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    Posted on October 12th, 2012 7:46:13 AM YogaGlo 21 comments

    You’ve waited patiently to stream YogaGlo classes on Roku and now your wait is over! If you are a YogaGlo member, you can now access every YogaGlo class via Roku. To get started, you’ll want to add the YogaGlo Roku app.

    The app can be found in the Channel Store under New and also under Fitness and Outdoors.


    YogaGlo App on Roku

    To get it setup:

    1. Select the YogaGlo app
    2. Select Add Channel
    3. Go to Channel. The options are Teacher, Style, Level, Duration, My Classes, Beginner Center.
    4. Select a class you would like to take and, there you have it, your YogaGlo class will play on Roku!

    If your Roku device is not linked with YogaGlo, go to yogaglo.com/roku and enter your activation code.

    You can also access the Roku device link area in My Account and select Link My Device under the Roku Device area:

    YogaGlo on Roku


    Now let’s take some YogaGlo classes!

    UPDATE 11/7/12: Though we state above that you must be a YogaGlo member to access these classes on Roku, several commenters requested that we clarify further. If you do not have a YogaGlo membership, you must sign up for an account with us at $18/month before you can access these classes on Roku. The Roku access is only for those who already have an account with YogaGlo. Hope that clarifies. If not, please let us know.


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    • Love! Love! Love! Makes the Roku worth every penny now!

      Thank you so much and namaste!

    • Roku app does not work on my iPad 3 nor my iPhone 5. Roku still needs more developement before you suggest it to your users. Waste of my time and money.

    • Catherine – So glad this makes you happy! We’ve had so many YogaGlo members ask about it, we’re thrilled to make streaming our classes easier for you! :)

    • Beatriz – Thank you for your feedback. We added a Roku app because so many YogaGlo members requested it. Hopefully they will improve their app on iPad3 and iPhone5 soon so your experience is better.

    • THANK YOU!!! This is an amazing feature – can’t wait to try it out tonight.

    • Loving Yoga Glo. Was happy to see an easy way to stream on my TV and bought the Roku yesterday, just to use for Yogaglo. I’d like to offer some constructive feedback in the hope that you are still working on developing the interface.
      IMO, what sets the Yogaglo site apart is not only the large number and high quality and variety of classes available, but more importantly the Search function and way the database is tagged. The fact that you can search for MULTIPLE TAGS in order to narrow your search. The ROKU app only allows you search for a single variable. For example I could search for a specific level -OR- duration, but not for both level and duration. So when I search for a 60 minute class for example, I get 558 classes (!) that I need to search through and level isn’t easily seen. A useful workaround is to go to the website and queue or favorite a class and pull it down on ROKU, but the reason I went with ROKU was to simplify the process where before I was plugging in an HDMI to my laptop I want to just go ROKU and find a search function that works just like on the website. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • It’s a torture… I added the channel on my Roku but I’m not getting any activation code, only a popup telling me that “this feature is for registered users”

      How do I get that activation code? thank you.

      I just can’t wait :)

    • Just as the YogaGlo site was down yesterday due to an outage at Amazon web services, Roku was likely also down. We don’t issue the activation codes – you’ll need that from Roku. You should be able to try again today now that they are back up. If you have any other issues getting setup on Roku, you can email us at info (at) yogaglo (dot) com and our tech team will get you Glo-ing! :)

    • Will – Thanks for your feedback! We have forwarded it to our tech/development team for future updates.

    • Got it! Thank you.

      Loving it… Yogaglo on my TV is the perfect combination.

    • I think you should state that your website costs money on the Roku site. It’s deceptive and people are adding the channel not knowing they have to pay money to see your videos. Putting the price on the Roku site will set the expectation to pay up front.

    • Larry – The classes on Roku do not cost any additional fees if you already have a YogaGlo membership. The screen shots we share in this post show the Member areas of the YogaGlo site. Apologies if this was confusing. If you are a member of YogaGlo and are for some reason being asked to pay more for our classes on Roku, please let us know.

    • Larry is correct. It should indicate that a membership fee is required to view the videos. It is not explained that you cannot access the videos just by adding the channel. You have to have a paid membership.

    • Tessa – Thank you for your feedback. We have added an update to the end of the blog post to clarify further. If you feel it is still unclear, please let us know how we can help make sure everyone understands that you can’t access YogaGlo classes on Roku without a YogaGlo membership.

    • I noticed that when you do yogaglo thru roku, it does not track your classes. Is this supposed to track classes thru roku. I’m very glad that I got roku because for some reason streaming thru roku is better than thru my laptop.


    • I was stoked to try this on Roku instead of the free channel I use, only to see AFTER turning on the computer, etc. there is a cost involved. I wish instead of “go type in the activation code blah blah” it said it is for paid users….I wouldn’t have spent the past ten minutes NOT doing some yoga. BUMMER.

    • I came upon yogaglo when I bought my roku and added only the free channels at first. Wasted 15 minutes trouble shooting until I realize it is not a free channel. It would be better to remove this channel from free channel listing or some kind of label “with paid subscription”

    • I am a paid subscriber. I added the YogaGlo app to my Roku, but when I open the app, it doesn’t give me an activation code to enter on your website. It just tells me whenever I try to open a class that this is for subscribers only. Could you please tell me where on the Roku app I can find the activation code?

    • Emily – You can contact our customer support team at support@yogaglo.zendesk.com and they will get you Glo-ing on your Roku!

    • Ashley Arnold

      When I try to add my yogaglo account to my roku there is no activation code.

    • Ashley – Oh no! Here’s a few steps that may help you with activation: http://support.yogaglo.com/entries/21912443-Roku-Kindle-Fire-HD-Wii If you are still having trouble with getting an activation code, you can email customer support at: support@yogaglo.zendesk.com and they will help you troubleshoot to get you Glo-ing!

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