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Beginner Center

Beginning a yoga practice can be intimidating and overwhelming. To help you get started, we've created an introductory series for several different yoga styles.

Each 7-class-series is designed to give you an overview of each style and help you gradually work your way up to a 60 minute beginner class within your chosen style. When taken in sequential order, each series should prepare you to enjoy all of the Level 1 classes available on YogaGlo in that yoga style.

If you begin a series and find that style of yoga isn't right for you, try another series. The beauty of yoga is that there is something for everyone and at YogaGlo you can choose from a wide range of styles and classes – or mix it up – whatever works for you. It's your yoga, your way.

If you'd like to get more familiar with specific poses before you begin, visit our Poses Center for detailed video demonstrations of the poses presented in each beginner series.

For a deeper understanding of the philosophical foundations of yoga please refer to our Lectures section.

Anusara - 7 class beginner series

Ashtanga - 7 class beginner series

Basics - 7 class beginner series

Hatha - 7 class beginner series

Iyengar - 7 class beginner series

Kundalini - 7 class beginner series

Meditation - 7 class beginner series

Vinyasa Flow - 7 class beginner series

Power Vinyasa Flow - 7 class beginner series