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    Over the years, many of you have asked us to design a way for you to organize your favorite YogaGlo classes into groups that you create. Guess what? The wait is over! With our new Series feature, you can add YogaGlo classes to a Series just as you add them to your Queue. You can create your Top 5 Classes for Insomnia or Great Classes Post-Run or Best Classes for Chilling Out – whatever you want.

    If you have Facebook friends who are also YogaGlo members you can share your series together!

    Organize Your YogaGlo Classes

    Want to get started organizing your favorite classes in new ways? View our Series tutorial or read through our Series guide to learn how this new feature works and make the most of it.

    We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Enjoy!

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    Hanumanasana is an intense hip and hamstring opener that not only requires flexibility, but plenty of patience and devotion. Beyond being extremely challenging, Hanumanasana does not offer any shortcuts so it can take months or even years to achieve the opening necessary to move into this pose. For those who are at battle with tight hamstrings or hips, achieving this pose may seem completely out of reach, but with plenty of practice, patience and faith, you might be amazed to see what your body is truly capable of.

    This week’s featured classes will help warm up the hips and hamstrings so you can move deeper and deeper into this posture without straining or pulling any muscles.

    FInd your Hanumanasana

    • Hanumanasana Tutorial with Kathryn Budig: This hamstring tutorial focuses on the hip flexor, psoas and hamstring muscles to prep for Hanumanasana (Splits). Lunges bring you into split variations on the mat, at the wall and with a backbend to wrap it up.
    • Strong Flow Leading to Hanumanasana with Marc Holzman: ”Everyone can be great because anybody can serve” Strong Anusara flow leading up to Hanumanasana (front to back split) and Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana (one leg back bend). This class begins with a 50 minute flow focusing on standing poses and dynamic hip openers and thigh stretches. One handstand designed to encourage the student to move further away from the wall.
      A short cool down and meditation follows. The class theme focuses on remembering out greatness through offerings/seva.
    • Hanumanasana Sequence with Jason Crandell: Whether you love it, hate it, or have achieved some sort of equinamous relationship with it, you should dive into this Hanumanasana sequence. Why? 1) It will open your hips and hamstrings; 2) It will coach you through subtle nuances of the pose; 3) You’ll explore a bigger, broader picture of “the splits” by learning to spread your attention evenly into all poses; 4) You’ll probably like it even when you’re not liking it; 5) It’s only 45 minutes.
    • Hanumanasana Flow with Tiffany Cruikshank: An hour long class focusing on Hanumanasana (splits). We’ll get right side up, upside down & inside out in the splits working deeper and deeper in this hour flow.
    • Toward a Deeper Hanumanasana with Tara Judelle: A 20 minute sequence with progressive hamstring openers designed to bring you deeper into Hanumanasana.
    • Hanumanasana Inversion Tutorial with Dice lida-Klein: A quick tutorial on how to find your Hanumansana (splits) while being upside down in an inversion.


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    “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

    Courage means different things to different people and can take on many forms, but in its simplest form, courage is the choice of taking an active path versus a passive one. A fuller life might await those that make the decision to be courageous (take action no matter how scary it might be) and confront those challenges that hinder our quality of life.

    Having trouble cultivating courage? Well yoga can help. This week’s featured classes may help you to align your perspective with a more courageous one!

    Yoga for Courage

    • Cultivate Courage & Curiosity with Elena Brower: You’ll start slow and work your way up to a standing sequence with a few sun salutes and hip openers to cultivate both your courage and your curiosity. Stay curious about your capacities and courage will follow!
    • Meditation Before Big Presentation or Important Conversation with Harshada Wagner: This meditation is designed to help you to take a break and clear your mind before a presentation, important conversation, or anytime when you need to center yourself.
    • Courage to Follow Your Dreams with Marc Holzman: This is the first in a series of four classes exploring the topic of Dharma. Having the courage to express and manifest your deepest dreams takes great courage and the first step in shaping what your duty is in this life. We will fly like … pigeons! Strong flow for the first half of the class and very deep thigh opener series at the wall will bring us to full Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana.
    • Be Courageous with Tiffany Cruikshank: A fine balance of core & backbends as an expression of our ability to be courageous in our strength and stay in the intensity of our practice & our lives and still trust that we will be supported in the process. This is an intense non-stop flow, that is accessible but challenging. This class will give you a nice shot of energy for your day and leave you feeling vibrantly alive!
    • Embody Courage, Create Change with Noah Maze: Embodying Courage: The image of Hanuman opening his heart inspires this class, which focuses on backbends. Strong work and opening in the legs/pelvis, shoulders/ upper back prepare you to safely open the front of your body for a series of backbends, which culminates in drop-backs. Challenge yourself to expand your boundaries and create positive change.
    • Courage & Fear with Steven Espinosa: It takes a lot of courage to do yoga and sometimes asks us to face our fears. An energetic opening warm up leads into a strong continuous Standing Pose Flow. Followed by Inversions with L-Pose or Handstand at the wall including a tutorial demonstration. Continues with Hip/Thigh openers, Back Bends in Salambhasana (Locust), Dhanurasana (Bow) and Seated Spinal Twist. Concludes with brief Savasana.

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    It’s not often that we stretch and move the sides of our body. If you think about of it, our every day movements consist of mostly linear, forward-facing movements. This even carries over into our practice where we often push ourselves for a deeper forward bend or back bend while forgetting and/or neglecting our side bends. Because we spend so much time in a forward-facing position, it is extremely important that we take the time to stretch the sides of our body.

    Side bends stretch the muscles (intercostal) between the ribs that often times get short and tight due to sitting and slouching. If your intercostal muscles are weak, it can result in neck and shoulder tension as well as preventing a full range of motion in the ribs which can restrict breathing. The good news is that yoga is a great way to help stretch those sides!

    Yoga for the SIde Body

     You can use our Search Feature to search through all of our Yoga for the Side Body classes on your own. To get you started without searching, we’re highlighting six side body classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations that will be sure to help you to gain more flexibility and awareness in the side-seam of the body.

    • Side Winder Flow with Jo Tastula: Paying more attention to the side body is like taking the blinders off and moving into more of a panoramic experience of the body. Lateral movements invite the circular which is such a powerful tonic for todays linear world. Sun salutations (surya namaskar), dancing warrior (virabhadrasana 2, viparita virabhadrasana, utthita parsvakonasana) triangle (utthita trikonasana), half moon (ardha chandrasana), standing lateral stretch variations (including lateral tree), revolved head-to-knee (parivrtta janu sirsasana) & side plank variations (vasistasana). Chill time and savasana to end.
    • Side Body Practice with Dice lida-Klein: A short, but sweet side body practice. Sure to strengthen the core: intercostals, obliques, shoulders and back. Variations of side plank (vasisthasana) on the palm and forearm are given. Light floor work to top it all off. Enjoy yogis!
    • Unravel Tension in the Side Seam of Your Body with Jason Crandell: Focus on unraveling tension in your outer-hips, outer-legs, and side-body in this balanced vinyasa practice. This grounding sequence offers creative ways to gain more flexibility and awareness in the side-seam of your body. It begins with slow, deep opening work before proceeding into a vigorous flow and concluding with deep side-bends such as parivritta janu sirsasana.
    • Side Plank Power with Kathryn Budig: Power half hour of Side Plank and all of it’s standing counterparts! Get ready to sweat!
    • Riding the Waves of Bliss with Revolved Side Angle Pose with Noah Maze: Riding the Waves of Bliss: This class builds to the peak pose Revolved Side Angle Pose (Parivritta Parsvakonasana). Beginning with the waves of a strong vinyasa practice, utilizing standing pose flows to imprint certain forms and train muscle energy in the legs and hips. We then move from vinyasa into twisting postures to help you find balance, detox and bliss in a deep series towards this beautiful and challenging pose.
    • Get into Visvamitrasana with Stephanie Snyder:This class focuses on getting into Visvamitrasana. We prepare by thoroughly opening the hips, hamstrings and side body. Then attempt Visvamittrasana in stages. We cool the hamstrings with light backbends (optional Urdvha), twists and forward fold. This class ends with a long restorative twist. Enjoy!

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    Everything we do relies heavily on our ability to balance, yet maintaing physical balance skills is one of the most underrated aspects of well-being. As we age, we gradually start to lose our muscle strength, vision and sensory perception – all things that contribute to our ability to balance. As a result, our mobility can be compromised and lack of mobility can lead to falling, which can lead to a whole new set of health issues.

    The good news is that physical balance is a learned skill that can be maintained and improved by practice. Several studies show how yoga can strengthen our self-perception which can help the body to better position our muscles and allow us to sense where our body needs to be without looking. In addition, yoga builds muscle and increases range of motion in the joints, which helps in distributing weight evenly, creating overall stability.

    Yoga for Balance

    You can use our Search Feature to search through all of our Standing Balances classes on your own. To get you started without searching, we’re highlighting six standing balance classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations that will be sure to help refine all of your standing balances and help you stay centered.

    • Balance & Control Transitions with Jo Tastula: This is a lively class that focuses on standing balance postures as well as slow controlled transitions. Balance postures are physically strengthening and also develop both coordination and tempo. Sun salutations to warm up (surya namaskar a & dancing warrior) and balance poses swan (hamsasana), standing splits with hands interlaced (uttana padasana) eagle (garudasana) crow (bakasana) and inversion tripod headstand (sirsasana). The trickiest transition is probably triangle to extended hand-to-big-toe (trikonasana to supta utthita hasta padangustasana). Finishing poses are single pigeon (eka pada rajakapotasana) and forward bend (paschimottanasana).
    • Standing Pose Practice with Noah Maze: Stand!–This class of fundamental standing poses will educate, engage, and challenge you. Cultivate your studentship of these poses from several different approaches, culminating in vinyasa style sequencing.
    • Fluid Standing Pose Practice with Steven Espinosa: Receive The Rewards – our yoga practice can often be challenging but the rewards are worth our efforts. Gentle but steady warm up leading into a fluid Standing Pose series including Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose). Also combines standing hip openers with standing balance pose in Vrksasana (Tree Pose). Concludes with thigh and hamstrings leading into backbends with Setu Bandasana (Bridge) and/or Urdhva Danursasan (Upward Facing Bow).
    • Balance Boost Yoga with Elena Brower: A sequence of symmetrically arranged standing poses, hip openers and backbends to heighten our awareness of how and where our attention pools in our bodies, giving us information about how we can redistribute our attention and usher balance into our lives both on and off our yoga mats.
    • Refine Your Standing Balances with Jason Crandell: Afraid you’re going to fall over and take out a row of fellow students while in tree pose? Fear not. This thorough practice will refine all of your standing balances and help you stay centered. You will focus on developing strength, flexibility and poise while practicing tree pose (Vrksasana), half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana), eagle pose (Garudasana), Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana III) and many more.
    • Divine Alignment with Kia Miller: Explore how the way you stand informs each pose you do. Find your true ‘Tadasana- Mountain Pose’ and slowly build to a balancing posture – Warrior 3. Enjoy challenging yourself in this sequence and finding your own Divine Alignment. Props – 2 Blocks.

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    Having a hard time getting a morning yoga practice in? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! With all of life’s responsibilities, most of us don’t get enough sleep as is, so the last thing we want to do is get up early when we don’t have to! The good news is that having an evening yoga practice is important as well. Several studies show how an evening yoga practice can help calm the nervous system, reduce physical and mental tension, helps you to unwind after a long day and can even help with sleeping issues.

    Evening Yoga

    You can use our Search Feature to search through all of our Evening Yoga classes on your own. To get you started without searching, we’re highlighting six evening yoga classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations that will be sure to help you unwind from a long day.

    • Evening Yoga with Marc Holzman: Nighttime Yoga. Full range 30 minute practice to ease you from your busy day into the evening.
    • Goodnight Meditation with Harshada Wagner: Goodnight Meditation. Designed for the end of the day, this meditation guides the viewer through a deep relaxation and release.
    • Evening Sleep Prep Flow with Tiffany Cruikshank: Unwind with a flow that will get you moving right away and then ease off into stillness. We’ll meet the restlessness of the mind with movement and then slowly ease in so the mind settles and prepares for a deep restful sleep.
    • Evening Restorative with Noah Maze: This offers a calming sequence of standing and seated supported forward bends and inversions (supported shoulderstand), perfect at the end of a busy day, to restore and come into a deep state of quiescence. We use 3+ blankets and a folding chair in this sequence.
    • Evening Simmer Down with Amy Ippoliti: A delicious practice designed with specific poses to help you release your day and create the kind of tomorrow you dream of, while setting yourself up for a restful slumber. A block and a blanket might be helpful and make sure you have some wall space as we use it for a couple minutes.
    • Evening Wind Down with Tara Judelle: A quick evening practice to release your day, and settle into night. Includes, standing forward bend (uttanasana), headstand (sirsasana), seated wide legged forward bend (upavista konasana), supine leg stretches (suptapadangusthasana series), supine bound angle pose (supta baddhakonasana), Corpse pose (savasana).

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    One of the most important elements of yoga is our breath. Also known as Pranayama. Over the course of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, our breath becomes quick and shallow. Constricted breathing can lead to lack of oxygen to the blood and to the brain which can result in a number of health problems. Several studies show that proper breathing sends oxygen to every single cell in your body which purifies the blood stream and in turn, will help all the internal organs function properly.

    This week we are focusing on developing your breath’s depth and rhythm to unblock restrictions:

    Yoga for Pranayama

    You can use our new Search Feature to search through all of our Yoga for Breath/Pranayama classes on your own. To get you started without searching, we’re highlighting six classes in a variety of styles, levels and durations that are designed to help heal the body and clear the mind.

    • Advanced Breath Meditation with Harshada Wagner: Pranayama is the art of using the breath to heal the body and quiet the mind. In this 30 minute session, Harshada guides a simple but powerful sequence of deep breathing exercises.
    • Daily Pranayama Practice with Kia Miller: Energize yourself with this simple but effective practice of pranayama. This is a wonderful daily practice.
    • Breath Flow with Dice lida-Klein: A level 2 flow that is focused on the Breath. Alignment points are given throughout the practice, but we try to connect to our breathing regardless of the difficulty of the asana. This is a full spectrum class with external and internal poses, as well as inversions, backbends, twists and forward folds. Enjoy yogis!
    • Cultivate Awareness of Your Breath with Jason Crandell: 100 out of 100 yoga teachers are likely to say that breathing is the most essential element of the hatha and vinyasa yoga practice. Yet, how often do teachers actually teach how to breath smoothly and skillfully? Speaking for myself, not often enough. This practice will create deep relaxation in your body and mind by cultivating awareness of your breath and subtle energy.
    • Introduction to Pranayama with Christina Sell: This gentle introduction to pranayama is perfect for the new student who wishes to develop a pranayama practice. Basics of reclined posture and seated posture are reviewed while guidance is given for how to create and maintain a full yogic breath and how to establish ujjayi pranayama.
    • Pranayama with Jodi Blumstein: The focus of this class is Pranayama. We begin with a discussion of Pranayama and an introductory practice, then we do the half primary with the focus on the breath and the subtle energy body.

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    New Features on YogaGlo


    We are thrilled to share some new site features that many of you have asked for over the past several months. When you login to YogaGlo today, the site will look a bit different so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the changes below so you can get Glo-ing right away.

    • Dashboard - We’ve enhanced your YogaGlo Member Dashboard to help you more easily find, manage, schedule and take yoga classes you love. This brief tutorial video will step you through the new layout so you can start to use all the new features we built just for you. View the Dashboard tutorial now.
    • Queue -You now have the ability to add YogaGlo classes to a Queue for watching later. You can schedule those classes to take during the Day or Night and get email reminders about your planned classes to more easily keep your intention to practice yoga regularly. This brief video tutorial will give you the highlights of how this new feature works. View the Queue tutorial now.

    Though we may all subscribe to the idea that what challenges us in our yoga practice makes us stronger, we know that changes to a site you use every day can be less fun. All of these video tutorials are available to watch here at any time. We also have a detailed support site to answer many of your questions. You can also let us know what you think about the new features by leaving us feedback so we can continually improve and add features you love.


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    Yoga Tutorial Videos

    Have you ever gotten halfway through a yoga class only to realize the teacher is about to do a pose you’ve never seen, certainly never mastered, and don’t know how to do? Ever wanted to perfect a pose you’ve fallen in love with but can’t quite get into? Wondering about the best way to transition from one pose to another? We’ve been there.

    We’ve started a tutorials series to help break down some key poses – the big challenge/peak poses and some of the basic poses that never get taught – in short instructional videos that you can play again and again to practice. In several cases, variations on getting into the pose from other poses are offered so the poses can become more and more accessible to you as you practice.

    We’ll be adding more tutorials on a regular basis, so check the Tutorials section regularly.

    Until then, here are some tutorials you might want to explore to get started:

    • Chatturanga and Up Dog Tutorial
    • Downward Facing Dog Tutorial
    • Jumping Forward from Down Dog Tutorial
    • Lotus Pose Tutorial Series
    • Yoga Transitions Tutorial
    • Bakasana Tutorial
    • Getting into Handstand Tutorial

    If there are other tutorials you’d like us to create, please let us know and we’ll do just that! Enjoy!

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    Four Part Lotus Pose Tutorial with Jason Crandell

    Ah, Lotus Pose. Padmasana. The pose you think of when you think of yoga. The pose that is elusive to many though it looks like it should. just. be. so. easy.

    Thanks to Jason Crandell, it eventually will be. His four part tutorial on Lotus will get you ready, help you develop approaches, and ease you step-by-step into the pose. Here are each of the four classes, ready when you are:

    • Lotus Pose Tutorial: Part One – The first episode of our 4-part practice and tutorial dedicated to developing lotus pose (padmasana). You will emphasize opening your inner-groins and learn how to fold your legs into lotus with greater safety, comfort and skill (read, your knees will probably be much, much happier with this approach). Of course, you will also open your outer-hips and glide through a couple of sun-salutations and relevant standing poses.
    • Lotus Pose Tutorial: Part Two – The second episode of our 4-part practice and tutorial dedicated to developing lotus pose (padmasana). In this segment you will prepare for lotus by focusing on opening your outer-hips and deep hip-rotators. You will also learn a second way to approach folding your legs into lotus. And, again, you will work on a few relevant standing poses, open your inner-groins, and drop into a few sun salutations (I even sneak a couple of mellow backbends into this one!)
    • Lotus Pose Tutorial: Part Three – The third episode of our 4-part practice and tutorial dedicated to developing lotus pose (padmasana). In this practice you will prepare for lotus with a combination of outer-hip and inner-groin opening. And, here’s how this practice is significantly different from episodes 1 and 2: you will do quite a bit of deep opening while laying on your back. You will develop an even more refined understanding of the neuro-muscular pattern of lotus by working on folding your legs without using your hands. A third method of coming into lotus is presented.
    • Lotus Post Tutorial: Part Four – The last episode of our 4-part practice and tutorial dedicated to developing lotus pose (padmasana). Now that you’ve developed steadiness and ease in lotus, what’s next (other than sitting quietly, of course)? This sequence is your answer. After practicing several deep hip and groin openers you will transition into a series of half and full-lotus variations, including lotus in handstand.

    Get out there and get your lotus on!