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Class Playlist

  1. Om (Invocation), album: Elephant Power by MC Yogi @
  2. Elephant Power (feat. Bhagavan Das), album: Elephant Power by MC Yogi @
  3. Rock On Hanuman (feat. Krishna Das), album: Elephant Power by MC Yogi @
  4. Om Namah Shivaya (feat. Bhagavan Das), album: Elephant Power by MC Yogi @
  5. Ganesh is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal), album: Elephant Power by MC Yogi @
  6. Om Nama Shivaya, album: The Lover & The Beloved by Donna De Lory @
  7. Ganga Pooja, album: Sacred Movement: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 1 by White Swan Yoga Masters @

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Level 2
30 min

Breathe & Boogie

Vinyasa Flow | By Noah Mazé on Jan 08 2012
This 30 minute flow to music will breathe you through sun salutations, standing poses, and some hand balancing variations to get your boogie on.


This 30 minute flow to music will breathe you through sun salutations, standing poses, and some hand balancing variations to get your boogie on.


  • Ben Quinn     Nov 27th, 2014
    I've been doing your Move & Groove followed immediately by this (Breathe & Boogie) 3 times per week, my transitions have improved so much. Like the music choice too. Thanks
    • Noah Maze     Nov 28th, 2014
      BEN! Wow. I'm honored. Thanks for spending so much time with me. That's so great it's all working for you. Now--the real question--do you still laugh at my jokes?
      • Ben Quinn     Nov 29th, 2014
        What jokes?
  • Sarah Varland     Sep 3rd, 2014
    Thank you for this class! It livened my evening, and the back bends at the end gave me a shot of energy to continue my day with just a little brighter smile.
    • Noah Maze     Sep 4th, 2014
      Wonderful Sarah! Glad the class gave you energy and made you smile. :) Namaste~
  • Deborah Teske     May 1st, 2014
    Great start to this dreary, rainy day. Some of the arm balances were challenging but that is something I can work towards. Have a great day. Thank you ;)
    • Noah Maze     May 1st, 2014
      There's nothing like a vinyasa class to give you energy on a dreary, rainy day! I like how you have embraced the challenge of the arm balances Deborah. We all have something to work towards. Keep up the good work! Namaste~
  • Samantha Jeremijenko      Mar 29th, 2014
    I feel so light. Thank you. This class worked really well to release my lower back and hips, after carrying my giant toddler around.
    • Noah Maze     Apr 18th, 2014
      That's fantastic Samantha! I can relate - carrying kids around definitely takes its toll. Hope to "see" you in class again soon!
  • monica catalan     Mar 12th, 2014
    Favorite 30 minute class! Thanks Noa
    • Noah Maze     Apr 18th, 2014
      Woo hoo - glad I made your favorite list Monica! Thanks for taking class. - :)
  • Nicole Minogue     Jan 30th, 2014
    YES! such fun, thanks Noah. Definitely more of these please.
    • Noah Maze     Apr 18th, 2014
      YES!! :) Will do Nicole!
  • Susan Gantt     Jan 24th, 2014
    Noah, thank you for offering these Yoga Glo classes. I so appreciate your teaching and clarity. And the practice is simply awesome.
    • Noah Maze     Apr 18th, 2014
      Awww, thanks Susan! I hope to "see" you in class again soon. :)
  • Elizabeth Wentz     May 9th, 2013
    Such a fun class!!! Please do more of these. :)
    • Noah Maze     May 9th, 2013
      You bet Elizabeth, I'm so glad you enjoyed this class :)
  • Amy Lind     Apr 18th, 2013
    Found myself doing two of your 30 minute classes today and I LOVE LOVE this class! What a fun way to get into visvamitrasana! As always you are amazing and inspirational. Thanks Noah!
    • Noah Maze     Apr 23rd, 2013
      Thanks Amy. I love that you did a double 30! Thanks for taking class, and for your adventurous spirit and enthusiasm. Namste~
  • Kimberly Carlson     Apr 6th, 2013
    I loved this Thankyou so very much. I found myself doing the poses with surprising ease and happily flowed my way through the rest of my day today. Terrific. It got me back into regular practice mode.
    • Noah Maze     Apr 6th, 2013
      Awesome!~stay in the flow, ride the wave. Welcome back to regular practice! Namaste
  • Kimberly Carlson     Apr 6th, 2013
    I loved this Thankyou so very much. I found myself doing the poses with surprising ease and happily flowed my way through the rest of my day today. Terrific. It got me back into regular practice mode.
  • Helene Kangisser     Apr 3rd, 2013
    Thank you Noah! Great start to the day.
    • Noah Maze     Apr 4th, 2013
      Thanks Helene :)
  • Jany Crespo     Mar 13th, 2013
    I absolutely enjoyed this class!! great transition techniques!!! Thank you Noah...Namaste.
    • Noah Maze     Mar 14th, 2013
      Jany, thank you, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Namaste
  • Caroline Mastreani     Feb 11th, 2013
    Perfect afternoon pick-me-up! Thanks heaps for a sweet class!
    • Noah Maze     Mar 14th, 2013
      You are very welcome! Thanks for taking class Caroline
  • Emily Lodge     Sep 2nd, 2012
    Loved this short and energizing flow! I checked out your classes based on Dice's recommendation and very happy I did.
    • Noah Maze     Mar 14th, 2013
      Yay, thanks Emily (and Dice)! 'See' you on the mat again :)
  • Michelle Ross     Aug 18th, 2012
    Noah, love your classes but this really felt like a level 2-3 or even a 3 level. Namaste~
    • Noah Maze     Mar 14th, 2013
      Thanks Michelle. It is always tricky deciding on the level. The shorter duration of this class is one of the reasons it's a level 2(ish). If it kept this pace for longer, the difficulty level goes up. Namaste~
  • Lucinda Pimlott     Aug 1st, 2012
    Feeling good! Namaste
    • Noah Maze     Mar 14th, 2013
      Lucinda, to quote Trading Places (movie):
      Louis: Looking good, Billy Ray!
      Billy Ray: Feeling good, Louis!
  • Stacey Lasseter     Jul 30th, 2012
    Noah, my younger son loves your 'sitting piano.' Namaste.
    • Noah Maze     Mar 14th, 2013
      I love it!
    • Julie Brooks     Jul 30th, 2012
      How cute is that?
      • Noah Maze     Mar 14th, 2013
        so cute!
  • Tal Rachleff     Jul 23rd, 2012
    That was sweet. Thank you, Noah. Next time you can throw Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" into the mix :-)
  • Roberta McGinley     May 23rd, 2012
    Loved that class. Just what I needed.
  • Mia Mironov     May 11th, 2012
  • Mia Mironov     May 11th, 2012
  • Maurey Lancaster     May 3rd, 2012
    Fabulous fun practice and a very challenging level 2! Best 30 min practice yet!! X
  • Jane Senda     May 3rd, 2012
    So much fun Noah!
  • Autumn Jordan     May 3rd, 2012
    Very fun class! I loved all the arm balances and transitions. Thank you.
  • Krista Starr     Apr 28th, 2012
    sirsasana 2 from prasarita padottanasana!!! Just did that for the first time! Thank you.
  • Leah      Apr 3rd, 2012
    Noah.....level 2 ? i would give it a level 8 through my limitations. Thank you !
  • Dawn Gazell     Apr 2nd, 2012
    Challenging, heart opening-- wonderful way to start the day. :) Thank you, Noah.
  • Vicki Smart     Mar 28th, 2012
    this sequence has become my savior on days when I have no time! thanks Noah! cant wait to see you soon in Sydney!
  • Nick Florino     Mar 16th, 2012
    again. kick a$$! jai ma!
  • Melanie Buffett     Mar 15th, 2012
    Fantastic practice. Thanks Noah!
  • Nick Florino     Feb 15th, 2012
  • Susan Hollingsworth     Feb 3rd, 2012
    Always come back to your classes. Clear wisdom, playful energy and new discoveries within myself. Gratitude!
  • Elena Lowenthal     Feb 3rd, 2012
    Noah, second time around and still great. Question. I have a very short torso. So it is practically impossible for me to touch my head to the floor to go into headstand. Any suggestions? Thanks, Elena
  • Mara Dew     Jan 30th, 2012
    great 30 minute class! I loved returning again and again to Prasarita, one of my favorite poses. Your classes are awesome.
  • Lacy Wolff     Jan 29th, 2012
    Great class first thing in the morning! Thanks Noah:)
  • Norah Oulahen     Jan 29th, 2012
    Great class thank you.
  • kate larson     Jan 27th, 2012
    so lovely! Thanks!
  • Christine Comito     Jan 26th, 2012
    thanks for the boogie....just what I needed before lunch!
  • maria de santis     Jan 25th, 2012
    This is my first time back on Yogaglo since last March. Boy, do I miss this website! I started with a warm up with Felicia's 30 minute lymphatic cleanse routine first. When dived into the energizing Noah! WOW! Great classes I' m hooked again!!!!!
  • mel Campbell     Jan 25th, 2012
    Loved the transitions!! A fun-loving packed in 30 min class. Please keep them flowing x
  • Amy C.     Jan 20th, 2012
    This was such a fun class--perfect for Friday, after work, as I prepare for the weekend. Thank you!
  • Noah Maze     Jan 17th, 2012
    @ C Burys: In Anusara Yoga, we divide 350 poses into three levels of Syllabi. My ratings take this into account; if all or most of the poses are off syllabus 1, it is usually a Level 1 or 1/2. If it is continuous vinyasa sequencing of these same poses, that becomes a Level 2. If it has a handful of syllabus 2 poses, but mostly syllabus 1 poses in a short vinyasa (like this class), it is a 2, or as you suggest, perhaps a 2/3. If we kept this pace for 90 minutes, it would be a level 3. That said, levels are always subjective, but we do try to keep consistent objective standards. I hope that helps! Thanks, as always, for taking class!
  • Noah Maze     Jan 17th, 2012
    Thanks y'all. Big hello back to you, AnaMaria. @C Burys, ratings are always subjective, and is based partly on difficulty of individual poses and partly on sequencing strategies. We currently only go as high as level 3, and there are no poses in this sequence from the advanced syllabus...
  • Patti Boug     Jan 17th, 2012
    Love these 30 minute sessions! Thanks Noah!
  • C Burys     Jan 17th, 2012
    I think that was maybe a 2/3 or a 3 class at least for me.
  • Melissa diLeonardo     Jan 16th, 2012
    Super DOPE! Thanks, Noah. Namaste.
  • AnaMaria Herrera     Jan 15th, 2012
    You're fun Noah. Thanks for another great class. Big hello from Santa Barbara California.
  • Heather Bailey     Jan 14th, 2012
    How fun was that?!!!
  • Ami Amore'     Jan 13th, 2012
    This was exactly what the doc ordered! thank you!
  • Noah Maze     Jan 13th, 2012
    you are welcome Marisa :)
  • Marisa      Jan 13th, 2012
    so energizing...thank you!
  • Noah Maze     Jan 12th, 2012
    You all are making me smile. I am so happy your are enjoying this. We will do more. Avryl, hola, so glad you are joining us from Venezuela.
  • Azziza      Jan 12th, 2012
    my first class with you and I thoroughly enjoyed!!
  • Teri Roy     Jan 11th, 2012
    This was exactly what my body was craving!! Thank you!
  • avryl vizoso     Jan 11th, 2012
    your classes make me so happy!! I'm joining you from a little town in Venezuela and since I'm your student mi live is simply better, hoping study yoga with you directly, blessings from my heart for you and your family, Avryl
  • salmona l jahja     Jan 11th, 2012
    love it Noah - short, challenging as usual and very clear
  • Kathy Dodd     Jan 11th, 2012
    Brilliant! more please.
  • Nyn Grey     Jan 11th, 2012
    Thanks for some fun things to jump start my mommy morning. I feel ready to go now!~
  • Nyn Grey     Jan 11th, 2012
    Oh my god man, I just forget to practice and wanna watch you!
  • Emma Robinson     Jan 11th, 2012
    This was gorgeous Noah! Can we have some more boogie classes please? Loved the fun energy of constant flow and crative transitions, wild thing is just so love inducing! xox
  • Karen Kurtz     Jan 10th, 2012
    Short but oh so sweet and juicy, Hated to see it end.
  • espanta steppe     Jan 10th, 2012
    great energy from this!
  • Noah Maze     Jan 9th, 2012
    I'm so glad you are enjoying this!
  • Melanie McQuown     Jan 9th, 2012
    This was really nice, thank you!
  • Sarah Higgins     Jan 9th, 2012
  • Sara Conner     Jan 9th, 2012
    Loved this!!
  • Sally Rud     Jan 9th, 2012
    Awesome practice! Thank you!
  • Patti MacPherson     Jan 9th, 2012
    loved the music, loved the creative sequencing, thank you Noah!
  • Cullen Curtiss     Jan 9th, 2012
    creative is right! loved it!
  • Lana Russo     Jan 9th, 2012
    what a sick practice....this was wonderful and super creative. love!!!
  • sarah foster     Jan 8th, 2012
    I loved this FUN!
  • Carol Sargent     Jan 8th, 2012
    I like the creative "twister" moves!
  • Noah Maze     Jan 8th, 2012
    Thanks for making me smile, i'm so glad you had fun. Always good to Glo with you!
  • Lisa Hagen     Jan 8th, 2012
    Another the visvamitrasana variation! As always, so grateful for your teachings...
  • yogagal      Jan 8th, 2012
    2nd time, giddy all the way thru, like a kid in a candy (asana) store. No fuzzy brain, I'm clear, clear that I want more noah "vinyasa" classes...noahasa. Thanks!
  • yogagal      Jan 8th, 2012
    THE BEST. ALL of my favorite poses in 30 minutes. LOVE coming into and doing triangle several times. Always felt cheated when most classes do it 1 time. OK gotta go, I'm doing this again!
  • Debbie Huttner     Jan 8th, 2012
    love the music and love noah but the poses were too hard (and different). :(
  • Gayle Kahn Friedman     Jan 8th, 2012
    thank you, Noah! lifts my spirits and energy in late afternoon.
  • Lisa Martinez     Jan 8th, 2012
    Great short the point! thanks!
  • Julie Brooks     Jan 8th, 2012
    Oh my Shivaya--I loved it!!

    First choice--LIVE workshop with Noah. Not an option at the moment.
    Second choice--30-45min vinyasa flow with Noah on YOGAGLO. Thank you Noah and Yogaglo!! xoxo
  • Lisa Hagen     Jan 8th, 2012
    This short sequence was what I needed to jump start my day. Enjoyed it... Tnx Noah!
  • Elena Lowenthal     Jan 8th, 2012
    Great morning pick me up. Thank you Noah