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    Many of us save our yoga practice for the afternoon or evening. With a long, stressful day behind us, we want nothing more than to clear our minds, shift our focus and release whatever stress that has accumulated throughout the day. By the end of our practice we are calm and relaxed, the stress has subsided and whatever seemed to bother us during the day is now a distant memory. What a great way to end the day, right?

    Yes! But what if there was a way to start the day off right? Morning yoga to the rescue! A morning yoga routine can set the tone for the entire day. It helps to clear our thoughts so we can remain calm and clear headed throughout the day, it gives us more energy and endurance and it prepares us mentally and emotionally for our daily activities and interactions with other people, in turn making us more patient and less reactive. What a great way to begin the day!

    This week’s featured classes will  help get your day started  off on the right foot. Rise and shine!

    Morning Yoga

    • Awaken & Prepare the Day Ahead with Claire Missingham: The Kriyas, as defined in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, are practices that have a cleansing affect on the mind or the physical body. These morning practices awaken agni (digestive fire) and uplift any stagnant energy for the day ahead. We finish with uplifting mantra and affirmation to keep repeating all day.
    • Connect & Create a Beautiful Day with Jo Tastula: Connect with the creative energy of the morning and harness the powerful energy of the mind with this well rounded sunrise flow. Meditation and guided breathing, followed by gentle warm up and sun salutations (surya namaskar). Our flow opens up into temple pose and wide legged forward bend (prasarita padottanasana) with crescents and warrior 3 to invigorate (anjaneyasana & virabhadrasana 3) Finishing postures include locust pose (shalabhasana) and headstand (sirsasana). Wishing you a phenomenally awesome day! Prop Needed: A blanket.
    • Morning Flexibility with Tara Judelle: This class uses slow movements to coax our body into flexibility and fluidity for the day. Includes forward bends (paschimottanasana, upavistha konasana) and hip openers (gomukhasana, baddha konasana). Props Suggested: Two Blocks, Blanket, Strap.
    • Morning Wake-up for Balance, Vigor and Joy with Giselle Mari: Yoga is the type of wake up call you want to receive in the morning. Gently and slowly wake up the body with some stretching and heat building. This will kick start your day better than any cup of coffee – ok, maybe not that good! – but you’ll be caffeinated (yoga style) and ready to take on life with balance, vigor and joy. Props: Two Blocks, Two Blankets and One Strap.
    • Good Morning Energizing Flow with Amy Ippoliti: Begin your day with this energizing sequence designed to awaken the body and give you a positive outlook on the day ahead. Gentle stretches, easy half sun salutes, culminating with a hip opening restorative pose. Good morning to you! :) Props Needed: A Chair and Blanket. Props Suggested: 2 Blocks.
    • Gayatri Mantra Morning Flow with Sianna Sherman: Chant the Gayatri mantra with the morning sun and activate the solar power of your day with this standing flow that opens up into pincha mayurasana and backbends. This is a great up-tempo practice.

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    If you Glo in LA or in the surrounding area, come join us next week as Tiffany Cruikshank will be in town teaching FREE Vinyasa Flow classes at the YogaGlo studio. You will not want to miss this!

    Tiffany’s Class Schedule:

    • Monday, August 26th: 10:00-11:30am – Vinyasa Flow, Level 1/2
    • Monday, August 26th: 12:00-1:00pm – Vinyasa Flow, Level 2/3
    • Tuesday, August 27th: 10:00-11:30am – Vinyasa Flow, Level 2/3
    • Tuessday, August 27th: 12:00-1:00pm – Vinyasa Flow, Level 2

    Don’t miss this opportunity to take amazing classes with this amazing teacher. Please check out our class schedule for more information and head on down to the Glo!

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    In this week’s Overheard in Yoga Class, Steven Espinosa explains that often times we can get moving so fast in our daily lives it’s like our feet never touch the ground. Yoga helps with grounding both sides of the body to help us move forward from a balanced and centered place.

    Take this class with Steven: http://bit.ly/YBWBv0

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    In this week’s Overheard in Yoga Class, Jason Crandell shines a light on how yoga helps us let go, settle down and self-soothe.

    Take this class with Jason: http://bit.ly/JCwnNQ

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    Whether it’s physical or emotional, most of us have experienced some kind of pain at one point in our lives. We are all different, so we all experience pain differently and cope with that pain in different ways. Some hide and suppress it, avoiding the healing process that we all need to go through in order to move on, while others decide that they no longer want their pain controlling their lives so they confront it. If you are having trouble healing or don’t know how to heal, practicing yoga is great way to being the healing process.

    This week’s featured classes will help you heal – mind, body and spirit.

    Yoga for Healing

    • Yoga Nidra for Healing & Inspiration with Rod Stryker: Deep rest is key to healing and rejuvenation as well as improved focus. Enjoy this twenty minute Yoga Nidra session, the ancient yogic science of relaxation, and experience how twenty minutes of guided, systematic, relaxation practice can replenish and renew you. Use it to start your day, rest in the middle of it, or just before falling asleep and unlock your innate capacity for healing, inspiration, and peace. Props Suggested: Blanket to lay on or cover up with. Blanket or pillow for head, Bolster under the knees.
    • Healing Flow with Mantra with Jo Tastula: The use of mantra has a purifying effect on the mind and combined with asana becomes a very potent practice. In this class we use the breathing mantra So Hum and the Tibetan mantra of compassion Om Mani Padme Hum, as a vehicle for quieting the mind and accessing an authentic place of peace. Lots of seated meditation and slow paced flow. Be warned, there are very few vinyasas! Prop Suggested: A blanket.
    • Access Inner Healing & Loving with Sally Kempton: A meditation in which we access powerful transformative awareness to promote healing and loving attention from within.
    • Release Stress, Activate Healing Prana with Kia Miller: Stress and tension find their way into our muscles and joints creating congestion; physically, emotionally and mentally. This kriya systematically works to release stress and activate the healing flow of prana. Awaken a higher level of awareness and bliss. This is a great one to do anytime you need to change your inner channel. Clear your mind and set yourself up for the best day ever! Class ends with a breath meditation. Prop Needed: Blanket
    • Heal a Painful Memory with David Harshada Wagner: This is a powerful healing visualization where the practitioner is guided back to a memory that causes them pain. They use breath and awareness to soothe and ease the intensity of the painful memory. Prop Needed: Something to write on.
    • Healing Practice for Sore Muscles with Stephanie Snyder: This is a gentle flow designed for the days when you feel sore or just worked. We explore being in the pose without hitting our max. This allows for release of tension. We begin slowly and build in order to give the body plenty of time to heal itself.

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    In this week’s Overheard in Yoga Class, Jodi Blumstein reminds us that ritual and devotion are all around us and it is our practice that helps us connect to it.

    Take this class with Jodi: http://bit.ly/1syiGW2

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    Harshada Wagner athe YogaGlo Studio












    If you Glo in LA or in the surrounding area, come join us this Saturday & Sunday, as David Harshada Wagner will be in town teaching FREE Meditation classes at the YogaGlo studio. You will not want to miss this!

    Harshada’s Class Schedule:

    • Saturday, August 9th: 10-11:30am – Pain Body – Pleasure Body An exploration of the way our subtle body holds positive and negative energies and how those energies influence our minds, our behavior, and our experience of life. The class will include a discussion of the koshas or subtle layers described in the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, practices to get free from our pain body and strengthen our pleasure body, and guided meditation.
    • Sunday, August 10th: 1o-11:30am - Living Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita In this class, we will explore three key shlokas (Sanskrit verses) from the 2500 year old treatise on Yoga, God, and life. The teachings of “The Gita” happen on a battlefield during an important battle in the Indian epic Mahabharata. It’s teachings can provide great insights for modern spiritual warriors on the path of living mindfully. Class includes discussion and guided meditations inspired by verses in the Gita.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to take amazing classes with this amazing teacher. Please check out out our class schedule for more information and head on down to the Glo!

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    In order for our practice to truly evolve, it is important that we brush up on the foundation of our yoga poses. We can have all of the strength and experience in the world, but if we don’t understand the mechanics of the pose, then how will we be able to bring our practice to the next level?

    From Meditation & Up-Dog, to Inversions & Savasana, we’re breaking down all of your favorite poses so you can safely and effectively get the most out your practice.

    Yoga Pose Tutorials

    • Upward Dog Tutorial with Mary Taylor: Simple tricks to train the body to work with intelligence and strength so that upward dog feels comfortable and safe.
    • Sirsasana Tutorial with Marla Apt: This short sequence will take you through a few poses to prepare to go upside down into headstand and then you’ll practice the preparation for headstand and then learn the primary actions and alignment of the final pose (practicing at the wall). Props: A block and wall space.
    • Meditation Tutorial with Giselle Mari: Have you ever wondered if you’re meditating correctly? This simple yet effective offering provides you with 3 steps you can apply to your meditation practice, taking the guesswork out of this mindful experience. Props Recommended: Block, Blanket
    • Backbending Tutorial with Claire Missingham: Struggling to press up into wheel pose? Try this tutorial based backbending and shoulder opening that will help you find wheel pose. Props needed: 2 Blocks
    • Handstand to Chattarunga Tutorial with Marc Holzman: It’s a little scary to move towards the floor from a handstand. Here are a few remedial steps to build strength and confidence so you can lower yourself with ease. Props Needed: A chair and wall space. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
    • The Interior Architecture of Savasana with Tias Little: This class is a map of the interior body in Savasana. Through guided imagery and anatomical detail, we first set the posture. Then Tias leads students through the inner labyrinth of the pose in order to to prepare for yoga nidra, the Great Yogic Sleep. Through small internal detail, learn to rest from your ears to your innermost brain, and from your skin to your soul. Suggested Props: Bolster, 3-4 blankets

    Interested in practicing a different pose or sequence? Browse all of our tutorial classes.

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    In this week’s Overheard in Yoga Class, Tiffany Cruikshank explains that our physical practice can shift our mental perspective and that our mental perspective can shift our reality. Step into your strength as a woman and embrace your perfectly imperfect self!

    Take this class with Tiffany: http://bit.ly/1k8ckLV

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    They say that being a parent is the toughest, yet most rewarding job in the world. It comes with more responsibility and stress than any other occupation, so that’s why it is so important that we have the ability to cultivate mindfulness and presence, acceptance and awareness, compassion and gratitude so we can be the best we can be; the greatest gift we can give to our kids.

    This week’s featured classes will help you navigate the road of parenthood through breath, body and mind awareness.

    • While Baby Naps with Claire Missingham: A fantastic little ‘While the baby naps’ class focused on bringing you back to your centre line physically and mentally. Zip back up the rectus abdominals and open your chest to release tension from the shoulders and neck from carrying and feeding. Make the most of the moment!
    • Mommy & Daddy Emergency Meditation with David Harshada Wagner: A deep five minute reset meditation especially for busy overwhelmed parents and caregivers.
    • Practicing Yoga with Baby with Jo Tastula: This fun little class is a good introduction for practicing yoga with your baby. Lots of seated movement for opening legs, torso and arms. Have fun with tickles in head to knee pose and windmill in straddle. Also lunges and downward dog mini cuddle savasana if all goes well. Prop Suggested: A blanket.
    • Practice for New(ish) Parents with Jason Crandell: This class for new(ish) parents (and everyone else that is madly in love, is oh-so tired and whose shoulders and back are killing them) I filmed this class 6-months (to the day) that my daughter was born. It was done in pure self-interest to help my shoulders, neck, upper-back and hip-flexors feel less terrible. If you are new(ish) parent—or are madly in love with someone or something else—and your shoulders, neck, upper-back, and hip-flexors are paying the price (and, you’re starting to get out of shape), this one is for you. Props Recommended: Strap and Blanket
    • Guided Mediation for Parents with Elena Brower: This meditation was designed to bring you to a place of patient listening and acceptance of yourself, so you can begin to do the same for your children. Rather than rushing to “fix” things, this practice is all about observing and seeing yourself clearly, so you can design your responses and your relationships to your children.
    • Low on Sleep Practice with Stephanie Snyder: This sequence will help restore you when you are functioning on very little sleep. Easy twists will encourage mental clarity and standing poses that will bring some heat and energy without deplteing you. We finish with a soothing restorative supta baddha konasana. You will need 2 blocks, a blanket and 2 bolsters or pillows.