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    In this week’s Overheard in Yoga Class, Marc Holzman explains how the Ayuervedic principles of digestion apply not only to food, but to our Hatha practice.

    Take this class with Marc:http://bit.ly/1swGV35

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    Have you ever had such a harried, stressful day that unwinding and getting a truly restful night’s sleep is a challenge? You’re not alone! We live in such a fast-paced environment where our senses are constantly being stimulated that sometimes we just can’t stop the wheels from turning. The good news is that yoga can help us slow down, re-center, and prepare for a night of sleep that is restorative and transformative. Imagine a world in which we’re all sleeping better – that’s a world we’d like to create with you!

    This week’s featured classes will help you make the transition from your busy day to a restful evening.

    • Prep for Deep Sleep with Rod Stryker: This sequence will slow you down, calm your nervous system, and unwind tension – the perfect preparation for deep and sound sleep. Whether you sleep well or not, this practice will benefit you by helping to center you and lead you to glorious grounding, calm, and ease. Prop Suggested: Strap
    • Back to Sleep with David Harshada Wagner: A soothing, restful meditation to help people when they can’t get to sleep or have woken up in the middle of the night.
    • Evening Sleep Prep Flow with Tiffany Cruikshank: Unwind with a flow that will get you moving right away and then ease off into stillness. We’ll meet the restlessness of the mind with movement and then slowly ease in so the mind settles and prepares for a deep restful sleep.
    • Let Go & Let Sleep with Jo Tastula: This class offers loving support for insomniacs. Grab a your pillow or blanket if you have one and enjoy this dreamy guided practice of letting go. Very simple spinal rolls while seated on the floor or on a chair, abdominal breathing, spinal twist and full guided savasana. Let go and let sleep!
    • Insomnia Practice with Elena Brower: If you’re still awake, treat yourself to this sequence of forward bends, plow pose and shoulderstand. With a combination of strong alignment and quiet rest, return your system to homeostasis and get thee to sleep.
    • Calm Your Nervous System for Sound Sleep with Felicia Tomasko: Get ready for a sound sleep with this Ayurvedically-themed practice that focuses on calming the nervous system and reducing the vata dosha that may be in excess or out of balance. We use circular motions of the joints, including the shoulders, chest and hips to release pent-up tension in the joints before a supported forward fold, bridge moving the breath and ending with legs up the wall to calm the nervous system.

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    Yoga in My Life: Jo Tastula

    For every one of us, our yoga practice is unique and personal. How we practice, what we practice, how often we practice and why we practice are specific to each of us. And ever-evolving. This is also true for every yoga teacher. Jo Tastula shares a little insight into how she came to yoga and the role it plays in her life:

    Feeling inspired? Practice with Jo today.

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    If you Glo in LA, come join as next week as Taylor Harkness will be in town and teaching free classes at the YogaGlo studio. You do not want to miss this!

    Join us to practice with Taylor:

    • Monday, October 27th: 10:00 – 11:30am, Level 1/2 - Vinyasa Flow
    • Monday, October 27th: 12:00 – 1:00pm, Level 2 - Vinyasa Flow
    • Tuesday, October 28th: 10:00 – 11:00am, Level 2/3 - Vinyasa Flow
    • Tuesday, October 28th: 11:30 – 12:30pm, Level 1/2 - Vinyasa Flow
    • Wednesday, October 29th: 10:00 – 11:30am, Level – 2/3 Vinyasa Flow
    • Wednesday, October 29th: 12:00 -1:00 pm, Level 2 – Vinyasa Flow

    We look forward to seeing you and practicing together. You can check the studio schedule for more visiting teachers and to keep up to date on other offerings.

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    Bandhas are energetic locks or psychophysiological contractions in the body that prevent energy from flowing to a particular area of the body. There are three main bandhas: mula (in the pelvic floor) uddiyana (in the abdomen), and jalandhara bandha (in the neck/throat). When the bandha is released, prana can flow freely throughout the body with an increased pressure, allowing us to collect, contain and control that energy.

    Take your asana to the next level by learning to combine it with bandhas, the doorway to the energetics of practice. This week’s featured classes will help us apply the bandhas to our practice so we can increase our ability to build creative power and increase the transformative potential of our yoga.

    • Intro to the Bandhas with Jodi Blumstein: In this class we introduce the bandhas in a short practice designed to create awareness of this subtle and elusive aspect of practice. There will be an exercise at the beginning to really wake up this new awareness and then an opportunity to apply this advanced concept. Props Needed: A block.
    • Using the Bandhas Effectively with Rod Stryker: According to the yoga tradition, the bandhas are the next step after asana. In this short outline, we look at the three major bandhas, their affect as well as how we practice them. Learning to use bandhas effectively opens the doorway to taking your asana to the next level.
    • Cultivating the Core Sheath with Tias Little: Access the central channel of the body by directly engaging the “core sheath”. Via the all powerful ilio-psoas muscle, the inside legs, and musculature along the spine, this class is an internal guide to the deepest muscles of the body. We aim to use less force and more fine articulations of the core structures that support the yoga bandhas. Suggested Props: Blanket, 2 blocks, strap
    • High Flying Flow with Dice lida-Klein: This flow incorporates all the essential elements of a 60 minute flow practice. We use a block and blanket to fire up our bandhas in our Surya Namaskar A and we follow it up with a strong standing sequence. Many handstand options are given through out class for those of you high flyers! Enjoy my fellow yogis.
    • Pranayama Hit with Amy Ippolit: Ujjayi and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril) pranayama (breathing). This practice is perfect before you sit for mediation and gives a quick explanation of the bandhas and Ujjayi pranayama followed by Nadi Shodhana pranayama to balance the right (masculine) and left (feminine) sides of the body. Have a blanket or a cushion to sit on.
    • Yoga for Core Strength & Awareness with Tara Judelle: Strong class to activate the core as the centralizing magnet of movement. Strong focus on the bandhas, using standing poses, working into arm balances, eka pada koundinyasana II (extended leg arm balance dedicated to sage koundinya, parsva bakasana (side crane) eka pada koundiyasana I. Class focus is on utilizing the core as the center of digesting awareness in order to cultivate center in challenging experiences.

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    Jodi Blumstein









    If you Glo in LA or in the surrounding area, come join us this week as Kia Miller and Jodi Blumstein will be in town teaching FREE Kundalini and Ashtanga classes at the YogaGlo studio. You will not want to miss this!

    Kia’s Class Schedule:

    • Friday, October 10th: 10:00-11:30am – Kundalini, Level 1/2
    • Friday, October 10th 12:00-1:00pm – Kundalini, Level 2/3
    Jodi’s Class Schedule:
    • Saturday, October 11th: 10:00-11:30am – Ashtanga, Level 2/3
    • Saturday, October 11th: 12:00-1:00pm – Ashtanga, Level 2

    Don’t miss this opportunity to take amazing classes with these amazing teachers. Please check out our class schedule for more information and head on down to the Glo!

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    Short on time, but still want that feeling of a strong, powerful practice? We’ve got you covered. This week’s featured classes are short, sweet and effective.

    • Gentle Yoga for Upper & Lower Body with Alex van Frank: Very gentle class to introduce your upper and lower body to some of yoga’s most helpful movements. Modifications of the poses will be introduced as well. Props Suggested: A chair and a strap.
    • Minute Maintenance Session with Marc Holzman: Also known as the “Better Than Nothing” session. This is a quick Hatha/Flow sequence for those overwhelming times when you feel there just isn’t enough time to practice. We’ll stay focused and hit all classes of poses. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
    • Minimum Daily Practice with Claire Missingham: An any-time-of-day sequence that has all the essentials: Five minutes Surya Namskar, five minutes of Standing Poses and five minutes of Backbending, followed by five minutes of forward bending and twisting. Now, get set, GO!
    • Wake Up Call with Annie Carpenter: Got no get-up and go? And no time? Grab 20 minutes and this short flow will wake up your spine, arms and shoulders and a bit of core too! Down Dog, Planks, Lunges and Twists will get your circulation going. Props Needed: A block and wall space.
    • Awaken Your Entire Body with Jason Crandell: If you want a strong, quick flow practice that will awaken your entire body, this is your class. This practice will get your blood moving and help you stay focused through your day. You’ll kick off practice with a few spinal lengtheners, transition into a steady stream of salutations, standing poses, and peak with Urdhva Dhanurasana. This practice provides minimal instruction so that you can have some peace and quiet while you move your body.
    • Quick and Dynamic Practice with Darren Rhodes: This is the weird that works sequence. Dynamic movements to warm up the back and legs and then move into a variety of arm balances, forward folds, and twists sequenced simultaneously. When you got lots to do, this is your go to class!


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    Fall is a great time to reboot and refocus the mind and body. The summer days have come to a close and new habits and routines are being formed, so this is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start new. Whether we’re letting go, recovering from an illness, starting a new chapter in our lives, starting a new season or a new relationship, cleansing is an important part of honoring what came before and preparing for what’s next.

    So this week’s featured classes will be sure to give your mind and body a good rinse, inside and out.

    Cleansing Yoga for Fall

    • Cleanse Your Body, Balance Your Mind with Kia Miller: This class focuses on cleansing your body and balancing your negative mind tendencies. An active Kriya to move the issues out of your tissues followed by a short active meditation that helps to rebalance your energy. Do this class any time you feel your mind fall into negativity. Don’t be a slave to your mind. Choose the thoughts you want to embrace and release the others!
    • Deep Rinse & Cleanse Practice with Noah Maze: This sequence of twists and inversions will deeply rinse and cleanse you on every level. This sequence thoroughly prepares you to twist and invert, and deepen familiar poses as well as introduce some less familiar. Yoga turns us inside, to the source of wisdom, so that we can embody and live this wisdom to the fullest.
    • Energize the Internal Organs with Tias Little: Tias guides a deeply nourishing class of revolving poses to energize the internal organs. When the organs perform optimally, there is radiant health, vitality and sustained energy for the entire body. Through a slow yet deeply penetrating sequence, Tias leads a practice to squeeze, wring and cleanse the blood (and prana) through the abdominal organs. This class taps the profound ways that twists bring life, creativity and joy to the body. Props Needed: A bolster, a strap, a blanket and a block.
    • Release, Cleanse & Heal with Steven Espinosa: Yoga helps release our body from “fight or flight” mode (sympathetic nervous system) to “relaxation response” (parasympathetic system) allowing for physical and emotional cleansing and healing to happen. A slow but steady basic opening warm up including Surya Namaskar (sun salutations). Leading into an energetic Standing Pose series linking Extended Side Angle, Warrior Two, Reverse Warrior and Triangle together. Also includes breakdown of Uttkatasana (chair) to prevent knee discomfort. Continues with Bakasana (crow), hip opener in Pigeon and a series of Seated Poses for grounding and calming the lower body. Concludes with Backbends, Spinal Twist and brief Savasana.
    • Flush Out Toxins, Cleanse the Body & Mind with Tiffany Cruikshank: A short detox flow to flush out toxins and cleanse the body and mind. We will use the breath and movement to pump the blood through the abdominal organs as a refresher for the whole body. This class uses breath work and cardiovascular movement to increase circulation around the liver and digestive organs to help move stagnation and enhance detoxification. If you have a block, strap and blanket we will use them but there are modifications if not. A nice detox used on its own or in conjunction with a dietary modifications to help give your body a fresh start. Props: Block, Strap, and Blanket optional
    • Nerve Cleansing Practice with Jodi Blumstein: The 2nd series of ashtanga yoga is called Nodi Shodona – or Nerve cleansing practice, and usually consists of a pretty fast paced, challenging sequence of asanas. HERE, Jodi has put together a very accessible, level 1 practice that anyone can do to experience the sensations and effects of Nodi Shodona in 30 minutes.

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    In this week’s Overheard in Yoga Class, Marla Apt explains that we build everything from our foundation (the feet) so we always want our foundation to be stable, firm and balanced.

    Take this class with Marla: http://bit.ly/1v1akaS

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    Whoever says yoga isn’t a workout probably has never taken a vigorous, fast-paced, heart pumping flow. A vigorous yoga session done right can be more strenuous than an hour on the treadmill, plus using your own body-weight is a great way to get and stay toned. Adding a yoga practice to your exercise regimen will not only make you work up a sweat, but it will strengthen and stretch your muscles, improve your posture, and prevent workout injuries.

    This week’s featured classes are fantastic for cardiovascular work, building strength, and cultivating endurance.

    Yoga for Exercise

    • Brisk Power Flow with Marc Holzman: Back by popular demand, the 30-minute brisk flow has been revived and extended by 15 more minutes! This is a vigorous 45-minute non-stop flow/strength builder with many vinyasas incorporated until the final backbend. Standing poses, two arm balances (hello EP Koundinyasana #1), hip and thigh openers and a short savasana. You’ll be blissfully sweaty. Props: Blanket, Strap, 2 Blocks
    • Every Day Go-To Flow with Jason Crandell: This is a strong, thorough flow practice that includes a little bit of everything. Designed to be a class that you come back to time and time again, this practice includes hip openers, salutations, standing pose flows, inversions and backbends. This class is at a slightly quicker pace than most of my classes. Prop Needed: Some wall space.
    • Fun Continuous Flow with Tiffany Cruikshank: This is a fun continuous flow with some good core, leg and hip work throughout. Less talking, more doing so the instruction is minimal with options to make it more like a level 2 or more like a level 2/3. Have fun!
    • Beginner Challenge Flow with Stephanie Snyder: This is a well-rounded flow that will challenge level 1 students and meet level 2 students somewhere in the middle with modified standing poses and backbends. The pace is quick-ish so the practice will feel strong and vigorous for both level 1 and 2. Optional Props; Strap or towel
    • Lovely Classic Flow with Amy Ippoliti: This practice creatively touches on a full spectrum of classic asanas and vinyasa leaving you feeling energized, succulent and nurtured. Prop: Blanket
    • Get Warm and Get Moving with Dice lida-Klein: This continuous flow uses Surya A, B and C, as well as some variations to get us warm and moving. Expect to work every part of your body my fellow yogis! Props Needed: 2 Blocks