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Level 2
30 min

Shoulder Injury Flow

Vinyasa Flow | By Kathryn Budig on Nov 05 2011
Don't let a shoulder injury or sore arms keep you from your yoga practice! This sequence keeps the heat of a regular flow class without any work on our arms. Feel the burn!


Don't let a shoulder injury or sore arms keep you from your yoga practice! This sequence keeps the heat of a regular flow class without any work on our arms. Feel the burn!


  • Caroline Layzell     Dec 4th, 2014
    That was perfect, thank you SO much. I have been struggling with an unexpected neck injury and struggling with sitting still all the time, feeling my body get tighter with every day of no yoga. This class made me realize I just needed to get creative with my practice. Love love love xox
  • Deborah Teske     Oct 22nd, 2014
    That was fantastic. I don't have an injury but it is nice to give the arms/shoulders a break. I will add this to my 'Kathryn' series and keep coming back to it. Love the sweaty flow. Thank you ;)
  • Lynne Samson     Aug 26th, 2014
    Thank you for your gift
  • Meg Bradbury     Jul 7th, 2014
    I'm a trail runner sidelined with a broken hand--was able to do this sweet practice with my cast, no problem. It lifted my spirits greatly; thank you!
  • Ali Burke     Jun 26th, 2014
    you are a legend!
  • Nicole Maunsell     Jun 3rd, 2014
    I have a neck injury and this was great for easing back into more intense poses without putting too much strain on it. Thank you!
  • Maricelle Campbell     Mar 11th, 2014
    this was a great practice…esp for someone working through a wrist injury! thank you kathryn :)
  • Josh Hasenohrl     Feb 12th, 2014
    Very nice! My let lat and shoulder are talking to me and this made them both stop taking for now :) thank you
  • Tracy Johnson     Jan 3rd, 2014
    Thank you, Kathryn! I've just been diagnosed with several shoulder problems & was dreading not being able to practice.
    • Kathryn Budig     Jan 4th, 2014
      Just stay open to modifications and heal swiftly:)
      • Tracy Johnson     Jan 5th, 2014
        I will! thank you :)
  • Patrice Abood     Nov 2nd, 2013
    I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this practice. I come back to it, even when my shoulders are fine. Thank you Kathryn and hope all is well! :)
    • Kathryn Budig     Jan 4th, 2014
  • Heather Fraley     Oct 17th, 2013
    Thanks Kathryn. I injured my shoulder weeks ago and it is so nice to have this practice to come to that will not hurt my shoulder. What a blessing! :)
  • David Turner     Oct 13th, 2013
    Thanks Kathryn. After many years of yoga, i injured my right rotator cuff a few months back. Probably through a combination of too many arms balances, misaligned chatarangas and computer RSI. Frustratingly this happened after booking your September Aim True London weekend workshop. I came on the Friday night (i was one of the only three blokes in the room!) but after shoulder pain decided to dip out for the rest of the weekend, luckily my wife was keen to take my place. Since then i have stopped all yoga and been resting. The idea of not being able to practice yoga ever again was concerning me. Anyhow today i decided to sign up to YogaGlo and see if it had classes designed for shoulder injuries. This one was perfect. I now feel i am on the road to recovery and restarting my yoga practice. Thank you. Dave
    • Kathryn Budig     Oct 14th, 2013
      I'm so glad this helps! I've endured shoulder injuries as well. . .really frustrating but glad to hear you have something to pull you through:)
  • Juliana Beasley     Jun 27th, 2013
    Hi Kathryn, This is a great class. I took your other class without stick pose and then found this one. It's really great that you created this class for those of use with upper body challenges and injuries. I haven't done a Vinyasa in a while because I can't put any weight on my hands, shoulders and neck. This is perfect for someone like me who is dealing with 3 herniated disks in the neck. I really appreciate it. Thanks again! Namaste!
    • Kathryn Budig     Jun 27th, 2013
      so happy it helps!
  • Arianna Davis     Apr 13th, 2013
    Thank you! I recently returned to yoga after a long hiatus only to injure my shoulder trying to do more than my body was ready for. Thank you for reminding me to listen to what my body needs rather than letting my ego decide:)
  • Pamela Snowe     Apr 5th, 2013
    Thank you for this class... My shoulder thanks you, too. I too would love a 60 minute class.
  • lucy powell     Feb 17th, 2013
    My shoulder problem makes moving back to downdog problematic. Would be very grateful for a class (preferably strong, 60mins) that addresses this... Many thanks...
    • Kathryn Budig     Feb 17th, 2013
      Thx for the suggestion!
  • Julia Fine     Oct 21st, 2012
    Great class! Would love to see another shoulder injury flow class in a full 60 minute class length.
  • Sally Rud     Jul 27th, 2012
    Thank you so much for this. I have rotator cuff injury and this was perfect. <3
  • David Galpern     Feb 9th, 2012
    Thank you Kathryn! My right shoulder thanks you too!
  • Margaret Ward     Feb 2nd, 2012
    This one is just so incredible. I love the respect for the healing process... you're helping me through a lot! In gratitude, thank you Kathryn <3
  • jennifer donnelly     Feb 2nd, 2012
    So fabulous...I have a stress fracture of the wrist, and have been searching for a great workout.
    Please do more for people whose arms are on vacation!
  • John Demakis     Jan 30th, 2012
    Thanks Kathryn. I have a wrist injury and this class was perfect. I would love to see a 60 minute class like this.
  • Xanthe Strudwick     Dec 29th, 2011
    Thanks. First practice back after shoulder issue and it was wonderful. X
  • Malinda Apanay     Dec 15th, 2011
    Thank you so much! What a great flow for arm/shoulder issues. I still got a good sweat!
  • gail taylor     Dec 13th, 2011
    I just had rotator cuff surgery this was a class I could do most of. The injury happened in yoga . To many arm balancing poses.
    Thanks Gail
  • Patrice Abood     Nov 18th, 2011
    Beautimous flow! My arms are fine (although, there was a time). Even so, this is just awesome to get the blood going if ya just want to ease off of the ol' chats n' down dogs! As always, thank you - you are wonderful.
  • M'Le Leach     Nov 18th, 2011
    I don't have a shoulder injury, I just wanted to ease up on all the work I've been putting on my arms lately, and this class was perfect. Made me sweat even without using my arms at all. I normally hate all leg work, but I loved this. This class made me realize how strong my legs really are. Thank you.
  • Julia Fine     Nov 10th, 2011
    Something happened to my left shoulder just last night! Imagine my excitement when I went onto Yogaglo and a class was waiting for me for a shoulder-free if it were meant to be (the class, not the shoulder injury). It would be great to see a full yoga class devoted to this as well. Thanks so much :-)
  • Mia Moët     Nov 9th, 2011
    Deeply appreciated!
  • Rachel Keller     Nov 9th, 2011
    I'm a yoga teacher and hurt my shoulder a month ago when I was taking a class. Thank you so much!!
  • tiffany sanborn     Nov 8th, 2011
    my creaky, cranky right shoulder thanks you!!
  • Patricia Quinlan     Nov 7th, 2011
    Very creative, nice flow and good shoulder protection. Thank you.
  • Kaitlin Jaster     Nov 7th, 2011
    Thank you Kathryn so much I needed this class and so did my ol' trusty righty shoulder. I hope your shoulder gets back to feeling better.
  • Helene shafer     Nov 6th, 2011
    awesome! It brings back memories of our time with you in Ft. Wayne. I teach manly in gyms and most everyone either has limited range of motion from tight muscles or has some sort of shoulder "issue" so this practice is fantastic. thank you! xoxo, Helene
  • Shannon Harrington     Nov 6th, 2011
    Thank you so much Kathryn - I have been looking forward to this one! :)
  • Bonnie Platt     Nov 5th, 2011
    Kathryn, on your website it says you will be at ygc in may. Is that correct? Isn't the conference in April? Just checking :) Can't wait to see you!!!! Taking your class at Wonderlust was a ahhhmazing!!!

    mpls, mn
  • Heather Fraley     Nov 5th, 2011
    Great class! Thanks Kathryn!