creates subtle movement? ---thank you.
  • Gunn Helene Arsky     Apr 15th, 2012
    We're not only lucky to have this practice, Elena, we're lucky to have you! And for that I'm very grateful indeed.
  • Kelley Sue      Mar 30th, 2012
    Thank you Elena!!
  • Michelle Whelan     Mar 16th, 2012
    Beautiful from start to finish. Simply perfect.
  • Annie Di Natale     Mar 12th, 2012
    That is golden! Teach the world how to treat you, how you treat yourself.
  • Mouon Levan     Mar 9th, 2012
    Thank you so much! Exactly where I'm at this week;) So grateful for connected consciousness. So grateful to hear your words from your heart to mine, to yours;) X
  • mel Campbell     Mar 9th, 2012
    Thank-you Elena for reminding me of my most important relationship. Wonderful practice x
  • whitney messervy     Mar 5th, 2012
  • Kate Crawford     Feb 28th, 2012
    As usually an incredible class :) My favorite was "how you relate to yourself is how you teach the world to relate to you". Thank you so much Elena :) With love & gratitude-Kate
  • laurie greenberg     Feb 27th, 2012
    I had 20 minutes..I used it wisely:) TY
  • Tracy Nolan     Feb 27th, 2012
    Thankyou so much for the 20 min's all the baby will allow right now, and is a lifesaver!
  • maria elisabeth rommel     Feb 26th, 2012
    juicy :) thank you Elena!!
  • Kayti Quesada     Feb 26th, 2012
    Elena - thank you =D Exactly what my body and spirit needed =D BIG LOVE!!!
  • Ming-Zhu Hii     Feb 26th, 2012
    I found myself in bound forward bend staring straight into the depths of the blue, evening sky. I had no idea I had that view from my home - oh, the gift of a shift in perspective. Thank you.
  • Rebecca Austin     Feb 24th, 2012
    I loved upward facing dog with my toes up like that!!! Felt amazing! Thank you!
  • Lena Kurganska     Feb 22nd, 2012
    Thank you, Elena, for this inspiring class :)
  • Mary Ann van Beuren     Feb 22nd, 2012
    Thank you Elena, for reminding me where kindness begins.
  • Kelley Sue      Feb 21st, 2012
    Lovely!! So lovely my eight year old son asked to do more. ♥
  • Leah      Feb 21st, 2012
    Precious Pearls . . .
  • Huy Le Vo     Feb 21st, 2012
    Wonderful! Thank you!
  • Kristine Kalinina     Feb 21st, 2012
    Thank you, Elena :) just what I needed to balance energy and to continue to work :)