• 30 Yoga Classes in 30 Days

    Posted on October 1st, 2010 8:41:29 AM admin 62 comments

    Several YogaGlo members reached out to us in September stating they wanted to start a 30:30 challenge in October and asked us to help point them toward some classes that might be good to take during that time. That got us thinking, which got us asking you all yesterday if you’d like to join in, which led to many of you saying yes!

    There were quite a few questions about how this could work, what the rules were and how it would all be tracked so you’re accountable. The beauty of our impromptu 30:30 is that there are no rules other than setting your intention to practice yoga for thirty consecutive days.

    Here are some ways it could work, but it’s all up to you:

    • Classes: You can take classes on YogaGlo (lots of styles, many durations and frankly, you may want a 5-min desk yoga on day twenty-six!), at your local studio, make up your own at home or mix it up and do a combination of all three. It’s up to you.
    • Tracking: For YogaGlo members, you can use the Track Your Practice feature under My Account. Every time you take a class on YogaGlo, the time is automatically added to your monthly class total. If you take a class offline, you can easily add it to the monthly calendar by selecting Add Practice. For non-YogaGlo members, you can sign-up for the 15-day free trial if you’d like access to most classes and the ability to track part of your 30:30 challenge with us. Or, you can use this printout of our Track Your Yoga Practice feature to stay on track.
    • Accountability: A few of you expressed concern that you needed a check-in of some sort to make sure you stay motivated throughout the 30:30. We’ll be checking in daily on this blog. We’ll share a class of the day and will do a shout-out to you all so you can check-in on your progress in the comments. This will give you a daily reminder and will also allow you to meet other yogis that have taken up the challenge so you can share your joys,  challenges and insights along the way.

    Today is the first day of the challenge. Are you ready? On your mat, get set, go…


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    • Margaret Whittemore

      Doing yoga at 1 am to stick with the challenge, and it is wonderful, dreamy even. A great end to a long day. Relaxed and open, can now retreat to sleep. Thanks for the goal.

    • Margaret – We are also doing yoga at odd hours to stick with the challenge! :) Happy we’re not alone and that you’re finding it dreamy. Thank you for joining on this challenging 30:30 journey.

    • Laurie – Tara & Elena is a pretty fantastic combo for 30:30! :)

    • tiffany sanborn

      this has been great for me. Although I have not been able to do yoga every day do to work schedule it has helped me go from a maybe 2-3x a week practice to a solid 5 days a week!! so many good teachers and challenging classes to choose from. Keep rockin yogaglo!!!

    • Tiffany – Sometimes the intention is just as powerful as the doing! So glad this has been great for you. We are all learning much about our bodies, minds and how to squeeze in a few minutes of yoga when we feel certain we can’t! :P

    • deborah nestola

      Hey yogaglo! I’m wondering how long will it be before I can please these classes on my iPhone?? :)

    • This has been so awesome for me & what I’ve needed for quite some time!! There have been days that I’ve squeezed in a less than 10 min session and I’d like to add it to my calendar. Is this option there, or only 30 minutes or more?

    • Deborah – Very, very soon! Stay tuned for an announcement!

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