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Horizontal Axis

Hatha | By Tara Judelle on Aug 30 2012
Using the play of the Liver and the Spleen to define the digestive band, this class focuses on deep internal twists to feel into the organ body.  Includes Parivrtta Parsvakonasana, Ardha Mastyendrasana, and Parivrtta Trikonasana


Using the play of the Liver and the Spleen to define the digestive band, this class focuses on deep internal twists to feel into the organ body. Includes Parivrtta Parsvakonasana, Ardha Mastyendrasana, and Parivrtta Trikonasana


  • Jennifer Wyman-Clemons     Sep 18th, 2014
    As a physician (MD), I am so grateful for this class. I've noticed the liver becoming smiley and brighter and am patient to notice that I'm not connecting to the spleen (yet). The pancreas kind of like an eel. I love your classes and understand the focus to come into authenticity and integrity. Thank you!
    • Jennifer Wyman-Clemons     Sep 18th, 2014
      I know that sounds really nuts but I'm just saying...
      • Tara Judelle     Sep 18th, 2014
        I am delighted that it resonates for you as a physician. I feel that if more MD's felt into their bodies, there could be more three dimensional understanding of health. I am truly so pleased to hear this. And trust me, nothing you say sounds nuts. XOXO Tara
  • Michelle Finnan     May 22nd, 2014
    That was amazing! I have been playing with the organ body in my practice for the last year, after taking levels 1 & 2 of visceral manipulation with the Barral Institute (which totally blew my mind). Your sensitivity to the organ body gives me much needed direction and reinforcement . Thank you for sharing, Love your work x
    • Tara Judelle     May 22nd, 2014
      Thank you Michelle- I am glad that the organ body sensitivity gave you something more to work with. IT has changed my practice! Thank you for your reflection.
  • Danielle .     Feb 17th, 2014
    This class just wasn't for me. A lot of distracting chatter and some confusing instructions ( the instructor occasionally confused left and right, which resulted in some "huh?" moments). However, the focus on organs and the inner body was interesting, so I may have a go at another class with the anatomical focus.
  • chris chebry     Nov 19th, 2013
    Wow. Please more classes like this one. The area I need to work on is Anatomy - gross and subtle body. Just going through the Asanas is not enough for me anymore. This class was incredibly informative and mindful. Thank you soooo much!
    • Tara Judelle     Nov 26th, 2013
      Chris, There are many more classes like this one in the library of classes that I offer, all heavily anatomy based. Glad that is informed you. T
  • Renee Jefferies     Sep 3rd, 2013
    That was such a wonderful class, was the first one I had taken with you and I loved it! I especially loved how it really worked on the parasympathetic nervous system, it really did help me move into the most meditative state! I am trying to work on calming my nervous system at the moment, was wondering if there were any more of your classes you could direct me to where you also work on the parasympathetic nervous system? I loved the smiling organs that you referred to as well:-) xx
    • Tara Judelle     Nov 16th, 2013
      Renee- apologies that I'm just getting to this comment now! If you look at the last five classes posted, they all ALL are aimed at helping you get into the parasympathetic nervous system. XOXO T
  • Tami Groth     Aug 30th, 2013
    Thank you! Thank you for introducing me to moving from the organs ... And for one of the most peaceful end practice meditations I have had in a long time.
  • Marcie FW     Jul 7th, 2013
    Tara, you're fast becoming one of my favourite teachers. This practice was amazing - I've never twisted so deeply or with such ease. I now feel so buoyant inside. Thank you so much for this.
    • Tara Judelle     Jul 7th, 2013
      Buoyant on the inside. That should be a t-shirt! Thank you Marcie. There will be a lot more where this comes from in the future. X T
  • Lynn Lynn     Jun 29th, 2013
    Thank you Tara, this is my third time with this class. I had a rough week and this was just the thing I needed to "digest" it!
    • Tara Judelle     Jul 7th, 2013
      Thank you Lynn,
      I find the organs such quick doorways to the present- and more so to a consciousness that is beyond stress. XO T
  • dulma altan     Jun 20th, 2013
    Tara, this is incredible. I felt my liver for the first time and I almost cried from excitement. Haha :) This style of yoga where we get "under the hood" and examine stuff at a more subtle level is SO up my alley - any books to recommend for more of this organ/subtle anatomical yogic stuff? My brain and body want more! Love, Dulma
    • Tara Judelle     Jun 28th, 2013
      Dulma- YES! Sensing, Feeling, and Action by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen is the mother source. And you can find out more at her website XO T
  • Allyson Whipple     Apr 19th, 2013
    Juts took this class for the first time. I haven't found my spleen yet, but I'll keep trying! This class definitely gave me a lot to think about. I'm totally inspired!
  • Rita Hari     Mar 6th, 2013
    Tara...Tara...Tara-- I have always loved your classes, but this on was brilliant! Your words, your sequence, your support--I felt my organs and your truth helped me find mine...ahhhh! Sweet.
    • Tara Judelle     Mar 7th, 2013
      Thank you for that amazing feedback. So glad that you found your organs, and let me encourage you. My experience, when you use the dharana (mind focus) of organs, they become increasingly easy to access. They will become as concrete a feeling as your legs or arms. ENJOY. Tara
  • Marije Idema     Feb 17th, 2013
    My organs are so happy now! So thank you, Tara, from all of us. I forgot all about them, as for using them in movement. I am inspired to get to know them better, not only when they are feeling not so happy. Your teachings, language and metaphors speak to my imagination and make me laugh and see how life can be sweet and easy. All the best, Marije, Germany
    • Tara Judelle     Feb 17th, 2013
      Marije, What amazing feedback. I am so excited about the organ body, even as I wrote that my kidneys smiled at me. I am delighted by the aliveness of the inner landscape, and thrilled by the ease of movement is creating for me and hopefully, others. I will be be teaching in germany several times this year. Two retreats and a workshop. Hope to meet you in person.
  • susann lindner     Feb 9th, 2013
    Thank you Tara so much for this glorious morning class ! Life is so easy and real, so funny ! It came to me right on cew to support healing my liverproblems, which I´m dealing with since a few month and it´s so incredibly good feeling the celebration of my inner organs.
    Love from germany , so grateful for having YogaGlo and so lucky joining your classes in my tiny cosy yogaworld .. THANK YOU !!!
    • Tara Judelle     Feb 12th, 2013
      Susann, So glad for you to meet this practice. The "smiling organ practice" of Mantak Chia is considered a great practice for improving organ function. I think simply by bringing our whole selves into the equation of movement, we can assist our body to function from ease and homeostasis in practice. XO T
  • Rachael Darden     Jan 24th, 2013
    TARA! Oh, what a sweet, insightful, gorgeous, deep practice this is! Twists have always been my favorite, but your class has changed mine forever. What a powerful way to see movement and how the organs can resonate with and depict movement throughout the body. I am addicted to your classes and am so blessed to be able to practice with you via YogaGlo. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Namaste <3
    • Tara Judelle     Jan 24th, 2013
      Thank you for taking time out to write your feedback. It is so meaningful. Yes, I am slightly obsessed with the organs as support, and diving further and further into the inner sense of feeling to create more effortless movement. XO T
  • Missy Petty     Jan 23rd, 2013
    Wow. The class description roused my curiosity but failed to mention that it could completely alter one's source of movement, resulting in less effortful yet more powerful twisting poses. Wow.
    • Marije Idema     Feb 17th, 2013
      You are so right!
    • Tara Judelle     Jan 24th, 2013
      Missy, What a fantastic response. Maybe you can write the zagats of course descriptions!
  • May Nogoy     Nov 19th, 2012
    ahhhh. xx
    • Tara Judelle     Dec 25th, 2012
      May! Love to connect to Hong Kong through this medium!!! Spread the light. XO T
  • kym Mauser     Nov 18th, 2012
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this class! I have been getting acupx and learning all about my organs in a different way,"eastern" and I work in the "western" medical field and know about organs that way as well, so I could really visualize my insides in this class. Really helped with digestion too, I was burping most of the way thru this :) and with the reference to my FAVORITE childhood book was just icing on the cake with this class. Thanks for adding another favorite to my yogaglo. I love this site too!
    • Tara Judelle     Dec 9th, 2012
      Kym, Thank you for that enthusiastic reflection. I have been traveling teaching workshops focusing on the organ body and the embryological perspective of development. It is my absolute favorite focus of the moment. It has been a game changer for my practice, and has created a sense of ease and flow in my movements.
      XO T
  • Felicity Kelly     Nov 7th, 2012
    Talk about moving from within! What a great place to start the journey of the practice and the para sympathetic system becomes the enveloping down comforter. Just loved the class<3
    • Tara Judelle     Nov 8th, 2012
      Felicity- love the idea of the enveloping down comforter. Thank you for your report!
  • MC Chen     Nov 1st, 2012
    Really, really love this class~ Twisting poses are not my favorite, but you make them so deep and different! Twist from the organs and inner body prevent my ribs from poking out and more accessible to the inner body/energy.
    • Tara Judelle     Nov 2nd, 2012
      MC, This is the truth. The inner body is the sweetness, the muscular skeletal body is the structure. Amazing to open up the layers!
  • ROSELYNE Cappagli     Oct 29th, 2012
    What a delight ! a go and run to buy a book on anatomy to increase my vision/feeling. Thank you so much Tara to offer me your experience and show me the way to be even more connected with my seaworld inside me. What a delight.
    • Tara Judelle     Nov 2nd, 2012
      Roselyne, I recommend Netter's anatomy. And the Visible Body App. TO see anatomy chart is like Yantra work and an amazing way to make the inner topography jump to life.
  • jennifer sabih     Oct 2nd, 2012
    Tremendous class. My organs are smiling w gratitude. Tara, you are a genius.
    • Tara Judelle     Oct 3rd, 2012
      Jen Sabih, Thank you, miss you! You are my mirror!
  • Isabella Allard     Sep 29th, 2012
    Tara, I practiced your beautiful flow a few days ago, of which I gratefully wrote two comments... neither of which showed up. I guess my enthusiasm max-ed out the comment space* I am back to write you because I really want to THANK YOU!!! This was THE MOST DELICIOUS 90 MINs. Yoga Flow I have EVER DONE!! WOW! Your organ(ic) approach shifted my yoga practice to another level and for that I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! All My Love! Cheers to a WONDER-FULL teacher ;) XX
    • Tara Judelle     Sep 29th, 2012
      Thank you for your amazing comment. And thank you for stopping back by until your comment showed up. I am consciously investigating ways of going deeper into the inner space. So glad that it resonates for you. XO Tara
      • Isabella Allard     Sep 29th, 2012
        Thank YOU Tara for your reply :) Yes, it certainly resonates with me! My cells are literally cel-liberating with all this newfound awareness. I just finished your 'accept, allow and ground' hip opening flow this evening and it felt Super Sublime as well :) I love how profound you invite the simplicity of life* Simply beautiful* Thank YOU! XX
  • Tulasi Jordan     Sep 29th, 2012
    Thank you Tara. What a lovely and unique class. I feel inspired to continue to deepen this subtle, complex and profound relationship with my interior.
  • Isabella Allard     Sep 27th, 2012
  • Isabella Allard     Sep 27th, 2012
  • ann armbrecht     Sep 26th, 2012
    another wonderful class, thank you! Went to a BMC practitioner for years (to recover from a yoga injury, too much attention to muscle and nervous systems) and love having you guide us through being in our organs in the poses (as opposed to trying to figure it out on my own). And so ditto on the more organ body classes!
    p.s. what is the anatomy book you mentioned?
    • Tara Judelle     Sep 29th, 2012
      Ann, Thank you. I am in love with the BMC approach. I am trying to revisit standard poses in a qualitative way, in order to feel how to move from more essence.
      • ann armbrecht     Oct 1st, 2012
        Thanks, Tara! What is the anatomy book you mentioned? That you used to help visualize the different organs? Looking forward to your next classes on these themes.
        • Tara Judelle     Oct 1st, 2012
          Ann, Netter's Anatomy Book is a huge beautiful illustrated Anatomy book that I use.
  • laurie greenberg     Sep 14th, 2012
    More "organ body" classes Please:)!

  • liz stewart     Sep 13th, 2012
    so beautiful working in this way with the organs. i am taking an intensive animal acupressure course for an exam next week and needed a good long yoga class to twists and TCM = perfect! thanks so much for always giving such great classes.
  • Rick Widdifield     Sep 5th, 2012
    Hey Tara,
    This is a gem of a class. Thank you!
  • shawn milligan     Sep 4th, 2012
    Wow! This made "favorite" within the first 10 minutes. I love when you challenge our way of looking at things. Thank you
    • Tara Judelle     Sep 8th, 2012
      within first 10 minutes???!!!! A personal record. Shawn, I'm glad you enjoy the challenge!
  • susana faria ponte     Sep 3rd, 2012
    Beautiful class. I reached depths in twist I did not think possible...the focus on the internal and letting the muscle relax...gave me the depth...and the internal focus helped bring a meditative deep state...thank you are a very gifted teacher.
    • Tara Judelle     Sep 8th, 2012
      Susuana- excellent. What a great reflection. I am trying to find how to move with ease in every posture, and the organs are helping me know that. XO T
  • Ann Constantino     Sep 2nd, 2012
    Wonderful class. I had many glimpses of the buoyancy you mention, and reckon with more and more practice it would grow. Also had a sense of effervescence throughout the inner abdomen near the end of class, as if club soda were rinsing my interior...OK, weird image. I could feel the liver pretty consistently, but not so much the spleen and wonder if that correlates to those organs' significance in Chinese medicine. Thanks so much, looking forward to more of this work.
    • Tara Judelle     Sep 2nd, 2012
      Ann, great description. I have hear the club soda analogy before, and I think it is apt. In Berlin, a friend who had great spleen registry, couldn't stop laughing when she felt it. It seems to make people giggle. I am not quick to assess what it means to not feel something, but more to view it as the invitation to look for it. It took me three weeks to feel my spleen when I began to actively pay attention. So while registry might not be immediate, it is coming. The spleen is higher pitched in tone, and perhaps more sparkly in sensation. The liver is huge and formidable. Let me know what your ongoing discovery brings.
  • Jeanne Ann Whittington     Sep 2nd, 2012
    Thanks SO MUCH, Tara! I've been reading Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and musing on how to bring her work into my practice so this was so valuable and timely!
    • Tara Judelle     Sep 2nd, 2012
      Jeanne Ann, would love to know how you discover to bring in her work. I believe there are infinite ways- this has been my obsession for the last three years
  • JANETTE WISEMAN     Aug 31st, 2012
    Love the class. Was just what I needed.
  • laurie greenberg     Aug 31st, 2012
    Awesome, I feel like floating into my inner Self as I move to meditate:) I will never practice again without being in my organ body throughout:) Thank you so much:)


    • Tara Judelle     Aug 31st, 2012
      Laurie- Organ body= Authentic feeling space!
  • Cathy Benthagen     Aug 30th, 2012
    Extraordinary as usual...felt so marvelous after...thank you for your wonderful teachings ....!!!
  • Jen Martin     Aug 30th, 2012
    Wow that was amazing...a whole new practice for me. Thank you.
    • Tara Judelle     Aug 31st, 2012
      Jen, so so glad to hear it. I have been teaching a retreat in Ubud focusing a lot on the organ body. So so phenomenal.