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    Recent testimonials from Yogaglo members from around the world

    Vacations are wonderful, but if there is one thing that I miss, it’s yoga with my favorite teachers.  Thanks to yogaglo, I can have the best of both worlds and bring my favorite yoga instructors with me, wherever I travel to.  To hear the sweet familiar voice of Jo Tastula and savor in her practice is the icing on the cake!  I love how I can pick my class duration depending on my time availability.  Yogaglo is certainly the answer to what I have been missing out on when away from home.  I\’m spreading the word!!  I can’t THANK YOU enough for bringing great yoga to anyone/anywhere by the click of a button.

    :)   that’s a really big smile

    Glenna, California


    I live on a remote working cattle ranch in Eastern Montana where my Yoga teachers come in forms less human than in a typical city situation. This has been great to glean wisdom in practice from afar.  Furthermore, I’m thrilled that your offerings include lectures as well.  Looking forward to a long relationship with this community.

    Lisa, Montana


    This site is absolutely divine, I was lost in my practice and this is helping me get back on track.


    Hi Marc,

    We have never met but I’m a certified Anusara teacher – just moved to Brisbane, Australia from the U.S. I did one of your classes on Yogaglo last week and I just wanted to tell you that it was absolutely fantastic. I felt an odd connection to you and didn’t realize what it was about until today when I had a peek at your bio. I also had heart surgery – it will be 10 years for me next week. Your description of the experience is so similar to mine and I find that even 10 years later I am still learning from it, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

    Anyhow, thank you so much for your contribution to Yogaglo, I’m the only Anusaran in Brisbane and it really helps me to feel connected. I hope we can get you out here!


    Julie, Brisbane Australia


    Hi Derik,

    Here’s another update from Paris. I’m sure you’re busy, but i just want to send you all my gratitude for yogaglo. It’s revolutionary!

    Thanks to your service I’ve found a solution – and more!

    Since I came back to Paris from LA Thursday last week, I’ve been practicing at home, an hour and a half, every day. I started by simply choosing a random class with Tara, and felt at home within seconds after her familiar voice game out through the speakers connected to my computer. It turned out that I rarely even looked at the screen, but just listened to Tara and her instructions and felt the flow from there. I experienced a deeper practice than in a normal class, maybe because the lack of other students around. I had to feel things out when I wasn’t sure, rather than to check out my surroundings. It even got spooky at times as I thought about a question about something, just to hear Tara address that issue the very next moment… that actually happened more than just once…
    I found the guidance of the teacher to hang in there versus the possibility to check in on yourself alone was something completely new and important to my practice. It made me more conscious about alignment. All the things I’ve been hearing repeatedly in class suddenly fell into place. I had to apply them with more awareness..

    I had tried some yoga at home on my own many times before, but it always ended up with a few sun salutations before heading straight for the kitchen to get a coffee some five minutes later… Ah yes discipline… But that’s what’s so great being guided through yogaglo – you have the determination as in a class but the liberty of your own space and concentration…

    So what I mean is that you might have created a completely new tool to yogis. Not only the obvious benefit to be able to practice where and when you want, but it’s also a completely new form of practice. A guided self practice ? Virtual private classes ? I don’t know what to call it, but I believe it’s an important powerful tool.

    I just though I’d let you know. The streaming works without a problem too and my only worries is that I’ll do the classes faster than you’re able to upload more… That I’ll run out… I’d like a new Tara every second day please… :D

    Thanks for everything
    Good luck !


    Martin, Paris, France


    hi Tara, just inspired to write and say THANK YOU! for offering classes on yoga glo… it’s sooooo awesome… i’m technically an anusara yoga inspired (hv to coordinate paper work etc) lived in SY ashram for some yrs and moved to Atlanta from NY… so having yourself and Noah, express, weave, the beautiful tantric teachings, with specific focus in asana .. with such crisp clarity and eloquence … is just amazing.. im in atlanta and so am so o so so grateful!!!! thank you! all love Lalli particularly LOVED the class on liminality and Vijana Bhairava…



    Hi Noah,

    My two beautiful teachers,

    Thank you from the core of my being for joining YogaGlo so I can study with you anytime anywhere.
    I am a single Mama with a lot less freedom these days to travel and study with both of you.
    I miss you so so much.
    Tears of joy are streaming down my face as I sit with you in my kitchen.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

    With great gratitude and love,


    The website design is beautiful. Clean, crisp look and nicely organized. I will be spreading the word to friends in the weeks to come. The seamless movement between the 15-minute segments requiring no manual clicking is as good as I’ve seen in online video. The volume of the music is solid. I think Jo is a star yogi teacher and even better person. Best of luck!

    Kevin, New York City


    Dear Derik,

    You helped me this past week to sign up for Yogaglo (I live in Portland and signed up during a web transition and hit a wrinkle). I just did a Noah Maze level 1 class and loved it!

    Being a full time nursing student has made both time and finances tight but my body and soul have never needed nourishment more.

    I feel like your site is an oasis that will help me find some balance in my world which is particularly important when the very thing I am training to do is to offer care and support to others. Charged batteries are really important when it comes to caregiving.

    Thank you so much for this gift.

    With gratitude and regard,
    Wendy, Portland, Oregon


    What a perfect celebration of the power, peace, diversity, and radiance of our global lifestyle community.

    Yogaglo has uniquely innovated a multi-platform brand which will sustain the test of time; and lead with relevance, grace, and style.

    Yogaglo.com is a virtual Conscious Community Center reflecting the heartbeat of those devoted to building boundless bridges inward and outbound.

    Thank you for being the connector to those of like mind and heart.
    Imagine the potential….

    Tracy, Los Angeles


    I just found out about this site/concept today. I think it’s brilliant! Bravo to you for making this a reality. I look forward to practicing with you here in San Francisco.

    Trish, San Francisco


    I have already done my first two practices (with Noah Maze – what joy!) and just wanted to say another massive thank you to all the teachers and people at Yogaglo for sharing their beautiful vision. May it continue to spread across the oceans and mountains and all around the world!!!

    Jill, London


    This is the most brilliant and innovative program I have seen. I passed your studio the other day. Liked the name. I am strangely, both certified in teaching yoga and an enthusiast/lover of this form…However, I hit a block and because of my need to be immersed, cannot seem to do either for many years now. To be at home and perhaps on occasion in your studio for classes, would be the perfect bridge~slash`solution to bring yoga practice back to my life consistently and whole heartedly.

    Desiree, Los Angeles


    Hi Tara,

    The Yogaglo concept is really great, I already took a few classes with you and I love it! It’s so funny, that you don’t even know, who is taking you’re classes. For me it’s perfect, because I have very busy schedule teaching many classes and having a two year old son.

    HTX and Love,

    Sarah, Berlin


    Am in a VERY hot St. Louis summer! I’ve been trying out the yogaglo classes–instead of and in addition to my own home practices. I’ve done a couple of your classes–it’s really fun.

    Ronni, St. Louis


    Hi Steven,

    I’ve been in New York about a month now and I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying yogaglo. Continuing my practice while away from home and tackling a difficult job has been invaluable. And having my favorite teacher with me even though I’m gone has been a great support. Thanks! I hope you are well!


    Kerry, New York City


    I LOVE yogaglo!!! It has changed my life here in NYC…so nice to have you guys available anytime. I’ll keep checking your website for more info.




    Hi Tara,

    I am back in NYC and costume designing films and having a great time…HOWEVER I miss your classes every day. I have had a hard time finding a teacher in NYC, but I just found your classes on Yogaglo…signed up immediately! So happy about that!

    Hope you are well. Going to try to make your retreat in Mexico in


    Karen, New York City


    The best thing about Yogaglo is the way I can personalize my asana/yoga practice. Some days I am high energy and others days not so much so with Yogaglo, I get to choose what type of yoga class best suits my body needs for that day. The Yogaglo website makes it is easy to access and choose different styles of classes and even the length of class ultimately leading to a personalized, convenient, stress free experience. It’s a brilliant concept benefiting anyone who has a busy schedule yet wants to continue with a regular yoga practice.

    Barb, Los Angeles



    I can’t tell you how delighted I was to log on and find the lecture by Douglas Brooks. Please, please consider offering more of these! I would happily pay extra for them.

    I really enjoy your site. Thanks for the work you’ve put into it.


    Erin, Albuquerque, NM


    Hi Derik,

    Yogaglo has been such an amazing experience for me. As a teacher with a busy schedule, Yogaglo gives me the opportunity to practice on my own time. It keeps me connected with my favorite teachers when I am not able to attend the class in person.
    All my love and support to you!

    Andra, California