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Tiffany, You're the bomb! I work more than full time and, have 2 young kids and your classes help me keep it all together. I even prescribe this site to my patients- as yoga is an excellent therapy for chemo induced fatigue. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation! Melissa   (view this class)

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Yoga to Heal Your Broken Heart

This week's featured classes will help aid in healing a broken heart by nourishing the physical, emotional, and spiritual heart space with unconditional love.

Heart Healing Meditation
Level 1
10 min
Kathryn Budig

Heart Healing Meditation - This visually guided meditation takes you thorough a journey to your heart. It aids in the healing process and allows us to see...more

When Life Throws You Curve Balls
level 2-3
60 min
Vinyasa Flow
Amy Ippoliti

When Life Throws You Curve Balls - When your spirit has been broken, you feel defeated, or you're grieving, sometimes a practice that helps you blow off...more

Release Sadness
level 1-2
20 min
Elena Brower

Release Sadness - All we have is our inner state. Inspired by a meditation with Tara Brach, we will release physical contractions by moving gently, release ...more

Calm Your Heart
Level 1
10 min
Kia Miller

Calm Your Heart - This meditation induces a feeling of calmness. If you are feeling emotionally challenged at work or in a personal relationship then practi...more

Let Go of Heartache, Nourish Yourself Deeply
Level 1
60 min
Felicia Tomasko

Let Go of Heartache, Nourish Yourself Deeply - Every breath is an opportunity to nourish ourselves (inhalation) digest (the pause) and detoxify (the e...more

Hamsa Heart Meditation
Level 2
15 min
David Harshada Wagner

Hamsa Heart Meditation - This meditation uses the ancient mantra Ham-Sa to connect us deeply with the heart.