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60 min

Nurturing Flow for Life Transitions

Hatha | By Jason Crandell on Oct 13 2011
Nurture your body and mind as you transition from one season to another. This slow, deeply grounding sequence contains head-supported forward bends, restorative postures with minimal props required, and inversions. Although this is an active practice, it is calibrated to restore your energy, calm your nerves, and support your immune system. It's just the thing you need when you want a complete practice but don't have any energy to spare.


Nurture your body and mind as you transition from one season to another. This slow, deeply grounding sequence contains head-supported forward bends, restorative postures with minimal props required, and inversions. Although this is an active practice, it is calibrated to restore your energy, calm your nerves, and support your immune system. It's just the thing you need when you want a complete practice but don't have any energy to spare.


  • Wendy Manville     Oct 26th, 2014
    This was a great practice for me today after returning from the retreat to completely different weather. Thanks!
    • Jason Crandell     Oct 27th, 2014
      Nice to hear from you, Wendy. I'm glad this worked well for you after our retreat!
  • Fiona Deschenes     Oct 22nd, 2014
    Thank you for this quiet practice. I find it so helpful during stressful times .
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 3rd, 2014
      You're welcome, Fiona.
  • Catherine O'Haire     Oct 20th, 2014
    Thanks Jason and Angie, from me and my cold
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 3rd, 2014
      Catherine, I'm happy to hear this was helpful during your cold.
  • Jen Coco     May 27th, 2014
    Thank you Jason! I LOVE this practice, and will use it through times of transition as well as when things are flowing steady. Namaste :-)
    • Jason Crandell     May 27th, 2014
  • Dimpy Kong     May 20th, 2014
    Just what I needed! Thank you.
  • Marta Abel     Nov 19th, 2013
    This class is perfect for those 'fighting a cold' days. Just the right amount of movement and stillness. Thank you.
  • Magali Millou     Oct 14th, 2013
    Thank you so much, Jason, for this amazing and peacefull practice, i really love your dedication and generosity, Ram Ram.
    • Jason Crandell     Oct 15th, 2013
      Thanks Magali.
  • Nicki Friedlein     Jul 20th, 2013
    Dear Jason, This practice was the perfect calm and grounded antidote to a wild and blustery day and a whirlwind week. Thank you for your nurturing guidance.
    • Jason Crandell     Jul 20th, 2013
      My pleasure Nicki. Thanks for practicing.
  • Devarati Cote     Jun 22nd, 2013
    Thank you for this practice! Change is indeed central to my reality these days, and with a cold on top! I felt achy all over from moving lots of heavy stuff yesterday. This practice was ideal; it grounded me into giving myself permission to go slow, and really gave me the feeling that I nurture and respect my body.
    • Jason Crandell     Jun 22nd, 2013
      My pleasure Dev!
  • Shuli Pilo     Jun 14th, 2013
    This class was just what I needed today - thank you!
    • Jason Crandell     Jun 15th, 2013
      Thanks Shuli
  • Claudia Gutierrez     Jan 30th, 2013
    Thankyou! Fantastic, just what I needed. I feel at ease!
    • Jason Crandell     Jan 30th, 2013
      Thanks Claudia
  • Holly Holt     Jan 3rd, 2013
    Thank you, Jason, for this and all of your classes. I feel renewed after waking up with the feeling I was "coming down with something." Your classes always help me find my own best way into a pose without rushing or risking injury. Thank you!
  • Jill Dunkley     Nov 19th, 2012
    Hi Jason:

    Thanks for this practice. I, in fact, have too much energy due to a health condition that requires a strong cortico-steroid to bring down inflammation. Your calm, measured and considered approach, always keeping the student in mind, is balm for the soul.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 19th, 2012
      Jill, awesome. I'm happy to hear this helped soothe you.
  • Kiersten Owings     Nov 12th, 2012
    Thank you for was so nice. I have a question though. Whenever I do the last pose (savasana sp?) my lower back hurts. It happens no matter what workout I do. How can I fix that so I enjoy that pose?
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 13th, 2012
      Kiersten - try bending your knees and resting the back of your shins on a chair. This should do the trick.
  • dar carman     Nov 5th, 2012
    Thank you recovering from a cold and hurricane sandy this was wonderful Dar from ct
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 5th, 2012
      Hi Dar, happy this worked well for you.
  • RaeDawn Bohn     Nov 2nd, 2012
    Thank you so much Jason. This practice is such a good way to meet your body with breath and mind in a time of change and hectic shuffling. i will be doing this practice often.
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 2nd, 2012
      Thank you RaeDawn!
  • Kayla Sharrah     Nov 1st, 2012
    First time taking one of your classes and im so grateful. Absoluetly what i needed and i didnt even know it, thank you thank you. Hope you had a happy halloween!
    • Jason Crandell     Nov 2nd, 2012
      Thanks Kayla! I'm glad this was what you needed.
  • Jason Crandell     Sep 3rd, 2012
    Adriana - thanks!
  • Adriana Hoyos     Sep 2nd, 2012
    loved it!
  • Abby Takarabe     Aug 5th, 2012
    Thank you Jason. That was transformative for me. It helped to soften my eyes and head. Lovely delivery as always.
  • Christine Tipping     Aug 2nd, 2012
    The slower pace and supported poses were just what I need after a recent hospitalization. This class helped me feel nurtured and able to do an entire 60 minute class.
  • Jason Crandell     Apr 26th, 2012
    Carri- happy to hear this sequence grounded you for your change. Thank you!
  • Carri Schneider     Apr 26th, 2012
    Thank you. Beautiful sequence was just what I needed to get in the right headspace to face some career changes.
  • Jason Crandell     Apr 14th, 2012
    Alex- thank you!
  • Alex Cook     Apr 14th, 2012
    After a long week and waking with a tight stiff body this was just what I needed. Thank you.
  • Jason Crandell     Mar 26th, 2012
    Sarah - thanks Sarah!
  • Sarah Hon     Mar 25th, 2012
    Lovely, thank you Jason.
  • Jason Crandell     Mar 2nd, 2012
    Thanks Claudia!
  • claudia sponton     Mar 2nd, 2012
    I loved this class. Amazing the difference it makes with supported head. thank you Jason!
  • Jason Crandell     Feb 28th, 2012
    Happy you enjoyed it Amy, thank you!
  • Amy Hanridge     Feb 28th, 2012
    Just what I needed to revisit on a snowy, blustery day that was making me feel off-kilter. So thankful I have this to revisit! Thanks Jason!
  • Jason Crandell     Feb 15th, 2012
    Thanks Anita!
  • Anita Olanick     Feb 14th, 2012
    Great class.
  • Leah Bissonnette     Feb 7th, 2012
    Thank you Jason. I really appreciate all of the modifications you provide. Being on the cusp of a new move, a new job and a new pregnancy, this transition class was made for me :)
  • elinor Abbott     Dec 27th, 2011
    so good! one of my favorites. thank you thank you.
  • Ginko LEE     Dec 18th, 2011
    Thank you for a calming practice!!
  • Roberta Holanda Maschietto     Nov 25th, 2011
    Thanks for such an amazing class. I feel so light and at peace. Everything looks different and calm. Thanks!
  • Johanne Tremblay     Oct 15th, 2011
    Merci pour cette merveilleuse pratique. J'ai refait le plein d'energie et de bien tre. C'est bon de ne prendre son temps et d'aller dans le ressenti plutot que la forme... Namaste
  • Abby Takarabe     Oct 14th, 2011
    Thank you Jason and Angie! Your instructions are so clear Jason that I hardly looked at the screen. When I did, it was nice to see such a capable, strong and pliable body. Thank you for demonstrating what we don't always get to see Angie. I loved the pace and the inversions. Great class.
  • Tyla Arnason     Oct 14th, 2011
    Great class Jason - the students extra ability didn't really matter given your clear concise permission to prop up more, do less and realize the true purpose of this inward sequencing. Loved it and will borrow some of these ideas for my students. Thank you. Love the idea of dialing back once in awhile - that's what many need from yoga and they don't even realize it. Namaste.
  • evelyn jauvart     Oct 14th, 2011
    Great class! Just what I needed today. Thank you Jason!
  • Ewa Kat     Oct 14th, 2011
    Thank you. Very relaxing. With different student might be nice...I have only home practice and it looks like there are only perfect poses, even when teacher says: it doesn't matter where the head always see the perfection. I know I shouldn't compare but I do and it for sure doesn't motivate me. That's nice on yogaglo that you see other student's actually working on the pose and not doing it.
  • dar carman     Oct 14th, 2011
    great class but yes I would love to see a student with limited movement...thank you
  • Karin Zurbrügg     Oct 14th, 2011
    thank you so much Jason, just what my body n mind needed.
  • K Z     Oct 14th, 2011
    thanks for this practice, its so complete
  • Jason Crandell     Oct 13th, 2011
    @yogagal: I completely here you (especially as someone that much had even less range that I currently do). All the students that I get to model for me at yogaglo are friends and long-time students, so, honestly, it's just a convenience issue on my side to work with people that I know and trust. That said, I'll certainly keep my eyes open for students and colleagues that fit the description. Thanks for you thoughts.
  • Claudia Vargas     Oct 13th, 2011
    Great class, focused and beautifully paces. wish there were more like this
  • Elena Lowenthal     Oct 13th, 2011
    Jason, Thank you very much.
    Perfect practice before bed. I really enjoyed it.

  • yogagal      Oct 13th, 2011
    lovely...would be interesting to actually use a yogi for demo who in fact has limited range of movement. Tight hips, hams, shoulders etc....actually using a beginner or at least a level 1/2 student...thank you