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Yoga for the Feet

This week's featured classes will help bring flexibility and strength to our feet, toes and ankles, leading to overall better alignment and health of the body.

Awakening & Integrating the Feet
Level 2
90 min
Mary Taylor

Awakening & Integrating the Feet - When we wake up the feet, the pelvic floor automatically comes on line. Grounding through the feet and integrating mo...more

Stable Foundation
level 1-2
60 min
Marla Apt

Stable Foundation - Using the feet to align and enliven. The feet can be the gateway to alignment of the joints, balanced action in the muscles and ease in...more

Show Your Feet Some Love
level 1-2
20 min
Giselle Mari

Show Your Feet Some Love - We spend a lot of our time on our feet and rarely give them the love they so deserve. In this brief session give your tootsies ...more

Healthy Feet and Ankles
Level 1
20 min
Tara Judelle

Healthy Feet and Ankles - The key to a healthy back is smart feet. The foundation sets the tone for the entire body from the base up. In this short class ...more

Root Chakra Flow
Level 2
60 min
Vinyasa Flow
Jo Tastula

Root Chakra Flow - This is a grounding class that focuses on the earth element, creating strong foundations and the 1st Chakra. Anatomically we'll concentr...more

On Your Feet All Day?
Level 1
60 min
Felicia Tomasko

On Your Feet All Day? - Do you stand on your feet all day? Nurses, teachers, doctors, firefighters, restaurant workers, vetrenarians, flight attendants, r...more