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    Yoga for Teens at Yogaglo

    If you have a regular yoga practice, you know how powerful it can be in every aspect of your life – on the mat and off. How we show up in our life, our relationships and our work changes. How we react to stressful situations, big decisions and life’s daily challenges is altered as our yoga practice provides us with a place of constancy and balance to return to again and again. Now, imagine if those same yoga life tools were available to teens…

    We’ve been imagining that for a while now and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Katherine Priore of Headstand to bring yoga to teens at YogaGlo! Katherine is the founder and executive director of Headstand. Directing the yoga-in-schools movement, she oversees school programming, fundraising, strategic partnerships, and organizational sustainability. Katherine leads workshops training teachers around the country, and strategizes with school leaders to develop cultural shifts for greater wellness in K-12 settings. She began her studies in yoga nine years ago as a way to relieve stress as a public school teacher. Since then, Katherine has cultivated a profound appreciation for the calming, therapeutic, and grounding aspects of yoga. She is an educator and yoga teacher, with more than a decade’s experience leading a wide range of K-12 learners. Katherine holds a Master’s degree in Education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

    What does this mean for you? The first step in creating classes for teens on the YogaGlo site is holding those classes, for free, at our studio in Santa Monica. The first series of classes kicks off May 15th and runs through June 12th, offering a solid curriculum of yoga for teens :

    • May 15th 3:30 – 5pm: Why Yoga? – What is yoga? What are the benefits of yoga? How can you benefit from yoga on a personal level? What is meditation? Why is it beneficial? Character strengths we’ll explore: Persistence, Integrity, Kindness, Self-regulation, Humor
    • May 22nd 3:30 – 5pm: Yoga for Stress – What are the symptoms of stress? How do I know when I’m stressed out? Where does my stress “live” in my body? How can I use yoga to manage stress? Can I improve my personal relationships when I reduce my own stress? How can I use yoga to manage tests stress? Character strengths we’ll epxlore: Perspective, Bravery, Vitality, Kindness, Gratitude, Hope
    • May 29th 3:30 – 5pm: Yoga for Concentration – What or who breaks my concentration? How do I take responsibility for my own powers of concentration? How can yoga help me build concentration? Character Strengths we’ll explore: Persistence, Humility, Curiosity
    • June 5th 3:30 – 5pm: Yoga for Strength – What is real strength? Who helps us become stronger? What commentary do you notice when you feel “weak”? How can we cultivate strength on the inside and out? Character strengths we’ll explore: Persistence, Bravery, Grit, Vitality, Zest
    • June 12th 3:30 – 5pm: Yoga for Change – How do we deal with change and transition? What happens when we resist change? How do we become more accepting of change by cultivating deeper presence in our lives? Can we use yoga to help navigate times of change? Character strengths we’ll explore: Kindness, Perspective, Curiosity, Integrity, Forgiveness, Gratitude

    Each of these classes will be filmed for use on the YogaGlo site and every one of them will be FREE to attend. If you Glo in LA, please bring your teenagers to this powerful program. We’d absolutely love, love, love to see you there. Check the class schedule for more details and join us.


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    • I am looking forward to sharing this with my “little sister” once the videos are available. I think she will greatly benefit. Thank you!!

    • Denyse Whillier

      We’re currently working on a teen programme for the UK to follow on from our current children’s yoga classes so we’re really looking forward to seeing Katherine’s classes! We’re also looking at how we can make this work for teens with additional needs as our workshops for pre-teens have gone so well.

    • Hello-
      Do you have waivers available for the teen classes on-line, or can you send me one? I run a small after school preventative health program at university high school, and a few students would like to attend next week.
      Thank you!
      Alyson Randick

    • will let my students know about this great opportunity. I have developed and taught a yoga curriculum for 5 years. Overwhelming response from students, now that is my full teaching load. Student response of the benefits of yoga: relieves stress, fosters emotional calmness, spiritual connection and enhances physical fitness.

    • Katherine is amazing with the students! I have witnessed her teaching here in the Bay Area and her connection, mindfulness, and good humor are inspiring. This series will be a huge gift to anyone who participates.

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