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    Chelsey Korus is a YogaGlo Teacher!We are thrilled to announce that Chelsey Korus is a YogaGlo teacher!

    Chelsey Korus will inspire you to fly, bend, expand, and strengthen on a journey of movement. She draws from her expansive career of varied styles and techniques, and a natural instinct for profound teaching and growth. Chelsey grew up in Minnesota and, at an early age, began finding a deep connection with spirituality and its interconnectedness to the physical body. Since then, she has passionately created a platform to help people truly understand their structure and function internally and externally, to find purpose on their path, and to explore what they have to give the world. She teaches her students strength and adaptability in their movement practice, and in all aspects of life. Chelsey lives every day as an eternal student with a passion for learning and change. She inspires her students to find that same rapture in themselves, and to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE!

    Chelsey is grateful for her training from numerous guides on her path, including the teachers and students at Vira Yoga NYC, NYU’s CAP21 program, Capoeira and Ballet schools all over the U.S, and master Lu Yi. She continually immerses herself in the practices of martial arts, classical and modern dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics, and brings aspects of these styles to every class she teaches. Chelsey has become a renowned name in the yoga world, taking it from the streets of New York City to international performance venues, commercials, print work, and corporate events. Clients include Wanderlust Festivals, Mercedes Benz fashion shows with Venus Williams and Vivienne Tam, Under Armour, and Intel.  Over the course of her fitness and modeling career, she has been featured on PopSugar and the Kelly and Michael Show, and in Prevention Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Women’s Health, Yoga Journal, and GNC’s “Respect Yourself” campaign.

    You can start practicing with Chelsey today as her first classes were just added to the site:

    • Take Your Practice Off Auto-Pilot - An eye-opening, sweaty, 90 min vinyasa flow filled to the brim with sequences that move! We all know the feeling of driving the same route day after day and how the brain can go on auto-pilot where we can’t remember exactly how we got to our destination. Our yoga practice can feel that way at times and it is up to us to keep coming back to the mat in a fresh way making the declaration, “I am on a path to becoming more awake.”
    • Inner Stability, Outer Fluidity - A powerful way to learn to deal with the instability of life. Learn to transition the legs from binds to extensions and from standing to inverted positions with a fluid outer body and a strong, focused inner body and core.
    • Fine-Tune Chaturanga Dandasana - A challenging tutorial to fine-tune Chaturanga Dandasana. Even the most advanced practitioner can experience a bout of difficulty with Chaturanga Dandasana. Issues ranging from core stability, elbow alignment, wrist pain, and finger engagement can come up when attempting to process this posture. Just as a fine string instrument, it too requires a sharpened attention and consistent tuning. Learning to properly align the bones in this foundational pose will carry you to hand balancing success throughout your practice.
    • Creative Core - Not a single crunch in the bunch. Sick of the typical ab routine? Take a journey with me through some “nontraditional” exercises that will leave you with a new relationship to your center without the strain in your neck. These ab exercises will work your core from every angle to get you stronger muscles, a smaller waist, and a smile on your face
    • Learn Dancer’s Pose - In this flowing tutorial, you’ll open your shoulders, back and thighs and then balance – all to help prepare your body for Natarajasana (often called “Dancers Pose”). Explore both the playful and the regal side of this standing heart opener, uncovering ways to focus it, align it, stretch it and finally balance it without all the drama.

    Please join in welcoming Chelsey to YogaGlo!

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    Felicia Tomasko at the YogaGlo Studio









    If you Glo in LA or in the surrounding area, come join us next week as Felicia Tomasko will be in town teaching one FREE Yin class and one FREE Restorative class at the YogaGlo studio. You will not want to miss this!

    Felicia’s Class Schedule:

    • Monday, November 10th: 10:00am-11:30am – Yin, Level 2
    • Monday, November 10th: 12:00pm-1:00pm – Restorative, Level 1/2

    Don’t miss this opportunity to take these amazing classes with this amazing teacher. Please check out our class schedule or more information and head on down to the Glo!

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    Amy Ippoliti at the YogaGlo Studio!









    If you Glo in LA or in the surrounding area, come join us this week as Amy Ippoliti will be in town teaching FREE Hatha and Vinyasa Flow classes at the YogaGlo studio. You will not want to miss this!

    Amy’s Class Schedule:

    • Friday, November 7th: 10:00am-11:30am – Hatha, Level 1/2
    • Friday, November 7th: 12:00pm-1:00pm – Vinyasa Flow, Level 2
    • Saturday, November 8th: 10:00am-11:30am – Hatha, Level 2
    • Saturday, November 8th: 12:00pm-1:00pm – Vinyasa Flow, Level 1/2
    • Sunday, November 9th: 10:00am-11:30am – Hatha Level 2
    • Sunday, November 9th: 12:00pm-1:00pm – Vinyasa Flow, Level 2/3

    Don’t miss this opportunity to take amazing classes with this amazing teacher. Please check out our class schedule for more information and head on down to the Glo!

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    Did you know that low back pain is one of the most common health complaints? Almost everyone will have some kind of low back pain in their lifetime. If you’re suffering from low back pain, you’ve come to the right place! This week’s featured classes will strengthen the sacral area and legs so we feel greater movement and relief in the low back.

    • Low Back Stabilization with Annie Carpenter: Practice this quick and effective sequence regularly to protect your low back and sacrum. Balance your flexibility with support; your stiff areas with release. Can be used alone or before another flowing sequence. Prop suggested: A blanket.
    • Strong Primary Series to Protect the Lower Back with Jodi Blumstein: Today we are doing the full primary series and utilizing the Full vinyasa for the first half, or through navasana. Additionally, we are adding in a few extra exercises to help us to build our bandhas and make an emphasis on protecting the lower back.
    • Loosen the Low Back with Felicia Tomasko: The low back is the center of our body, the place from which we feel support. This slow, sweet practice helps us to feel our sense of of suppleness, flexibility, and stability in the low back, hips, pelvis and legs. We’ll be using a block and a strap for this practice of long holds alternating with undulating, repetitive postures that loosen up the low back. Sometimes we wonder if we’re just entertaining ourselves or if we’re diving into a spiritual practice. How do we know? If we taste that sweet nectar of peace. In this practice, we’re tasting the sweet nectar of peace.
    • Yoga for Lower Back Pain with Kathryn Budig: Muscular low back tightness can sometimes be helped through alternate strategies. By focusing lower in the kinetic chain (hips and hamstrings) we make more space for the low back to relax. This gentle class focuses on easygoing hip and hamstring opening that leads up to standing Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana. Props needed: Strap and 2 blocks.
    • Low Back Relief with Tias Little: This class focuses on the sacrum and low back. It is designed to help strengthen the sacral area and legs and to feel greater movement and relief in the low back and pelvic region. Props will be used to make the poses more accessible. Props Needed: Two blocks, a bolster, a strap, a blanket and a chair.
    • Core & Back Strengthening with Kia Miller: Practice key strengthening poses for the back and front body. Dynamic movements followed by short holds gradually build intelligence in your body and invite calmness to your mind. This is a great practice to support good lower back health.

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    The Music of Yoga: Giselle Mari

    Each of us has a story about what we thought yoga might be or how it would/would not fit into our lives before we took our first class. For many, their first yoga class spoke to them in a way that opened a path to much greater learning and study. Giselle Mari shares a little insight into her own discovery of yoga and the magic that lies within the practice:

    Feeling inspired? Practice with Giselle Mari today.

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    In this week’s Overheard in Yoga Class, Marc Holzman explains how the Ayuervedic principles of digestion apply not only to food, but to our Hatha practice.

    Take this class with Marc:http://bit.ly/1swGV35

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    Have you ever had such a harried, stressful day that unwinding and getting a truly restful night’s sleep is a challenge? You’re not alone! We live in such a fast-paced environment where our senses are constantly being stimulated that sometimes we just can’t stop the wheels from turning. The good news is that yoga can help us slow down, re-center, and prepare for a night of sleep that is restorative and transformative. Imagine a world in which we’re all sleeping better – that’s a world we’d like to create with you!

    This week’s featured classes will help you make the transition from your busy day to a restful evening.

    • Prep for Deep Sleep with Rod Stryker: This sequence will slow you down, calm your nervous system, and unwind tension – the perfect preparation for deep and sound sleep. Whether you sleep well or not, this practice will benefit you by helping to center you and lead you to glorious grounding, calm, and ease. Prop Suggested: Strap
    • Back to Sleep with David Harshada Wagner: A soothing, restful meditation to help people when they can’t get to sleep or have woken up in the middle of the night.
    • Evening Sleep Prep Flow with Tiffany Cruikshank: Unwind with a flow that will get you moving right away and then ease off into stillness. We’ll meet the restlessness of the mind with movement and then slowly ease in so the mind settles and prepares for a deep restful sleep.
    • Let Go & Let Sleep with Jo Tastula: This class offers loving support for insomniacs. Grab a your pillow or blanket if you have one and enjoy this dreamy guided practice of letting go. Very simple spinal rolls while seated on the floor or on a chair, abdominal breathing, spinal twist and full guided savasana. Let go and let sleep!
    • Insomnia Practice with Elena Brower: If you’re still awake, treat yourself to this sequence of forward bends, plow pose and shoulderstand. With a combination of strong alignment and quiet rest, return your system to homeostasis and get thee to sleep.
    • Calm Your Nervous System for Sound Sleep with Felicia Tomasko: Get ready for a sound sleep with this Ayurvedically-themed practice that focuses on calming the nervous system and reducing the vata dosha that may be in excess or out of balance. We use circular motions of the joints, including the shoulders, chest and hips to release pent-up tension in the joints before a supported forward fold, bridge moving the breath and ending with legs up the wall to calm the nervous system.

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    October 31st, 2014 Update:

    We are not seeking another patent. The original patent from 2011 has been forfeited along with patent Register number 8,605,152. This was in process months ago and we instructed our law firm to forfeit both patents well before we made our statement on Monday. As any organization who has worked with an outside legal firm knows, there are many moving parts. When our patent was issued in late in 2013, we created standing instructions with our law firm to maintain our patents. We were not notified of the timing of the routine action taken in September and it in no way represents a desire on our part to seek another patent.

    Original Statement Published October 27th, 2014:

    As several of you are aware, we filed for a patent to protect our online yoga classes in 2010 and in late 2013 we were awarded that patent (Registration No. 8,605,152).

    Our purpose in seeking patent protection was to prevent a few other online yoga providers from copying the look and feel of our online classes. Though there was a lot of misinformation shared about this patent and many false assumptions made about our intentions for seeking such a patent, there are several calm, rational voices across a range of industries who remain concerned about it. We have heard those concerns and carefully considered them. On balance, the majority of the concern is about how broad the patent seems to be and that it may prevent filming in general.

    In an effort to remove confusion and concern within the yoga community and beyond, we have decided to focus our efforts on narrowing our protections. To begin this process in earnest, we have decided to forfeit the issued patent. We still believe the look and feel of our classes are unique to YogaGlo and have become associated with high quality teaching. We will continue to protect that just as we would protect our logo or our name.

    In the year since our patent was awarded, there have been several new entrants to the online yoga space and we’ve been thrilled to see that. We have not enforced our patent and we firmly stand by our belief that encouraging all companies to be creative and develop their own unique look and feel (rather than copying from others) is a vital way that online yoga customers will have the best available choices for their practice and that online yoga communities will thrive.

    Derik Mills

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    Yoga in My Life: Jo Tastula

    For every one of us, our yoga practice is unique and personal. How we practice, what we practice, how often we practice and why we practice are specific to each of us. And ever-evolving. This is also true for every yoga teacher. Jo Tastula shares a little insight into how she came to yoga and the role it plays in her life:

    Feeling inspired? Practice with Jo today.

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    If you Glo in LA, come join as next week as Taylor Harkness will be in town and teaching free classes at the YogaGlo studio. You do not want to miss this!

    Join us to practice with Taylor:

    • Monday, October 27th: 10:00 – 11:30am, Level 1/2 - Vinyasa Flow
    • Monday, October 27th: 12:00 – 1:00pm, Level 2 - Vinyasa Flow
    • Tuesday, October 28th: 10:00 – 11:00am, Level 2/3 - Vinyasa Flow
    • Tuesday, October 28th: 11:30 – 12:30pm, Level 1/2 - Vinyasa Flow
    • Wednesday, October 29th: 10:00 – 11:30am, Level – 2/3 Vinyasa Flow
    • Wednesday, October 29th: 12:00 -1:00 pm, Level 2 – Vinyasa Flow

    We look forward to seeing you and practicing together. You can check the studio schedule for more visiting teachers and to keep up to date on other offerings.