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Level 3
90 min

Noah's Challenge

Anusara | By Noah Mazé on Aug 28 2011
108 Sun Salutations and 8 minutes of Handstand (divided into 4 sets). Need I say more? This practice challenges your stamina and endurance, asks you to dedicate to a high vision, and take committed action in every breath to embody this vision. Bring it!


108 Sun Salutations and 8 minutes of Handstand (divided into 4 sets). Need I say more? This practice challenges your stamina and endurance, asks you to dedicate to a high vision, and take committed action in every breath to embody this vision. Bring it!


  • Lisa Fields     Sep 7th, 2014
    What a great way to begin my birthday. Thank you so much! It was my first time to do this, something I've been wanting to try for a while. It was beautiful and I look forward to doing it again. What a journey it was.
    • Noah Maze     Sep 8th, 2014
      I'm so glad this class helped to make your birthday special Lisa! Thanks for rising to the challenge. Let me know how it goes the second time. Namaste~
  • Petra Yogini     Jun 24th, 2014
    5th time doing this practice - thank you so much! The 2nd set is the hardest, and by the time 108 comes around, I'm surprised how quickly it goes. The 4th round is incredibly meditative. See you again next Solstice! Namaste ~
    • Noah Maze     Jun 24th, 2014
      Wow Petra! Glad you like this one so much. ;)
      My experience is the same with this practice. The 4th round is always awesome! See you again next Solstice - thanks for taking class! Namaste~
  • Karen Kurtz     Jun 21st, 2014
    Did this practice last year on the summer solstice, and repeated it this year on the summer solstice as well. Great way to start a new season and welcome the sun! Bring on the new season! Namaste, Noah!
    • Noah Maze     Jun 23rd, 2014
      Yes, bring on the new season!! Glad you enjoyed this class two years in a row Karen. Hope to "see" you in class again soon! Namaste~
  • Melissa Garrett     Mar 20th, 2014
    Happy Spring! This was a wonderful way to start my day and a new season. This truly was a valuable experience.
    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      Happy Spring Melissa! I'm so glad it was a valuable experience. Namaste~
  • Spring Cooper Robbins     Feb 5th, 2014
    i LOVE this. thank you thank you thank you! you made it seem easy! so inspired afterward. xo
    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      Yay!!! I am so happy the class left you feeling inspired Spring! :)
  • Christopher Schoch     Jan 25th, 2014
    Wow thank you for this amazing class
    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      You're welcome Christopher! Glad it wowed you. :)
  • Spencer Lowe     Jan 25th, 2014
    Noah, that was a gift, thank you!
    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      Thanks Spencer! Hope to "see" you in class again soon. :)
  • Mia Mironov     Jan 25th, 2014
    namaste :)
    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      Namaste :)
  • Dennis Gaskill     Jan 24th, 2014
    Noah, thank you for helping me connect to a deeper inner power to stay focused on my higher power.
    I've never done 108 salutations before, and I've been teaching almost a year now and I'm currently half way through my 200 hrs RYT training. This practice today gives me vigor to push through the rough times in my days :)

    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      I always love hearing about firsts! I'm glad your resolve to finish all 108 Sun Salutations gave you the vigor to make it through rough times. Thanks for practicing Dennis! Namaste~
  • Liz Hays     Jan 24th, 2014
    Loved it. Great practice to celebrate my 50th birthday. Mahalo!
    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      Glad I could help make your birthday special Liz. Mahalo!
  • Jamie Priti     Dec 21st, 2013
    Happy to celebrate the Winter Solstice with this class. Thank you Noah.
    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      It is always a fun challenge and a good way to celebrate! I'm happy you enjoyed the class Jamie. :)
  • Diana Ö     Aug 26th, 2013
    Dear Noah!Can't thank you enough for this wonderful class!Tried to do 108 Sun Salutations very often-but I never had done them all...had always problems with concentration,so counting and moving was too much for me...:(
    Love your inspiring classes!Hari Om from Düsseldorf
    • Noah Maze     Apr 21st, 2014
      I'm glad this format worked for you! 108 Sun Salutations are challenging even when someone is leading you through it. Thanks for practicing. Hari Om from Los Angeles!
  • Kaley Thomas     Jun 21st, 2013
    Happy Summer Solstice :)
    • Karen Kurtz     Jun 21st, 2013
      I'm with ya!
  • Petra Yogini     Dec 20th, 2012
    Thank you very much! Did this on the morning of Winter Solstice - what a wonderful way to honour the new season. Surprisingly, round four was the easiest, probably because by then I was in a very meditative state. Namaste.
  • Sarah McLachlan     Oct 23rd, 2012
    Great break down of the big 108! I think my arms may fall off tomorrow...
    Thank you!
  • Erica Erica     Aug 1st, 2012
    this was fantastic. i felt kind of sad as the last sun salutation arrived. my toes feel bruised and my arms feel wobbly, and i feel GREAT and ready to meet the day!!
  • Frida Costa     Jul 11th, 2012
    Love it ! I feel super great ;-) thanks
  • Autumn Jordan     Jul 7th, 2012
    Did I actually just do 108 sun salutations?! Wow. That was tough but I really pushed through the last set. I admire you for being so dedicated, and amazing. Thank you so much Noah. Namaste
  • Nick Heng     May 28th, 2012
    Just did the 108 sun salutes offering to you Noah! Thank you for the reminding us on the high vision.
  • Derrick Caton     Nov 12th, 2011
    Thank you for this practice! Namaste.
  • Annie Di Natale     Nov 7th, 2011
    Wow I also heart and salute you. You Rock ! Thank you for being there Namaste
  • Elena Brower     Sep 29th, 2011
    i heart you and salute you and thank you
  • Amanda Shepherd     Sep 24th, 2011
    Beautiful practice Noah. Thank You. Happy Equinox.

    Kind Regards,

    Amanda Shepherd :)
  • Michelle Bentley     Sep 10th, 2011
    Thanks again, Noah! This challenge has become something I look forward to every Saturday!
  • Deirdre Hall     Sep 9th, 2011
    I offer 108 words of gratitude for your guidance in revealing my inner strength and commitment to my heart's vision. Thank you again Noah.
  • Judy Ko     Sep 8th, 2011
    That was such a challenging class! Thank you for counting and talking us through it. It great and I loved it! Thanks Noah =)
  • Michelle Bentley     Sep 3rd, 2011
    That was amazing!! I feel like my body and soul are floating. I did the first two sets with you, and, due to an electrical storm had to complete the second half on my own. Whew! What an in the moment practice. Thank you!!
  • Janelle Dimitriou     Sep 2nd, 2011
    You are a hero Noah ;) thanks for getting me thru the 108 salutations - the number was definitely challenging but I made it through. The 2 minute H.S. holds on the other hand are beyond me - I know it's mind over matter & strong breathwork, but can you offer more hints on how to accomplish these challenging holds? Janelle
  • Alison Lloyd-Nijjar     Sep 1st, 2011
    I wanted to quit many times during this challenge but I held my vision as my my body fatigued and the beads of sweat dripped on my mat, I kept going still placing every hand and foot with that vision. Now with the post-practice bliss it reminds me of giving birth (I've had 3 babies :)) and when contractions got so intense I had to come back to my breathe, keep it together, and muster every bit of strength I had. The aftermath is so sweet after intense work in life and practice, really you are not the same person as before. Much gratitude Noah.
  • Patti MacPherson     Aug 31st, 2011
    whoa Noah, that was a strong practice! I never could have done it without you talking, counting and timing me thru it, thank you!
  • Rebeca Hernandez     Aug 31st, 2011
    Amazing class!! Great energy, greta inspiration!! Thank you so much Noah!!
  • Allen Garcia     Aug 30th, 2011
    Brilliant!!! Thank you for such an inspiring class Noah!!!
  • Annie Braithwaite     Aug 30th, 2011
    thank you for guiding me through this!!! Bravo!!!