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    Carole Westerman is a YogaGlo Teacher!

    We are thrilled to announce that Carole Westerman is now a YogaGlo teacher!

    Carole Westerman’s mission is to bring yoga to everyone! She is an experienced yoga teacher, with certifications in the following disciplines of yoga: Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, Children’s, Kundalini, and Thai Yoga Massage. Carole is a certified Childbirth Educator, has experience attending births as a Doula, and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology. Carole is also the Director of 500-Hour Level Yoga Teacher Training program at Lotus House of Yoga, where she is part-owner of three locations. She is on the Teacher Training faculty of several yoga schools, as well as being on the faculty of 90 Monkeys, and travels to teach nationally and internationally. She has created her own curriculums for 500-Hour, 200-Hour, Prenatal and Children’s Yoga programs that she has taught in numerous locales. Carole is a mother to three daughters, and has worked many years in the fields of children and family services.

    Carole teaches her own eclectic blend of yoga, combining elements from her diverse background and training. Always striving for harmony and balance in her teaching and personal practice, Carole integrates both Yin and Yang aspects into her classes. Carole’s more receptive, therapeutic, and nourishing side is drawn from her trainings with Judith Hanson Lasater and Sarah Powers. While her more energetic and dynamic side is influenced by her studies with Shiva Rea and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

    Living yoga is what resonates with Carole; taking the skills, challenges, successes, and experiences we have on our mats, and applying them to our everyday lives. She believes that as we align our bodies in poses, we are actually aligning ourselves toward optimal health. As we flow, we are actually learning to ride the ups and downs of life with grace and ease. All of these elements, and more, come together in her classes to weave together a complex and beautiful tapestry that becomes the fabric of our living yoga. She invites you to come explore with her on the mat, and she truly believes yoga will change your life.

    You can start practicing with her today:

    • Slow Flow Prenatal – Prenatal class suitable for all trimesters. We will learn to connect to our breath as a way to connect with our baby and prepare for our birthing time. Through an easy going flow, we will coordinate breath with movements in order to increase awareness of our unique breathing patterns. We will observe our breath during periods of rest and during periods of challenge. This will allow us to see the breath as a valuable tool which will directly support and enhance our birth experience.
    • Head to Toe Prenatal Flow - This all-trimesters class is designed to be all encompassing for the days when you want a little bit of everything. Many of the common head-to-toe discomforts of pregnancy will be addressed leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. This practice is great for when you want to create optimal ease and comfort in the ever-changing pregnant body.
    • Gentle & Revitalizing Prenatal Chair Flow - We know we always feel better after a yoga practice, but sometimes it’s such a challenge to get started. In this practice, we start off seated on a chair (or couch!) and gradually ease ourselves into a gentle but invigorating practice. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling like “you” again! With most of the poses done either on the chair or with the chair, this class is accessible even on your most tired days. Plenty of hip and shoulder opening, with some TLC for the feet, this class will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever your day has in store.
    • Restorative Yoga for Stress-Free Fertility - This restorative class is designed to help ease stress and pressure related to fertility and trying to become pregnant. It will also enhance breath awareness and bring energy to the pelvic region. Nourish your body and help bring peace to your mind while holding poses like “mountain brook”. This is also nice to do with your partner if you both need a little TLC.
    • Midnight Meditation for Mamas - Are you finding yourself up in the middle of the night? Do you have trouble going to sleep at night or falling back to sleep after getting up? This meditation will help you turn your mind off, tune into your breath and inner wisdom and find your happy place. You can practice this meditation anywhere, even in your bed.
    • Prenatal Yin for a Courageous Heart - In this Yin practice, we honor our courageous hearts through a sequence designed to re-invigorate our heart energy and passion for starting a family. As mothers, we express love through our hands, arms, and heartbeat. This class will give us an opportunity to nourish these parts of ourselves, as we infuse our body with self-love and model this to our baby. Taking care of our family starts with taking care of ourselves.

    Please join us in welcoming Carole to YogaGlo!

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    The Music of Yoga: Giselle Mari

    Each of us has a story about what we thought yoga might be or how it would/would not fit into our lives before we took our first class. For many, their first yoga class spoke to them in a way that opened a path to much greater learning and study. Giselle Mari shares a little insight into her own discovery of yoga and the magic that lies within the practice:

    Feeling inspired? Practice with Giselle Mari today.

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    Taylor Harkness is a YogaGlo Teacher!

    We are thrilled to announce that Taylor Harkness is now a YogaGlo teacher!

    Taylor Harkness is an instructor bent on moving people to play both on and off the mat with skillful action, an open heart, and a healthy dose of gratitude. An avid rock climber, rookie sky diver, hungry learner, psychology nerd, nature lover, and paramedic, Taylor applies his adventurous experiences of life to his teachings and to keeping it real in the classroom. Taylor’s long-term goal is marrying yoga with primary health care and mental wellness, and his passion for the way the body works is infectious. Catch one of his upbeat classes, and you may just find your frown turned upside down.

    You can start practicing with Taylor today as his first classes were just added to the site:

    • Oh, Happy Day! - A deep, lunging flow to turn any frown around. This class builds on a heated, feel-good sequence to open the front body and flirt with both a camel and a humble warrior variation. Use this class to kick-start a gloomy day, or simply shift perspectives any time you need some shine. Recommended props: Two blocks and a strap.
    • Wake-Up Rockstar! – Good morning, sunshine! You have the whole day ahead of you. Start it off right with fluidity and a light heart. This short but warming flow will wake up the whole body, deepen the breath, and create space for goodness to flood in to the rest of your day. Smile at all that lies ahead and stand in your awesomeness, Rockstar. Your glow is showing.
    • Happy Hips, Hammies & Lower Back - A life behind a desk, the wheel of a car, or even standing all day for work can be rough on the legs and lower back. Wake up the stiff parts of the hips, hamstrings, and lumbar spine with a stretchy, feel-good flow and then release into some yin style stretches. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap.
    • A Quickie, But Goodie - In a hurry and want to sweat? Well, let’s get to it! This quick flow will have the whole body feeling revitalized from your head and shoulders to your knees and toes. Think of this flow as your short on time, go to tune-up. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a strap.
    • Cutie-Pie Crow - Crow pose is strong and elegant. But, this little cutie-pie crow variation is sure to be a fun challenge. A quick flow will prep you for the twisting motion, the balancing aspect, and the cute factor. If all poses were this adorable, puppies would have some major competition.
    • You Got This! - An hour to move, an hour to groove! A balanced, challenging and playful flow that is laced with positive affirmations will keep you on your toes as we work our way around the mat and into the shoulders, core, hips, and hammies. Lunges and twists will dance their way into the mix, and we’ll finish with a deep hip stretch and a restful savasana. Props Suggested: One or two blocks.

    Please join us in welcoming Taylor to YogaGlo!

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    Claire Missingham at YogaGloPlease join us in welcoming Claire Missingham to YogaGlo! Claire’s teaching is spiritual yet down-to-earth, with disciplined alignment, a sense of humour and a way of getting to the heart of yoga passionately.

    Claire has created a renowned Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD and music for yoga CD and regularly appears as a writer and model in Yoga Journal magazine, as well as teaching at Yoga Journal LIVE conferences in the USA.  Claire runs a successful yoga teacher training programme having trained over 100 teachers in Europe in the past 5 years.

    Claire is also proud mother and a passionate cook – she loves running in nature, usually smiling, listening to loud music and singing at the top of her voice.

    To start practicing with Claire, you can check out one of her first six YogaGlo classes which we’ve just added to the site. There’s something here for everyone:

    • Sweet Moving Meditation - Helping you move from a physical to a spiritual/meditative practice, by keeping the body moving, but the direction to meditation. Props: Block, Blanket
    • Core Fix Up - This feisty little class will get you up and going with power. Inspired by the main asanas utilizing the layers of abdominal musculature, you will experience a fantastic pick me up.
    • Hanumanasana Tutorial - A talk-through and practice tutorial on hanumanasana or  the splits. What is happening in the anatomical and energetic body and how to do the pose safely in good alignment of the pelvis. Props: 2 Blocks, strap, bolster
    • Shiva’s Dance for Balancing - A rounded balancing class that challenges and strengthens while maintaining alignment and breath.
    • The Archer Sequence for Opening Hips - A sequence that builds to arkana dandasana, a peak hip opening asana that opens the musculature around the hips.
    • Establish Your Roots When Traveling - In this class, you will experience a super grounding class using the philosophy and asanas for the root chakra. We try out standing balances, arm balances for strength & stability and variations on Upavishta Konasana and toe stand. We close the class with a grounding meditation perfect for establishing your roots, even when you’re on the road.


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    Often times during our practice, we don’t really listen to what our body wants, we tell our body what it wants. Kathryn explains how our ego often gets in the way of listening. Next time you’re going through your practice, remember to take what’s best for your body.

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    Darren Rhodes is a YogaGlo Teacher

    If you’ve enjoyed taking Darren’s Premium YogaGlo Workshops or had the wonderful opportunity to practice with him in person, you know just how special it is to be able to practice with him. What if you could do that wherever you are, whenever you want? You’re in luck – Darren Rhodes is now a YogaGlo teacher!

    We will be adding new classes of his each month so you can pick up right where you left off if you’ve been practicing with him for awhile or you can begin a practice with Darren and explore a new approach to yoga, a new approach to you on your mat.

    Darren Rhodes has been the director of YogaOasis in Tucson, Arizona for 13 years. His new book Yoga Resource features photographs of 400 yoga poses to inform and inspire your practice. He was named one of Yoga Journal’s “21 Talented Young Teachers Shaping the Future of Yoga.” Darren is the co-founder of the School of Yoga and offers yoga intensives and teacher trainings. Darren is dedicated to authenticity and innovation in his teaching.

    Darren’s first three classes are on the site so you can practice with him today:

    • Calibrate to Your Center – Calibrate to your center in this full spectrum practice with a backbend focus. Giving all poses equal emphasis, this class includes kapotasana and eka pada galavasana.
    • Fold Your Way to Clarity & Balance – Deep forward folds and twists. This class will promote clarity and balance as you turn your focus inward.
    • Rise and Surya Shine – Rise and surya shine in this sun salutation practice. Great to help you feel energized and motivated in the morning. Goes well with a cup of kali coffee.

    Enjoy the Darren Rhodes goodness!

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    We often worry that we have to be bendy, flexible, or know how to do a pose perfectly in order to be good at yoga. Felicia explains that we do have to be good at yoga, but in different ways than we assume. So how can we be truly good at yoga? By paying attention to your own bodies, our own breath and stop worrying about comparing that to something outside ourselves.

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    You heard about her backbend workshop, you may have been lucky enough to take a few of her free classes when she was in Santa Monica recently, and many of you have asked: when, when, when will Tiffany’s classes be on the site? Today is that day!

    We are so pleased to announce that not only have Tiffany’s first few classes been added to the site, but she is officially a YogaGlo teacher which means she will be visiting regularly (for those who Glo in LA) to film classes (for Glo-ers all over the world) to be added to the site on an ongoing basis.

    For more than 15 years, Tiffany has taught yoga throughout North America, empowering her students to transform their lives through mindfulness and dedication. Her classes and workshops are full of humor, heart and hard work. In addition to teaching yoga classes, retreats and workshops internationally, Tiffany is the Acupuncturist and yoga teacher at the Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon, runs 200hr and 500hr yoga teacher trainings and has been featured in various video and print ads for Nike and Lululemon.

    Combining her education in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Holistic Health, Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Tiffany created the Optimal Health Program, a unique system of looking at a person’s whole body to help them achieve a personalized, vibrant state of health. Her book, Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life, was recently published as a 30 day detox for optimal health.

    All of Tiffany’s experience means that YogaGlo members will have the opportunity to explore new tools for mindful living both on and off the mat, whether it is getting ready for a high performance sport or finding a way to live optimally in our day to day lives. We are thrilled to share this news with all of you – please join us in welcoming Tiffany to the YogaGlo team.

    Want to get your Tiffany fix immediately? Her first three classes are online now:

    • Body & Mind Overhaul
    • Cross Training for Athletes
    • Injury Prevention for Athletes

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    Harshada WagnerYou may recall that a few weeks ago, Harshada Wagner taught a free meditation class at the YogaGlo studio. Some of you were able to attend the class in person and many of you eagerly asked when we’d share the class online.

    We heard you. We are delighted to announce that we have just launched a Meditation series for the Beginner Center and will be adding a meditation class with Harshada Wagner to the site each week. All of this means that Harshada Wagner is now a YogaGlo teacher!

    On the spiritual path for more than 23 years, Harshada Wagner is considered among the top teachers of his generation. Harshada is classically trained in the Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Bhakti, Vedanta, and Tantric Shaivism, and has been teaching meditation and self-empowerment since 1996. He is the creator of the Living Meditation Method and is the founder and director of Living Meditation Inc. in New York City and Adhishtana Living Ltd. in Mumbai India. He regularly leads retreats throughout the world, including his very popular pilgrimages to India. He is currently authoring a book on meditation.

    Over the past several months, we’ve shared many studies and insights about the power of meditation and we hope that you’ll take this journey with us to practice meditation at home or on the go…wherever your practice takes you.

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    Jason Crandell is a YogaGlo TeacherWe’re pretty sure you’ve noticed by now, but as his second class debuts on the site this week, we wanted to share the good news: Jason Crandell is now a YogaGlo teacher!

    What does this mean? It means that nearly every week, we’ll be adding a new Jason Crandell class to the site so you can begin to practice – and grow your practice – with him on a regular basis. If you are familiar with Jason and his teaching style, you know that he has an uncanny ability to strip away the “yoga talk” and serve it up with just the right amount of humor and insight and frankness that allows you to bend in a way you previously couldn’t bend and understand your body in a way that you didn’t before. We love this about him and hope you do too.

    For those of you not familiar with Jason’s work, here’s a bit more about him: Jason Crandell was recently named one of the next generation of teachers shaping yoga’s future by Yoga Journal for his skillful, unique approach to vinyasa yoga. Jason’s steady pace, creative sequencing, and attention to detail encourage students to move slowly, deeply, and mindfully into their bodies. Take a class from Jason and you will leave feeling grounded, clear, and content—and more informed of the nuances and habits of your body and mind. Jason credits his primary teacher, Rodney Yee, teachers in the Iyengar Yoga tradition such as Ramanand Patel, and ongoing studies in Eastern and Western philosophy for inspiring to him bring greater alignment and mindfulness to vinyasa yoga.

    In the past 10 years, Jason’s knack for explaining subtle body movements in a way that anyone can understand, has opened many doors. Most recently, Jason created two Yoga Journal DVDs, Yoga for Wellbeing and Your Complete Home Practice Companion: Yoga for Morning, Noon, and Night. He is a contributing editor for Yoga Journal and has written over 13 articles for the magazine and website—many of which have been translated internationally (including Japan, China, Italy and Brazil). Jason teaches extensively at conferences in the United States and abroad, is part of numerous teacher-training faculties, and directs the prestigious Mind/Body Center at the San Francisco Bay Club. He has recently partnered with Yoga Journal to continue creating high-quality, home-practice DVDs.

    Jason’s integrative and accessible teachings support students of every background and lineage, helping them to find greater depth, awareness, and wellbeing in their practice— and in their lives.

    His first two classes are up on the site now. Go take them, leave a comment and join us in celebrating this wonderful addition to the YogaGlo family of teachers!