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Level 1
30 min

Yoga for Menstruation

Anusara | By Elena Brower on May 18 2011
30 minute practice for the time of your cycle; including optional breathing practice, supine poses, two standing poses and supported poses. Excellent for relaxing muscles and nerves, for easing pain and inflammation in your joints, and creating space between and amidst your often disturbing parade of thoughts. This practice will make you feel closer to yourself, which is important at this time.


30 minute practice for the time of your cycle; including optional breathing practice, supine poses, two standing poses and supported poses. Excellent for relaxing muscles and nerves, for easing pain and inflammation in your joints, and creating space between and amidst your often disturbing parade of thoughts. This practice will make you feel closer to yourself, which is important at this time.


  • Tsipi Gottesman     Jun 29th, 2014
    Hi Elena! Thank you so much for this super restful and restorative class. A question for you: I found it painful for my ankle during the TPM ~ any suggestions on how to modify to make it less painful?

    Thank you!
  • Divya Kohli     May 5th, 2014
    Healing in 30 minutes - magic!
    Thank you.
  • Nancy Hey     Apr 30th, 2014
    Thanks for a lovely class yet again. You say that this is a time of healing. Can you say any more about that please? Thanks!
    • Elena Brower     May 2nd, 2014
      For me, i take a little more time and a little more space at that time during my cycle. Healing time. So my body has time to recharge and regroup.

      Much gratitude
  • Oddný Fridriksdóttir     Apr 9th, 2014
    Thank you so much for this beautiful practice! I feel so relaxed.
    • Elena Brower     May 2nd, 2014
      thank YOU Oddny for your presence here
  • Ali Carter     Mar 16th, 2014
    Thank you for this class. It was the most perfect way to the beginning of my cycle. My positivity has ben restored.
    • Elena Brower     Apr 6th, 2014
      so glad, Ali... so glad
  • Robin Hewitt     Feb 24th, 2014
    Thank you for this lovely practice. I am often so driven towards the yang in my practice that I leave out the yin. The gentle, involuntary swaying of my body in the forward folds made me realize how much I needed to relax to open up. Namaste.
    • Elena Brower     Apr 6th, 2014
      excellent, Robin!
  • taran chernin     Feb 6th, 2014

    I am stiff and therefore cannot bend forward and rest in the forward folding positions even with the pillows/ in front of me. So do you have any alternative positions for the forward folding poses? and the one with the long name there was no way my leg would fold in half with my foot back.
    also a suggestion. I just joined yogaglo and I think it would be beneficial in the descriptions of the classes if they told you what props to have ready for the class so you have them prepared.

    • Elena Brower     Feb 11th, 2014
      Hey Taran... I agree and we've begun doing that...

      So i'd do that forward bend whilst sitting on a couple of books or even a short bench or chair... i want your nervous system to feel easeful so to have your hips higher than your knees will help that alot. Keep me posted... E

  • Chanda Vaniman     Feb 6th, 2014
    ahhhh! Thank you! Do glad to know postures and adjustments to them that allows me to open and relax.
  • Cindi Zumbo     Jan 31st, 2014
    Wonderful, thank you so much. :)
  • Deborah Chalk     Jan 16th, 2014
    My pile of cushions was also so huge that it made me smile. I don't think I have ever felt more relaxed in a yoga pose than I did in that last supported pose. Heavenly. Thank you.
  • Rikke Petersen     Nov 21st, 2013
    Hi there,
    I am stiff as a board and therefore I simply cannot bend forward and rest in the forward folding positions even though I have a mountain of pillows in front of me. So do you have any alternative positions for the forward folding poses?
    I appreciate it. Thank you for a much needed class.
    • Meaghan Quinn     Jan 21st, 2014
      I've seen people use chairs to modify for forward folds (Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a picture: Hopefully that helps :)
  • Jan Clark     Nov 17th, 2013
    Thank you x
    • Elena Brower     Nov 26th, 2013
      thank you Jan.
  • Tami Groth     Nov 2nd, 2013
    This was a great practice for me today. Thank you.

    However, the description needs to be updated to have legs up the wall removed. The legs up the wall was one reason I selected this class, and while it was still a great practice, it would be nice to be able to count on descriptions being accurate about included poses. Thank you.
    • YogaGlo     Nov 3rd, 2013
      Hi Tami, thank you for pointing that out, we have corrected it now.
  • Madelyne Snyder     Oct 1st, 2013
    This was such a thoughtful and centering class--just what the doctor ordered.
  • Tami Dixon     Sep 2nd, 2013
    Did this practice change? I remember there was a legs up the wall pose that went towards the end of this practice. Am I thinking of another video?
    • Elena Brower     Nov 26th, 2013
      Hi Tami - we had to take the legs up the wall out due to a concern over the safety of legs up the wall. Will post another soon with a variation - thank you for noticing and for your presence here on YogaGlo!
    • Nicole Blonder     Oct 6th, 2013
      It does seem like this practice changed - she used to talk a lot about Gita Iyengar as well I thought.
      • Elena Brower     Nov 26th, 2013
        Hi Nicole, yes. We had to take out the legs up the wall due to a concern about the safety of it... so sorry!
  • Ulrika Sundin     Aug 22nd, 2013
    Hi Elena! :) I have a question for you. What kind of yoga postures are appropriate and not towards the end of the cycle? I tend to have a long menstruation with more heavy bleeding for 4-5 days gradually getting lighter but it takes up to 10 days, sometimes even more before it's compleeeeeetely over. My thought is to stay away from big inversion holds like headstand, shoulderstand et.c. until the menstruation is completely over, but are poses like downward facing dog ok? Are arm balances ok or do they put too much pressure on the belly around the uterus? We are also trying to conceive at the moment (trying for our 3rd) and I was wondering if you have any do:s and don't:s when it comes to that? I try to keep my practice balanced. I don't do very heavy exercising - I do some arm balances and lighter flow at the most, and I try to balance that with grounding and restorative work. (I do your fertility classes from time to time for example.) I do have a bit of a diastasis recti so I do do some transverse abs work to help with that but I also work on relaxing the lower belly and pelvic floor. Thanks. :)
    • Elena Brower     Nov 26th, 2013
      Ulrika, as far as i know, while i'm not a doctor, towards the end of our cycle, dog is fine. Def stay away from the inversions till it's over, and I personally would shy away from arm balances as they are so much about lifting, and we really want to open and release at this time. Thank you for your questions...
  • Andrea Fowlie     Aug 1st, 2013
    Just what I needed this morning as my 6 month old baby napped. Such encouraging and empowering words; perfect amount of restoration and mindfulness in this 30 minute practice. Thank you!
    • Elena Brower     Nov 26th, 2013
      thank YOU Andrea
  • Fay Meling Pao     Jul 31st, 2013
    Wonderful! I will be referring to this monthly. Thank you, Elena.
    • Elena Brower     Nov 26th, 2013
      thank you Fay!
  • Aprille Walker     May 28th, 2013
    Lovely practice and loved the information! Feel a thousand times better and am adding to my favs for a monthly use! Thank you and namaste.
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      good to hear, Aprille. all the best to you.
  • Sarah Bailey     Apr 18th, 2013
    It's that last pose against the wall that always makes me the lightest, the most open, but it's the poses before that get us to that sweetness. Thank you, Elena.
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      thank YOU, Sarah.
  • Lydia Lagenour     Mar 24th, 2013
    Thanks you Elena!! Thank you for helping me to embrace my feminine energy during this somewhat painful time of the month. Namaste ... xo
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      thank you Lydia!
  • Leilani Smiler     Mar 4th, 2013
    It would be great if the questions below were answered. :)
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      Hi Leilani... just unearthed these questions and please PARDON the delayed responses! Hope they help bring clarity. Thank you for being here. -E
  • Freya Hanly     Mar 3rd, 2013
    HI Elena, I absolutely love and cherish your classes. I feel so blessed to have you in my daily life. Thank you for your integrity and wisdom. I have a question about Iyenga's philosophy on not "blocking the flow" during menstruation. I am working in a natural health shop that sells menstrual cups, and I am curious to know your thoughts on these eco friendly devices? People give great feedback, but I am not sure whether they would be considered to be impeding the flow? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so very much again for your beautiful classes and your divine energy. Freya.
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      Hi Freya. I've never used them myself but have friends who do, and have recommended them to me. I've just never tried them. Sorry I don't have any personal experience with this :)

      Thank you for your question!
  • Erin White     Feb 26th, 2013
    Hi Elena, I'm so glad you put this practice out on yogaglo. Can you suggest a modification to those of us who cannot do the second pose after ujjayi breath? Thank you!
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      Hi Erin! So for the second pose, instead of Supta Baddha Konasana, simply lie down with your back elevated, and lengthen your legs out straight, for a beautiful restorative and healing pose while you breathe deeply. Thank you for your presence here. -Elena
  • Tara Mingledorff     Feb 22nd, 2013
    I do not feel that the moves in this lesson are for a beginner class. I thoroughly enjoy your hear words and helpful thoughts, but I cannot do these moves as a beginner. I feel discouraged.
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      Tara, please do take care to use extra props as needed to support yourself, perhaps heighten the bolster and take the poses a bit less deeply... These poses should slowly and steadily become easier over time with practice (at least that is true for clients as I've worked with them over time)... but I'm grateful you tried it and hope to be of service to you in other ways. And thank you again.
  • Kim Thomas     Feb 18th, 2013
    you are my spiritual nurse xo
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      LOL! Thanks Kim
  • Mindy Middaugh     Feb 14th, 2013
    im sorry to post a negative comment but im having trouble with this lesson. there is no way that i can balance in these poses (as a level 1/2) while im on my cycle. i am weak and totally off balance and need a practice that is more for gentle stretching and relaxing (my mind especially) and less about a lecture on what book the instructor is currently following. please review this video before trying to follow it when already tense, in pain, and irritated.
    • Kim Leshinski     Mar 29th, 2014
      I would agree with Mindy. As a Level 1 I'm still working to find flexibility and balance and find many of the poses more painful than relaxing/resting. Are there any variations to the knee folds in particular?
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      SO sorry Mindy... as i've noted in previous comments, please do listen to your body. Sometimes this is perfect for me, and sometimes not. Thank you for trying it and hopeful to be of service in some way soon. All the best to you.
  • Ellen Paynton     Feb 7th, 2013
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      thank you Ellen!
  • Alex H     Jan 30th, 2013
    Perfect, I too would love more classes specifically for this time. Thank you so much Elena.
  • jessica horn     Jan 25th, 2013
    Such a lovely class, I do it every month... Thank you ELena. But PLEASE Yoga Glo/Elena can we have more (longer) classes like this?
    Thank you
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      working on that, Jessica. Thank you!
  • Orlaith O'Sullivan     Jan 22nd, 2013
    Sweet, gorgeous class. Thank you, Elena <3
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      thank you Orlaith!
  • Rachel Meinel     Jan 13th, 2013
    Not sure if this session is for me. Even with the bolsters, I have very tight low back muscles right now and tight hamstrings....I felt an uncomfortable pulling sensation in both areas throughout the poses, even though I kept my legs muscles engaged....I will switch to one of Noah's low back opening, hip and hamstring opening classes and just make sure not to do inversions.
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      Hi Rachel... sometimes same is true for me. This is an offering for when this feels right, and sometimes it will, and sometimes it won't. Hoping you'd found what you were seeking and hoping I can be of service soon. All the best to you! E
  • Jamie Markle     Dec 18th, 2012
    Lovely class, just wish there were more like it on Yogaglo!!!
  • M'Le Leach     Nov 15th, 2012
    Thank you so much Elena! My lady time had me feeling very nauseas this morning, but I wanted to do yoga because I already took the first 2 days off. So this was perfect because it was so gentle. I do this class almost every month during my lady time because it makes me feel so much better. Thank you again. xoxo
  • pavla pankrac     Nov 3rd, 2012
    So soothing! Gratitude Elena. :-) Just curious - what to do about basic set of Sun Salutations during cycle time?
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      Pavla, i always listen to my body. Sometimes i want a more active practice, and sometimes Yoga Nidra :)

      Best is to listen to what your body wishes...
  • Lauren Godfrey     Oct 7th, 2012
    Thanks Elena. I always love your classes. It would be great if there were a few more classes for this time of the month/menstruation cycle, which are longer; say 45 - 60 minutes. Pretty please! :-)
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      working on that Lauren... thank you!
    • Natalie Naze     Dec 28th, 2012
      I agree!
  • Tara Kennaway     Oct 1st, 2012
    There's only one class for this time of the month on Yogaglo?
    • YogaGlo     Oct 1st, 2012
      Tara - you can find more on the Search page under Specific Use, we'll be adding more soon:
  • Lise Mueller     Sep 11th, 2012
    Hi Tra, did you check They ship to Europe and their props look quite similar.
  • Liz Ellan     Sep 10th, 2012
    I am confused. Isn't downward facing dog an inversion?
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      Hi Liz.

      According to my understanding, Dog is okay during this time. BUT - if your body is saying no, then take Child's Pose instead. Absolutely. And thank you.
    • sarah crane     Feb 13th, 2013
      I thought exactly the same, I really didn't know what to do when I got to this point in the video so I continued in the previous pose... hmmm......
      • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
        According to my understanding, Dog is okay during this time. BUT - if your body is saying no, then take Child's Pose instead. Thanks so much.
    • Andressa Nóbrega     Oct 12th, 2012
      I have the same doubt.
      • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
        Hi Andressa. As I am responding to all, with the same answer, according to my understanding, Dog is okay during this time. BUT - if your body is saying no, then take Child's Pose instead. Thanks so much.
      • Rosa Irene Monsivais     Jul 13th, 2013
        Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) it's ok during menstruation.
      • Angie Allen     Jan 16th, 2013
        I was wondering the same? Any feedback from teachers?
        • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
          Angie, according to what I've learned, Dog is okay during this time. BUT - if your body is saying no, then take Child's Pose instead. Thanks so much.
  • Jaime Albano     Sep 4th, 2012
    Thank you! Love this class and would love to see more of them.
  • Tra Doan     Aug 29th, 2012
    i live in Europe (Nice, France) and it seems hard to find a place to buy these cushion and blocks. does anyone have any idea (like website) where i can get these? thanks! :) x
    • Elena Brower     Jul 13th, 2013
      Tra, echoing what Patty said... I realize this is belated but I hope you've found great props! All my best.
    • Patty Miller     Sep 12th, 2012
      You can also look on or
  • Devarati Cote     Aug 27th, 2012
    Today, I honored and respected myself. Thank you for this wonderful practice.
  • Rachel Carr     Aug 26th, 2012
    Thankyou so much Elena. This is just what I needed. Thanks again.
  • Karen Steward     Aug 26th, 2012
    After this practice, I feel very opened in the reproductive organ area. Can you do a longer class with a different variety of poses? 45 min or 60 min would open up and revitalize us even more ;)
  • Courtney Marie     Aug 18th, 2012
    Thank you so much. This class is such a blessing.
  • tia calkin     Aug 7th, 2012
    Wish Yogaglo offered more classes like this! Thank you Elena...
  • Laura Hornbake     Jul 30th, 2012
    Thank you so much Elena. I have used this practice a number of times now, and it has brought me such relief on the most difficult days of my cycle.
  • Michaela Kirchheim     Jul 27th, 2012
    wonderful class!! thank you
  • Nina Samuel-Camps     Jul 27th, 2012
    Thanks so much - wonderful, restorative practice when I feel quiet in every way.
  • Katy Fischer     Jun 17th, 2012
    I love this class, thank you! Please do create an hour long cycle class, so we can take even more time to rest the way we should!
  • Melanie Zerr     Jun 16th, 2012
    Wonderful class, Elena. I noticed that you were looking at a book when you were talking about Geeta Iyengar's philosophy. Is there a book you would recommend reading re this information. Thanks.
  • Jo Braid     Jun 8th, 2012
    Love and gratitude for this class, Elena. Wonderful, gracious, calming.
  • Gabrielle Greiner     Jun 3rd, 2012
    Thank you, Elena. Please, please post more for women on their cycles!
  • Kayla Sharrah     May 31st, 2012
    Thank you Elena. It is warm to know that I now have a guided practice to help better the care for myself each month. That loud band of scrambled mumbo jumbo is now silent and it feels amazing :)
  • Caroline Milliken     Apr 12th, 2012
    Thank you so much for this class it was magical and I felt revived afterwards. I am going to try to hold each of the poses for 5 minutes each to see what that feels like. I think like the others I was keen for the class to keep going!
    Loved the class and your teaching. Thank you.
  • sarah grace     Mar 22nd, 2012
    I too would love a longer class!
  • Lise Mueller     Mar 13th, 2012
    Thanks Elena, this was exactly what I needed today. Like the others, I am already excited about the other classes for menstruation.
  • Teri Roy     Mar 13th, 2012
    I find myself coming back to this one each and every month. A longer one would be lovely, as well :) Thank you for all that you do.
  • Sarah Hon     Feb 9th, 2012
    Thank you!
  • jessica horn     Jan 28th, 2012
    Lovely practice, thank-you. Any chance of a longer practice for ones cycle? Pleeease! Just what I neeeded x
  • Kelli Davis     Jan 8th, 2012
    Hi Elena,
    Thanks for putting together a class specifically for this time, it's really helpful. I'm cautious about doing legs up the wall, however, as it seems so inverted! What's your take on this?

    Kelli D.
  • Jodi Sargent     Oct 29th, 2011
    Thank you for this reminder of how to nourish myself within my yoga practice with honor for these different phases. Question: Which Getta Iyengar book(s) are you referring to? Namaste, jodi
  • Cath Jett     Oct 7th, 2011
    What a wonderful gift. Thank you!
  • nargiza farrell     Sep 17th, 2011
    Delicious! Thank you for reminding me to slow down during this time. Special thanks from my family :)
  • Dena Clink     Sep 15th, 2011
    Excellent class! Just what I needed today. Thank you so much!! =)
  • Amber Davis     Sep 9th, 2011
    What a sweet class. Thank you.
  • Kara Leskie     Aug 30th, 2011
    I love the concept of this class. The only thing that would have been helpful were modifications for those of us not limber enough to have our legs bent back and lay onto our back and for the one leg back one forward folds.
  • Sybille Pouzet     Aug 24th, 2011
    Thank you Elena, it's not easy to slow down... but it's soooo sooo good! Is there a book from Geita Iyengar you would recommend?
  • samantha fox     Aug 4th, 2011
    You are just such a lovely instructor! Much love and appreciation to you for this beautiful practice Elena.
  • kate larson     Jul 27th, 2011
    Thank you very much. Lovely class.
  • elaine musselman     Jul 26th, 2011
    hi elena! so looking forward to more of these.. they are the best. maybe ones that are longer- 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours? love you.
  • Elena Brower     Jul 25th, 2011
    @Jessica, I'm going to do more classes for when you're on your cycle; in terms of more advanced, this is the way to roll. Slow, steady, mindful, restful. More advanced means we are spending more time going for it, which means we must take this time to intelligently quiet our bodies and relax our nervous systems. Your idea is noted, though, and i will incorporate some more complex standing poses and hip openers.

    @Jackie, regarding Downdog as an inversion ~ just not for long periods of time, and not repeatedly in practice during your cycle. In this practice we came into it mostly as a stretch and a return to switch legs, for the exact reason you've noted, it definitely FEELS like an inversion (especially once we've addressed the need for holding the body with gravity).

    Thank you both and to all for the comments. Always appreciated, always helpful.
  • Southtown Yoga     Jul 20th, 2011
    this was awesome. thanks for the encouragement to slow down during my cycle. i somehow always forget to do that.
  • Ariela Summit     Jul 11th, 2011
    This was lovely, Elena. Usually i hate restorative classes, but i actually did this one twice in a row - guess i really needed it! Thank you :-)
  • Jackie Incorvia     Jul 6th, 2011
    While I have heard inversions are contraindicated during menstruation many many times, I have wanted more detailed reasons and support for this, so thank you for what you have shared in this video. Greatly appreciated.
    I wanted to ask though--Downward Facing Dog is considered an inversion by many standards (in that the head is lower than the heart, or the uterus, more importantly in this instance)... this is not contraindicated for the same reasons other inversions are? Thanks for anything you can offer.
    Beautiful instruction!
  • yogarai      Jun 22nd, 2011
    Lovely! Thank you
    More please!
  • Lara Swinarton     Jun 17th, 2011
    Much needed, I never give myself time to rest and this was perfect. Many thanks...

  • Anne Vandewalle     Jun 7th, 2011
    brilliant as always my love
  • Carole Silverstein     Jun 1st, 2011
    Wow, thank you. I so needed this and didn't fully realize it until doing this class. I was sort of crazed yesterday (and wish I did this class yesterday too!)
  • Theresa Carter     May 25th, 2011
    Thank you so much for this class! I was weepy and scattered feeling immediately before this classed. I feel much more in control and centered now. Namaste
  • JEN HECHT     May 21st, 2011
    Thank you Elena. I had a huge reminder a month ago, the first day of my cycle, that it is very important to listen and respect the whole being during this time-I ended up in the E.R. ..... all is well:) Just an expensive way to be deeply reminded.

    This practice is a wonderful support with great postures and information to help keep steady during this time. I highly highly recommend listening and practicing this.
  • Jessica Whitehead     May 20th, 2011
    I have been waiting for a class just like this, thank you so much! I would also love to see a whole series of yoga to do during your cycle (perhaps one for more advanced practitioners).
  • YogaGlo     May 19th, 2011
    Lauren - the post-cycle class will post in early June. Regarding class search we're working on that. We'll email you now to get your feedback.
  • Lauren Johanson     May 19th, 2011
    I'm pretty new to YogaGlo and what I love most is that I can choose practices that meet exactly what I need - like alleviation of my cramps and tenderness. So thank you! You also mentioned a post-cycle class, but I can't seem to find it. Can you tell me how to find it? Also, in general, I have not found an easy way to search keywords - am I missing something?
  • B. Juliánna Nagy     May 18th, 2011
    Thank you for taking the time to record this! Here in the west, we lost the ability to nurture ourselves, to honor our bodies and our female cycles. I find that our healing starts when we start listening inward and honoring ourselves as women. Christiane Northrup's book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom is an excellent start toward re-gaining a deep understanding into how we actually work the way we work (we = our bodies).