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    We hope you are all finding your way into the 30:30 challenge, whether that means starting it on Day One or being a day behind or not yet starting but setting the intention to do so.

    Since we announce the recommended class each day in a variety of locations and since several of you have asked for a “preview” of the next day’s class, we’ll use this post to update daily with each class recommended for each day. We’ll always list one class in advance. We’ll update this daily so please continue to check back.

    • Day 01: 30 Day Challenge Kick-Off Class with Kathryn Budig
    • Day 02: Set Your Intentions for the New Year with Noah Mazé
    • Day 03: Ayurveda to Ring Out Old, Invite In New with Felicia Tomasko
    • Day 04: Refine Your Practice in the New Year with Dice lida-Klein
    • Day 05: Heal Negative Emotional Patterns Meditation with Harshada Wagner
    • Day 06: Cultivate Strength & Stamina in the New Year with Jason Crandell
    • Day 07: Backbend Ecstasy with Noah Mazé
    • Day 08: Transition into The New Year Gracefully with Steven Espinosa
    • Day 09: Heart Opening Anusara Practice with Tara Judelle
    • Day 10: Let Go & Open to Creative Possibilities with Jo Tastula
    • Day 11: Soften Your Internal State with Elena Brower
    • Day 12: Celebrate Organic Energy & Being Alive with Marc Holzman
    • Day 13: Wake Up & Smell the Yoga with Kathryn Budig
    • Day 14: Cultivate Awareness in Your Body with Felicia Tomasko
    • Day 15: Sweat & Flow with Dice lida-Klein
    • Day 16: 15 minute Gratitude Meditation with Harshada Wagner
    • Day 17: Evening Yoga Routine with Jason Crandell
    • Day 18: 30 Minute Restorative Class with Noah Mazé
    • Day 19: Honoring Maintenance Mid-Challenge with Marc Holzman
    • Day 20: Explore Netti-Netti for Balanced Poses with Steven Espinosa
    • Day 21: Experience “The Brain that Changes Itself” with Tara Judelle
    • Day 22: Short & Sweet Core Strengthening with Jo Tastula
    • Day 23: Open to Grace with Elena Brower
    • Day 24: Step Up the Contemplation in Your Practice with Felicia Tomasko
    • Day 25: Kick it Old School Power Flow Style with Dice lida-Klein
    • Day 26: Eyes on the Prize with Steven Espinosa
    • Day 27: Celebrate the Number 30 with Noah Mazé
    • Day 28: Aim True with Elena Brower & Kathryn Budig
    • Day 29: Cultivate Your Savasana Practice with Harshada Wagner
    • Day 30: Celebrate the Completion of 30:30 with Jo Tastula

    How are you feeling? What is this process showing you? Let us know in the comments.

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    We asked: would you be interested in joining us for another 30:30 challenge starting January 1st? You answered: yes!

    A few of you had questions about  what this is and how it works. The beauty of our impromptu 30:30 challenges is that the “rules” are mostly of your own design.

    Here are some ways it could work, but it’s all up to you:

    • Classes: You can take classes on YogaGlo (lots of styles, many durations and frankly, you may want a 5-min desk yoga on day twenty-six!), at your local studio, make up your own at home or mix it up and do a combination of all three. It’s up to you.
    • Tracking: For YogaGlo members, you can use the Track Your Practice feature under My Account. Every time you take a class on YogaGlo, the time is automatically added to your monthly class total. If you take a class offline, you can easily add it to the monthly calendar by selecting Add Practice. For non-YogaGlo members, you can sign-up for the 15-day free trial if you’d like access to most classes and the ability to track part of your 30:30 challenge with us. Or, you can use this printout of our Track Your Yoga Practice feature to stay on track.
    • Accountability: A few of you expressed concern that you needed a check-in of some sort to make sure you stay motivated throughout the 30:30. We’ll be checking in daily on this blog throughout each day. We’ll share a class of the day and will do a shout-out to you all so you can check-in on your progress in the comments. This will give you a daily reminder and will also allow you to meet other yogis that have taken up the challenge so you can share your joys,  challenges and insights along the way. We’ve also created a special 30:30 discussion on Facebook so you can let everyone know you’re participating and we can all check in with each other on progress throughout the month.

    Today is the first day of the challenge. Are you ready? On your mat, get set, go…

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    30 Yoga Class in 30 Days

    Many of you joined us for our recent 30:30 challenge. Still others decided to extend beyond to 60:60 or 90:90. We applaud each and every one of you for setting an intention and making it happen. We know that many will take up a new thirty day challenge at any given moment in time (on the first day of a month, the first hour of a day, the first day of a year!), so we thought we’d create a “one-stop shop” of thirty days of yoga for your 30:30 challenges. All days with a * link to our original blog posts and any teacher insights posted on that day.  Those without a * take you directly to the recommended class.

    Are you ready? Here goes:

    • Day 01: Shift Your Perspective with Kathryn Budig*
    • Day 02: Manage Constant Change & Get Centered with Jason Crandell*
    • Day 03: Reset Your Body with Felicia Tomasko’s Yin Yoga*
    • Day o4: Explore Discipline, Devotion & Abhyasa with Marc Holzman*
    • Day 05: Get Your Sweat on with Dice*
    • Day 06: Going Slow with Jo*
    • Day 07: Work into Wild Thing with Steven*
    • Day 08: Taking it Oh So Easy with Elena Brower*
    • Day 09: 90 Minute Restorative Class with Noah Mazé*
    • Day 10: 20 Minute Focus on Breath with Tara Judelle*
    • Day 11: Align & Refine with Jason Crandell*
    • Day 12: Stretch Your Hips, Back & Hamstrings with Felicia Tomasko
    • Day 13: Make Like Grasshopper with Kathryn Budig*
    • Day 14: Get Slow, Get Deep, Get Intense with Marc Holzman
    • Day 15: Master Dice’s At-Home Yin Practice
    • Day 16: Unwind and Let Go at the End of Your Day with Jo
    • Day 17: Focus on the Netti-Netti (Not This/Not That) with Steven
    • Day 18: Nourish Your Body Mid 30:30 with Elena Brower
    • Day 19: Take 5 Minutes to Get Calm, Cool & Collected with Felicia
    • Day 20: 30 Minutes of Handstand Fun with Noah Mazé
    • Day 21: Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable with Kathryn Budig
    • Day 22: Bypass the Hustle of Chatturanga/Updog/Downdog with Jason Crandell
    • Day 23: Practice Side Crow with Dice
    • Day 24: Focus on Being Present with Steven
    • Day 25: Yoga for Steadiness & Ease with Tara Judelle*
    • Day 26: 45 Minute Whole Body Flow with Jo
    • Day 27: Usher Balance Back In with Elena Brower
    • Day 28: 20 Minute Morning Meditation with Harshada Wagner
    • Day 29: Wake Up & Smell the Morning Yoga with Kathryn
    • Day 30: Lather, Rinse, Repeat with Noah Mazé*

    As you begin your 30:30 or 60:60 or 90:90 journey, let us know how you’re doing in the comments. Check-in halfway. Check-in when it’s going well. Check-in when you want to roll up your mat and quit. Share what you’re feeling and learning. We’d love to hear from you and know that other YogaGlo members and 30:30 yogis the world over would love to know how others are getting along with this challenge.

    You can DO this!

    See you online and on our collective global yoga mats…

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    It is the FINAL day of our 30:30 challenge if you started with us on October 1st. You did it! You experienced changes in your body, in your mind and in the connection between the two. How do you feel? Let us know.

    Whether you are ending today or are somewhere else in the process, Noah Mazé offers us all a unique perspective on what committing to such a 30:30 challenge means and even hints that we might want to take it up…again. Soon:

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat…reflections on practice

    Dr. Douglas Brooks, Tantric Scholar, quotes the above from the shampoo bottle when he speaks about yogic practice.  That we practice (lather), to experience our bodies, minds and hearts more fully, and thus feel better about ourselves and the world.  Eventually that wears off in forgetfulness (rinse).  Then we get to do it again (repeat)!  And again, and again, for 30 days in a row, 30 months in a row, 30 years in a row.  A lot of life is doing the same thing over and over agin (lather, rinse, repeat), we eat everyday, we sleep every night.

    Practice becomes a recursive process, where we are empowered to choose what kind of practice (vinyasa, backbends, inversions, meditation, restorative etc), how long is long enough (5 minutes, 90 minutes), and what is the length of the cycle (30 days, for example).  We can taste our freedom EVERY TIME we practice.  We taste the bliss (ananda shakti) EVERY TIME we practice.  Some days it is profound, some days it is mundane, some days ecstatic, some days peaceful.  But the commitment, and repetition–in other words keeping our promises– (did someone say 30/30?) is where the value lives.  Patanjali invokes this concept in the Yogasutra with the term “abhyasa” (1.12), usually translated as practice, but literally means “to go about it.”  This reiterated practice, from one’s inner commitment has the power to transform our bodies/minds/hearts.  The idea is that you become the company you keep, so keep great company (the company of yoga, uplifting teachings, great beings who inspire commitment), and offer your greatness to others.  The contrast to a recursive process, of iterated practice, is a vicious cycle.   A vicious cycle is more the notion of being captive–victim even–to the whirlwind of life.  The notion of vicious cycle approaches Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again but somehow expecting different results.”

    On a personal note, it is the years of recursive practice that has given me a deep well of inner resources to draw on.  Those phases of my life that I was able to make the commitment to practice for hours a day, every day, month after month, now pays me in dividends on a given week of busy life, work and family commitments, where I am squeezing practice into the business of my “householder” life.  Because I have embraced my practice for so long, practice is there to support me when I need it.  If my back is stiff, I know what to do.  If my shoulders and neck are tweaked, I know what to do.  If my heart and mind are misaligned, I have practices that I can do to create deeper harmony.  Meditation is the same way, where the consistency of my practice lets me access the inner depths even if I only have a few minutes to sit quietly in reflection on a given day.  I am constantly drawing on the resources I have gained from long hours and a long history of practice, to apply in creative ways to the challenges of marriage, fatherhood, business and other aspects of life–menial and great.  Even the simple and profound remembrance of breathing can be the key for me to shift out of a vicious cycle into a recursive process of empowered participation.

    In reflecting on the great vow (maha vrata) of your commitment  of 30:30:

    • How was this a recursive process of freedom choosing to practice again and again?
    • What results have your experienced from doing some of the same things again and again?
    • What yoga adds to life, is awareness.  Awareness comes from our freedom.  Freedom manifests as choice.  How has your awareness changed?
    • What have you learned about your body?
    • What has changed in your body?
    • What has changed in your mind and heart?
    • What results do you see in your relationships as a result of the recursive process of your practice?

    Congratulations on your endeavor of learning, growth and evolution.  May it always continue.

    May we keep the company that inspires and uplifts us, and offer our greatness to our families and communities, to this world.

    I look forward to seeing you on the mat again and again.

    Namaste, Noah

    For more on Douglas Brooks, please see his guest teacher content.

    Who’s ready to go again? :-) If you haven’t already completed your last practice for the 30:30 challenge, we suggest a perfect compliment to Noah’s message –  his backbend class that explores heat rasa & cooling rasa. Two things you encounter throughout each day as you eat, as you sleep, as you go about your life…and as you practice yoga more regularly each day. If a 90-minute is more than you can must on your last day of 30:30, Noah’s 45-minute class on exploring the inner light that develops through your yoga practice might be exactly what you need today.

    Congratulations – thank you for joining us on this journey!

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    We are in the last week of our 30:30 challenge – the toughest part of the challenge for us – so we thought a little inspiration from Tara Judelle was in order. Many of you joined us for 30:30 recently…so her message of rewiring your behavior patterns will hopefully resonate with each of you, whether you’re on Day 25 of the challenge or Day Ten:

    “I recently began a love affair with The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, MD.  In a nutshell, our brains, and the entire wiring of our neural net (our complex of nerves and chemicals creating our perceiving awareness) is an entirely plastic affair.  Neuroplasticity, is the study of how our brain reshapes itself based on WHAT WE PAY ATTENTION TO.

    Basically the story is this simple: If you pay focused attention to anything, with repetition, you build new neural pathways to be able to do the chosen thing.  People always ask me “how many times should I do yoga a week?”  I don’t know, how quickly do you want to set pathways in your body.  If I am learning a new language (one of the BEST things you can do for the longevity of your brain, whether a speaking language or a physical vocabulary) I could take a class once a week at the community college, or I could move to the country and dive in.  Studies show that the immersive approach has a far better track record of resetting patterns neurologically in you brain.

    I recently decided, based on this book (and this is really exposing the inner geek in me) to start writing left handed.  I am right handed for the record. While I’m learning Indonesian (I’m not kidding).  My writing at first was like a child’s. Course and broad, and I couldn’t even think with my adult mind while trying to write this way. But the more attention I’ve paid to it, the quicker the writing becomes.  I’m experimenting to rewire my patterns.

    30/30 is the perfect, PERFECT opportunity to set new patterns in your body.  Whether you are veteran or beginner, it takes about 21 days to really show rewiring results, the pathways get thicker and juicier the more you reinforce them.”

    As so many of us are practicing with each other all over the world in this 30:30 challenge, we can’t think of a better Day 25 class than Tara’s 90 minute class on the aspects of Kula – community of the heart. Thank you for being part of the growing YogaGlo community. We hope you are learning more about yourself with every day of the 30:30 challenge.

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    Work into Grasshopper with Kathryn Budig

    On Day 13 of 30:30, we felt revved up and ready for a more intense practice. So what class did we take today? Grasshopper with Kathryn Budig.

    Class notes: This energizing flow is geared towards hip opening and twists leading to Grasshopper. Work up a sweat, revive your senses and be reminded that all your strength comes from within.

    Are you ready to make like grasshoppers today? Let us know how you’re feeling in the comments.

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    Align & Refine Standing Postures with Jason Crandell

    It’s Day 11 of 30:30 yogis! How are you? Remember when we thought we’d be raring to go? Well, um, we’re less raring than expected. So we thought Jason Crandell’s most recent class that focuses on alignment and refinement of standing postures would be a nice segue into getting raring to go for tomorrow. Did we mention it’s only thirty minutes? :-)

    Class notes: Aligning and refining your standing postures This sequence will strengthen your thighs, stretch your inner-legs, and improve your understanding of warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2) and it’s colleagues, triangle pose (Utthitta Trikonasana) and side-angle pose (Utthitta Parsvakonasana). This thorough practice will not only leave you feeling better, it will refine your understanding of how to align your hips in these essential postures.

    Check-in with us in the comments. How is it going? How are you feeling?

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    We enjoyed a 20 minute class on breath with Tara Judelle for Day 10 of the 30:30 challenge.

    Class notes: Uses breath and restorative postures to ease into relation. Includes Seated Ujjayi (victoriously uprising breath), Vipariti Karani (Legs up the wall pose), Supported Pascimottanasana (seated forward bend), and Supta Baddha Konasana (supine bound angle pose).

    What was your practice like today? How are you feeling? After taking it slow and restorative the past few days, we’re looking forward to stepping up the pace next week. You?

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    Restorative Yoga with Noah Maze

    We celebrated Day Nine of 30:30 with a wonderful 90 minute restorative class with Noah Mazé.

    Class notes: In this practice of Level 2 Restorative poses, we cultivate stability and steadfastness by holding active weight bearing poses with support for specific lengths of time. Standing inversions, headstand, backbends, shoulder stand, and seated pranayama sequence to create and increase steady strength. This class uses a wall, two or three blankets, two blocks and a strap for the various poses.


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    It’s the 8th day of 30:30 and, if we’re honest, we’re feeling it. You? So today, we’re going to take it oh so easy by taking the marvelous five-minute de-stress yoga class with Elena Brower.

    Class notes: “We don’t live with the way the world is, we live with the way we receive the world.” -Dr. Douglas Brooks Addressing the quality of your gaze to create more conscious receptivity. Great for those of us who work long hours at the computer, this may also be helpful for headache sufferers. Use this short practice to de-stress your entire body through your eyes.

    Doesn’t that sound divine right about now? Sending you love and light as you find your own way to work through Day 8 of 30:30. We’ll be back tomorrow with a more vigorous class.