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Level 2
60 min

Salute Yourself

Anusara | By Elena Brower on Jul 06 2011
A delicious practice dedicated to awakening the sun of your body; your heart. This sequence of standing balances will focus on finding the backbends in each pose, and will be outstanding for your immunity, organ function, self-acceptance, and most importantly, self-love. The quote, care of Kelly Fisher, is from Fr. Archimandrite Meletios Webber.


A delicious practice dedicated to awakening the sun of your body; your heart. This sequence of standing balances will focus on finding the backbends in each pose, and will be outstanding for your immunity, organ function, self-acceptance, and most importantly, self-love. The quote, care of Kelly Fisher, is from Fr. Archimandrite Meletios Webber.


  • Hannah Hooper     Nov 16th, 2014
    Wow this was such a POWERFUL, AMAZING practice.
    I have never cried in the middle of a practice - thank you for opening some closures in my heart.


    Hannah x
    • Elena Brower     Nov 17th, 2014
      wow, Hannah... good for you. you're open...

  • rachel (Dakima) kingston     Mar 26th, 2014
    This was such a blessing for me to return to this gorgeous gorgeous practice, your grace always heals me and for that I am truly grateful, with love x
    • Elena Brower     Nov 17th, 2014
      thank you RACHEL...
  • Korrin Johnson     Jan 14th, 2014
    beautiful. i cried most of the savasana. thank you.
    • Elena Brower     Jan 16th, 2014
      Korrin, glad you've had a good opening. All the best!
  • Leigh Becher     Jan 12th, 2014
    Loved it! Finally I found a teacher I connect with. Very professional and to the point but with a lightness to it. The session was great, a true heart opener. Made my day so much brighter. Thank you!
    • Elena Brower     Jan 16th, 2014
      THANK YOU LEIGH! So grateful for your kind words and glad to be of service. Thank you.
  • Samara Anderson     Dec 11th, 2013
    Loving yourself is where you find the roots of all giving. This is what arose from my heart after this practice! Much gratitude for this critical lesson.
    • Elena Brower     Jan 16th, 2014
      thanks so much for your thought, Samara...
  • Brooke Landon     Nov 29th, 2013
    Beautiful start to my birthday! Thank you Elena!
    • Elena Brower     Nov 29th, 2013
      Happy Birthday Brooke!
  • Audrey Marshall     Jul 30th, 2013
    Elena, I cannot say how much I needed this class. My grandfather passed two weeks ago, and I feel like this sivasana was the first time I've been able to properly express my heart. It's such a relief, and my gratitude knows no bounds. Thank you.
  • Melanie Zerr     Jun 28th, 2013
    Thank you Elena for such a beautiful practice. Self love is what I am working on and this just was so what I needed! Love your classes. Namaste xo
  • Eryn Culotta     Jun 26th, 2013
    thank you for such a beautiful class.. i always love the inspiring & thoughtful words you have to offer with each practice xxx
  • Liz Woodruff     Apr 16th, 2013
    What a gift! Amazing practice. Have never had such a full full compass. Hope to take a workshop with you someday, looking at Montana this August.
    • Elena Brower     Apr 20th, 2013
      LIZ! Montana will be epic and i hope to see you there... thanks for your comment!
  • Elizabeth O'Hagan     Mar 3rd, 2013
    Exactly what I needed. Challenging yet nourishing. Thank you :)
    • Elena Brower     Apr 20th, 2013
      awesome to hear Elizabeth, thank you
  • Gillian Brown     Feb 9th, 2013
    Beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you.
    • Elena Brower     Apr 20th, 2013
      thank you Gillian!
  • Meg Morton     Dec 4th, 2012
    This was a challenging but sweet practice, filled with love. I can feel my heart radiating and feel strength in myself to bring love to the situations that require it.
  • Zenzele m     Oct 11th, 2012
    that was amazing!!!! the first time i have chanted in a very long time. the poses were very interesting. definitley found some areas to be worked on. and of course all the attention on the heart space was so inspiring. really a great yoga session. thank you.
  • Rebecca Austin     Oct 9th, 2012
    So so beautiful. Thank you so much. Words cannot express my gratitude!
  • Yulia Nemtsev     Sep 15th, 2012
    Many of these are not poses I do regularly, so, man did this challenge my endurance and patience and was a breakthrough practice for me. Thank you!
  • Maurey Lancaster     Jul 30th, 2012
    A wonderful morning practice for the first day of the school holidays! I did find the outer pad/inner foot instruction became repetitive and less effective the more it was used. Wonderful sequence. Love from London.
  • Kayla Nelson     Jul 18th, 2012
    That was beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you from the warmest part of my open heart
  • Brett Larkin     Jun 15th, 2012
    Elena, thank you so much for your wonderful classes. I am enjoying every single one of them so much. So much appreciation for you!
  • Rachel Hanberry     May 26th, 2012
    Wonderful practice, my heart is singing, smiling and shining. Thank you Elena, thank you, Om shanti :) x
  • Mary T.     May 8th, 2012
  • emma carry     May 8th, 2012
    Beautiful class Elena, I feel that I'll float through the rest of the day full of love. Thank you .
  • Sarah Oliver     Apr 4th, 2012
    Thank you Elena! Felt an amazing shift in my heart with this class today. Hope I can take your class in Boston in a few weeks. Thank you for always inspiring. Namaste:)
  • Alyson Raskin     Mar 28th, 2012
    Thanks, my heart is happy.
  • Isabella Allard     Mar 5th, 2012
    Beautiful Elena! Thank YOU! I feel the LOVE*** Awesome way to the start week! Many heartfelt blessings to you and your light :) XOOXOX
  • Connie Kwok     Feb 24th, 2012
    Thank You for the beautiful practice. I had quite the release during Savasana.
  • Jeannette Weide     Jan 10th, 2012
    what a great hour with you, Elena, thank you so much!! :-)
  • Sarah Hon     Jan 3rd, 2012
    Thank you so much.
  • Kassi Sell     Jan 2nd, 2012
    Very Grace-Full, thank you.
  • Mary C     Nov 11th, 2011
    Beautiful, thank you.
  • Adriana godard     Oct 20th, 2011
    beautiful class!!!!! thank you so much!!!
  • Luis Gonzalez     Oct 12th, 2011
    Great class! Love it... thanks
  • Amanda Atlas     Sep 14th, 2011
    Wow. Elena thank you for sharing. Beautiful practice and what a treat to be able to be part of it when I cannot make it to the studio. Enjoy BK tonight, I am sorry I cannot be there. xo
  • Charlotte Saint Jean     Sep 14th, 2011
    Hi Elena - I know about the Paris 23/24th event but I think its fully booked - would have loved to come there. The October 2nd is that the Eifel Tower event? I don't live in Paris but a looong way from there aand have to juggle my teo little girsl into the equation. Would love to be there and meet up with you - maybe this and if not another time soon - I know Marc and Ann in Paris so the circle is getting smaller! namaste
  • Elena Brower     Sep 14th, 2011
    Merci Charlotte! Let me know if you're in Paris, i'm teaching there on Sept 23/24 and again on Oct 2...
  • Charlotte Saint Jean     Sep 14th, 2011
    heart felt thanks from France for your beautiful energy - beautiful session. Merci
  • barbara haller-reinicke     Sep 7th, 2011
    thank you elena*i love your classes
  • bridgette becker     Sep 3rd, 2011
    Thank you, thank you..much, much love!
  • Rebekah Ford     Sep 1st, 2011
    Absolutely beautiful and nourishing. Thank you, Elena! :)
  • Lucy Egerton     Aug 7th, 2011
    The best class for me I've ever found! I never realised where I was blocked, now I do. Self-love, haha!
  • daniella matalon     Aug 6th, 2011
    Such a beautiful practice, beyond. Love always
  • emily kiberd     Aug 4th, 2011
    Love love love
  • Elena Brower     Jul 25th, 2011
    @KELLY! Thank you again. So many people have loved this and in particular your passage. Grateful.
  • Kelly Fisher     Jul 25th, 2011
    Great class Elena! ...and thanks for the shout out too. Hope to see you when you visit DC again soon.
  • simone weit     Jul 24th, 2011
    Again and again I come back to your classes. Your words so artfully chosen speak the language of my heart. Without the empty cliches of so many new-age spiritual teachings, I find myself refreshed and deeply touched by the sincerity of your lessons. As a mother of a young child and a deep practitioner of yoga, somehow I feel less alone in this world knowing that you are out there somewhere doing this work. Thank you. Namaste.
  • Mari Kennedy     Jul 22nd, 2011
    Amazing class- you rock Elena -you embody your dream and guide the way!
  • Elena Brower     Jul 20th, 2011
    true @Debbie and @Caro. Awakening the Spine, by Vanda Scaravelli. A true legend and inspiration in the yoga world.
  • Caro Di Bella     Jul 20th, 2011
    @Debbie Barran: I think she mentioned the book "awakening the spine" form Vanda Scaravelli
  • Caro Di Bella     Jul 20th, 2011
    Thank you so much for your incredible classes on yogaglo!
  • Lena Kurganska     Jul 15th, 2011
    Incredible practice. Thank you so much, Elena, for bringing this knowledge to us.
  • Honey Freis     Jul 13th, 2011
    So wonderful to have clarity and fullness in Compass. Thank you for a lovely practice and for including Vanda Scaravelli's wisdom to boot.
  • Anna Baca-Barnhart     Jul 13th, 2011
    What can I say that hasn't been said before, except that you serve as a true blessing in my life! Gratitude beyond words....
  • Naomi Gottlieb-Miller     Jul 12th, 2011
    elena, you just keep getting better and better -- and continue to bring out the best in me. thank you for the nourishment, the fullness, the inspiration!
  • Debbie Barran     Jul 12th, 2011
    Such a beautiful opening practice - does anyone recall the name of the book that Elena mentioned about...."...spine"?

    • Maurey Lancaster     Jul 30th, 2012
      Awakening the Spine by scaravelli- a yoga classic!
  • Kassandra Morrison     Jul 12th, 2011
    So beautiful, Elena. I enjoyed the sequence, the quote, but most of all, as always, I enjoyed your consistent, persistent, oh so compassionate way of reminding each of us who we truly are and what is really important in this life.That you for sharing the tools to build the courage to open the heart.
  • vivienne dias     Jul 12th, 2011
    Just what my heart needed! Thank you Elena this beautiful practice.
  • Kathryn Scott     Jul 11th, 2011
    the quote, message of the class, vibe and teaching was AWESOME. I enjoy every practice with you, Elena. Thank you!
  • Holly Spada     Jul 9th, 2011
    Love the class...and the quote!
  • Sharon Gollman     Jul 9th, 2011
    I would also like to know the title of the text by Father Archimandrite Meletios Webber. Thank you!
  • Myriam Sitterson     Jul 9th, 2011
    Beautiful, beautiful quote...thank you for posting it Rachel!
  • Rachel Keller     Jul 9th, 2011
    The heart is quiet rather than noisy, intuitive rather than deductive, lives entirely in the present, and is, at every moment, accepting of the reality God gives in that moment. Moreover, the heart does not seek to distance or dominate anything or anyone by labeling. Rather, it begins with an awareness of its relationship with the rest of creation (and everything and everyone in it), accepting rather than rejecting, finding similarity rather than alienation and likeness rather than difference. It knows no fear, experiences no desire, and never finds the need to defend or justify itself. Unlike the mind, the heart never seeks to impose itself. It is patient and undemanding. Little wonder, then, that the mind, always impatient and very demanding, manages to dominate it so thoroughly.

    I found it by googling his name and the 1st line of the quote! Enjoy~
  • benjamin thomas     Jul 9th, 2011
    any way, i mean :)
  • benjamin thomas     Jul 9th, 2011
    really amazing class, elena. anyway you can point me to the text of that quote by Fr. Archimandrite Meletios Webber? I've searched around for it but can only find audio files. so much thanksgiving for you!
  • Rachel Keller     Jul 9th, 2011
    Absolutely wonderful! I loved how you articulated the heart space - it really helps! Savasana was the best 'Happy Hour' I ever had after a day with the company! Merci Bien~
  • Myriam Sitterson     Jul 9th, 2011
    Hi Elena,

    I really enjoy your detailed instruction and your wonderful inspiring dialogue throughout the class. Delicious! I look forward to taking one of your classes in person!
  • Sine Martinussen     Jul 9th, 2011
    Hi Elena,
    This is a wonderfull and thougthfull class. Sending love from Denmark :-). Nice to be so close, when living so fare away...!
  • Beth Salloway     Jul 9th, 2011
    Elena, that was one of the sweetest classes I have even taken.....thank you.
  • Monique Baron     Jul 7th, 2011
    Elena, I love you! Thank you.
  • tomas Rodriguez     Jul 7th, 2011
    Hi Elena!
    Wonderfull youre class, love how it allows space for recognition, coupled by timely and proficient guidance brings about in my practice the feelling of ease and increased awareness of the spaciosness of my heart, very releasing and comforting, wonderfull quotes that are given at a perfect time, you have a new student in caracs, venezuela!
  • Joanna Caplan     Jul 7th, 2011
    A truly powerful class. Thank-you Elena.
  • Delphine Le     Jul 7th, 2011
    I have to add this class to my favourites ! :) almost all my favourite classes are by you Elena lol ... thank you so much for constantly renewing my inspiration
  • Jeanette Darbyshire     Jul 7th, 2011
    Lovely. So controlled and full. What is the name of the seated posture we did? I missed what you said.
  • Biffy Cotter     Jul 6th, 2011
    OMG! This class was aaammmmaaaaaazing! Thank you so much!
  • Patti MacPherson     Jul 6th, 2011
    beautiful practice, thank you
  • Taylor Garrabrant     Jul 6th, 2011
    loved this one - thank you, xoxo
  • Bernadette McGree     Jul 6th, 2011
    Wonderful class, as usual, Elena. The right side of my back lit up in that first Surya Yantrasana - very exciting progress!
  • Gail Scott     Jul 6th, 2011
    Thank you so much Elana. One of the most beautiful heart openings I have ever had. You are an inspiration!
  • Sharon Gollman     Jul 6th, 2011
    Awesome, Elena! Inspiring practice--needed this today! Will come back to this again and again!
  • Mary-Kate Murray     Jul 6th, 2011
    thank you thank you thank you. :) MaryKate