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    Toes to Top Series

    Ever wonder how yoga helps your feet? Your knees? Your head? Your heart? Ever taken an “all around” class that touches on each part of the body in sixty minutes but found yourself wanting more when it was over?

    If you are interested in exploring the ways in which yoga can expand and enlighten every part of your body, Tara Judelle‘s seven-part Toes to Top series is for you. In this series Tara explores the architecture of the human body through yoga:

    • Toes to Top: Feet – Exploring the architecture of the human body through continuous movement, centering awareness in the stability and the mobility of the feet.
    • Toes to Top: Knees – Continuous movement focusing on this largest joint in the body and initiating movement from the base of the tibia: Includes Garudasana, Ardha Chandrasana to Ardha Matsyendrasana, Agnistambhasana, and Gomukhasana.
    • Toes to Top: Pelvis – This class will explore, in detail, the bowl of the pelvis, its movement, its stability and mobility and its seat as the center of our weight bearing self.
    • Toes to Top: Core – The core is not only the organization center for our power and locomotion but in this journey of the vertical construct, our energy springloads with fire as we ignite the solar plexus, kidneys, and center for digestion and intuition.
    • Toes to Top: Heart – Building our body architecture upwards, we use the tools from the previous centers: Feet, knees, pelvis, core in order to localize our energy and movements into the heart space.
    • Toes to Top: Shoulder Girdle – Working upwards from the heart, this class focuses on the construct of the shoulders in order to help facilitate the upward moving energy from the heart to the brain.
    • Toes to Top: Head – This includes headstand, shoulderstand, pranayama and meditation.

    There you have it: seven sixty-minute classes exploring the body. Set a goal for yourself to take this series and let us know what you learn about your body, about yoga, about yourself. Enjoy!