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Such a beautiful practice. Thank You Elena.   (view this class)

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Yoga for a Reset

This week's featured classes will help reset your mind and body so you can meet the rest of your day with clarity and ease.

Deep Body Reset
Level 1
30 min
David Harshada Wagner

Deep Body Reset - An extended meditation connecting to and soothing the respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems of the physical body.

Reset Your Expectations
level 2-3
90 min
Vinyasa Flow
Tiffany Cruikshank

Reset Your Expectations - This class is about resetting your expectations to change your relationship to your practice and yourself. We'll use a hearty a...more

Reset Your Entire Body
Level 2
60 min
Jason Crandell

Reset Your Entire Body - This practice will reset your entire body. It's not a sweaty massacre of a flow practice, but it may be exactly what you need. Y...more

Level 1
60 min
Felicia Tomasko

Reset - Wherever and however our journeys take us in life, long periods of sitting may create stagnation, tightness and tension in the body. This practice of ...more

Reset Your Natural Breath Pranayama Practice
level 1-2
15 min
Sianna Sherman

Reset Your Natural Breath Pranayama Practice - Pranayama is the expansion of the life force energy. Rest into your natural breath as you cultivate a d...more

Reset Your Mind: Calm
level 1-2
10 min
Tara Judelle

Reset Your Mind: Calm - In this short practice to reset your nervous system for calm and ease we use pranayama, forward bends and an inversion to prepare ...more