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Thank you for this meditation. This was something I've needed for a long time now. I never realized how much energy it takes to hold a resentment. Not until I finally let mine go. Thank you again. Namaste   (view this class)

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Yoga for a Sound Sleep

This week's featured classes will help you make the transition from your busy day to a restful evening.

Prep for Deep Sleep
level 1-2
30 min
Rod Stryker

Prep for Deep Sleep - This sequence will slow you down, calm your nervous system, and unwind tension - the perfect preparation for deep and sound sleep. Wh...more

Back to Sleep
Level 1
10 min
David Harshada Wagner

Back to Sleep - A soothing, restful meditation to help people when they can't get to sleep or have woken up in the middle of the night.

Evening Sleep Prep Flow
Level 2
30 min
Vinyasa Flow
Tiffany Cruikshank

Evening Sleep Prep Flow - Unwind with a flow that will get you moving right away and then ease off into stillness. We'll meet the restlessness of the min...more

Let Go & Let Sleep
Level 1
30 min
Jo Tastula

Let Go & Let Sleep - This class offers loving support for insomniacs. Grab a your pillow or blanket if you have one and enjoy this dreamy guided practice o...more

Insomnia Practice with Elena Brower
level 1-2
15 min
Elena Brower

Insomnia Practice with Elena Brower - If you're still awake, treat yourself to this sequence of forward bends, plow pose and shoulderstand. With a combi...more

Calm Your Nervous System for Sound Sleep
Level 1
15 min
Felicia Tomasko

Calm Your Nervous System for Sound Sleep - Get ready for a sound sleep with this Ayurvedically-themed practice that focuses on calming the nervous syst...more