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    Last week, Amy Ippoliti encouraged us to give a little extra refinement to everything we do, and in that, focus on paying attention to all of the beauty that surrounds us. So this weekend we challenge you to do just that. Try and notice the beauty all around you, as when we notice the beauty that surrounds us, we begin to practice in that way.

    Weekend Challenge

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    “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” ― Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Think back to a time when you did something good for someone else. Remember the smile they had on their face, the look of surprise, the sheer happiness in their voice and the gratitude that they exuded? It’s an amazing feeling, right?

    With hectic schedules and our own families to take care of, it’s so easy to lose touch with being mindful about service to others (mostly because when we think of being of service to someone/something, we think of having to do it on a large scale). But being of service (or helping one another) doesn’t necessarily have to be volunteer work or devoting tons of our time and energy to organizations. It can be on a very small scale. There are so many little things that we can do for someone else or for our mother earth each and every day that don’t require much time or energy.

    So this weekend we challenge you to just that. Start small. Maybe make a conscious effort to pick up a piece of trash, compliment a stranger, pick up the phone and call a friend just to say hi (and don’t rush off the phone – really listen), let someone in front of you in line at the grocery store or coffee shop. All of these little things add up. It is proven that if someone sees you doing something good, it makes them want to turn around and do the same! So go and put some good out in this world (and let us know what you’re doing in the comments section below)!

    Weekend Challenge

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    A couple of weeks ago, Kia Miller reminded us that pranayama is a very important practice within the yoga system because it’s a refining of our energy. It is working with the first unit of energy and expanding it. Through that expansion we create a state of radiant health, vitality and alignment and when we get this energetic alignment, we start to create the conditions for the mind to settle.

    So this weekend, if you are feeling stressed out, we challenge you to practice pranayama. It’s a great practice for countering the stresses of modern life. Pranayama helps shift our energy in significant ways so we can manage stress in our lives.

    Balance the Mind


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    “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ― Buddha

    Feeling inadequate or that you’re coming up short from time to time is normal. But constantly engaging in negative self-talk and giving your all to others while neglecting your own well-being, can cripple you in every area of your life.

    If you’ve been hard on yourself lately, this weekend we challenge you to try and focus on your positive qualities, your admirable traits and your strengths. After all, how can we really love and make others happy when we find it hard to love ourselves? When we learn to love and value ourselves, we become full of love to share with others. This may not be easy, but this weekend, look yourself in the mirror and say “I love you.”

    Weekend Challenge


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    A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie Snyder reminded us to stay centered. With all of the external stimulus going on around us, it is so easy to get distracted, so most of us can probably benefit from coming back to center a little more. So this weekend, if you find yourself distracted or scattered, take a deep breath, get your focus back and recenter yourself.

    Weekend Challenge Get Centered

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    “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” – Robert Tew

    We often hold on to relationships or things that are no longer good for us out of habit, loyalty, guilt or just to avoid conflict. A “toxic” situation is a relationship (of any kind) that is unfulfilling, unrewarding, and oftentimes, unequal. They can stress you out and wear you down both physically and mentally. Studies show that being in a toxic situation can have a clear negative impact on health, affecting blood pressure, contributing to heart disease, and correlating with other conditions. So this weekend we challenge you to try and let go of anything or anyone that no longer serves you and surround yourself with people and things that light you up and enhance your life.

    Weekend Challenge

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    “You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” - Charles Buxton

    A couple of weeks ago, Jo Tastula reminded us how important it is to make time for ourselves. We tend to really over-extend ourselves as we give to everyone and everything around us – and that’s great when we have energy coming in, to then expend energy outwards. But if we don’t have anything coming in, we can really start to deplete ourselves and what good are we to anyone if we are completely depleted?!!

    So this weekend we challenge you to really make some time for yourself. You’ll be surprised to see the positive effect it will have on your life and your relationships.

    Weekend Challenge

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    Ever have a Glo-tastic moment practicing along to YogaGlo that you want to share with others? This weekend we challenge you to share your special moment with us and the YogaGlo community through Instagram.

    Show us what inspires and moves you: from your favorite place to practice to a tranquil moment during meditation, or even when you successfully complete that tricky pose you’ve been trying to master forever, we want to see it all!

    You can find us on Instagram at YogaGlo where we’ve been sharing some of our own special #yogagrams. Remember, in order for us to see your picture, please use the hashtag #yogagram

    Don’t have Instagram yet and want to play along? Download Instagram for the iPhone or for Android.

    Weekend Challenge_Share Your #yogagram



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    Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for many years, we all have a “moment.” A moment where something shifted and our practice allowed us to see ourselves and the world around us in a different way. A moment where we fell out of a pose and laughed and it was everything. A moment that showed us we’re stronger than we realized. A moment where we finally kicked up into headstand on our own and couldn’t believe it. A moment where we could finally let it all go and just be.

    That “moment” is different for everyone and this summer we want to celebrate YOUR yoga moments. We also want to acknowledge the many yoga studios all over the world that make so many incredible yoga moments possible. So this weekend we challenge you to share your yoga moment with us. Here’s how.

    Weekend Challenge


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    Are the rising temperatures making you a little crazy? When the summer weather is at its peak (like right now), it can cause some serious wear and tear on the body and mind. So if you’re having trouble keeping it together in this heat, we challenge you to focus on pranayama and meditation this weekend. Breath work, when practiced correctly, will cool the body from the inside out and meditating will keep your mind relaxed so you can beat the heat without losing your cool!

    Weekend Challenge