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Open Up the Chakras

This week's featured classes concentrate on introducing and opening up the chakras through asana and meditation.

Chakra Meditation for Balance
Level 2
10 min
Giselle Mari

Chakra Meditation for Balance - This chakra meditation provides a great entry point to these seven subtle energetic centers and the karmic relationships ...more

Chakra Radiance from Root to Crown
level 2-3
90 min
Vinyasa Flow
Sianna Sherman

Chakra Radiance from Root to Crown - Learn the wisdom of the 7 Chakras and how each chakra is meaningful for your life. Each chakra has specific asanas...more

Tour Your Chakras
level 1-2
30 min
Elena Brower

Tour Your Chakras - Take a quick, comprehensive tour of your chakras. With just a few minutes at each latitude, learn the shorthand for the function of eac...more

Root Chakra Meditation
level 1-2
15 min
Sally Kempton

Root Chakra Meditation - A meditation on the extraordinary presence within the root chakra, which not only grounds us, but opens our consciousness to the ...more

4th Chakra Heart Flow
level 1-2
45 min
Vinyasa Flow
Claire Missingham

4th Chakra Heart Flow - This heart flow is a morning sequence that gets the energy around the heart (4th Chakra) flowing. Vinyasa to begin to slowly build...more

Sacral Chakra Flow
Level 2
60 min
Vinyasa Flow
Jo Tastula

Sacral Chakra Flow - This is a creative flow that explores the water element and fluid movements. We delve deep into the hips, pelvis and lower back and a...more